12 Fishing Templates to Get Your Customer Hooked [Make Them Buy from Your Store]

What satisfies your primal hunting urge, relaxes you better than meditation, unites you with those guys over there, whom you saw for the first time (unless they are aiming at your spot)? Fishing! And everything related to fishing, including fishing website design, is almost as relaxing as fishing itself.

fishing meme

If you are a man, you may have faced this:

You: Thanks God, I’m a finally going fishing!

Your woman: I can’t understand why you’re so excited about this. You don’t even DO ANYTHING THERE!!

If only she knew, that for you fishing is:

  1. Meditation
  2. Escaping from a working-day routine.
  3. Maintaining the inner balance.
  4. Finally being on your own.
  5. Staying away from the problems.
  6. Getting a satisfying feeling that you are a hunter.
  7. Enjoying the fact that you’ve caught your dinner yourself and so on…

She wouldn’t say that.

Oh, and, most important, it’s finally reaching your Nothingbox - a box where there is nothing. Haven’t you heard of it? Watch a great standup performance by Mark Gungor. I'm serious.

But make sure there is no one around you who could get scared by your sudden irresistible laugh. Be nice to them.

“Now men, we have a box in our brain that most women are not aware of. This particular box has nothing in it. In fact, we call it the "nothing box." And of all the boxes a man has in his brain, the "nothing box" is our favorite box. If a man has a chance, he'll go to his nothing box every time. That's why a man can do something seemingly completely brain dead for hours on end. You know, like fishing.”

Short Statistics (About How Many Million Customers You Potentially Have)

Even with all the technology development and a crazy rise of other activities, fishing never lost its popularity. Consequently, fishing tackle is in demand and fishing stores have customers. According to the statistics, 48.9 million of people have gone fishing in 2015 in the USA. No data about 2016 yet, but if you are a fishing store owner, you need to know the ins and outs of the recreational fishing industry statistics. Besides, if you are planning on creating an online store with worldwide shipping, your potential audience is even wider. Anyway, if you are going to launch a fishing tackle store from scratch, don’t forget to make a research before starting this business. There’s one precise fact anyway: creating a website would definitely help your fishing tackle business.

Gif fishing

Now, the templates.

All templates are arranged in types: WordPress fishing theme, HTML fishing templates, Joomla fishing templates, WooCommerce fishing templates and so on.

Fiske - Fishing Service & Club Elementor WordPress Theme

Demo Download

Fiske is one of the best fishing WordPress themes. It has multiple advantages, and one of them is Elementor builder. Fiske has a minimalistic layout and great typography. All the necessary blocks and pages for information display are at your disposal too. Therefore, you will be able to keep your readers up to date regarding new projects, sales, and share your news and ideas about fishing. Along with the pros described above, you also get lifetime updates, cross-browser compatibility, and multiple custom page/ post options. Moreover, no coding knowledge is needed to customize Fiske.

Fishing Club WordPress Theme


Demo Download

This fishing WordPress theme will serve perfectly well for anyone who needs to create a fishing club. Gather fishing lovers in one place, unite professional fishing tackles all in one place.

DEEPFish Magento Theme

Deepfish Magento Theme

Demo Download

You may use this fishing Magento template for creating a beautiful fishing store. A professional look of your project is guaranteed.

Fishing Club Joomla

Fishing club Joomla template

Demo Download

This Joomla template may be used not only for fishing projects but for any which are somehow related to hunting and fetching food.

Fishing Online Store

Fishing PrestaShop Theme

Demo Download

If you’d like to spice up your website with some dramatic colors, which would inevitably impact your customers’ perception in a good way, this is a great option. Don’t forget about a Parallax effect which fits the design perfectly.

Fishing Online Store WooCommerce

WooCommerce fishing template

Demo Download

Thinking of promoting your big sales and discounts which could widen your audience? Impress your customers not only with the items you sell, but also with a design of a website where they can fetch these things.

Fishing Store WooCommerce Theme

Fishing Store WooCommerce Theme

Demo Download

Thinking of promoting your big sales and discounts which could widen your audience? Impress your customers not only with the items you sell, but also with a design of a website where they can fetch these things.


S Fishing Website Template

Fishing HTML Template

Demo Download

When you need to be different from your competitors, you may just pick an original design of your website and that would be enough. A fishing website with a design of this website template could fit the purpose well - impress your customers and imprint into their mind. The color combination and the overall layout makes this template a great solution for you.

Aquarius Website Template

HTML fishing template

Demo Download

You don’t always create a recreational fishing website. This design, for instance, could become a great presentation of a project related to aquarium fishery. Its design could do great for a project which needs to have a modern look and a potential power for customers.

Fishingstore MOTO CMS Theme

Fishing Store MotoCMS template

Demo Download

If you are looking for an online store which you could create yourself, without any help of a developer, you may consider this fishing MOTO CMS template. It’s beautiful to look at and easy to set up.

Fishing Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template

Sea Fishing MotoCMS Template

Demo Download

The dramatic look of this template would suit a large-scale project - like a professional fishing agency, for example. One of the most successful color combination of red and black, a modern design, a Parallax effect, a map at the bottom of the template - all these features would make your project outstanding.

Fishing Responsive MotoCMS Ecommerce Template

fishing MotoCMS template

Demo Download

A fishing eCommerce MotoCMS template like this may be a great option for everyone interested in a neat design. Check it out and see if it would fit your project.

Exfish Muse Template

Muse fishing template

Demo Download

If you are interested in Adobe Muse and no coding, this fishing Muse template may come in handy. Use its sliced PSD, crossbrowser compatibility, drag-and-drop content, typekit Webfonts and other features for your project.

By the way, if you already know what your project should look like, but don't know what handy project management tools you could use to run it, here's a quick tip. You can use it some great tools for remote workers.


  • 15 Day free trial
  • Mobile app
  • Calendar based tracking
  • Task dependencies
  • Inline comments

ProProfs Project is a simple online project management tool which allows teams to collaborate and achieve goals in an organized fashion. A project manager can easily create teams and share tasks. The project calendar allows managers to visualize tasks and coordinate with relevant team members which increases the overall productivity of the team. It also consists of traffic lights with which project and tasks can be marked as on hold, active or inactive.

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