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15 Stylish Joomla Templates for Photography

If you’re looking for an impressive template for your new Joomla photography site, you’re in luck! Our collection of Joomla Photography Templates is well-equipped with wonderful designs that promote elegance and cool style. Your photos will definitely shine and you’ll manage to attract new customers in just a few clicks! Each theme is easy to install and understand, allowing anyone to create a fantastic portfolio. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the best designs we have!

Every professional or amateur photographer must be able to promote his/her work and be recognized by others. Finding the most impressive online theme is the first step to creating a wonderful online portfolio that will definitely work in your advantage!

All our Joomla Templates for Photography are original and unique, allowing you to wow viewers from the very first few seconds they land on your page. Even more, as modern templates, each theme supports 100% scalability and dynamic effects. To help you start in the online world, each layout is SEO ready and allows for complete customization and easy configuration.

We will be by your side with complete documentation and full 24/7 lifetime support to make sure you are completely satisfied with our products.

Don’t hesitate to browse our collection of Art & Culture Joomla Themes to fully understand the usefulness and beauty of dedicated Joomla Artist Templates

Select the best Joomla Templates for Photography to make sure your talent is well-represented in the online world and to attract new, high-quality customers!

Personal Portfolio Joomla Template

With the Personal Portfolio Joomla Template you get the unique chance of creating a fabulous portfolio. The general design is based on elegance and simplicity, highlighting your work and attracting the eye towards the important elements. The dynamic parallax effect is perfectly combined with other modern features like responsive design and ready-to-go SEO.

Maurice I.

I found 'Template Monster' to be an excellent resource for website templates. The variety templates are of exceptional quality. I also contacted customer service help desk with a few queries, and was most impressed with the service. Very Good.


Jacob Joomla Template

An astonishing template that combines the beauty of large, impressive photography and scenic urban images! If you want to impress your viewers and possible clients, this template is just perfect! The design is simple and elegant, promoting your images from the very first moment. The Jacob Joomla Template is dynamic offering a gorgeous online experience!

Yrjö M.

It is responsive, also it is pretty easy to understand the design.


Photo Portfolio Joomla Template

The Photo Portfolio Joomla Template was created for those talented photographers who want to proudly display their work. Even more, this modern and responsive design will definitely attract possible customers, allowing you to develop and grow. The parallax effect and the inner pages that allow filters and animated effects are perfect to impress and convince!

Karim S.

We just let our customers choose from the amazing template monster library..Once they choose a template for their portal ,we base our sites on..This template is really top notch with clean tags and clear instructions..

its responsive design is very well designed..


Professional Photographer Joomla Template

This template is perfect for both beginner and professional photographers. Due to its dynamic layout with parallax effect and background video, the design highlights your work and creates a beautiful, unique experience. The Professional Photographer Joomla Template is versatile and flexible, allowing you to completely personalize your site.

claudi c.


Its easy to buy and you always get super support..


Photography Director Joomla Template

The Photography Director Template is a true work of art! With large sliders to present your best pieces and a simple, impressive design, this theme is the best choice for your portfolio. The layout is completely responsive and uses circles to create a unique style. The back panel is easy to understand and use, allowing you to customize with extreme ease.


Photographer Portfolio Joomla Template

If you love nature and breathtaking landscapes, the Photographer Portfolio Responsive Joomla Template is the best choice to display your work. The design is 100% responsive and implements a series of filters and animation effects that enhance the beauty of your page. People will be impressed by the elegance of your template and the dynamism of your page.

Eranga L.

Great template and excellent service.


Mike Smone Joomla Template

You can impress your possible clients with large, high-quality images on the background which creates a wonderful sensation of depth. People will be impressed by the dynamic parallax effect and the gorgeous overall design. The theme is easy to browse through and allows for great customization.


Photographer Portfolio Responsive Joomla Template

This is a template that will grab your viewer’s attention! With a huge main slider that engages the user’s senses, and a responsive, modern design, this layout will be of great help with your photo portfolio. The theme is extremely easy to use and allows for complete customization.

Patric P.

easy to install

Installed it in a few moments. Documentation helped me a lot.


Freddie Joomla Template

With a fully responsive design, the Freddy Joomla Template uses a large slider to attract your viewers’ attention. The inner pages follow a grid-style layout that puts your work under the spotlight. The blue on the background suggests happiness and optimism uplifting the atmosphere.

emil b.

Always you buy templates, everything is fine...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Online Portfolio Joomla Template

A simple and friendly format designed to help both amateur and professional photographers to display their work. The light theme uses lots of open space and a large slider to create an optimistic browsing atmosphere. The template is SEO ready and allows for 100% scalability and customization.


Personal Profile Joomla Template

This theme uses classy colors to create a professional page. The design promotes a professional contrast of colors that attracts the eye and makes the user curious for more. The modern features, dynamic effects, and stylish design create an attractive layout for professional photographers.


Photographer Portfolio Responsive Joomla Template

Photo Studio Template uses deep, powerful colors to immerse the viewer in an elegant atmosphere. Your pictures will be displayed in style using a grid structure that combines image and text in a unique and engaging way. The template is 100% responsive and supports modern features.


Photography Studio Joomla Template

To enhance the friendly, romantic atmosphere, this Photography Studio Template uses a design that makes you think about Instagram and the pleasure of sharing beautiful moments. The theme is equipped with large sliders that are capable of displaying high-quality images. A fully responsive theme shows you are open to new possibilities.


Photographer Portfolio Joomla Template

This photography Joomla theme worth your attention. Its fully responsive layout allows users browsing the future site on a ny modern gadget of choice. The template is search engines friendly which means that potential clientele will find your project online easily.


Photographer Portfolio Joomla Template

Showcase your photos at best by means of this professionally designed Joomla theme. It is fitted with a testimonials section where you can add positive feedback from thankful clients. The blog page will be helpful for publishing the latest news and interesting articles connected with a design and a photography.

Hans H.

This was the first template I bought in three years. The quality of the template was at least the same as before. I almost fell from my chair when I opened the documentation. It was perfect!

With that kind of documentation the installation was a breeze. Especially the possibility to import all settings using dump.sql saved me hours of work.


Multilanguage Pack

We will install the multilanguage package within your Joomla template with all required languages.
The service includes:
1) Installation of all required language packs.
2) Installation of language switcher on the website.
3) Installation of multilanguage plugin with user-friendly admin-panel for translation (without duplicating articles, menus, categories, settings etc).
Multilanguage will be provided by our Service Center.

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Maria Ziza

Maria is a great copywriter and just a nice person. She likes to write about web design and template solutions. Besides that, she is a cross-fit fan and a passionate artist. LinkedIn

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