What is Domain?


A domain name represents the name of your website on the web. For example, google.com is a name of Google search engine. In fact, a domain name differs from a human name by its uniqueness, so, it’s impossible to have 2 the same domain names. If you’re on the go to your website’s success, you need to choose a right domain name carefully.

Domain Name Recommendations

There are some common tips that you definitely need to follow for choosing a really proper domain name, view them out below.

  • The shorter domain name - the better website. Small wonder, that it is always simple to remember something short and well-aimed.
  • The domain name must be written with the Latin alphabet.
  • Your domain name should be easy to read and to pronounce, and, also, to be and easy-to- write one. Following this way, you will make your domain stand out from the general mass.
  • Use a descriptive nature for your domain name. Therefore, it should be quite easy for people to understand a kind of your business and to get excited about it.

Levels of Domains

All domains are classified into three levels: first, second, and, respectively, third. First-level domains, such as com, net, info, biz, de, ru, etc., are divided into two groups: territorial (ua, de, us, etc.) and non-territorial (org, net, com. etc.). Second-level domains, that are under first-level ones, are google.com, buddha.ru, and so on. By the way, lots of hosting providers suggest new users free second-level domains with purchasing their hosting services. Meanwhile, the domain names of the third levels look like banner.florida.us, wn.org.ru, and so on.

6 Benefits of a Good Domain Name

  • An enhanced subscribers base.
  • Relevant traffic
  • Social media shares
  • Backlinks
  • An increased blog popularity
  • Well-structured and well-targeted brand messaging

Getting Started with a Domain Name. A little instruction.

  • Create a list of domains that perfectly fit your business.
  • Prepare a PayPal account or your credit card to pay for your super cool domain name.
  • If you’ve already got a hosting provider, note and keep all the info received from them.
  • If you haven’t chosen your perfect hosting provider yet, park your domain on a temporary website with the help of a registrar.

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