30 Talented Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

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With over 400 million active monthly users, Instagram has gone far beyond a fun option to show the world your daily lifestyle. More and more well-established companies, startups and sole entrepreneurs are using the power of Instagram for growing people's awareness about the products or services they produce. Graphic designers are no exception. So, if you have an Instagram account (I bet you do!) and you are interested in web design, then get ready to follow 30 impressive Instagram profiles that will bring you a gulp of inspiration. By the way, do not hesitate to check our Free eBook How to Amplify Your Brand on Instagram.

How many times do the local cafes and restaurants, clothes shops, make-up artists, travelers or just ordinary people request to follow your updates on Instagram each day? I receive dozens of such requests each day. I follow the pages that are of interest to me and recommend the most inspiring ones to my friends. That's how the word of mouth works. Due to its photo and video-based specification, Instagram provides a plethora of opportunities for graphic and web designers who want to grow their recognition.

Some graphic designers have turned their accounts on Instagram into the web catalogs of their most impressive works and establish connections with dozens of new fans and potential clients with every new post. For this compilation, I have handpicked 30 amazing Instagram profiles of graphic designers that amaze with their creativity and abundance of works to learn from. Let's get started.

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30 Talented Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

Andreas M Hansen @andreasmhansen is a self-taught calligraphist from Copenhagen, Denmark. Also specializing in web design, art direction and crafting brand identity, he has amassed a large following base on Instagram. His works captivate with their minimalist approach to doing art.


Gabriela Alemparte @gaap.dg is a freelance graphic designer from Caracas, Venezuela. Her Instagram account features various examples of her graphic illustrations, videos of the process of creation of her works, etc. Her works are not only based on imagination. Some designs are based on the real-live objects, drawn from photos of personas or animals.


RYLSEE @rylsee is a Swiss artist who is a member of the MakeYourOwnSign workshop that teaches people the art and techniques of sign-making. The Instagram page includes hundreds of posts showing the process of creating signs, tricks, and techniques, as well as how those signs look in the environment.


Graphic Design Central @graphicdesigncentral perfectly illustrates how to take the best out of flat style in web design. When looking at their Instagram page, one will hardly be able to pick one major topic that dominates all of their works. What they do is highlighting the works of other graphic designers on their own page.


Graphic Designers Group @graphicdesignersgroup is a group of potential and most talented graphic artists that inspire and motivate other designers too with their creative work. This group constantly growing as well as working with many clients around the world in the fields of a logo, business card, branding, and visual identity, magazines, t-shirt, letterhead, packaging, and label design.

Graphic Designers Group

Tom Studer @tomstuder Instagram page is a mix of his graphic design works and cool photoshoots. What he does is creating 8bit illustrations, 3D art, cool fonts, Illustrator works, and so much more.


Maria Lyng @ marialyngdk is a Danish graphic designer and illustrator focusing on the creation of pointillism illustrations (i.e. images created with dots). On her Instagram account, she not only shares the final results of her works but also the process of creating images with dots.


Ellis Marie Bury @emb_fine_art is a graphic and fine art designer from Duisburg, Germany. Her Instagram page is rich in her minimalist yet no less appealing "fanarts" for her favorite actresses, fashion designers, shoes and outwears, etc.


OnMyPalette_TrishagniNaik @onmypalette_trishagninaik is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and fine artist from Mumbai, India. Logos, brochures, books illustrations, digital painting, canvas paintings, ink arts, and sketching are all on the list of works that she creates.


Suzanne Nieuman @phanatique_nl from Groningen, Netherlands creates flat-style inspired graphic designs, illustrations, neat logo and typography, and shares it all on her Instagram page.


Designer Jack @designer_jack is a graphic designer and artist specializing in cover and poster artworks, tee designs, and illustration. His works look rather masculine and concise, with most of the designs created in black-and-white.


Miss Ponch @ms.ponch is focused on the creation of logos of various styles and for multiple purposes. Each artwork that she creates looks absolutely different from the rest of the design from her gallery. When navigating her designs you can literally feel the of spring blossoms in the air.


IdeaStorm Studios @alex247 is a freelance studio of designers and illustrators focusing on art, travel, and design. Calendars, postcards, pins, and patches are also on the list of services that they provide. As per the most successful project that they've ever launched - that was a series of vintage travel posters inspired by illustrations popular in travel ads back in the early twentieth century.


Behrang Namdari @behrangnamdari is an Iranian graphic designer developing creative posters, logos, typography and other artworks for various industries, like sport, music, fashion, art, etc.


Not Kenze Wee @emperor_wee is a young Singaporean graphic designer, who is taking his first steps in the industry, and those are worthy to look at. Fond of Photoshop manipulation projects, isometric illustrations, and pixel art, he shares his most successful works on his Instagram page.


Neil Secretario @neilsecretario is a creative typography designer from California. On his Instagram page, you can find loads of cool and inspiring fonts, right from the initial sketch stage.


Steven Harrington @s_harrington from LA used bold, sharp lines in his designs. Having partnered with Nike for a Summer footwear collection, he has worked out cool custom art patterns with psychedelic visuals, cartoon characters, and Steven’s iconic Palm Trees for the uppers.


Pastelbooty @pastelbooty creates hand-drawn designs for stores exclusively. All works are of bold, eye-catching colors. Here you can find both cool custom typography as well as cartoonish images of the real-life objects.


Yas Red @yasredart is a freelance editorial illustrator and graphic designer from Rome, Italy. His works are mainly inspired by real-life objects, which are presented in a creative, non-standard way.


Rob Draper @robdraper1 is an artist and designer based in the UK. He specializes in lettering for branding. Having worked for a number of well-known names like Nike, Penguin, Harper & Collins, etc. His Instagram account features plenty of examples of his works implemented into real-life objects as well as videos showing the process of artwork creation.


Laura Balestrini @laurabalestrini from Caracas, Venezuela is passionate about typography. Each letter and number that she designs become an impressive artwork, which she showcases in her profile.


@ayoubtnt021 is an Iranian graphic designer creating partly realistic, partly futuristic artworks inspired by the real-life creatures, objects and people around him.


Suman Shantanu @sumanshantanu is a typography enthusiast and director of an award-winning Asheville Open Door Design Studio. His Instagram profile is abundant in stunning bold images and videos showcasing his creative interpretation of how numbers and letters can be presented with an elegant style.


The works of Vinay Gaykar @v1n4y_g are very diverse. His designs are inspired by nature, people, animals and simple objects that he sees in everyday life. Most of his works are created in a flat style. Some feature cool polygons, others are more realistic.


Studio Thirty7 @studio_thirty7 is a design agency from Glasgow specializing in custom logo designs. they are also branding new and established businesses, and showcase their projects' highlights on Instagram.


Shaivalini Kumar @shaivalini is an artist and graphic designer from LA, who is part of a Super Nova Design creative team. Making both 3D and flat artworks, her Instagram profile captivates with its bold colors and diversity of the topics that are covered. Here you will find everything starting from non-standard typography to some cool branding stuff and even examples of her works applied in real life.


Aditi Dash @aditidash is a visual artist from India. Like many other creative minds from this compilation, she is also passionate about creating stunning typography designs. Icons and logos development, as well as branding, are part of her artworks.


Elia Colombo @gebelia is a freelance graphic designer from Italy who is focused on conceptual illustrations. All of his works are created in vector. Always made sleek and sharp, those prove that even the simplest design can be perfect in detail.


Jon Contino @joncontino from NY runs his own design studio, which produces award-winning works for boutique clothing brands, ads for TV and other media, cover art for magazines, etc.



Mike Perry @mikeperrystudio is an art entrepreneur who makes paintings, animation, public art installation, writes books and seeks another creative way of self-expression. His designs captivate with the unique use of patterns, colors, and forms. At times child-like, they express a joyful spirit and a positive attitude to life.


Alex Mankuta @alex_mankuta is an artist and graphic designer from Ukraine. Creative lettering, swirls and curls, artworks with unique shapes, drawings in ink and water-color, and more stunning projects can be found in her profile.


Well, this was my handpicked selection of the 30 talented web designers to follow on Instagram. All of them have their own unique style, which you can learn by looking through their profiles. Get inspired and enjoy the view!

P.S. Did I miss a creative soul that is worthy of being mentioned above? Speak up in comments! 😉

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