What is Database?


A database is an organized collection of any kind of information (data). It is used to store, modify, delete and retrieve data.

Where is A Database Stored?

An electronic database may be stored on any secondary storage device - magnetic tape, magnetic/optical disc, external servers etc.

How is Database Organized?

 The data is broken down into records, and the records are broken down into fields. The records are organized into tables, and these tables contain the relations between the records. (and how the data should be managed - metadata).

Types of Database


Flat databases:

Flat databases are based on a sequence principle, they were mostly used in the early systems.

Hierarchical databases:

They have a tree-like structure, where a category breaks down into subcategories and so on.

Network databases:

Network databases include multiple linking between the records and is widely used nowadays in eCommerce.

Database Driven Websites

 If you need a website where the information is changed often (you have dynamic web pages), you’d need a database driven website. Changes will only need to be done in a database, and your website will automatically reflect them to the user.

That is applicable for:

  • eCommerce websites (changes of price, discount etc.)
  • WordPress and Joomla CMS
  • Blogs (user generated content changes are displayed immediately - that is all kinds of users updates)


 Advantages of a Database-Driven Website


  • Easy and fast updates of the content which are made in real-time
  • You only need to make several-click changes
  • You don’t need to have programming skills for that
  • Makes user experience personal and updated

Additional facts about database-driven websites:

Database-driven websites cost more, especially if you need a custom database design. Databases need back up (which usually is packed in a database service). And be prepared that the capacity of your database server will need to grow, which will lead to additional investment.

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