Stunning Free Christmas Card Designs To Inspire You With New Ideas

The Holidays are not far off, and you may be up to your ears in Christmas design projects. We all know that you are a creative person and always need a huge dose of inspiration. Might it be true to say that last year’s concept and resources no longer inspire you and will not make your current portfolio up-to-date? We have conducted some research and gathered together some top-notch design ideas that will take your client’s breath away.

Christmas Templates are available for holiday cards, flyers, posters, and other seasonal stuff. With the help of templates, you will be able to wrap up your project earlier this year and spend more time with your friends and family.

Now check out our collection of free awesome Christmas Card Designs to set the mood!

Christmas Card Design

Christmas sticker card in CMYK color mode

Check out our adorable Christmas Sticker Card! Featuring a gingerbread man wearing red buttons and a green bow tie, this modern Christmas card adds a festive touch to your holiday gifts. You can use it as a to-and-from card, adding a joyful touch to your gifts. This card comes in versatile JPEG, AI, and EPS formats, ensuring vibrant CMYK colors even after printing. With this heartwarming and versatile design, you can elevate your Christmas card designs!

Red sock with candy canes and poinsettia berries

Enjoy the joy of the season with our modern Christmas sticker card! It features a red sock adorned with candy canes and poinsettia berries, perfect for festive greetings or gift embellishments. This versatile to-from card features Christmas card designs that pop in JPEG, AI, and EPS formats. Spread holiday cheer effortlessly!

Green Christmas tree with a yellow star

Our festive Christmas sticker card comes in vibrant CMYK color mode! This modern Christmas card design features a green tree with a yellow star and red, blue, and yellow balls. Suitable as a Christmas gift card or as a charming gift decoration. JPEG, AI, and EPS formats are included for easy customization. With this delightful to-and-from card, you can bring the joy of the season to life.

Christmas sticker card in CMYK color mode

Our Modern Christmas Sticker Card will add a festive touch to your holiday greetings! This elegant Christmas card features an iced blue snowflake design with subtle highlights. Suitable for gift wrapping and as a 'to and from' card. This product is available in JPEG, AI, and EPS formats, ensuring vibrant CMYK colors that remain true after printing. Design creative Christmas cards to spread joy!

We Wish You a Happy Christmas Card

Meet a lovely greeting card idea for Christmas and New Year celebrations! If you run a business or want to send greetings to your family and friends, this design is just perfect. You get a stylish and simple layout, adjustable text, colors, and postcard dimensions. Download this online product to save time and give your family and colleagues joy.

Merry Christmas 3 (Postcard)

With our Merry Christmas card, you can send heartfelt holiday wishes! With its modern design and creative Christmas motifs, it's ideal for spreading joy. The to-and-from card adds a festive touch to your greetings for friends, family, and colleagues. Our charming Christmas card designs will make this season memorable!

6 Christmas Card Frames with Snowflakes

These charming winter cat frames will work perfectly for your holiday postcards, flyers, and other layouts. You will get 6 unique frame options to create cute Christmas or New Year backgrounds for your family, friends, or business colleagues. These are super easy to customize, and they come in separate files, so you don't need to cut out the desired element. Check them out right now! 

Christmas Party Greeting Card

Our modern Christmas card design template is the perfect way to celebrate the season! Express your heartfelt wishes with this professionally designed 8.5" x 5.5" card. Customization is easy with the clean design, editable elements, and vibrant CMYK colors. Personalize your Christmas card with ease—download, edit, and share!

New Year Holiday Cards Pack with Tiger Illustration

Choose these 3 Christmas templates with cool tiger illustrations to create funky and unique card designs. Your winter holiday projects will look stunning with these posters. The tiger, the symbol of the next year, 2022, will wonderfully decorate and complement your greeting cards, banners, stickers, illustrations, etc.   

Merry Christmas Business Gift Card

Don't know what to give your loved ones for the winter holidays? A gift certificate is a great choice! You can create a unique layout to give friends or clients using this design. Download this card template and enjoy!

Merry Christmas Celebration Party

Eye-catching Christmas card invitations, posters, or flyer design ideas. Use this affordable online product to make your designs look professional and captivating. It is a responsive Christmas template, and you can change colors, fonts, text, etc. We are sure you will appreciate it!

Merry Christmas Clipart Holiday Design

Use this classy holiday clipart layout to create unique gifts! Glitter gold text, cute vector stars, and a Christmas tree can decorate your cards, posters, t-shirts, and other styles. This design is easy to modify, and it offers 3 color options and adjustable texts. 

8 Winter Family Greeting Card Illustration Pack

Choose these lovely flat winter illustrations featuring family celebration scenes, snowmen, snowflakes, cute Christmas trees, and other vectors. It is ideal for winter greeting cards, posters, etc. The product includes a transparent background, adjustable objects, colors, text, and a preview JPEG image.

20 Cartoon Santa Vector Illustration Collection

Meet a collection of 20 unique winter backgrounds you can use for greeting cards, wallpapers, posters, invitation flyers, etc. There is a colorful layout, cute cartoon characters (Santa Claus, snowman, deer), and cute winter vectors (Santa's sleigh, snowflakes, gifts, Christmas tree, holiday ornaments, candies, and more).

Christmas Invitation Corporate Card Design

This corporate business invitation card idea is a perfect match for the winter holidays. Use this design to share joy with other people on Christmas Eve. Download this file, which consists of layered folders. You can easily edit and change colors, text, and objects until you get the perfect design for your logo or winter postcard. They are also ready to print. 

Happy New Year Hostel Corporate Greeting Card

You can use this professionally designed template as a printable greeting card or web. Create a well-looking layout to congratulate your business associates, family, or friends. It is editable and easy to customize with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or other editors. 

Happy Holidays Card Design

Use this winter holiday card idea for making charming designs. It gives magical vibes and Christmas joy feelings. You can easily edit and customize the template to meet your needs. Download this fully layered file with perfect winter layouts.  

Cute Christmas Family Greeting Card Template

Check out this cute winter holiday postcard idea. You can create festive family printable cards to greet your loved ones and share the joy of Christmas and the New Year. The template is fully editable and customizable. Download it and do your unique projects. 

Santa and Dog Winter Background

It is a super cute winter illustration for Xmas & New Year greeting cards, posters, banners, etc. It features Santa on a sleigh, who has just brought a gift for the dog, a snowy backdrop, and trees. Both children and adults will enjoy this background winter scene, so feel free to use it and edit it the way you wish. 

Snowman Winter Illustration Design

It is an incredibly cute illustration designed for postcards, flyers, posters, and other purposes. It includes a snowy winter background, a cute snowman, and the cartoon house's outlines. Use Adobe Illustrator to add your text, objects, etc. 

Christmas Card Collection

Christmas card

Lovely Christmas background with a flat design

Christmas card

Christmas background with a cute reindeer

Christmas card

Merry Christmas and New Year background with ornaments in a realistic style

Christmas card

Red background of Santa Claus flying over the city

Christmas card

Lovely Christmas background with a flat design

Christmas card

Set of Christmas cards

Christmas card

Christmas tree out of gift boxes

Christmas card

Lovely hand-drawn Christmas background

Christmas card

Christmas lights borger decoration season greetings

Christmas card

Hand-drawn Christmas Card Collection

Christmas card

Christmas city paper background

Christmas card

Christmas labels set

Christmas card

Merry Christmas Background

Christmas card

Lovely hand-drawn Christmas card collection

Christmas card

Christmas reindeer sepia banner

Christmas card

Lovely Christmas background with flat design

Christmas card

Lovely hand-drawn Christmas background

Christmas card

Lovely hand-drawn Christmas background

Christmas card

Lovely hand-drawn Christmas background

Christmas card

TemplateMonster Christmas Card Designs

Merry Christmas Tree Vector Illustration

If you are looking for something simple, but at the same time festive, this template is the right choice for you. With two main colors, white and red, viewers will feel the Christmas mood at first glance. Besides being easily customizable, you can also enjoy other handy features of this item, such as:

  • Quick and reliable tech support.
  • Details information file.
  • Modern design.
  • Ready to print layout, etc. 


New Year Corporate Identity Template

Are you searching for the best fest flyer template for your New Year party? Consider this product since it is a perfect match for every New Year event held by any company or enterprise. This package consists of easily customizable and well-layer files. Besides, the product has a modern and ready-to-print design. Check it out today, and we guarantee your colleagues will love it!


Christmas Tree Gift Illustration

Christmas Gift Tree Illustration comes in three main colors, green, blue, and white. But do not forget that you can customize it with ease. Apart from being ready-to-print, this product comes in 300 DPI resolution compatible with Adobe CC. Moreover, you can always rely on the developer, who offers professional and fast tech support. Have a look at this template today and learn more about the updated prices. 


Happy Merry Christmas Tree With Text Illustration

Look at this illustration, isn't it beautiful? Simple, elegant, and so festive! It will be a great choice for professionals and private purposes. People from all kinds of industries can congratulate their colleagues on Christmas, including:

  • Business projects.
  • IT.
  • Beauty.
  • Fashion.
  • Touristic agencies, etc. 

Besides, this item comes with many handy features, including effortless customization and print-ready design. 


Door Wreath Illustration

I wish all people would decorate their doors with beautiful wreaths to praise Christmas. Once you pass by the home like this, you get a warm magical feeling inside of yourself. It reassures you that miracles happen and that everything will be alright. The same happens with this festive item. It comes with a fairytale design and many handy features. Besides, you do not need to have any coding skills to use this product. Anyone can master it:

  1. Online shop owners.
  2. Teachers.
  3. Pupils.
  4. Restaurant managers.
  5. Hotel staff representatives, etc. 


Bringing Gift Card Illustration

Everyone is waiting for a gift this year. How lovely is it to receive something from a special one? If you are planning to surprise your close people with a nice gift, consider this illustration. It will be a great addition to the present you are planning to bring. This product is also suitable if you have a dear colleague and congratulate them on Christmas or birthday. You can use this gift card for other occasions, like:

  • Mother's day.
  • Christmas.
  • Birthday.
  • Angel's day.
  • Anniversary.
  • Marriage, etc. 


Christmas Card 5 Illustration

Who does not know Santa Claus? A fat, cheerful grandfather who delivers gifts? Santa has become an essential part of Christmas. He has a white beard, a warm red jacket, red trousers, and a white fur hat. On Christmas Eve, he uses a reindeer-drawn sleigh filled with presents to bring gifts to obedient children. He gets inside homes through the chimney and leaves gifts under the Christmas tree or in a special sock. But Santa must have fun himself too! And in this illustration, you can see him playing in the snow. Check out other Christmas card designs to surprise your loved ones with a lovely Christmas card. 


Christmas Ornaments Clipart Illustration

One Christian legend tells us that the Christmas tree symbolizes Life. Christmas is the time of God's ascent to earth to restore man's lost heaven, and the top star reminds us of the Star of Bethlehem, which announces the birth of the Son of God. If you wish to spread this atmosphere, consider the Christmas Ornaments template. It comes with the following features:

  • 1 ZIP file with 15 PNG illustrations.
  • The biggest images are 2400 px (8in).
  • Easy to edit.
  • Ready to print, etc. 


Snowman Christmas Landscape Illustration

Everyone knows the look of today's snowman: three balls of different sizes (head, chest, and bottom), branches (arms), and carrots (nose). You can create these sculptures with improvised materials (branches, stones, etc.). Sometimes a bucket is put on the head of this fairytale character. Share a Christmas atmosphere with this lovely illustration. The ZIP files included in the package are:

  • CorelDRAW vector file.
  • Adobe Illustrator vector file.
  • EPS is compatible with the majority of vector software), etc. 


Christmas Photo Greeting Card Corporate Identity Template

This lovely greeting card is what you need this holiday! Apart from coming at a very affordable price, this corporate identity template is easy to customize and print out. The file information attached to a package includes all necessary features of the item, such as:

  • 5x7 In size.
  • Two pages.
  • 300 dpi resolution.
  • CMYK color mode.
  • 0.25 in bleed.
  • Photoshop CS or Later version, Photoshop Elements software.
  • Photoshop cs6 (PSD) files included.
  • Font download is included in the help file, etc. 


Winter Corporate Identity Template

Check out this template suitable for a winter sale. You can use it for different business projects. Winter sale samples can be a part of your promotional campaign as informative mail, brochures, booklets, and other printable or online marketing methods. With its help, you can promote the goods and services you are specializing in. The package comes with:

  • Free Google Fonts and CC0 images.
  • Customizable content, pictures & color palette.
  • The template has an edible size that will fit various social media.
  • Well-organized and layers design, etc. 


Green Paper Snowflake Vector

New Year are those two words associated with the festive hustle and bustle, home comfort, and gifts under the Christmas tree. It is not enough to set a Christmas tree with balls and garlands. You can do more to add the mood to your home or office. It is very easy to create the maximum festive atmosphere with window decorations that will turn the house into a real fairy tale. To do that, consider this lovely snowflake vector. It is easy to:

  • Customize.
  • Resize.
  • Print.
  • Use. 


Online Christmas And New Year Vector

Online Vector is a useful asset for any business owner this shopping season. Apart from having multiple handy features, its main function is that it shows a system of winter celebrations through:

  • Publication of articles.
  • Newsletters.
  • Emails.
  • Analytics.
  • Sales and purchases.
  • Advertising videos.
  • Online payment methods, etc. 

Learn more about other features of the item and see for yourself how useful it can be for your business project this year. 


Christmas Sale Corporate Identity Template

Christmas Sale comes with 12 colorful Xmas concepts that include clients in the queue at the cashier of a shop you can use for:

  • Posters.
  • Postcard.
  • Tags.
  • Print.
  • Greeting cards.
  • Banners, etc. 

This set is suitable for online and offline shops, boutiques, supermarkets, malls, groceries, and many more. It comes at a very affordable price and comprehensive licensing regulations. Check it out today to find out more. 


Merry Christmas With Snowman Corporate Identity Template

The corporate identity template combines multiple handy features, one of which is multipurpose. You can use this item for:

  1. Holiday invitation.
  2. Greeting card.
  3. Headline.
  4. Title.
  5. Emblem, etc. 

Besides, it is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for something ready to print. It includes three necessary files: EPS, AI, and JPG. Check it out today to see if it fits your project's concept. 


Freepik Christmas Card Designs

Merry Christmas Greeting Card

Have you been searching for a cute X-Mas card to congratulate your dearest people on holidays elegantly? With this particular product, you will easily impress your family, friends, or colleagues! Consider this item since it comes with multiple useful features. All of its elements are fully editable. Moreover, it has:

  • Well-organized PSD files.
  • Smooth and elegant colors.
  • Creative design.
  • Fully customizable visuals.


Modern Merry Christmas Background With Modern Design

Compose an impressive design for any taste with this fabulous product! Many graphic elements will perfectly fit multiple projects, from a personal blog to a web page. We truly believe that you don't even need to customize this piece since it is already perfect. It is a perfect choice for various non-professionals and professionals:

  • Designers;
  • Store owners;
  • Managers;
  • Travel bloggers;


Golden Christmas Cards Collection

This card set with elegant Christmas symbols is a real catch for your greeting card. Your family or friends will surely appreciate it. It is simple and elegant simultaneously. The whole card design makes you feel tender emotions for the coming holidays. Discover the features of this product with us:

  • Easy-to-customize.
  • Print-ready layout.
  • User-friendly.
  • Compatible with all photo editing software.


Merry Christmas With Christmas Lights and Bokeh

It is one of the most festive sets you can ever find! You can make the ideal greeting cards and invitations for a Christmas or New Year's party with this item. Besides, you can invite people to any crafts fairs and other winter events. Enjoy the best advantages of this product, which include: 

  • Simple installation.
  • Effortless customization.
  • Multi-purpose design.
  • Festive layout, etc. 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Hand Drawn Sketch Wreath, Banner or Card Template

Are you planning to spread a real winter fairytale? It is possible with this free Christmas Card Template! The sample's elements, such as a wreath, come in a hand-drawn style that will make any greeting card look special and magical. Use for any purpose and taste that includes:

  • Impressive textures.
  • Various images.
  • Cute X-Mas greeting cards, etc. 


You may find many other ideas in detail by checking the blog. You are also welcome to share the projects you are working on in the comments section below and don't forget to check out our holiday templates.

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