The MonsterPost is a daily-updated collective design blog and community. For more than 10 years we've been reporting on every aspect of the industry – providing news, running design reviews, giving the up-to-the-minute development tools, uncovering stories from renowned names and talented newcomers.

We view everything we publish as an opportunity to examine contemporary life through web design and development, doing it with our international readership.

The blog is a part of the TemplateMonster website owned by a NY-based company, Artvertex.

An All Out Makeover

It's an interesting experience, watching the TemplateMonster blog we started long ago ride high on the wave of popular appeal. Then, we had this idea for a blog redesign. So, we tuned forces, obsessed over layout, crafted elegant code line by line, meticulously tested our designs, and were constantly hungrily working to make it better.

Now the redesign is done, and you're here... Welcome to the new MonsterPost!

Blog Content

Blog Content MonsterPost

On the MonsterPost blog you can find different articles, tutorials, freebies, tools, infographics – all related to topics within the world of web design and web development. We try to be relevant and to start you out right with a good knowledge.

Guest Posting

Guest-Posting MonsterPost

The MonsterPost collaborates closely with talented web voices, researchers and developers to reveal new ideas and ways people think about and work with web design. If you want to join our blog, visit this page for guest post guidelines.