70 Spectacular HTML5 Websites

Currently, the HTML5 technology has come into the extensive spotlight. Being the most discussed web trend these days, this major revision of HTML is aimed at revolutionizing and streamlining the way web developers create websites. Though there are some ongoing specifications of HTML5, this markup language currently offers diverse great features and benefits to develop brilliant forms, new canvas elements, readable codes, and semantically meaningful layouts. Plus, it is now fully possible to get moving with a video which is an absolutely significant option.

In fact, there’s already a widespread use of the ultramodern HTML5. Upon our exploration, we’ve found the awesome variety of working sites using HTML5 markup language and so we’re going to list 70 best ones down in this blog entry to provide the examples of how it is possible to use HTML5 today. Make sure, these websites render correctly all the beneficial properties HTML5 embraces. If you wish to join the ranks of the fortunate HTML5 websites owners, TemplateMonster could substantially help you – just browse the wonderful assortment of our HTML5 Templates and find your very own HTML5 design to develop the clean and elegant website.

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Star Wars


League of Legends


Katy Perry


Manchester United


DC Comics




30 seconds to Mars

The Office of Barack and Michelle Obama

Empire Beauty School

Disney Park


Blizzard Entertainment

AR Hair Salon


Mars One

The Book Seller


The Boring Company


Eye Styles

shu uemura

Ousmane Ndiaye

Lindsey Baker

The Goteborg Opera






Annie Scotland

Piotr Adam Kwiatkowski

50 Aspen Grove

Go On Web


the energy cell


Raphael Goetter

Nic Bell


Soh Tanaka

Talita Pagani

Geng Gao




The West Haven

Cherry Blossom



Nick Cates

An Event Apart

UX London

Web Sache


Sheep In Disguise

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HTML is the base on which the whole web world is built. All the other tools are just add-ons, allowing you to add more complex functionality to your web resource. Web experts believe that HTML5 is a new open software platform that is used to create interactive web interfaces using text and multimedia tools (videos, graphics, audio recordings and other elements). By using HTML5 and CSS3, web developers are able to create comfortable, stylish, modern and functional web resources.

HTML5 and CSS3 speed up the time it takes to load web pages and bring a number of attractive innovations. CSS3 can create a unique website design through the use of a large number of visual effects. And the most important is, there is no need for JavaScript anymore.

HTML5 and CSS3 web building technologies, along with an adaptive design that allows you to create a site that is adaptive to all modern devices (desktops, tablets, and mobile phones), take web design to a new level. At the same time, there is no need to rebuild the existing code or delete the content. Nowadays, many professional corporate websites and portfolio web resources have a modern design, created in accordance with the standards of these technologies.

HTML5 and CSS3 are becoming popular tools, which are widely used by web designers and developers because their functionality is well supported by modern browsers. Those websites, which are built on the basis of HTML5 are more interesting, dynamic, fast, interactive and modern.

Meet our collection of most inspiring and interacting websites. Perhaps you will catch some fresh ideas for your future designs.

html templates

Review of Creative HTML5 Sites for Web Design Inspiration

Roger Dubuis

sites for web designers

This is Swiss watchmaker Roger Dubuis’s website, which uses HTML5’s video and audio features. Thanks to the interactive interface, any user will get an unforgettable experience. The History and Geolocation API is used to direct a user to the nearest shop.

Metropol Band

sites for web designers

Metropol Band is one of the most inspiring HTML5 web designs, which is not only good looking but also utilizes technologies like Drag-and-Drop API, canvas and video. This combination turns this website into an interactive platform for its users.

James Anderson

sites for web designers

Meet James Anderson’s site, which uses SVG to visualize his stats graphically. This web resource is an interactive infographic platform with numbers and animation.

Lois Jeans

sites for web designers

This is the website of the popular European jeans brand which conquered the world. HTML5 video is used here. Three alternative options of the tag .ogv, .webm and .mp4 are implemented in the website to achieve a good playback in most modern browsers.


sites for web designers

Check out this website to try yourself as a musician and learn to play a piano. The canvas element, which is used while building the website, makes it possible to interact with the keys of the mouse and listen to the sounds.

Webcam Toy

sites for web designers

This website offers numerous fun effects and filters to use with your camera. You can take your photos online, download, play with them, and share. Originally built in Flash, the website got switched to HTML5 and allowed browsers to access a camera without using a plugin.

Arcade Fire: The Wilderness Downtown

sites for web designers

Would you like to see a great example of the versatility of HTML5? Here you go! This Google Chrome experiment was built and directed by Chris Milk. Users are welcome to enter their addresses and enjoy beautiful music.

Three Dreams of Black

sites for web designers

Look at this interactive film by Chris Milk. This is a Chrome Experiment to promote the album “Rome”. The website is interesting and interactive. Objects react to the music and user’s actions.

This Shell

sites for web designers

This is another example of a HTML5 website which promotes an album. It is built on a game base, and you just need to drag and drop the pieces of the video to the proper location before time runs out. If you manage to complete the puzzle, you will win a free download of the song.

Google’s Arms Globe

sites for web designers

This is an awesome Mapping Arms Data (MAD) visualization project, produced by PRIO and the Igarapé Institute. It is the visualization of the original global small arms, light weapons, and ammunition from more than 262 states and territories between 1992 and 2011.

Wrangler Europe

sites for web designers

Wrangler is a heritage brand that has delivered authentic denim since 1947. They are using the latest web tools and technologies to show their product lines in the most interactive way. Animated video sequences, music, and sound effects are not the full list of those features you will enjoy on the website.

Frequency 2156

sites for web designers

Visit this website to access a community-based internet radio station with a post-apocalyptic story from the year 2156. This is a great example of the interactive HTML5 website which is built using canvas, video & audio, WebGL, and CSS3 animations and transitions.


sites for web designers

Explore a digital space with the help of this interactive design agency. It is all about technologies, art and ideas. HTML5 and CSS3 based technologies make all the website elements look real and exciting.


sites for web designers

Check out this cool and innovative HTML-based website introducing a team of designers, animators and developers. They build the products, platforms and things that move and effect.


sites for web designers

It is a perfect example of a HTML5 rotating site that helps you choose your favorite video from a great YouTube collection.


sites for web designers

It is a beautiful JavaScript/ HTML5 experiment to choose famous celebrities’ faces, turn them into strange creatures and then save or share them with others.


sites for web designers

Phive website is a great example of a beautiful and powerful interactive website, which was built for a health and fitness club. Eye-catching graphics and dynamic elements make this HTML5 web resource one of the most inspiring and creative.


sites for web designers

Mino is a creative one-page design which represents freelance designers’ online portfolio. Visit this website to enjoy an interactive experience while moving through the page.


sites for web designers

Dropr is an easy online portfolio and creative platform offering you to share and search for any kind of content. Today, it is easy and free to be connected with the best talents.

Sennheiser Reshaping Excellence

sites for web designers

This is a great interactive website, designed in a theme-based style, and telling a little story, which began in September 2015.

Make Me Pulse

sites for web designers

This is perhaps one of the most interesting and unusual sites that we were able to find. You can spend a lot of time on the website. It is important to read the instructions because if you do not follow them, nothing will happen on the site.

Do you still want to believe?

sites for web designers

Visit this interactive website to join a dialogue. It’s a well-designed and functional web resource.


sites for web designers

The beautiful website of the conference "JSConf", which includes an interactive game, animation and speakers' schedule.

Five minutes

sites for web designers

In "Five Minutes", you will become a member of an interactive HTML5-game. This will probably be the best five minutes you will spend online today.

I Remember

sites for web designers

The site "I Remember" is dedicated to people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. It consists of people's memories. The site gradually disappears, and it depends on users to add new memories to keep it alive.

Degordian Academy

sites for web designers

This is a minimalistic website of a lecture program on digital marketing.

World Food Clock

sites for web designers

"World Food Clock" is an amazing interactive page that involves the problems of global food production and waste.


sites for web designers

The web page of the Visage application helps you create reports, and it is characterized by a well-chosen color scheme and fonts.

Bright Media

sites for web designers

The impressive portfolio of BrightMedia design Studio features background music perfectly combined with a beautiful design. Enjoy!

ARK Star Citizen Map

sites for web designers

The portal was created to support a video game featuring a fantasy world created by Chris Roberts. The site is amazing. The user interface resembles the control center of a futuristic spaceship to move around the Universe.


Any company, business, and project need a decent digital outlet to attract new clients and deliver a great business experience. Templatemonster.com offers a great number of premium HTML5 website templates. Look at some of the examples below to create a functional and light-weight website.

sites for web designers
sites for web designers
sites for web designers


We get inspiration from the world around us. The smallest details are able to impress and encourage the creation of masterpieces. Despite the tendency to create websites in the material and flat styles, the number of interactive projects in the web environment is growing rapidly. Every day HTML5 becomes more popular, and this is not surprising at all as you can significantly improve the interactivity of the site. Such resources create a truly immersive experience, allowing users to "control" interface elements. Inspire, create, and impress your visitors!

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