Animated Photographs a.k.a. Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs or animated photographs are still images that have a living moment inside of them. Subtle looping motion turns such photos into ever magnetizing, thus giving them strong marketing potential. All cinemagraphs are .gif files which differ from the average gifs due to their more refined and aesthetically pleasing look. This visual appeal works as a strong trigger for the viewers who are known to be more image than text oriented. Using any type of images to enliven the content, you make the latter more engaging for the audience. And if you spice up the image with a slight motion, like it’s done in cinemagraphs, it makes much more impression on the site visitors. Any of the cinemagraphs from this pack will add an artistic touch to your web design, art & photography, IT, marketing business, computers-related projects and any other you want to look more inviting for the viewers. Try them and make the content more emotional, and thus appealing.

MacBook 1

Designer's Table 2


Table + Coffee


Designer's Table 1

Coffee Machine