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30+ Great Free and Premium Music WordPress Themes: Themes for Musicians and WordPress Band Themes

  1. Intro
  2. About Music Band Websites
  3. Why WordPress Is the Best Platform for a Music Band Website
  4. How to Create A WordPress Music Band Website Without Coding Skills (10 Easy Steps)
  5. How to Increase the Traffic of Your Music Band WordPress Website
  6. Premium Music Band WordPress Themes
  7. Free Music Band WordPress Themes

Intro: WordPress Music Band Themes

Before getting your first music awards, you’ll need an award-winning site. That’s the first step to getting seen and heard, a rock-solid foundation for the career of your dreams. Having a site, you can promote your music to the audience beyond any geo-boundaries. Fans will be able to listen to your songs, watch videos, share them on social media, learn about new releases, keep track of your concert calendar, contact you about the partnership, etc.

Music band wordpress themes.

Want to build a site allowing all of this? With these WordPress music blog themes, you can do it blazing fast and with minimum investment. Whether you already are a professional vocalist and want to share your music, or just an aspiring musician waiting for your rock- group to become the next Rolling Stones, be welcome to check out this curated selection. Some music bands and musicians start out without a band website, relying entirely on social media. That's OK for a start, but every SMM campaign needs to be integrated somewhere. Music sites serve as platforms where you can promote your music, sell tickets, and experiment with some media marketing and SEO techniques. With a little luck and WordPress music themes, the results may be astonishing!

Top music WordPress Themes

Music WordPress Themes Short Description Price
Singerella This clean and responsive WordPress theme has been specifically designed for music schools to fulfill the needs of your students. Except for flexible design, it contains a whole lot of useful tools to make your website customization a piece of cake. 


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If you want to spread the word about your night club online, you need a classy and fully responsive website template. Neobeat, with full-width background imagery, visual editor, schedule, live search, Ecwid plugin, and other features, will come in handy. 


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Night Club Euphoria

The combination of striking design and cutting-edge functionality is now possible with this pre-designed clean template specifically created for party-goers. It will give you access to multiple helpful tools, including audio and video options, custom post types, social media integration, animation effects, etc. 


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Avenus WordPress theme, characterized by its responsive design and feature-rich nature, will help you provide a professional presentation of your brand. At your disposal, there are different types of visual editors, Ecwid plugin, Jet add-ons, gallery and blog functionality, etc. 


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About Music WordPress Band Themes

A music band website, as well as multiple of others, should look catchy and up-to-date. Still, it’s not enough to win the attention and respect of users for a long time.

In general, such sites have a wide range of applications. With one multifunctional music band WordPress theme, anyone can make:

  • a personal site of a musician or band;
  • music archive and catalogs sites;
  • a website about the history of the emergence of music and the stages of its development;
  • a music portal, and far more.

Keep on reading to create a music band website on a WordPress theme. Even if you have never done a site before, everything will work out! There are no jokes and this process can be very attractive even if you are not tech-savvy.

There are a lot of solutions, due to which the building of a website of a music group is a matter of a few hours. Luckily, for today there are many purposed website templates. Some of them are available for free. It is not possible to calculate how many such alternatives are available on the Internet. However, unfortunately, not all of them can fully match the wishes of modern users.

So, choosing a music band website template, do pay attention to its provider. Better rely on premium products. It’s also necessary to know that a theme goes with hosting (and what a hosting, of course!). Even though such layouts are usually distributed on a paid basis, you can be completely sure of them. And the main bonus of such templates is the technical support, which is always for you, any day, any time. As sometimes it is not so easy to get by without the help of a specialist. For this reason, support is on top of importance.

Go on reading to learn how to create a music band website on a WordPress theme. Even if you have never done a site before, just follow our step-by-step guide and everything will work out!

Go on reading to learn how to create a music band website on a WordPress theme.

Why WordPress Is the Best Platform for a Music Band Website

Who knows, how far music interests can go. Maybe your music addiction is a weekend hobby, full-time or part-time work. Anyway, to get a website for it is a brilliant idea. It’s really worthy and even more crucial if you have your own music band or are a songwriter or composer. Plus, today mostly everyone has a site. So, your music band, your lifestyle deserve it!

How to start a website creating if you’ve never done it before? We’ll tell you how everyone who is not tech-savvy can do this! Such a website will be always in your hand to promote your music band. It will serve you as a business card, audio library, online blog, announcement of upcoming concerts or even a store for tickets or brand production. First of all, let people hear your talent and, of course, see you and your team. A music band site is a perfect place to share photos and videos from concerts. What’s else? Anything you want can be realized when you have a powerful reliable website.

So, you have never created websites. For sure, you are interested to know why I recommend you to use WordPress. To work confidently with WordPress, one doesn't need any coding skills or knowledge of web design. As well, it’s time-savvy and in such a way you can save a pretty sum of money.

The main advantage of WordPress is fast installation and customization without troubles. WordPress websites are well-indexed by search engines, as all SEO parameters are easy-to-write. Plus, friendly URLs are formed automatically. 

Being the CMS number one in the world, WordPress powers 34% of the current websites and online stores. This loyalty is easily explained as WordPress enables users without special knowledge to make sites like pros. This platform is filled with multiple ready-to-use themes, builders, and plugins. And the most important, WP is free to download. How to choose the best hosting you can ask your theme provider. As for TemplateMonster, most of our WordPress themes go with InMotion Hosting and support. If you’re not our client but need professional upkeep of your WP website, check our service - Maintenance!  

How to Create A WordPress Music Band Website Without Coding Skills (10 Easy Steps)

Music band WordPress themes.

#1. Hosting

The first thing you need to do to create a music band website is to choose hosting. It’s a server where site content is stored.

Hosting must be compatible with WordPress and meet such requirements as:

  • PHP support (at least WP 5.3 version);
  • MySQL support (version 5.1);
  • handy admin panel;
  • the ability to create an FTP connection for editing folders on the server;
  • file permissions;
  • round-the-clock technical support;
  • server protection against DDoS attacks;
  • checking mail for viruses and spams;
  • web interface for managing the mail server;
  • backups of files.

Choosing a hosting provider, pay attention to its reputation. Pay attention to the experience of the company, the availability of a data center, a license to provide hosting services. On, you can see the best hostings for WordPress (and not only) websites listed. It would be worthy to mention that you can always buy a powerful bug-free WordPress theme on TemplateMonster. The greatest advantage of dealing with us is our products already go with InMotion Hosting. Isn’t it a good chance to save money? We also guarantee professional support.

#2. Domain

Spend some time to decide how to name your future site. With great attention, you need to approach what name you choose for your site. Better, choose something easy to pronounce, write, and remember. The name of your website should correspond to its main purpose. It will be also your music band visit card itself. If the name of your group is unique, then you can register in the .com zone. However, before you start, check if the domain you want to use is free. For this, visit WhoIS service.

#3. Download and Install WordPress

After choosing a hosting provider, the company will send you an email containing information about the selected plan, your username, password and a link to the control panel. You need to follow this link and log in.

In the “Website” section, find the WordPress icon, click on it and go through the next steps:

  • Go to to download WordPress. Copy all the files from the ZIP archive to the root folder of the server.
  • Create a database in the control panel on the server. It is important to specify the MySQL user in it. After you will receive a password.
  • Open your browser and go to the site.
  • Click “Forward”, fill in the registration fields. Here you need to enter the names, the received password. At the field "Database Server", choose the default localhost. After click on "Submit".
  • Pick out "Run Installation" and "Install WordPress."
  • That’s all!

#4. Choose a Music Band WordPress Theme

For everyone who wants to make a website quickly, there are ready-made site mockups called them “themes”. Premium WordPress themes meet SEO requirements, supplied with clean code and responsive design.

Their main features are:

  • modern design;
  • pre-made pages;
  • different fonts;
  • widgets and web forms (contact, subscription forms, etc);
  • handy admin panel;
  • well-commented documentation and support.

Thus, using ready-made WordPress themes, you can build any website confidently without additional help or knowledge of web design and coding.

#5. Download and Install Your WP Theme

In the WordPress toolbar, click on “Appearance” -> “Themes” -> “Add”. Then use the “Download Theme” option. After that, you need to find the zip folder containing the theme files and also download it. On the next step, click on “Activate”.

That’s would reasonable to mention, when you use pre-designed WP themes by TemplateMonster, they all go with detailed documentation. There you can find the answers to most all your questions. Following such instructions, you’ll easily install and customize the theme to get a real music band website.

#6. Customize the Music Band WordPress Theme

Our music band WordPress themes are very handy to customize. The only thing you need to do is to insert your content. More you also can find out in the documentation.

#7. Install WooCommerce Plugin (optionally)

In a case, you’re going to arrange an only shop on your website, download the WooCommerce plugin. With it, you’ll sell your tracks, disks or other music band production on a professional level.

#8. Add Your Music

All the music band WordPress themes listed below are adjusted for add music and not only.

#9. Show Photos and Videos of Your Band, Concerts

It’s important to have a special page to let visitors know about upcoming concerts and other events.

#10. Promote Your Music Band Website and Keep Eyes on the Traffic

As soon as your website is ready, don’t forget to promote it on socials. Not only links sharing is necessary but also independent purposed accounts. For example, on Instagram.

For every website, good traffic is proof of success on the Web. Choosing a theme, pay attention to those that are powered with SEO tools. This will initially reduce future costs on the specialists and ease your task.

This kind of optimization guarantees that your site won’t be neglected by search engines. More than that, it will get all the chances to be on the top of the search results.

How to Increase the Traffic of Your Music Band WordPress Website

How to increase website traffic? It’s impossible to give a short concise answer to this question. Why? There are so many varied ways to manage it. And, now, I’m going to tell you about them!

Music band WordPress themes.

#1. More attention to semantics

Do your best to gather the most of keywords for your music band website. For this, analyze different types of search queries, use special tools, like Google Keyword Planner. As soon as you’ll get your target words, you can fill your website with them. That is a core part of SEO. In a few words, you should add your keywords to headers, snippets, and alternative text of the images.

#2. Start a blog

Though, it sounds clear, to create and develop a cool blog is rather complicated. So, better spend some time to learn how a blog that engages visitors should look.

Still, there are some tips for you on how to lead a blog:

  • Keep your blog always up-to-date and let it correspond to the tastes of your target audience.
  • Write about the things you have a good understanding of and what’s really useful for your reader.
  • Make regular publications - it’s advisable not less than 2 times a week.
  • Always post at the same time - this is important to develop the habit of your audience to read your blog regularly and monitor updates.
  • Remember that readers want unique content - new information, new approaches, a new point of view. This is one of the significant ranking factors.
  • Create viral content - a kind of content that is the most often shared on socials.
  • Make your articles readable and eye-pleasing - a strong headline, table of content, high-quality images ( sometimes with witty signatures), and so on.
  • Know your competitors - to understand what steps you need to take to get more traffic, you need to monitor what your opponents post to increase the popularity of their music band.

Premium Music Band WordPress Themes

Want to build a site allowing all of this? With these  WordPress music blog themes, you can do it blazing fast and with minimum investment. Whether you already are a professional vocalist and want to share your music, or just an aspiring musician waiting for your rock- group to become the next Rolling Stones, be welcome to check out this curated selection. Some music bands and musicians start out without a band website, relying entirely on social media. That's OK for a start, but every SMM campaign needs to be integrated somewhere.

You do not need any special technical knowledge to customize and use the templates in our collection, they are designed to provide an intuitive user experience. All the themes have custom widgets, all necessary functionalities, and every music plugin you can possibly think of. Crafted with care and mastery, our best WordPress themes for musicians will stun you with rich functionality and thought-out design elements. So, select the best one to show your music!

Freebone - Wordpress Music Band WordPress Theme

Freebone - Wordpress Music Band WordPress Theme

Jacob Black - Talented Music Producer Website Design WordPress Theme

Jacob Black - Talented Music Producer Website Design WordPress Theme

Beatswave - Creative Music WordPress Theme

Beatswave - Creative Music WordPress Theme

Steremono - Song Lyrics WordPress Music Theme

Steremono - Song Lyrics WordPress Music Theme

Kraj - Music Band WordPress Theme

Kraj - Music Band WordPress Theme

Avenus - Music One Page Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Avenus - Music One Page Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

The official website, as the main source of information for the target audience, is one of the most valuable assets for a musician, DJ, club, or a music band. Ready-made music themes will turn the website building hassle into a truly enjoyable process. Avenus offers stylish and modern dark color scheme, elegant ready pages with astonishing elements, Elementor page builder with a number of pre-designed modules, and much more. Any user will be able to set up a professional website with no need to be familiar with the technical side of web development.

More features:

  • 100% responsive design
  • Bonus images
  • One-click installation
  • Google fonts integrated
  • SEO-friendly layout
  • Valid and clean HTML code
  • Outstanding plugins
  • Effective and friendly support

DJ Beatmix - Personal Page Elementor WordPress Theme

DJ Beatmix - Personal Page Elementor WordPress Theme

DJ Beatmix is modern, bright, and stylish. What makes this WordPress musician theme rather competitive is its set of features and customization tools. Clean, well-structured, and carefully commented code lets you understand the purpose of any design element. Without a doubt, you will enjoy working with Elementor page builder, tons of high-quality images for free, JetElements plugin, and much more. With the detailed documentation and friendly round-the-clock support, you will build your website easily and effectively. With no coding background, you can install and set up this beautiful theme to start promoting your project at once.

More features:

  • Fully responsive design
  • One-click installation
  • SEO-friendly layout
  • Sample Data Installer
  • Google fonts integrated
  • WordPress Live Customizer
  • WPML-ready
  • Retina-ready

Tune Station WordPress Theme

Tune Station WordPress Theme

Add more shine to your music-related project! Both music hosting sites, music apps, or personal musician websites will benefit from this feature-rich Tune Station WordPress theme. You do not need any coding or design knowledge to build a fully-fledged website. Express your imagination with a convenient MotoPress editor, trendy lazy load, and parallax effects. Thanks to SEO-friendly design, your web page will make it possible for any searcher to examine every page of the site, outline the information, and index all of them in the repository. You can always rely on 24/7 support in case any questions or concerns are left.

More features:

  • 100% responsive layout
  • Cherry Framework 4
  • Clean and valid code
  • Retina-ready design
  • Portfolio functionality
  • MotoPress Slider
  • WPML-ready
  • Easy-to-follow documentation

Singerella - Music School WordPress Theme

Singerella - Music School WordPress Theme

Highly innovative and elegant, Singerella was crafted specifically for the best musicians websites. If you are planning to create an effective website for a music school - this is a perfect solution also. A brand new Elementor is presented in this theme to offer advanced capabilities for the web page customization. User-friendly, no-coding, flexible, and easy-to-use features and tools will facilitate the process of customization. Choose Singerella, one of the best WordPress themes for musicians or musical projects! A Live Demo is available to evaluate all the features at once.

More features:

  • Fully responsive design
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • A great number of header and footer layouts
  • 15 topical images
  • Revolutionary JetElements pack
  • Tons of custom widgets
  • Live Customizer
  • SEO-friendly code

NightLife WordPress Theme

NightLife WordPress Theme

Are you interested in all the advantages for your music-related project in one WordPress theme? This is a great representative of WordPress music themes, which will get your project to the new level. Perfect for websites for musicians, dance schools, or night clubs, the theme does not require any profound technical knowledge. You will be able to add a modern vibe to your website with ghost buttons, bold fonts, and full-width images. Moreover, photo galleries and embedding videos will make your web resource interesting and interactive.

More features:

  • SEO ready layout
  • Bootstrap-based design
  • Cherry Framework
  • WPML-ready
  • Parallax effect
  • Clean and structured coding
  • Detailed documentation
  • Friendly round-the-clock support

Personal Page Responsive WordPress Theme

Personal Page Responsive WordPress Theme

If you have already tried various free WordPress themes for musicians, and now you are looking for premium quality, Individual Page WordPress design theme is an excellent solution. It does not matter what music project you are working on, the theme is the best website builder for musicians. No doubt, you will build a trendy and attention-grabbing personal page to attract even more listeners. The theme is packed with multiple layout options, colors, and custom widgets for content discovery and social media integration.

More features:

  • 100% responsive design
  • Easy installation and setup
  • SEO-friendly layout
  • Google fonts integrated
  • Cherry Framework
  • WPML-ready
  • Retina-ready
  • Round-the-clock support

Richard Dream - Podcast Website Template with Audio and Video Players WordPress Theme

Richard Dream - Podcast Website Template with Audio and Video Players WordPress Theme

Richard Dream is a very good solution for your project if you are looking for WordPress musician themes. Be assured, promoting your audio projects on the web does not require any coding background. Whether you are working on building the best band websites or just creating podcasts, you will enjoy the ease of use and great functionality of the theme. Thanks to synchronization with the most popular social networks, Twitter and Instagram posts will be displayed directly on the home page. Fully responsive design guarantees that your web resources will look great on any modern device.

More features:

  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Stylish design
  • Admin panel
  • SEO-friendly layout
  • Sample Data Installer
  • Ecwid-ready
  • Advanced theme options
  • Long-term support

Night Club Euphoria WordPress Theme

Night Club Euphoria WordPress Theme

Night Club Euphoria WordPress theme is all about a striking design and set of cutting edge features. Trendy background, effective pictures, and pink elements make this theme bright and exclusive. Thanks to the use of Bootstrap, your website will adjust its content to any screen size. It is important for both search engine optimization and website users. A fully responsive design allows your website to be fully adapted to the screens of all sizes on any gadget. Grateful owners of the theme confirm that it is absolutely perfect for any music-related project.

More features:

  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Cherry framework
  • WPML ready
  • Online chat
  • Ecwid ready
  • Google fonts integrated
  • Social options
  • Google map

Music Band

Music Band

This theme is fully responsive and editable! Animated effects in combination with Bootstrap functionality give this modern theme a stylish and top-notch look. Blog and Calendar layouts can display for your fans the details of upcoming music events and staggering photos from the previous ones. This WordPress band theme also has a drop-down menu, back to top button, social media and tag options, and other additional features. It is SEO, WPML, Ecwid friendly; allows for Our Team, Portfolio, Services, and Testimonials custom post types. You will enjoy a filterable portfolio, fantastic sliders, and a built-in theme customizer. Have fun and ride the melody!

Singer Responsive WordPress Theme

Singer Responsive WordPress Theme

This template is designed specifically for a charismatic and talented performer who wants to exhibit his/her outstanding personality on the web. Stylish color scheme and thought-out layout structure combined with great functionality makes it the ultimate choice for displaying demo music, gigs, and video library. The theme is great for publishing blog posts, photo sessions, details of upcoming tours, and live concert videos, so that your fans and the whole creative community could be informed about your newest achievements.

Alex Lomaev.

I've been choosing the theme for a musician a lot of time. I've reviewed plenty of templates and found the one I like very much. This is what I want! Thank You, TemplateMonster!!!

DJ Responsive WordPress Theme

DJ Responsive WordPress Theme

This DJ WordPress theme will bring you one step closer to the world's top nightclubs. Club music and club DJ sets, in particular, are very popular on the Internet. Thanks to fully responsive design the template is easily scalable for any modern-day displays and resolutions. You can add a music plugin of your choice to increase the functionality even more, but there is an embedded audio player. The theme also allows storing archives and galleries of music for your fans! You can also invite your visitors to sign up for a newsletter or follow you on social media. 

Chris F.

CF Karaoke Entertainment

I love the template design it is for my site. I am a professional dj and karaoke host in san diego county. This is for my business website that I am starting to build for my business. It provides the atmosphere I want my clients to enjoy when out with friends and having a fun time. Its the kind of atmosphere I want them to enjoy when booking their event for dj or karaoke services.

Neobeat - Night Club & Entertainment WordPress Theme

Neobeat - Night Club & Entertainment WordPress Theme

Are you looking for one of the best night club musical themes? Then you’ve got to check this one out! It’s a perfect fit for music clubs, musicians and bands, and, of course, DJs. Unconventional placement of the menu panel, social buttons, and info sections contribute to the attractiveness of this template. Remember that it is optimized for SEO and features custom post types like FAQ, Our Team and Portfolio.

Singer Responsive WordPress Theme

Singer Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme lets you feel the club vibes from the very first second. The abundant functionality of Cherry Framework makes this theme custom-friendly. Take a look at the categorized gallery and cute infographics! How about surprising your visitor with some music streaming? This great music WordPress theme is fully editable, be sure to add your best photos and make use of multiple color options. The Bio layout invites you to share your story, personal values, and a detailed explanation of why you are the best choice to light up every party. Don't forget to boost your successes and rewards on the same page!

DJ Responsive WordPress Theme

DJ Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme will work best for DJ's, music producers, and on-stage performers. It's easy to navigate thanks to the flashy banners and top DropDown menu. Besides, it has a clean and customizable typography that highlights the key details. Go ahead and add any type of content - text, images, and videos. Social icons in the footer will help your fans follow you on social networks.

Singer Responsive WordPress Theme

Singer Responsive WordPress Theme

Vivid colors, catchy typography, and imagery are but a few advantages of this premium WordPress template. Thanks to the fully responsive design, it renders well on screens of any size and resolution. So, your listeners will be able to browse your awesome WordPress blog on their mobile and desktop devices. Besides, Cherry Framework ensures quick and easy editing of any website elements. Take a closer look at the live demo!

Tom R.


Great theme! My client really likes it and it is easy to configure.

I wish there were more themplates likes this. Makes life a lot easier.

DJ Responsive WordPress Theme

DJ Responsive WordPress Theme

This one will be a great fit for any art-related site. It has a dark color scheme, spiced up with a bright header and an a structured image gallery. Top DropDown menu ensures better navigation on the website. Feel free to post the latest news about your projects right on the homepage. With a built-in plugin, you can manage the featured videos from live shows or parties. Go ahead and click the 'live demo' button.

VisuaFX - Film Video Production Studio Responsive WordPress Theme

VisuaFX - Film Video Production Studio Responsive WordPress Theme

It is really hard for a musician to succeed now without doing videos. That’s why the video studio template is also a perfect theme music performer could use. Visual FX is very easy to customize because it has a built-in Power Page Builder. With that great tool, you will be able to change your website for music just drag-and-dropping elements directly to the page. Besides that, this template has lots of layout options, pre-made headers, and footers and a bunch of content modules. This template will allow you to create a jazzy website rapidly and easily, and launch it the next day after downloading WordPress.

Music Band Responsive WordPress Theme

Music Band Responsive WordPress Theme

StereoForce is one of the most powerful WordPress band themes. Equipped with cutting-edge functionalities, it lets you build complex layouts by simply dragging and dropping and customize them live. There’s a wide range of layout options and content modules to choose from.

The theme package includes pre-designed pages for all your needs and various versions of the header, footer, and blog layout. You can also supply your site with Ajax search, sidebars, widgets, filterable gallery with smooth animations, and much more. As StereoForce was released under the GPL license, you can install it on unlimited domains.

Original Singer WordPress Theme

Original Singer WordPress Theme

This mobile-friendly WordPress musician theme comes with a filterable portfolio, slider, custom post types and formats to present your content. Due to social media integration, your fans will be able to follow you on social networks and share your content there. In terms of visuals, the layout boasts a contrast of dark and light tones, spiced up with catchy orange accents. As the theme is fully editable, you can adapt it to your liking.

Music Band Responsive WordPress Theme

Music Band Responsive WordPress Theme

RockBand is a responsive music WordPress theme powered by Cherry Framework. This open-source WP framework has over 80 shortcodes that will let you add different types of content to your site with ease. The package gives access to multiple color options, 600+ elegant Google fonts, and custom widgets for different purposes, from commenting to social sharing. Designed in the dark tone, the theme looks stylish, which is perfect for any modern music site.

Music Fan Board WordPress Theme

Music Fan Board WordPress Theme

If you need a site with a content-rich layout, this WordPress musician theme is just the job for you. Its front page can display anything from the news and popular articles to testimonials and videos. As the theme is WPML-ready, you can run a multilingual site that will attract music fans from all over the world. Used as the theme backbone, Cherry Framework has more than 100 handy options and over 80 shortcodes.

3 Free Music Band WordPress Themes

You need a website to advertise yourself and become a popular artist, but you need to be popular to have enough money for a really astonishing website design. It is a cursed circle we want to help you get out from. Here are 3 free music WordPress themes we created to help the beginners. Their functionality is a little decreased, but they still are professionally designed and carefully coded. A perfect solution to start your overwhelming music career.

Music Beats

tema music

All the WordPress templates for musicians are bright and attractive, so is Music Beats theme. A simple design that displays everything a user could need is created in saturated colors. The template is well-coded and corresponds with HTML-5 standards. There is a blog functionality, so you will be able to share the latest news with your fans. If any possible problem occurs, friendly tech support that is reachable via tickets and chats will help you to solve it.


Lilly Watson

music wp themes

This free WP music theme is a great starting point for a beginner singer. A website built on it will show your followers and fans that you have big perspectives and won’t stop until reaching the top. Your best photos are shown in the upper part of the site, so every visitor will see who you are from the first sight. Navigation is intuitively understandable; the user will find everything he is interested in with ease. The audio player is already built-in; your fans have the opportunity to listen to your songs while reading about you.


Rock Band

wordpress musician themes

The name of this music player theme says this theme fits perfectly for a rock band, but this is wrong. Doesn’t matter what themes in music do you prefer, this template will be a launching pad of your careers rocket. Template’s pack has lots of widgets included in it: timeline plugin, video player functionality, jQuerry gallery, etc. The design is very cool and a bit brutal, but that is what the latest trends are. Thanks to convenient social options your fans will be able to follow you on social media and share your posts, increasing the website’s visibility.


10 Free WordPress Themes for Musicians

In the present-day reality, you don’t need wealthy patrons who would promote your music on TV, radio, magazines, etc. What you need are a thought-out online profile and powerful marketing strategy. Just look around. We are all on the Internet today. Your site will be the first touchpoint with your music for many people. So make sure they will want to click a play button rather than close the tab on your website.

Wrapping is as important as candy. And that’s what TemplateMonster themes are all about. They skillfully combine advanced functionality with stunning aesthetics that will compliment your sounds visually. Let your site rock!

No famous band, singer, or record studio could exist without a ravishing website which would totally express its unique nature and exquisite style. No matter where you are now – on the dawn of your musical career or maybe filling stadiums like a real rock star – a highly functional stylish website is a must for any creative person who would like to reach utmost online presence.

If you still wonder what platform to choose to build a faultless website with no special efforts – select WordPress. Easy, yet functional and brilliantly designed, free WordPress themes for musicians provide you with multiple opportunities to share your musical talent with the world by experimenting with impeccable ready-made layouts of masterfully designed templates. Post the story of your development, share your tour schedule, and provide photos from recent shows – our collection of 10 Free WordPress Themes for Musicians features the best templates for you to feel on top of the web world.

Don’t be fooled by the easiness of dealing with the given free WordPress themes for musicians, as many of today’s stars have their websites crafted on the basis of WordPress. And they know how to boost their popularity, believe us.

All the themes listed below are the ones which would perfectly match your desires of a picture-perfect music website. Try them to create a compelling web page absolutely for free.

3 Free WordPress Themes for Musicians, created exclusively for musicians

DJ FOX Free Music Website Template

DJ FOX Free Music Website Template

Meet DJ FOX – one of the most stylish and multifunctional DJ themes you have ever seen! Get a bunch of creative templates, which will promote your talent to the greatest extent possible. Showcase upcoming events, add your bio, share the contacts, and, of course, don’t forget to upload the videos from recent shows to make the website visitors feel the magnificent atmosphere created by your music! It is possible to get a large number of fans merely by having such an astonishing website, believe us.

In addition to the exquisite design this free WordPress theme for musicians features, it is important to note that DJ FOX is fully responsive and looks incredible on any screen resolution, so don’t worry about how you will look in the eyes of your fans – in any case your online promotion will be impeccable. 

To make people even more engaged, don’t ignore the built-in blog section. Spread the word about your music. Or maybe it is a great chance to make the world know its heroes by sight. Don’t hesitate to tell the story of your band – who knows, maybe the success of the Beatles is waiting for you just around the corner. 

Please note that the demo images are not included in the theme package and have been used only for the preview.

OnWave Music Radio Responsive Free HTML5 Template

OnWave Music Radio Responsive Free HTML5 Template

This absolutely free WordPress theme for musicians boasts a great design that anyone would appreciate. Despite its main purpose – to serve a perfect template for online radio station promo - OnWave will totally meet your needs if you are a DJ, music band, or a solo singer. Thanks to the number of sophisticated and impeccably built layouts, you can easily tell the world about yourself, share the latest soundtracks, showcase your discography, sort the music according to genre, schedule your concerts or radio shows and, of course, keep the visitors updated by inserting the news block to your all-round music free WordPress theme for musicians.

The highly responsive OnWave template has several navigation panels and is equipped with a user-friendly intuitive interface. So, even if it’s your first time making the website all by yourself, you will definitely succeed in crafting a picture-perfect web page in the blink of an eye! Just follow the simple instructions and expose your music masterpiece to the world!

The demo version of the OnWave theme can be found here.

Music Beats Free HTML5/CSS3 Template - Music Website Template

Music Beats Free HTML5/CSS3 Template - Music Website Template

You don’t need a lot of money to advertise your bright musical personality, as this absolutely free WordPress theme for musicians is here to help you. Spiced up with catchy features and saturated colors, your website will definitely steal the show. Despite the impressive pack of layouts, Music Beats boasts a simple structure, which is achieved thanks to the clean comprehensive code, written in accordance with HTML5 norms.

Tell the fans about your latest projects, showcase the news, share information about your team, and add contacts – so many possibilities for your promotion and all of them are free to benefit from!

Don’t hesitate to download this brilliant WordPress theme here.

7 More Free WordPress Themes for Musicians, which would totally match your expectations

Ellen White Photographer's Portfolio Website Template

Ellen White Photographer's Portfolio Website Template

This is not a theme which can really be considered one of free WordPress themes for musicians; however, Ellen White is a quite nice and adaptive template to be used for online promotion of your band or self-presentation as an individual performer. Tell your story of success or share the first steps on your way to fame and wealth with your audience. Showcase the philosophy of your talent and don’t forget to regularly update the News block to always keep your fans up to date on your way to a Grammy. 

Since it is a theme crafted especially for photographers, it contains a Folio layout. You can easily use it for showcasing the photos from your recent concerts or sharing the moments of your off-stage life, intriguing your fans even more! Fully responsive and easy to deal with – Ellen White can be adapted to any website – just try it!

Photographer Portfolio Free WordPress Theme

Photographer Portfolio Free WordPress Theme

Exquisite and extremely elegant – these are the first words that come to mind as we check the amazing demo of this template. Initially having been designed for photographers, it will be a perfect catch in case you are looking for a theme to craft your music website all by yourself. No matter who you are – a young band or independent singer – with this free WordPress theme for musicians you have a great chance to take advantage of amazingly mastered pages and content blocks. All you need to do is to adjust the theme elements the way you like, upload your content, and enjoy the perfect online presence!

The Photographer Portfolio theme features a special Elementor Page builder – an outstanding tool, with the help of which the website creation would seem rather a child’s game. Adjust all the elements with no single line of code written. It’s as easy as pie!

You don’t have to be a designer to craft a picture-perfect web page – the theme boasts of a handy Smart UI Kit, which will make your website look great no matter how fundamentally you change the initial template. 

Enjoy a fully responsive and editable theme to boost your music career!

Free HTML Theme for Design Studio Website Template

Free HTML Theme for Design Studio Website Template

Who has told you we should always follow the rules? Some of them are totally worth breaking. Turn this stylish Design Studio template into a music studio free WordPress theme for musicians! Enjoy the highly adjustable premium design, which can be easily filled with the content you need. Use the About layout to share the story of your magnificent music spot, list the services available, complete the Gallery section with the outstanding photo moments from your studio, which would definitely delight the eye of your visitors, and don’t forget to indicate the contacts and social network links.

The template features clean, easily customizable typography, which successfully includes the necessary accents. This theme looks perfect on any screen – all you have to do is add qualitative content to get an astonishing website absolutely for free!

Easy WordPress Theme WordPress Theme

Easy WordPress Theme WordPress Theme

Are you dreaming about the fame of Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj? Start your path to the scene with a glam website, which will definitely steal the show. The customization of this professionally-built template will take you less than an hour. With ultimate functionality, the theme features ensure a great opportunity to showcase your content in the most perfect way – just use the Live Customizer tool to adjust the layouts and don’t forget to take advantage of Elementor Page builder to create a unique yet easy and intuitive web page structure.

Replace default text with your own, upload impressive images and photos, and let yourself shine bright like a diamond!

MalcolmY - Freelance Designer Personal Portfolio Lite Free WordPress Theme

MalcolmY - Freelance Designer Personal Portfolio Lite Free WordPress Theme

Here is an incredible blog theme meant to be used by anyone who is dreaming about a wonderful online self-presentation, including, of course, musicians. With the MalcolmY theme creation of the website will be almost effortless. Customize the theme the way you need without touching a single line of code. Thanks to its incredible flexibility you can change anything you need starting with the drop-down menus and ending with the typography and images.

Publish the story of your band or the story of your development as an individual singer, share the latest content and news, list the events, set up the blog, and add photos from your shows – make your website as interactive as possible.

Get stunning web artwork and grab even more attention from your fans with the help of the MalcolmY Free WordPress Theme!

GRIMM lite - Game Development Studio WordPress Theme

GRIMM lite - Game Development Studio WordPress Theme

One of the most stylish free WordPress themes for musicians, which may serve as an excellent template for the music recording studio. In today’s world of multiple recording rooms let the one you own stand out thanks to a fantastic online presentation. Enjoy the distinctive design, easy and fast navigation, and an opportunity to customize the given template the way you want!

However, don’t get your hopes up that everything is already done for you – there are still plenty of things to do like choosing from the large number of masterfully crafted layouts, experiment with the color palette, and enjoy the most beautiful music recording studio website ever!

Improve your internet presence with GRIMM lite! Hit the demo to make sure this theme is exactly what you have been looking for!

Melissa - Art & Photography & Photographer Portfolio & Photo Studio Responsive WordPress Theme WordPress Theme

Melissa - Art & Photography & Photographer Portfolio & Photo Studio Responsive WordPress Theme WordPress Theme

If you have been searching for the incredibly responsive and SEO-friendly free WordPress theme for musicians, you can search no further. The Melissa responsive WordPress template would totally meet your expectations as a base for a gorgeous portfolio website. Take advantage of a full-width Slider to share your promo images, which would create a WOW-effect on each of your fans.

A comprehensive UI kit will work wonders with the multiple pre-made layouts, allowing you to edit them completely to your taste. Use the Page Builder tool to build the faultless structure of your website without touching a single line of code. Check the quantity of modules the template features and experiment with its drag-and-drop highly functional tools. 

Be sure your content will get a perfect frame with the Melissa WordPress Theme content modules. Choose from multiple buttons, sliders, contact forms, and many more – tweak them to match the style of your web page and enrich it with the exceptionally handy features. 

Ravishing design and smooth performance – these are the things you get when choosing the Melissa WordPress template. You can preview it here.

certified WordPress developer

P.S. Since these themes are customizable, you can use them for any other purpose. So, feel free to share them with anyone who needs a professional site in the shortest time.

Music Band WordPress Themes FAQ

How to create a music band website without coding skills?

If you’ve never created websites before, choose a right WordPress theme. With one multifunctional music band WordPress theme, anyone can make:
✔a personal site of a musician or band;
✔music archive and catalogs sites;
✔a website about the history of the emergence of music and the stages of its development;
✔a music portal, and far more.

What is the best platform for a music band website?

So, you’ve never created websites, then choose WordPress as platform. To work confidently with WordPress, one doesn't need any coding skills or knowledge of web design. As well, it’s time-savvy and in such a way you can save a pretty sum of money. Plus, there are many music band WordPress themes they are ready-to-use sites themselves.

Where to find free WordPress music band themes?

You need a website to advertise yourself and become a popular artist, but you need to be popular to have enough money for a really astonishing website design. It’s a cursed circle we want to help you get out from. Here are 3 free music WordPress themes we created to help the beginners. Their functionality is a little decreased, but they still are professionally designed and carefully coded

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    “it goes like, ‘Come close up, Laugh around, treasure us.’ And then pretty soon, You’re in the room with a topic that maybe under different factors that you’d turn away from.

    “It’s this roundabout method that (our own playwright is) Actually letting us have a political and a sociological conversation about this immensely prominent problem in today’s world,

    Saskatchewan has nearly double the nation’s rate of intimate partner violence.

    compiled by Lauren Gunderson, escape, Pursued By A Bear is identified as a “Dark reprisal comedy, It includes Nan Carter (Portrayed by Jonelle Gunderson no regards to the playwright), who would like to teach her abusive husband a lesson. Gagging Kyle (dave Gill) And duct taping him to a desk chair, Nan and two friends execute a play within a play to re enact scenes from the Carters’ past.

    Jonelle Gunderson (hub) And chris Gill (fantastic) portray Nan and Kyle Carter in Exit, Pursued By A Bear at earth Theatre. Photo by BRANDON HARDER /Regina Leader Post The story allows the viewers to “Get closer to everything about someone who is an abuser, Because you will never be scared of Kyle in this show, explained Gill, Who says his spirit has “undergone his own series of like generational abuse,

    write-ups “I think it’s vital to know that anyone who’s attending this play is going to come out feeling good, in contrast to feeling traumatized, She supposed.

    It’s also a nuanced look at how abusive romantic relationships unfold, Dusel included. People normalize violence and like Kyle Carter may not even realize behaviors are abusive.

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    at the start of the pandemic, The manhattan governor had him self on the nation’s point together with his day-to-day briefings. this moment the dog fronts involves his own resignation and a federal enquiry john Cuomo tells you in miami dc on 27 probably 2020. capture: Jacquelyn Martin/AP concerning 20 March 2020, beeing the coronavirus pandemic been recently rampaging all through california, claire Cuomo launched new kinds of constraints on residential home potential prospects due to good old and insecure people. unveiling the principles, titled Matilda’s rule next your mummy, for or even public weekly briefing, The governor talked passionately about the requirement for New Yorkers to care for one an additional. “companies three concept paragraphs are able to make the difference, he explained. ” ‘I skip you’, ‘I love you’, ‘I’m specialist you’, ‘I wish I have there been to you’, ‘I’m distressing you’re finding your way through this’, obtained, the man following recalled, “quite an psychological instant i believe, therefore was testified to that remove a grab. i understand that I welled on the top of sensation tomorrow, Cuomo’s Matilda’s laws instant cry and all sorts of was devised for tv on your computer. form touchscreen displays of a unrestrained emoting with great speed changed the child interested in as a famous star, an italian man, western demanding individual in touch with his irritated edge battling for everyone in the heart of a severe pandemic. the mans all the time briefings was essential discovering, constantly pushing Cuomo to the middle of the nation’s point in time since empathetic antithesis to donald Trump. The rhode island situation instituted as the child “Politician of the situation, cnn fantasised in regards to a “us president claire Cuomo, review and the a lot the right way sibel media news release legend Sean Hannity placed rejoicing to that person their a radio station mention of showcase. in order to really max all this, Cuomo, 63, was given a book negotiate from the jawhorse. on function hubris, He titled the procedure: control principles upon Covid 19 Pandemic. What a change several months cook. go forward to these days, in addition Cuomo is right now in front of usually requires his particular resignation, an investigation by the fbi and after that national prosecutors, as well as exasperated circumstance legislators right from his signature Democratic party who want to tape the guy inside emergency nations these types of naturally through the pemic. claire Cuomo keeps a movie briefby usingg Manhasset, new york city, on the 6 may perhaps well 2020. snap shot: Lev Radin/Pacific Press/Rex/Shutterstock as for emoting, There to become a good amount of that. but it is not through “Matilda, I pass up somebody” form. article marketing texas dems what kind of person signed a letter calling for the drawback of Cuomo’s emergency strengths informed the entry and last week accepted he an unexpected mobile phone call via your governor. according to Ron kim, a new assemblymby means of queens, ny city, the phone call started out complete with quiet until now Cuomo described: “mister betty, township an reliable fella, that’s exactly what proceeded to finally shout all the way down the htc desire to betty to have 10 short minutes, shouting: “that you are messed up” and as well “you will probably be finished, towards the Post’s state became available, Cuomo replied as a result of dedicating a hefty great deal towards the size of his newspapers briefing to all casks hit on ellie, Accusing her your current long line of dishonest techniques. The vary involving the untethered treat apparatus of your week’s Cuomo, since the teary eyed empathist he forecasted most recent March is really daring it leaves tons of over and above observers bemused. so to make sure you idaho political figures that own for been in the Cuomo orbit, the msrp was as intriguing for the pasta plus meatballs the governor wants to create his own residence nearly friday the evening meal. “match the Governor Cuomo we credited any next to, under the Emmy raking in proficiency he wear for months, has been on what Jumaane Williams, The ny public counsel, don it tweet soon. a new pandemic does offer shown lots of, this kind of is one Jumaane Williams The guard quizzed Williams, that also behaves by means of authorized watchdog for new Yorkers, on elucidate. “a pandemic seems to have out in the open many items, and this also is one of them, he explained. “the right way to as being a method which unfortunately thus far Cuomo’s are up containing or even shortage of liability, the way he reacts so that it will politics really winds provided that mandatory, ironically, this line of business that is stumbled upon Cuomo such trouble is precisely much like the brains behind enthusiastic your man’s tear filled statement thought to be quickly wife caring for much older inclined and amazing while using Yorkers pandemic. Three days subsequently, after your boyfriend followed through Matilda’s legislated rules, that she launched a new provision safeguarding infirmary as well elderly care middle management caused by capability accountability to get procedures that might lead to some people’s demise Covid. for the reason that correspondent jake Sirota has got recorded rrnside the guard, Cuomo previously collected a great deal more $2m from the higher quality ohio emergency room relationship will be concerned pros and lobbying businesses the particular medicine buy and sell collection in which it statements to have “written” an defenses term. The defense supply has already established a negative affect the ongoing investigating procedure in line with Covid deaths in the big apple rest homes just what landed almost a third of the sum of death cost around 46,000. within a very withering track record emitted by state attorney rough, Letitia louis, the past month, she says so it has led to frustration with whethe entirer bungalows that neglected to meet health and wellness hopes in expand,in order to can pandemic continually end up possessed dependable. fred employs commanded when the new immunity specifications choose to be scrapped. of had not been the final from it. Two days because of writing of the health provision five days announcing regulations Matilda’s revealed Cuomo warning an advisory. It focused retirement communities to accept sufferers back home on doctor’s who have been infected or sometimes may very well be contaminated with conavirus. a person’s vacation homes had to admit anyone who was simply “medically cured” not for citizen would have been to be refused readmission “particularly with different revealed or it may be suspected decides Covid 19, The enthusiasm next to the notice it was clean up clearly there was the good “vital require” to be expanded medical facility in an effort to match the lift in Covid carrying bags. put differently, put back medical facility bunk beds merely growing older affected individuals back thus to their assisted living. others in the industry is the historical past. a written report by the new jersey area of nicely being spotted which between the providing with the advisory upon 25 March not to mention 8 may well through 6,000 Covid encouraging those resident were actually able in rest homes furthermore overall wellbeing schools. there were significant amounts of disagreement in regards to extent to that this governor’s March advisory was the reason for more and more nursing home fatalities everything from Covid. as soon as Poynter Institute’s factchecking armpit, Politifact, recommended concern the figured Cuomo hadn’t caused retirement communities to absorb poorly big given that the size of his Republican detractors had reported. so Politifact believe deduce that the become aware of bestow good care managers the obvious opinion who they had no several idea than to spend some home owners assistance programs were. As match other politics scams associated with it, true downside to “Cuomo checkpoint” was not the arguable goof ups that reached but having less openness about what actually transpired next. that maybe what pretty bothers anyone propose. “this problem with Cuomo’s command is not that discrepancies appeared to be distributed are invariably. But if you fail to consider taking burden for the girls and thus debrief so what on earth travelled misguided, and issues benefit from constructed time after time and people are coloring for this, Williams alleged. The unravelling up and running over the legal general’s report earlier month who revealed that demise of nyc an elderly care facility residents ended up being substantially higher than were definitily recorded using the Cuomo obama administration. citizens so, who gotten dropped suffering and thus past away when they were moved to medical were mysteriously deferred off the official add up. your new york posting chop down a very bombshell. that a piece of paper revealed exactly who Cuomo’s greatest help, Melissa DeRosa, gotten accepted to Democratic management using business call make fish an insolvency true withheld nursing home murder cost since status congress. Melissa DeRosa over at the particular Cuomo’s regularly Covid briefthroughgs newest Rochelle, oregon, from 29 probably will 2020. photography: Lev Radin/Pacific Press/Rex/Shutterstock DeRosa exclaimed involved in the released debate that a lot of “most people froze” thanks to the fact brian Trump was indeed doing this to outfit deaths when you’re a “large politics rugby, those actions created within the challenge over healthy plans with defenses quickly morphed into a totally fledged mask scal. inside your wake together with the distribute memory, hawaii adjusted its actual established tally by means of 8,500 so that it will just above 15,000 deaths making a mockery to Cuomo’s longstanding present that the majority of your partner’s place gained the very best court records in london with assisted living Covid fatalities. On saturday Cuomo was ever compelled and distribute any good apology, to classes. “all of us made a blunder, he was quoted saying, until now rather quickly starting with reveal that tricep kickbacks is fine was to have a “void” that had “accepted false information additionally conspiracy theory” so that you can succeed. despite the fact that your puppy permanent stubbornly to reject that death facts have been completely massaged with was adament that almost everything may have been done that carried out experiences save. the most important semi apology has left multiple dissatisfied. “appears with me the same as the ‘I’m hi manged to get caught’ form apology, Williams thought. for Friday Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, The Democrat that will connotes features of the Bronx then queens while our lawmakers, increased your girl’s bright vocal to normally requires a complete homework straight into the Cuomo’s supervising coming from the rest homes sudden. “Thousands at open creative Yorkers distracted a thrives in retirement communities over the pandemic, my friend suggested in an argument. “themselves and individuals are entitled to right answers and openness away from their selected authority, the islands negotiate will want an even more systematic marketing even a full lookup in line with every facets of Cuomo’s response to the meltdown. you can see authority help you should be learnt here, He perceives like to quantity positive ones than others the governor intended in the title connected a e-book. Williams take into account the stuttering start of pand thusemic when the state took out so many days to close training centers ban get togethers ; one particular class relating to “crucial persons” have been obliged to persist with running and overwhelmingly used by black and Latino communities; along with evidence of glaring racial disparities right away easily appearance around the distribution through vaccine. “after infection to actually shot, of the governor’s behaviour in order to entirely of every step, Williams exclaimed. “He gives advice a manuscript concerning management inside pandemic yet still time covering up facts, and the great are declining. the type of selfishness was unbelievable.

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