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45 Best Blogs to Follow for WordPress Lovers!

WordPress is the CMS platform of choice for small-time bloggers and major corporate websites alike. As such there are tons of high quality and authoritative blogs (like HellBound Bloggers) for every niche imaginable on the WP platform. This is great news for anyone looking for a bit of help, inspiration, or technical advice. Any and everything you could possibly wonder about is already covered in depth by a variety of famous WP bloggers.

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WPShout is one of the top WordPress blogs to read, especially if you're a web developer. It provides articles, free courses, quick guides, the latest news & handy links about WordPress development.



Colorlib ranks high among the best WordPress blogs to read. 

Most of the posts are about the best WordPress themes, step-by-step guides, how-to articles, and much more.

It lets you sort necessary blogs by categories, such as eCommerce, Free Themes, Hosting, Logo Design, Mockups, etc.



SmashingMagazine is one of the top WordPress blogs to follow.

It offers 14 printed books and 67 eBooks, written for web developers, designers, and marketers.

Plus, it provides insightful and useful blog posts about WordPress multisite, migration, content management, maintenance, and much more.


Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is among the top WordPress blogs and it is there for a good reason. The platform offers a vast variety of tutorials, informative articles, and updates presented in a simple and easy to understand way. New posts come out every day, so you’ll surely find something interesting to read every day. Well, stop hesitating and subscribe, it doesn’t hurt and it’s completely free.

Elegant Themes Blog.



WinningWP is the very WordPress blog that will make you a winner. All jokes aside, this very recourse is a perfect place to find out about the latest web design trends, learn some pro tips and tricks, as well as get up-to-date information about your favorite content management system. Managed by a leading expert Brin Wilson, this very blog has a lot to offer, so you surely want to find some time for checking out some of the posts on WinningWP.




Among all the WordPress blogs, we simply cannot omit WPEka. This is a blog that will teach you WordPress from A to Z. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, you will no doubt find something interesting and new for you on this very platform. Well, if you are one of these people who always strive to learn something new and develop their professional skills, WPEka is something you want to follow.




New posts every day, only relevant and up-to-date information, helpful tutorials, dev life hacks, and many more are among the cool stuff that WPMU DEV Blog offers. Besides, WPMU DEV has a friendly community, which is actually extremely important because where else except for the comment section would you find out the best tips and tricks? So without further ado, stop what you are doing now and subscribe to this blog.



ManageWP Blog

ManageWP Blog is the very resource that will teach pretty much everything about WordPress. In fact, ManageWP would be useful not only for web developers but also for marketing and content managers as well as startup founders and entrepreneurs since the blog covers a vast variety of topics. No matter if you are a developer or a startup founder, this very platform will no doubt be extremely useful for you, so go ahead and subscribe.

ManageWP Blog.



Another decent WordPress blog on our list is ThemeShaper. This is the space where you will surely find the answers to all the questions you might ever have. ThemeShaper is a great resource that provides quality content. New posts, tutorials, and reviews come out every day, so you can be sure that ThemeShaper will be the place where you will find out the latest web dev community news and the newest web design trends first. Well, why are you still hesitating? Go ahead and subscribe!



Cats Who Code

Well, this one has perhaps the cutest name ever. Cats Who Code is the very place where you will learn everything you need and even more in a simple and easy to comprehend way. This very WordPress blog will provide you with quality content about the best visual editors, CSS frameworks, drag-and-drop builders, hosting, as well as many more. So if you want to become a WordPress king or queen, Cats Who Code is the way to go for you.

Cats Who Code.



If you use WordPress, then you probably use Elementor Page Builder as well. This is Elementor’s official blog, which will provide you with pro tips and tricks on how to work with this very visual builder as well as unveil some secrets about WordPress. So if you belong to that category of people who would like to learn from true professionals, this blog is surely for you.




Among all the WordPress blogs, 1stWebDesigner is definitely one of the leaders. This very platform contains a huge library of articles on pretty much all the topics connected with web development and web design. Besides, 1stWebDesigner posts new content every day, so you can be sure that you’ll find out about the latest trends and tendencies first. Well, why don’t you see for yourself how great this resource is?




Woorkup is run by a famous CEO expert Brian Jackson, which means that it is a trustworthy resource that provides high-quality content. So if you have any troubles or questions, Woorkup is always ready to back you up in any coding emergency. Well, this WordPress blog is definitely worth following, so go ahead and take a closer look at it.



It’s a bit obvious, but the very first place any WP aficionado should start is with the blog at This blog gives you all the latest news on WordPress releases, developments, code changes, events and overall community news. Anyone who’s at all invested in the open source community built around the world’s most popular CMS is sure to benefit from the information distributed on this blog.



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Chris Lema is a WP blogger extraordinaire and consultant to the industry stars and bigwigs. He’s advised such major companies as WooCommerce, RocketGenius, and WP101. His blog covers a wide variety of topics, all of which are essential subjects for the avid WordPress-er to become familiar with. In his nigh-daily written ponderings he discusses topics like:

  • Freelancing
  • Pricing strategy
  • Ecommerce

And that’s just to begin with. Lema’s blog is definitely worth a look.




Do you want to receive daily inspiration about web design? Don’t go through WebCreate.Me Blog. This Blog consists the variety of showcases and round-ups: PowerPoint templates, WordPress themes, Typography and much more!



WPArena is an ultimate source of WordPress or you can call it WordPress Arena. WPArena was founded by famous WordPress blogger Jazib Zaman in 2006. It's over a decade old blog for WP developers who wants to stand out from their competitors. It's focusing on WordPress tutorials, advice, news, events, review, how-to guides, editorials, and just about any other thing related to WordPress and web development that you can imagine.



Kinsta is a WordPress-specific hosting provider. Much like their services, their blog is superb. Pick any WordPress-related term or issue and you'll find a knowledgeable, up-to-date and user-friendly guide on Kinsta's blog. Whether you need insights on site maintenance, SEO, troubleshooting, useful plugins or tools they'll be there for you. Additionally, thanks to their regular interview series, Kinsta Kingpin, you can hear from the most popular members of the WordPress community.



WPKlik is an amazing resource for everything WordPress related. Written and maintained by a team of WordPress professionals, WPKlik covers a wide variety of topics from beginner’s guides, plugin & theme reviews, and blogging tips, to advanced WordPress tutorials, marketing advice, interviews with industry experts, and loads more. The WPKlik writers are on a mission to share their experience and expertise with the world, and every article in the blog’s comprehensive database revolves around this goal.

WPKlik homepage


Matt Mullenweg

If you’ve never heard the name of the original founder and developer of the WordPress platform then now’s a great time to get familiar. These days he works on the driving force behind, Automattic. Matt collects and curates interested articles and other tidbits from around the web and offers his opinion in concise fashion. Following his blog is an easy way to stay plugged into the world of WordPress.




LearnWoo publishes a wide variety of articles on WordPress which include detailed reviews, tutorials, interviews with WordPress influencers etc. LearnWoo is primarily focused on the WooCommerce and other WordPress tools associated with eCommerce. It's a good place for beginners or site owners who are looking for some practical suggestions or advice while building a website. LearnWoo has a series of ebooks covering in-depth knowledge of everything you need to know about WordPress and WooCommerce before starting your first site. Their articles on WooCommerce core and its extensions are worth checking out.



The blogs name pretty much says it all. WPBeginner is the ultimate blog for WP developers who are just starting out. It is chalk full of advice, tutorials, news, events, guides, editorials, and just about any other thing related to WordPress that you can imagine. This site is filled with videos, free plugins, and an easy to navigate glossary that can help you find whatever it is you’re looking for.



Smart Slider 3 has awesome informational Blog for all Joomla & WordPress Lovers.There you could find: tutorials, design news, theme & plugins collections



MH Themes

MH Themes is one of those blogs that you definitely need to include into your feed. Even though these guys publish blog posts couple times a month, each and every is definitely worth of your attention.


Yoast WordPress

Yoast is a WordPress plugin builder as well as an overall web optimizer. Built by prolific developer and writer, Joost de Valk, the Yoast WP blog covers a variety of compelling topics for both bloggers and webmasters. This particular subpage of the Yoast site focuses on WordPress specifically, and even more specifically, how to customize and optimize WP for search rankings. It’s a great place to learn about the details of WP site maintenance.



Ryan Robinson

Ryan Robinson teaches how to start blog and set up profitable business. He also hosts The Side Hustle Project (Podcast) with interviews, business challenges and proven strategies.
Starting a blog to share your work will be an excellent business card for your potential customers.

Ryan Robison


Matt Report

Matt Medeiros hosts a podcast and maintains a website with the blog in question, named Matt Report. The blog caters to WP agencies and digital business owners specifically and it’s an overall wealth of info for anyone who spends time trying to make money online. It’s a turnkey content source that provides information on building, starting, and marketing a successful WordPress business.




ELEXtensions develops and sells a range of popular WordPress & WooCommerce Extensions. You will find plugins with varied functionalities dealing with diverse domains such as marketing, pricing, shipping, customer service, etc., on their extensions store. ELEXtensions also features an informative WordPress Blog, which discusses several common and unique eCommerce problems and their solutions. With customers all around the globe, ELEXtensions blog can give you deep insights on a lot of issues you may encounter as a WooCommerce store owner. The blog is regularly updated and is growing into a valuable resource for WooCommerce store owners across the world.




WPblog isn’t just another WordPress blog because right off the bat it promises to turn you into a WordPress wizard. Mohammed Moeez, the man behind the curtain churns out some amazing content throughout the week and helps readers get the best plugins, themes, and hosting reviews to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest in the WordPress kingdom!

WPblog is an ideal space for beginners looking to burn the midnight oil on WordPress. However, if you're looking for something more advanced, WPblog's got your back with its technical content that involves coding and implementation. It's definitely the WP pitstop that you'd want to bookmark!




PunchSalad, a place where small business website owners & webmasters like you, can find straightforward & entertaining tutorials, insights and inspiration about running and growing your online business and online presence.



Began in 2010, the WPMayor blog is a labor of love of one Jean Galea, along with his wife, Alonya, and cousin, Mark Zahra. Together with a few treasured guest contributors, they put out content revolving around plugin, theme, and service reviews, along with the occasional news, opinion, or tutorial piece. Frequently updated and always informative, this is a great place to learn about different WP tools you’re thinking about using for your site.



Covering any project that “falls under the Automattic umbrella,” WP Tavern has built a friendly community on the foundation of understanding and discussing the many facets of the WordPress platform. Since its inception in 2009, the Tavern has been procured by the aforementioned Matt Mullenweg, and now produces a plethora of weekly content surrounding WordPress, BuddyPress, and a variety of other Automattic projects.



Andrew Norcross is the founder and development lead for Reaktiv Studios, a development firm dedicated to simplifying and solving difficult dilemmas using WP. His blog covers everything from his preferred method of making sleeveless shirts to technical advice on how to code. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, and not often updated (development leads of major agencies apparently lead busy lives), but it’s always a joy to read.


wordpress themes

Lorelle on WordPress

LorelleVanFossen is an expert blogger and a prolific author. Reportedly pumping out 1,975 articles on WP every year, her blog is an invaluable resource for anyone considering web publishing as a full time gig. Everything you need from code to editorial calendars is included in incisive detail on her highly proactive blog. Don’t miss out on the veritable motherlode of wisdom provided herein.



85Ideas is a website which provides plenty of free WordPress themes and plugins, but also produces tutorials and tool recommendations to keep you abreast of the latest trends, techniques, and developments in the WOW (World of WordPress, that is. Not the MMORPG, bearing the same moniker. Yes, I made this up, what's it to ya?). With metric tonnes of free content and useful templates to boot, 85Ideas is a fantastic WP resource.



Peter Nilsson is a WordPress developer, enthusiast, and frequent blogger. His site, WPDailythemes is great destination for news, updates, and reviews on WordPress themes and templates. Though the focus is on themes, there’s also a healthy amount of general how-to and other actionable content as well. Peter’s unique blend of lightheartedness, enthusiasm, and technical knowhow is a welcome addition to a crowded field of (mostly) dry WP bloggers.



A self-described “essential WordPress resource,” WPSuperstars is a blog for anyone interested in WP templates, plugins, tutorials, tips, tricks, hosting services, and anything else related to your favorite CMS. This professional review site aims to fill in the blanks left by the .org and .com WP domains. By focusing on the overlooked aspects of the fast moving industry, they’ve carved out a compelling niche, and are well worth your time to read.



Pippin’s Plugins

Noted WordCamp speaker, Pippin Williamson needed a central location to collate all of his WP plugin development documentation. The result? Pippin’s Plugins. The site is a subscription based service that allows serious coders exclusive access to some very high quality plugins. Beyond that, it also serves as a platform for Pippin to sound off on the various thoughts on the digital business.



Moving away from the one man operations, WPKube is a collection of curated content from WP addicts all over. Keeping the focus on helpful and actionable info, the Kube is great for reading up on how-to info, new plugins, major WP news, in-depth tutorials and all the other tasty tidbits you’re dying to consume.



Mario Peshev on WP Development

Mario Peshev is a WP developer and growth strategist. He consults with companies about their technical deficiencies, scalability, and infrastructure. But more importantly, he blogs about his business adventures and technical expertise. His blog is a treasure trove for the growth minded entrepreneur, look and learn about everything from PHP scripts to his personal routine for brain training.



Teacher, speaker, and marketing wiz, Bob Dunn is equally passionate about creating high quality content and working with WordPress. In his blog, Bob digs into the personal side of a blogging business. Client relations, managing and working with WP, as well as tricks of the authorial trade are all standard reading material on Bob’s one of a kind blog. Insightful and to the point, Bob is an industry influencer that anyone can learn from.



A remote development team that dependably pumps out great blog content, CodeinWP is a digital agency exclusively dedicated to the WordPress platform. Their blog is big on lists, reviews, and helpful info about developments in the WordPress world. They have a ton of content on the process behind putting out content, how to make your blog a success and so on. Overall, it’s a very worthwhile destination for quality blog posts.



Blogger, internet marketing expert, and a WP extraordinaire, Kevin Muldoon has a personal blog that’s filled with helpful hints and personalized experiences in the realms of SMM, WP news, and a plethora of other blogging/marketing topics that are guaranteed to pique your interest. With 15+ years of experience making money online, Muldoon is one of those gurus that’s managed the rare combination of longevity and freshness.



Maintained by Andrew Nacin, a lead developer of WordPress and verifiable White House employee, is a compelling blog that covers a variety of important topics. Nacin writes about security, open source, net neutrality, the evils of internet throttling, and also gives the occasional personal update. His blog is filled with interesting and engaging tidbits for anyone interested in the important issues surrounding both WP and the web at large.



Sitepoint WordPress

Sitepoint is a world leader in content for web professionals, it stands to reason that they’d have a blog dedicated exclusively to WordPress. The WP archives are ripe with highly technical, imminently readable, and completely satisfying articles on every manner of WordPress related subjects. This blog mostly caters to seasoned pros, but occasionally produces content that’s accessible to everyone. Follow Sitepoint to really improve your technical knowledge.



Tom McFarlin is a WordPress developer, blogger, and social media butterfly. His personal blog is filled with fun, quirky, and entertaining posts on a number of intriguing internet issues. While he mainly focuses on the many ins and outs of running, maintaining, improving, and customizing a WordPress website, he also pumps out informative editorial focusing on his observations of web culture.



WordImpress is indeed an impressive producer of themes and plugins for the world’s most popular CMS. Common write-ups on their extensive blog include all of the following:

  • Advertising
  • CSS
  • Coding
  • Hosting
  • Multisite management
  • Plugin development
  • SEO
  • Social networking
  • WooCommerce
  • WP News
  • And much much more.

Perhaps their most interesting featurettes come in a series called Normal People, Great Plugins which focuses on reviewing useful plugins and other resources.



Torque is a news site for all things WordPress. They’ve been producing content since the summer of 2013 and are affiliated with the aforementioned WPEngine, however, they’re completely independent in regards to the content they produce. Said content features marketing advice, expert interviews, and a number of other intriguing WP related information.



Another website dedicated to providing the very best in WordPress education, insights, and resources, WPLift serves hundreds of thousands of readers every month. With more than 30,000 subscribers, WPLift provides a massive audience an exclusive look at the hottest themes, trends, and news around the WP community.



The WPExplorer website is a hub for premium WordPress themes, plugins, and hosting services. There are a ton of free custom templates and coupons for premiums contained thereupon as well. The blog is big on lists and unashamedly so. It also features a number of easily digestible how-to posts and a few reviews of new WP features to top it all off. The blog is extremely readable and fun to peruse.


That about wraps up the 45 essential WordPress blogs. Did we miss any of your faves? What’s on your bookmarks bar? Let us know in the comments!

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Zack Rutherford

A real WordPress fan and proud of it. I would be glad to share my vision and ideas with you! Come read me on Quora too.

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