Adobe Edge Templates for Your Creative Animation Projects

Adobe Animate replaced these two products after Adobe Edge’s discontinuation in 2016 and Adobe Flash in 2020. It is now Adobe’s leading software to animate web page content using HTML5 features. It’s now a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud package. It will help you deliver high performance and provide all the tools you need to express your creative ideas. Still you may need some Adobe Edge templates for your creative projects.

New features, such as motion trajectories, templates, and the ability to connect files from Adobe CDN, make Adobe Animate CC easier to use than previous products. With this software, you’ll get:

1. HTML5 animation. You’ll be able to create expressive and legible HTML5 content easily. You can start from scratch and animate web graphics you’ve made in Photoshop or Illustrator and use various fonts and a wide range of drawing and styling tools. Or you can add motion and interactivity to existing HTML5 templates and page layouts.

2. Full control of your content. You will carry out work on your project through an intuitive interface. Animate’s WebKit-based surface design provides modern browser support. The design is done through a timeline for precise control. Property-based keyframes and the revolutionary Pin tool will speed up the animation workflow. The use of symbols will allow you to create nested animations with independent timelines.

3. Wide audience coverage. You will be able to provide access to users from smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android and from all modern browsers, including the latest versions of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Adobe Animate runs purely on HTML5 code, and its content doesn’t require any plugins.

Features of Adobe Animate Creative Cloud when working with Adobe Edge templates

  • Trajectories of movement. You will be able to animate elements with fully customizable and precise motion trajectories for the key moments’ expressive transmission.
  • The ability to save templates. The ability to save custom templates for quick access to your resources will repeatedly save your time working on a project.
  • Faster content. You can take advantage of hosting Animate files on the Adobe CDN for free.
  • Support for touch gestures. You can also add support for touch gestures to your mobile apps.
  • Clear animation. You can add movement to graphics and HTML5 elements thanks to the innovative timeline editor, edit property-based keyframes, or use the Pin tool to speed up the animation process.
  • Reusable symbols. Use them to create nested animations with independent timelines and interactivity support. You can manipulate symbols through application programming interfaces and embedded code snippets. They can be reused.
  • You’ll get the ability to use fast, responsive layouts. You will use percentage-based forms in your compositions to create designs for screens of different sizes like tablets and smartphones.
  • Rich interactivity. It will enhance the quality of your work by integrating user interaction and playback control. You can use the built-in snippet library or add your JavaScript code using the code editor.
  • Mobile app readiness. Adobe Edge content is designed to work reliably on iOS and Android devices and modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari.
  • Digital publishing support. You can import Adobe Animate compositions into the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite using Adobe InDesign CC or Apple iBooks Author.
  • Native HTML5 support. Animate works with HTML5 code and is great for designers and developers. You can also publish your projects using an HTML5 tool similar to Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • Intuitive and well-organized interface. Design development occurs on a WebKit-based platform, so your work will be supported in all modern browsers. The design is done by selecting familiar styling options and effects that serve to create rich HTML5 content.
  • Drawing and working with text. You can compose a sketch using the drawing and text tools and manipulate objects with a set of transformation and styling options. You can also import various web graphics such as SVG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF.
  • Gradient support. The program provides the ability to make your content richer by supporting radial and linear gradients.
  • Support for CSS3 filters. You can easily add stunning effects like CSS3 filters.
  • Support for web fonts. You can add rich typography with Typekit through an interface for working with web fonts.
  • Down-level browser support. You will be able to generate content for older versions of browsers. Animate also supports Google Chrome Frame for better compatibility.
  • Numerous printing functions. Printing options such as HTML5 markup for SEO optimization and whether jQuery should be packaged with the project. Or if a preloader will be added to let users know what content is currently loading.

Adoge Edge Templates Suitable For Adobe Edge & Animate

As Adobe Edge software is still in use in some areas, we have gathered graphic templates that can be edited in both programs. The following collection of graphic templates will help you to create the visual style for your web projects. All of them are suitable for editing in both Adobe Edge and Adobe animate.

Gariel Masarena Resume Template

This template will serve as a useful tool for the creation of any resumes. There’s a variety of layouts presented alongside high-quality graphics and images. All pages are minimalistic and stylish. Armed with this set, you can easily create a professional resume if time is short.


Amity Peter – CV Resume Template

It is an attractive and stylish CV template made in strict green and white colors. And the presence of elegant typography on each page will add a needed confidence mood. These page layouts are specially designed to showcase your achievements to the employer. With their help, your information will be noticed and presented in the best possible light.


Rabix App Template

It is a responsive HTML5 e-commerce template with a flexible design for mobile phones. It contains an abundance of useful tools for presenting your goods. It also provides the ability to import information from desktop-oriented websites. The set offers a presentation of goods, cart, product preview, wishlist, Google maps, and account creation. It is a convenient business solution.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Robert Anthoni Clean Resume Template

You have a job interview but don’t know how to make a stylish resume? Then this set will be a great solution. It’s made in a minimalist style, emphasizing the pages’ content and the information you provided on them. The advantages of this template are numerous.


Animtora – Anime and Manga PSD Template

Anime is like an art form. This template contains a selection of page layouts that will help to create an anime community system. Some of them are designed to inform about events. Everything is terse and clear. The text can be added in various colors. The rest are beautiful and colorful drawings of anime characters. They are specially designed to raise the mood of the target audience.


Pierre Carrez Professional Resume Template

Do you plan to create a resume for employers to notice? The one that will explain why should they hire you? Then it’s essential to structure the information as much as possible and to emphasize your advantages. This CV template is an excellent option for this purpose. This solution has a suitable structure and laconic style. All that is necessary from the user is to replace the text with your own and add your photos.


Aliya Resume Template

Boring and trivial resumes have long been considered unimpressive. If the situation allows, then add brightness and creativity to your resume design. This solution will attract the employer while simultaneously focusing on important information about you. This CV template is the right solution for an excellent resume with a combination of data and style.


Falcon Logo Template

This logo template’s name speaks for itself. Bright but laconic and stylish, it’s perfect for presenting a personal brand, a team, or a project. It’s also a good option for the company to showcase itself and start fulfilling its goals right away. The template includes a variety of logo layouts with pictures and text.


Business Template Iconset

In addition to text and images, it’s important to submit information on your web pages in a format that should be as terse and informative as possible. A perfect option for structuring your website or mobile app interface is this icon set template. In the presence of a vast number of interface elements, it’s good to use nice icons to structure as much information as possible.


Restaurant Business Card Corporate Identity Template

Do you want to raise corporate identity among your employees? This template will do the job correctly. Made in the style of minimalism, it contains everything you need for a quality business card design. It has the most thought-out design and presentation of information, organized structure, and well-chosen images.


Teams Illustration

Any team requires high-quality images and clear messages for identity. And thanks to these illustrations, your team’s symbolics will sparkle with new colors and provide greater audience reach. The template contains twenty layouts with beautiful drawings for identity and promotional usage. Together they will offer a stylish look and inform clients about upcoming events.


Bakery PSD Template

This PSD website template can be used to draw attention to your business. It’s a useful tool for emphasizing the important things about your bakery. This product will help you stand out and be noticed. The template is a bright representative of a useful tool for creating a stylish website interface. Inside, there are many page mockups with an elegant design to edit them in Adobe Edge or Adobe Animate.


Madmix Instagram Social Media Template

Any Instagram user’s primary goal is to create a unique style that will highlight all the essential information. And this minimalist, elegant, and flexible template will provide you with creativity and inspiration. It’s perfect for both business and personal use. And it’s easy to change color schemes using Adobe Edge or Adobe Animate as well.


Robert Smith – Graphic Designer Resume Template

Forget about boring and typical resumes. Create interesting and memorable ones! Being noticeable is their main essence. By adhering to these goals and adopting this solution, you can quickly and, most importantly, effectively create a resume that will captivate the employer at first sight.


Holostyle Instagram Social Media Template

You have an Instagram account but don’t have time to create a stylish interface? Want to delight your subscribers with a colorful design with a variety of effects? This template will do the job correctly. Designed in bright tones using beautiful fonts, it will create a needed atmosphere for subscribers and immerse them in the right mood. This template will also be an excellent start for creating a new account. The critical point is that you need to install Adobe software to work with it. Try it now and plunge into its wonderful atmosphere.


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