What is Joomla? What makes it so popular?

What is Joomla? What makes it so popular?

Joomla isn’t just an unusual word. It’s also a multi-purpose, very well coded content management system. Let’s dig into what features make Joomla platform so popular.

You’ll Learn About:

  1. What is Joomla?
  2. Key features of Joomla Content Management System
  3. What makes Joomla stand out?

1. What is Joomla?

Joomla has been on the web since 2005 and has gained a massive number of users; over 50 million downloads according to www.joomla.org. It makes this CMS (content management system) the second most popular after WordPress.

EBay, Peugeot, and even Leo DiCaprio use Joomla for their sites. Let’s see what the Joomla features are that make millions of people and businesses choose it.

2. Key features of Joomla:


Responsiveness is a “must have” for any up-to-date website. You, as well as almost every other Internet user today, expect the website to scale gracefully to any screen resolution and that is what Joomla is totally capable of doing.

Mobile devices, desktops, tablets - your website is not going to look “broken” on any of them.


You operate in a non-English market? No problemo. Localizing the Joomla engine to your language is easier than it is with most of its competitors in the CMS world.

There are almost 70 language packs in Joomla which are just several clicks away from being installed and used.

Even if a theme you use has some words that aren’t translatable with the language pack, you can translate the rest of them in a language override tool. This is great, because in some other popular CMSs you’d need to go to your server and operate in the theme’s files directly.

Easy to update

Joomla is one of the most frequently updated engines and that’s a good thing, because the Joomla developer’s team brings us new features and new useful functions each time.

What is even better, you can apply the update in two-three clicks from your admin panel. I can’t stress this point enough!

[infoblock]You should make a backup of your site before proceeding with engine updates of any kind, just in case.[/infoblock]

Well Supported

Joomla is an open source platform, which enables anyone to contribute on a volunteer basis.

The downside to it is the fact that you can’t get on live chat or call someone from Joomla to get a free consultation for your site.

Luckily, the Joomla team developed very detailed Joomla Documentation. If you’re more of a social type, you’ll enjoy Joomla User Forum.

If you ever stumble on any problem while working with Joomla, chances are that somebody has already experienced the same or similar difficulty and the detailed answer is already there, waiting for you. I just wish there was something that provided details on how to build human relations :).

3. What makes Joomla stand out?

Joomla Media Manager

Joomla Media Manager is a tool that allows you to operate your media files in your Joomla admin panel. Media Manager in Joomla is one of the most intuitive and easy to use among similar tools.

Unlike other CMS systems, you can easily create new folders on your server and upload files there. It would require going to FTP or Cpanel in most other CMSs.

Joomla Contact Manager

Joomla is well prepared for being a corporate site that has numerous users with different roles and capabilities. Joomla contact manager enables you to create users in different departments and categories.

Joomla Content Management

Even though I’ve heard customers saying Joomla has a longer learning curve, compared to WordPress, it’s so worth it, because with Joomla comes greater flexibility and content combining possibilities.

Read more on that in our guide on how to edit and create content in Joomla.

Joomla Extensions (8000+)

Joomla has one of the most powerful extension databases among both CMS and eCommerce platforms.

You can find a plugin or module to do almost anything. What is remarkable regarding Joomla extensions - a lot of great plugins and modules are free, while most paid ones come with a free lite version and there is the possibility to upgrade to a premium version whenever you decide to do so.

Front-end Editing

I left it till the very end of the guide as it’s my favourite one. That’s what bugs me about WordPress and what cheers me up when working with Joomla - there is no need to go to the admin panel to edit some piece of content.

If you enabled front-end editing of your site, there will be a gear wheel next to any module and by clicking on it you’ll be able to make changes on the go. It’s a thrill in this bustling world in which we live.


For me, Joomla is where WordPress and Drupal meet halfway. It’s definitely worth trying out just to know if it’s for you or not. From my own experience, I can see that an impressive percentage of Joomla users would never switch to another CMS.

Now you know what the reasons are to choose Joomla. If you have any insights to share or feel like I’ve missed something important - feel free to leave your comments below.

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