White Labeled Partnership with TemplateMonster

Opening the White Labeled Partnership program, TemplateMonster transforms from a simple templates shop into a web design depot for hosting, domain registration and other companies within the IT industry

Brooklyn, N.Y., September 10, 2004 TemplateMonster, one of the largest website templates providers on the Web, has transformed from a simple templates shop into a web design solution depot for hosting and domain registration industries, now offering the White Labeled Partnership program.

For anyone whose client is preparing to launch a website, the problem is familiar. Getting straight to work is achieved by traveling in circles. First your client registers a domain name, if he’s lucky, and then he begins clicking in search of a host. After having found a host, suddenly, he realizes he is faced with the daunting task of designing his site. It’s an arduous journey. And currently, few have addressed the necessity to shorten or lighten this process involving three of the Web’s most critical industries. White Label Partnership is the analogical solution to cover the web design apex of this triangle of three fields.

“We really did our utmost developing a system that will satisfy the needs of hosting and domain registration companies seeking to supply their clients with custom web design services,” said David Braun CEO of TemplateMonster.com. “The White Labeled Partnership program we offer requires no start-up time and is extremely flexible. Our partners take full control.”

But White Labeled Partnership is more than just a simple affiliate system; it is a network of intercommunicating service providers, connecting clients directly to the products they most need, bypassing unnecessary search and click sessions en route to the final result. Any partner company can represent TemplateMonster’s 6,000 products under its own brand, without making references or giving back links. Basically, this system precludes site shopping, and implies the reduction of client loss.

“I’m really impressed with this partnership. The next step for our clients after purchasing a domain and hosting is to create a website. Website templates is a good option for this stage,” said Chris Campbell from Dotster.com. “It is ideal not only for our clients only but for us as well. We become a one stop resource for those who seek their own website. This has added great value for our current clients and attracted lots of new ones.”

Undeniably, clients benefit from and prefer doing one-stop shopping. White Labeled Partnership is exactly this: a no-nonsense, one-stop approach to website construction. And the program suits both small to medium-sized businesses and giants of the IT industry like Dotster.com.

Summing up, as is well known, the shortest path between two points is a straight line. TemplateMonster now offers to draw the line between the points. From the hosting corner or the domain registration corner of the website development triangle, clients can at last make their way unimpeded to the web design corner by taking advantage of White Labeled Partnership services.

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More information about TemplateMonster Affiliate Program is available at affiliates.templatemonster.com.