Ingenious Ways You Can Do With WooCommerce Inventory Management

Hello, everyone who is building or starting to build an online store. Today, you will learn how it is easier to control your WooCommerce inventory management. Namely, how to keep records, divide employee responsibilities, save on delivery, and how WooCommerce web designs can improve your sales. Let's start.

WooCommerce Inventory Management Extensions

We have already described how to manage inventory and stocks using the built-in functions of the WooCommerce plugin. And in this article, we will look at other extensions recommended for WC. You can find them as follows:

WooCommerce Extensions.

Since each WooCommerce inventory management extension has its function, I have sorted them according to their purpose:

So, let's talk about each one in turn.

Printing labels, invoices, vouchers

WooCommerce Shipping

I'll start with a free but handy feature. Above all, the WooCommerce plugin itself mentions WC Shipping during installation:

WooCommerce Shipping.

WC Shipping allows you to print shipping labels directly from the admin panel (WooCommerce>Orders). In this way, you save time at the post offices of USPS and DHL operators. In addition, labels include shipping discounts.

The developer is also actively working on adding more carriers. Meanwhile, you can help him with this if you are not satisfied with the carriers mentioned above.

WC Shipping advantages:

  • Shipping discounts
  • Printing of transport labels at home
  • Free


Unlike WC Shipping, with Shippo, you don't have to wait until you can use the necessary carrier services. Shippo discounts shipping from USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx and provides access to over 50 international carriers.

Shippo advantages:

  • Shipping discounts
  • Printing of transport labels at home
  • Up to 50+ carriers
  • Tracking
  • Customer notifications


It is a popular service that partners not only with Woo. It also cooperates with eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Groupon Goods, and others. Therefore, the extension is suitable for those who sell on the listed marketplaces and simultaneously promote their Woo site.

ShipStation advantages:

  • Shipping discounts
  • Printing of transport labels at home
  • Integration with other platforms
  • Tracking
  • Customer notifications

Print Invoices & Packing Lists

This one can generate invoices and, if necessary, send them to customers by email. Also, using this add-on, you can create lists of products collected from all purchases. It is convenient for the seller during the preparation of all items required for shipment.


Print Invoices & Packing Lists advantages:

  • Organization of goods before shipment
  • Drawing up electronic invoices
  • Bulk printing or sending invoices API

You get the maximum benefit from it if you have already installed USPS Shipping Methods. As a result, API will display USPS rates on cart/checkout pages. Thus, customers will be able to see the current carrier rates during checkout. API advantages:

  • USPS shipping discounts
  • Integration with USPS Shipping Methods
  • Display of current carrier tariffs
  • Processing returns and removing shipping labels

Elta Courier Voucher (for Greece)

In short, it's a tool for placing and tracking orders by the vouchers formation. You can print them, send them to a customer by email, or use them as a tracker number.

Elta Courier Voucher advantages:

  • Creation and printing of vouchers (one-time and bulk)
  • Tracking
  • Automatic creation of a voucher upon order completion
  • Selection from multiple copies

Warehouse stock management


The Megaventory greatly simplifies WooCommerce inventory management. It shows the number of items in real-time and allows you to track the shipment status in detail. Furthermore, the extension offers integration with other e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Magento. There is only one PRO plan, but you can create an individual one if PRO's capabilities are insufficient.

Megaventory advantages:

  • WooCommerce inventory management (verified, shipped, invoiced, closed)
  • Tracking
  • Stock alerts
  • Supplier availability
  • Order fulfillment across multiple physical locations
  • Ability to create a custom pricing plan
  • Integration with other CMSs


Scanventory generates a unique QR code for each product. Therefore, using the mobile app, you can edit an assortment directly from your smartphone or tablet. In addition, a seller can track a store activity from a mobile device by viewing an inventory log report.

Scanventory advantages:

  • Savings on software
  • Editing and tracking from a smartphone
  • WooCommerce inventory management (verified, shipped, invoiced, closed)
  • Detailed inventory reports
  • Customized QR labels in different sizes

Bulk Stock Management

A simple tool for easy product search/filtering and reporting. It shows an assortment in the table form. So, you can edit a stock amount in a warehouse right in the table.

Bulk Stock Management.

Bulk Stock Management advantages:

  • Filtering/searching by product type, SKU, ID, stock status
  • Bulk actions to set the quantity of the items in the warehouse
  • Report generating

Order management

After The Order

This one helps you take important notes for each product to avoid mistakes when ordering. In other words, a store manager receives an e-mail notification of a new request along with the previously mentioned note. For example, it might be a reminder not to forget to add a belt to a purchased dress.

Order notes.

After The Order advantages:

  • E-mail integration
  • Reminders for each order
  • Minimization of errors
  • Less dissatisfied customers

Order Barcodes

The extension creates a unique barcode for each purchase. As a result, a customer receives a barcode by e-mail and prints it out if necessary. It is convenient when booking/buying a ticket or if you need to register a client.

Order Barcodes advantages:

Returns and Warranty Requests

The add-on allows you to set up the terms of products and warranties return. Meanwhile, it enables buyers to request and manage refunds/exchanges from their accounts.

Returns & Warranty Requests advantages:

  • Setting up a warranty for a product (unlimited warranty or limited warranty period)
  • Custom warranty statuses
  • Return tracking XML File Export

In short, this extension works well for automating purchases. It imports orders into the desktop app (not a web tab) in XML format. Therefore, it eliminates manual formatting of the order information and consequently saves time. XML File Export advantages:

  • Automated export of order information
  • Filtering by purchase number/status/date
  • Bulk or selective export of orders
  • Time saving


There is a full-featured integration with Shipwire so that customers can see real-time shipping rates (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.). In addition, you can automate order processing/tracking, update inventory data, and handle returns of goods. Shipwire status information is updated automatically.


Shipwire advantages:

  • Automation of WooCommerce inventory management
  • Access to current carrier rates
  • Processing returns
  • Tracking


This add-on makes it easier to control the delivery of goods. Namely, you can print labels, use affordable shipping rates, track orders and stocks. In addition, the company offers e-mail marketing services (automated mailings to customers, e-mail templates).

ShippingEasy advantages:

  • Delivery automation
  • Affordable carrier rates
  • Multichannel order processing
  • Synchronization of warehouse stocks
  • Monitoring of low stock levels
  • Printing labels
  • Tracking

Products/store management

Central Stock

A powerful add-on that will be useful for owners of multiple online stores. It is convenient to sell the same products at different sites, but there is only one warehouse. Therefore, Central Stock synchronizes information about the purchased product of one store with other stores. Consequently, you control the amount of stock in all stores.

Central Stock advantages:

  • Synchronization of WooCommerce inventory management
  • Convenient for multisite stores
  • Eliminates manual update

Acutrack Fulfillment

This extension is suitable for coaching (health consultants, business coaches, etc.) or books writing. Acutrack is a publishing company. Its services also include delivering books directly to consumers or marketplaces. Moreover, not only books but also flash drives and disks.

Acutrack Fulfillment advantages:

  • Ideal for consultants, trainers, book authors
  • A possibility to sell content as a book or on drives/disks
  • A wide range of formats for cropping and binding books

Supply chain management

WooCommerce Dropshipping

A tool for everyone who wants to make dropshipments from AliExpress and become an Amazon partner. The extension also includes dropshipping with local suppliers.

WC Dropshipping advantages:

  • Google Chrome extension
  • Bulk import of assortment from AliExpress
  • Distribution of stocks by suppliers
  • Amazon affiliate program
  • Tracking

Dividing employee responsibilities

Advanced Notifications

If you have many assistants, Advanced Notifications will make it easier for you to divide responsibilities between them. The person in charge will receive a notification depending on the order (for instance, low stock, out of stock, outstanding/new requests). It turns out to be a kind of task tracker.

Advanced Notifications advantages:

  • Organization of staff work
  • Setting up notifications for workers
  • Task manager function

Apps integration


Above all, it's a tool for integrating and automating actions between WooCommerce and cloud applications. A truly great digital marketing tool. It allows you to create a chain of actions. For example, when you receive a newly registered customer, Zapier lets Gmail know about it. After that, Gmail automatically sends the new customer an email with a special offer.

Here are some more examples of integrations (Zaps):


See more Zaps here.

Zapier advantages:

  • One- and two-way automation between online services
  • Variety of customizable Zaps
  • In-store conversion increase
  • Integration with thousands of cloud applications

Amazon Fulfillment

With this add-on, Amazon will pick, pack, ship, and track orders for you. Meanwhile, you can trust full autopilot or customize delivery options if needed.

Zapier advantages:

  • Synchronization of Amazon and WooCommerce inventory management
  • Variety of Amazon shipping speed (Standard, Expedited, Priority)
  • Automatic and manual sending orders

AliExpress Dropshipping

As the name suggests, this is an extension for dropshippers who want to sell AliExpress products through their platform. It is possible to customize the import of popular items and sell them with custom markup. In addition, AliExpress takes over control of the delivery.

AliExpress Dropshipping advantages:

  • Fast delivery to many countries (USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, etc.).
  • Google Chrome dropshipping assistant
  • Quick import of products (including bulk)
  • Synchronization of current prices and discounts on AliExpress
  • Self-administration of markup rules
  • Most importantly, no need to control delivery

10 Best WooCommerce Templates

For a successful business, it is important not only to have tools to automate WooCommerce inventory management. But also to think over a store's appearance. The desire of customers to stay on a site directly depends on how attractive and user-friendly it is.

Therefore, I suggest considering the best-selling templates for a Woo store. Seriously. The professional ready-made samples are designed with the three main criteria of a successful website in mind:

  • Responsiveness
  • Ease of use
  • SEO-friendliness

If you are interested now, take a look at the top 10 (in my opinion) Woo templates:

UpLine - Furniture Online Store Theme

UpLine - Furniture Online Store WooCommerce Theme.

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

This fully responsive theme is predominantly suitable for furniture distributors. Upon entering the site, the visitor immediately draws attention to a dynamic background with advertisements for the best products. Also, there is a vertical drop-down menu with product categories.

When scrolling down, the first thing a visitor sees is the best deals. Next, there is the offer of Featured, Latest, Special, Bestseller products. It provides a quick view mode and a quick add to a shopping cart option. Cloudzoom is available with a detailed view of an item. Below, you can specify the brands if your store does not represent a specific manufacturer. In addition, there are blocks with the latest news (blog) and reviews of satisfied customers.

Teahouse - Spice Shop Theme

Teahouse - Spice Shop WooCommerce Theme.

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

The theme is perfect for sellers of tea, coffee, and spices. All the elements of this web design responsively adjust to the buyer's device. Visitors can immediately see product categories, a search bar, and a superb dynamic background with the store link button when they enter a site.

Scrolling down the page, a visitor sees hot discounts and gets acquainted with the assortment by category. Teahouse invites you to point out your strengths to engage the potential buyers. It offers to tell you about the advantages of your delivery, customer support service, and loyalty program.

Artcraft - Handmade ECommerce Clean Elementor Theme

Artcraft - Handmade ECommerce Clean Elementor Theme.

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

A very popular theme among handcrafters. Despite the lack of dynamic pictures, the design is pretty nice and makes visitors scroll lower and lower. From the start, the customer can get acquainted with the goods depending on preferences. For example, glassware or knitted items. If you are a dropshipper, you can also sell needlework accessories. Who knows, maybe there will be a novice handcrafter who wants to purchase accessories, not finished products?

Also, Artcraft suggests putting new items in a separate block and placing a thematic video below. But the coolest thing is the link to your products on Instagram with a subscription offer.

Boombag - Apparel ECommerce Modern Elementor Theme

Boombag - Apparel ECommerce Modern Elementor Theme.

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Selling clothes is the most competitive and, consequently, the most profitable niche of E-commerce. So, it is necessary to have WooCommerce inventory management on a high level. Moreover, this web design will help improve your sales and attract more customers. Upon entering the store, Boombag will show your potential customers a window offering a discount for a subscription. There is no standard header with About, Contact Us, My Account sections. All of them hid in a separate block. A convenient option is a drop-down shopping cart. In other words, everybody can view its contents without going to a corresponding page.

The main categories of the store are in large blocks – for example, Men, Women, Accessories. As an option, you can show your new arrivals, as well as recommended products. If the visitors did not subscribe initially, they would be able to do so after being interested in your products. I mean, by scrolling down, a subscription form will be waiting for them at the bottom.

SportLabs - Sport Nutrition Theme

SportLabs - Sport Nutrition WooCommerce Theme.

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Nowadays, many people are interested in proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The retina ready design is ideal for a sports nutrition store. Its key feature is large colorful photos depicting the relief bodies of athletes. Very tempting! In short, everything in this theme is large, including blocks with special offers. It is impossible not to pay attention to them due to the big contrasting inscriptions.

Under the block with discounts, SportLabs offers to place products in categories. For example, fat burners, mass gainers, protein products, etc. After that, there are Featured/Best products. You can support your products with useful SEO-optimized blog posts. Moreover, below are two types of subscriptions – to the store itself and your Instagram account.

Burgelo - Food Delivery ECommerce Modern Elementor Theme

Burgelo - Food Delivery ECommerce WooCommerce Theme.

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Delivery is a very popular topic nowadays and requires well-organized WooCommerce inventory management. A feature of Burgelo is the use of colorful tones. Of course, because it's food! The drop-down megamenu deserves special attention – it contains two key points at once. Firstly, these are food categories (pizza, sushi, burgers, pasta, soups, drinks), and secondly, special offers and discounts. The menu takes up almost the entire screen to 100% catch a visitor's attention.

While scrolling, visitors will appreciate your strengths (great food quality, fast delivery, affordable price). After that, they will see your best offers with instant add to the shopping cart. Further, there are blocks with advertising of all current discounts and a step-by-step call to action (select> order> receive) so that you can satisfy clients.

Vinedo - Vinery Elementor Theme

Vinedo - Vinery Elementor Theme.

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

An elegant theme for connoisseurs of the exquisite taste of quality wine. However, and not only wine. There is nothing catchy and colorful in the design – Zemez used an extremely restrained style. And also focused on the categories of drinks – white, red, rosé wine, champagne, etc.

Featured products are in the form of a carousel gallery with rating, price, quick view, and Add a Cart option. In a separate block, you can show bestsellers with similar options. Moreover, there are a loyalty program and blog section.

Paletto - Cosmetic Store Elementor Theme

Paletto - Cosmetic Store Elementor WooCommerce Theme.

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

The theme is for sellers of decorative cosmetics and accessories. Dynamic elements in this template are practically absent, and they are not needed, given the colorful design. Assortment categories are in large colorful blocks: for lips, for face, for eyes, gift sets. The tiles sections show products from Bestsellers, New arrivals, Items sale, etc. A great solution is to make a list of the most popular cosmetics brands. And, certainly, the most expressive block is discounts and special offers. The Blog section is very beneficial here. The topic is very rich, and you can successfully promote your store with SEO tools.

The gallery is on a separate web page. You can use it not as an advertisement for goods, but as a presentation of an example of their use. For instance, a photo of a beautiful eyelid make-up using branded eyeshadows or lip contouring using a bestselling pencil. Subsequently, there can be many options.

Emetix - Digital Shop Theme

Emetix - Digital Shop WooCommerce Theme.

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Emetix is for an electronics store. It starts with a dynamic background accompanied by discounts. Further, you may tell about your benefits. Then there are blocks with chaotic information (special deals, items, product categories, etc.). They provide all the best you want to offer your customers in one place. However, you can arrange them as you like with the handy drag-and-drop feature. Be sure to showcase your new products and bestsellers with a quick view. Also, let the visitors know which trusted brands you are selling.

Similar to the previous template, a gallery with product demonstrations is on a separate page. Also, there is a blog that you can fill with useful information on the topic.

Gifts Shop Theme

Gifts Shop WooCommerce Theme.

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Selling souvenirs and interesting gift ideas? Then this mobile-friendly theme is worthy of your attention. Its highlight is that visitors can see all the most important at the very beginning. Special offers, tempting product categories, and even sales. Further, visitors can get acquainted with discounts, individual recommended goods, and sale products in detail when scrolling.

To ultimately convince the visitors that your store is still worthy of their attention, tell about advantages in large blocks. Also, as an option, you can present product categories according to the event and holiday. It could be gifts for an anniversary, a wedding, a birthday, etc.

Best WooCommerce Themes For WordPress: Video Guide

I also recommend watching the video review of the 11 best WooCommerce WP themes:

I advise you to subscribe to this channel and never miss useful tutorials again 🙂

Extensions + Templates = Professional WooCommerce Inventory Management

I hope today you have learned some new useful information that will help you improve your WooCommerce inventory management. With the help of mentioned extensions, you can make fulfillment a snap. Furthermore, these ten wonderful web templates allow you to decorate and make your online store more efficient.

FAQs about WooCommerce Inventory Management Add-ons

What is the best WooCommerce inventory management extension for warehouse stock?

If you have online stores on the Shopify or Magento platform, Megaventory is perfect for you. If you spend most of your time on the go, then consider Scanventory. But when you have a lot of stock, it's best to organize it in a table using Bulk Stock Management.

I use many other services; what is the best way to organize my WooCommerce inventory management?

I highly recommend Zapier. It allows you to integrate your store with Google Sheets, Gmail, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Trello, QuickBooks, and other services necessary for e-commerce.

I still can't decide which label printing extension is best for WooCommerce inventory management?

Shippo is a good choice for sending items by different carriers. However, to make it easier to manage your stores on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and other large marketplaces, it is better to install ShipStation. Meanwhile, to collect items from different orders in an easy way, we suggest buying Print Invoices & Packing Lists. But if you are in Greece, Elta Courier Voucher is ideal for you. And if you are not on a budget yet, go with WooCommerce Shipping.

Which dropshipping extension should I choose for WooCommerce inventory management?

Both WooCommerce Dropshipping and AliExpress Dropshipping extensions offer a wide range of functionality. The first one also provides an Amazon affiliate program.

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