13 Must-Have OpenCart Extensions

If you are running an OpenCart store, you already know that it opens up the possibility for installing numerous extensions and modules that help you boost the performance of your web store. This post is meant to help with the frustration of choosing which extension to use.

We have compiled a list of must-have extensions that are fundamental for running a successful eCommerce store with great user experience.


NitroPack is an OpenCart performance optimization framework designed to enhance the page loading speed of your entire eCommerce website. It is an all-in-one extension with multiple features like custom Cache modules, CSS & JavaScript compression, etc. You can view your Google PageSpeed from your dashboard and follow recommended steps to improve low performing areas in your web store.

SEO Pack Pro

The SEO Pack Pro improves your store’s ranking in search engines. Maintaining the SEO-friendly status of your eCommerce website depends on factors such as URL, titles, keywords, descriptions, and many more.

Ajax Quick Checkout

Ajax Quick Checkout makes the checkout process of any OpenCart store as simple and fast as possible. It features an easy to use drag and drop design that allows you to visualize and arrange all of the containers. The extension supports any known payment method and guarantees compatibility with any shipping method. Ajax Quick Checkout features a social login module and is mobile-friendly.


AbandonedCarts is designed to solve the problem of shopping carts that have been left without checking out. This is a handy page checkout module. It sends automatic or manual notification emails with a discount hook to clients.


FacebookLogin gives you a quick and easy login by skipping the standard registration process and the need for remembering another email or password. It offers instant and safe access to all your customers’ information by using Facebook’s API to guarantee a secure connection.


The app doesn't offer OpenCart development. iBlog is a straightforward way to quickly start publishing articles in OpenCart. The extension comes with an array of features including SEO URLs, Categorization, RSS feed, Disqus Comments integration, Customizable blog page name and many more.


EasyNewsletterSubscription is a native one-click email newsletter subscription. You can choose between one or two field information gathering. After subscribing, your customer’s information is fetched to the admin, where you can export it to CSV or Email your customer directly from the admin panel.

OpenCart AJAX Filters

The SimonFilters extension offers store customers multiple criteria for filtering the products they see. It eliminates any frustration for visitors while they are looking for a specific type of product and offers enhanced user experience with customizable methods for page reloading once a filter is selected.

X-Shipping Pro

X-Shipping Pro is a module allowing store owners to create their own shipping method & price. The custom method can have its own name and can be based on a wide range of criteria including category, product, store, Geo Zone based shipping and many more.


The SuperMegaMenu was crafed by the experienced OpenCart developers. It lets you add new categories menu for your web store. The module offers 10 menu types that give more flexibility and customization options.

PriceChange with Option Change

Do you want your OpenCart shop be more customer-friendly? Use this extension that dynamically calculates the price change while editing the products in a shopping cart. It is on-page checkout compatible, which eliminates the need to reload the page for the changes to take effect and makes for a faster checkout process.

Zopim Live Chat

The Zopim is is free OpenCart extension. This is a very simple chat widget that offers an instant, live connection with the visitors of your web store. Save time on the OpenCart plugin development. Instead of communicating via email or phone, you can just have a direct chat with your users.



ErrorLogManager is a flexible extension that helps you have more control over the errors as they come. You will have more details about each error and be able to group them for better tracking.

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