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10 Signs your Website Needs a Redesign

Every website has different phases of design development that define how well the audience receives it. Some website owners might get what they are looking for, in the first go itself. But, this is not the case with others. If you are planning to setup a new website, you will gradually make your way up the ladder through some or the other sort of hit and trial method. But, since the year is 2017, we believe it’s time to be sure about the website decisions you make.
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With the amount of competition in the market, it would be largely fair to say that the most robust performer aka the best website has all the qualities of an updated website. There are several detailed designing elements in a site’s structure that determine how attractive and purposeful it will get to be. But like we said, everybody is not capable of having the cake and the icing on the very first attempt. So, if you feel that yours is a similar case, keep reading on.

Here’s a situation: You might have your friends or your audience informing you about the rising number of glitches in your website. Overall, certain factors are working together to drive away the visitors. Your conversions have dipped below the lowest average. If you are facing similar issues, it’s time to grant your website a new look, structure, and content. Here is a list of the signs that you must look for to check and see if your Website needs a redesign.

1. Your website is slow & outdated


If you have started to feel that the current look of your website has been there for quite a time now, trust your instincts and immediately start working on your site’s design and give your site a revamp. An impressive website conveys much more than just content. You can change your website’s theme, improve its speed, use new colors wisely and maybe add new animations. You should also pay attention to getting a decent web hosting service for your website. There are many things that can be done in order to make your site feel lively again.

2. Your industry counterparts are moving ahead


It's 2017 and an average audience determines the success of a business through the appeal of its website. Before a new viewer directly communicates with your company, they will go and have a look at your website. Through search engine results, your competing business websites will be in the audience’s reach as well.

At this instance, if your website has a dull performance or appeal, you will definitely lose business. So, it’s highly recommended that you keep a track of your competing websites’ nerve and see how they are improvising gradually.

3. Related websites are becoming trendier

Related websites

The digital design market these days is quite dependent on trends. New changes keep getting introduced to the market, giving rise to a dynamic nature of digital properties. So, if you find other industry related websites observing some sort of similar design pattern, you must follow the trend. But never forget to innovate because people are still on the lookout for the most stylish, attractive yet a different website for the business brand they are trusting.

WordPress birthday

4. Your website has dead points

dead end

Now, this specific sign is a fire alarm. If you choose to sleep through this phase and not do anything about your site’s redesigning; you better consider your website finished. This is also a point where regular site checks demand attention. Regularly scanning your website for any non-functional segment like dead tabs, buttons, links or pages; is a must.

This will also make sure that you fix it before the audience identifies it and considers you quite too busy to fix your own site issues. Also, if your website has many of these, it’s time to alter the content of your website along with its design because somebody will have to fix the damage that has already been done.

5. Bad SEO


If your website isn’t drawing enough traffic or if your visitors are leaving early, this is a pointer towards a bad SEO strategy. This also means that search engines are having a hard time in finding your website. Since SEO isn’t a single day game and all your content needs optimization, you must definitely give a thought to installing the best SEO tool and eventually redesigning your website.

This will also make sure that you fix it before the audience identifies it and considers you quite too busy to fix your own site issues. Also, if your website has many of these, it’s time to alter the content of your website along with its design because somebody will have to fix the damage that has already been done.

6. Your website isn’t mobile-friendly


We are very sure that you must have read this before, gazillion times. The Internet is now just as basic as food, clothing, and shelter in first world countries. Almost 80% of time spent on social media platforms happens on mobile. So, a mobile friendly website is important because your website will have no business if visitors and users are not able to view it on the devices they would like to.

7. Security is now a concern for you


Websites are mostly prone to brute force attacks from hackers. Several forms of security loopholes keep coming your way through some medium or the other. To fix this issue, it is important that you secure your website in the best manner possible because all your website data is valuable. If securing calls for a redesigning, never give it a second thought.

8. Too much content


Whenever you first designed your website, you might have had a lot of information regarding your business that was meant to be distributed. Since a substantial amount of time has now gone by, you can now trim away the excess content and give your website a fresh design. Many themes are available in the market to streamline the website content in a presentable manner. Hence, you should give a thought to website redesigning.

9. Your website isn’t socially well connected


Talking of the social media elements, Facebook is the most popular one out there. As per a report, 2 million business entities use Facebook for advertising. This is huge. If your business is still not socially visible on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc., you are making a mammoth mistake. Redesign your website so that it allows users to connect with your business seamlessly, share your content online and make way for an online community.

10. Your Business has grown


We kept this one for the last in order to drive your attention. A lot of entrepreneurs and marketing managers feel that if their business has been doing well, they hardly need to attend the needs of digital improvising. You can consider redesigning your website with a simple gesture of celebrating your growth and thanking your audience for all the love and support. Presenting a new design is appreciating their loyalty as your site’s audience.

Also, growth means making way for new plans. And we don’t think that news has to be all boring and stale. You can redesign your website to either announce new tie-ups or ventures.

Wrapping Up

Many situations can lead to the decision of redesigning your website and we have given you 10 such reasons for doing so. We agree that redesigning a website requires thinking from the scratch and is a time taking procedure. But if we consider its fruitful outcome, all the efforts are well justified.

You must always consider a professional to take up the charge of your redesigning pursuit. Always remember, Redesigning is a repetitive route towards achieving a well-performing website. Hence, investing money in the right resources is a major decision to be taken. So, be wise and follow the signs to make your website awesome every single day.
If you have a suggestion or a feedback to share, kindly drop a comment below.


Catherrine Garcia

Catherrine Garcia, a web developer and a talented blogger with passion on writing articles for top web development blogs. Follow her on Twitter.

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