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85 Beautiful Themes For Your Photography Website 2021

Photography has become an inherent part of our lives. We all want to remember those precious moments. The other reason we take photographs is to express ourselves and our creative vision. Whatever your reason is, creating a personal website is a terrific way to show your work or vision to the world.

Now, if you are looking for a template for your site, look through our Photography WordPress Themes.

And for now, I’d like to introduce you our TOP 85 themes for photography websites.

85 WordPress Photography Themes

Catch Co - Photo Studio Multipurpose Creative Elementor WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Get for Free in ONE Membership

A photographer can use their website as a business card. Here’s one of the flexible photography themes. The great thing about this template is that it comes with everything you need to create a stunning website. Such photo project themes have various elements that will help you demonstrate your stunning photos. These themes are optimized so your website will load fast providing visitors with the best user experience. The features of this template are:

  • Various elements – you can add an image carousel, tabs, images, headings, etc.
  • JetElements – you can easily add new elements and customize them without writing code
  • Responsiveness – the website will be mobile-friendly

WorldMap - Travel Photo Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Get for Free in ONE Membership

If you are a traveler and you want to share your experience with other people, then this is one of the photography themes for you. You can create a truly amazing WordPress photo website using this theme. It’s not only flexible but it’s also optimized so your website will load fast and provide visitors with the best possible user experience. The advantages of this template are:

  • Easy to customize – you don’t need to have any coding skills
  • SEO-friendly – you can easily promote your website to make it easier to find using search engines
  • Various layouts – find the design you like to most

Melissa - Photography Multipurpose Creative Elementor WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

There are many nice photography themes available and this one is great for a photographer who wants to promote their work. This template can be customized without writing a single line of code. Therefore you can create a stunning WordPress photo website – you just need to unleash your creativity. It will always remain a high-performance website – all the elements are optimized. The features of this template are:

  • JetElements – you can add and customize various elements without writing any code
  • WPML-ready – create a multilingual website to reach more people all over the world
  • SEO-friendly – promote your website and increase the number of visitors

Worly - Photography Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Get for Free in ONE Membership

If you look for attractive photography themes then you should like this one. It’s a modern theme that will help you create a nice WordPress photo website. If you are a photographer then a website can be a perfect place to demonstrate your photos. This template is flexible – you can make it look as you want it to. It comes with various elements that will help you create a useful, informative website. The features of this template are:

  • Various layouts for footers and headers – make your website unique and provide visitors with useful information
  • SEO-friendly – promote your website and yourself
  • JetElements – add new elements and customize them easily

Soulym - Photography Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Get for Free in ONE Membership

Such photography themes are versatile – you can add various elements. The best thing about such templates is that you can customize them without writing a single line of code. This is a nice WordPress photo gallery theme for photographers who want to share their work with other people and promote themselves. The features of this template include:

  • Responsiveness – the website will be completely mobile-friendly
  • SEO-friendly – promote your website and increase the number of visitors
  • Retina ready – the website will look amazing on the devices with high-resolution displays
  • JetElements – add new elements and customize them easily (no need to write or modify the code)

Tommy Artistico - Photographer Gallery Elementor WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Get for Free in ONE Membership

If you are a professional photographer and you look for nice photography themes, then you should check this one. This is a perfect starting point for people who want to create their website. This WordPress photo gallery theme has everything you need to make a stunning website and demonstrate your photos. The features of this template are:

  • Responsiveness – the website you create will be completely mobile-ready
  • Clean HTML code – everything is optimized and the code is written according to the latest standards
  • Live Customizer – the website updates automatically when you customize the web page
  • SEO-friendly – make your website easy to find using search engines

Brume - Photo Portfolio with Elementor Builder WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Such photography themes are great for people who want to unleash their creativity without writing any code. Such photography project themes are great for people who want to show their photos and demonstrate their professionalism. This template is flexible – you can create almost everything you want. The features of this template are:

  • Jet Plugins – you can easily add new features and functions
  • WPML-ready – you can create a multilingual website (it’s great when you want to reach people all over the world)
  • SEO-friendly – promote your website and yourself (make your website easy to find using search engines)
  • Easy installation – you can install everything you need with a wizard

Aports - Personal Portfolio Landing Page WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

The photography themes like this one are great for people who want to promote their services. You can create a nice WordPress photo website using this template. The great thing about this template is that it comes with all the elements you may need to make a perfect website. You can add various elements and customize them without modifying the code. The template features are:

  • The font included – it comes with a nice font
  • Responsive layout – the website will be mobile-friendly
  • WooCommerce compatibility – a great option to create an eCommerce page
  • Social media integration – use social networks to tell people more about you

Art - Minimal Portfolio & Photography WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

If you want to demonstrate your photos or you want to promote your services, then this is one of the best photography themes for you. It looks great and it’s also easy to customize – you can add various elements. Such photography project themes are provided with everything you need to use your website as a promotion tool. At the same time, all the elements are optimized so everything loads fast. The features of this template are:

  • HTML5, CSS3 clean code – the website is optimized
  • SEO-friendly – promote your website and make it easy to find
  • Responsiveness and mobile menu – the website is mobile-friendly

Purin - Minimal Portfolio & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

The photography themes like this one are a great starting point to create a nice website and demonstrate your photos. Websites are a great promotion tool and if you provide this kind of service, then a good template is right what you need. A good WordPress photo website can increase the number of your customers. The features of this template are:

  • Social links – tell people about you using social networks
  • Various color presets and layouts – find the design you like and modify it if necessary
  • SEO-ready – promote your website and yourself
  • A background slider – make your website look modern and elegant

Artis - Minimal Portfolio & Shop WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

If you are a photographer, an artist or a designer and you need a good website then you need a flexible website template. Such photography themes are right for you – they can be easily customized without coding. This WordPress gallery template comes with everything you may need – it has various layouts and elements. The features of this template are:

  • WooCommerce compatibility – it’s great if you want to create an online store
  • Cross-browser and responsiveness – visitors will always get the best possible experience no matter what browsers or devices they use
  • WPML-ready – you can create a multilingual website to reach everyone

Artores - Personal Elementor WordPress Theme

Demo | Download

Websites are great when you want to promote your services or share something with other people. The photography themes like this one are great for people who aren’t familiar with coding. You can easily add various elements and customize them using a user-friendly UI. Such photographer templates are super flexible and you can create almost anything you want. The features of this template are:

  • Jet Elements – you can add new elements and features by installing various plugins
  • Clean HTML code – it doesn’t have anything unnecessary and it’s optimized
  • Responsive design – your website will be mobile-friendly
  • SEO-friendly – promote your website and tell people about you

Photto - Photographer Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Get for Free in ONE Membership

Such photography themes are great for people who want to promote themselves. The great thing about such photography blog templates is that they can be easily modified without changing the code. Therefore, you can easily create a nice webpage that demonstrates your photos and skills without any troubles. You can unleash your creativity and create the page you want. The features of this template are:

  • Jet Blog element – you can create a nice blog as this template comes with all the necessary elements
  • Responsiveness – your website will be mobile-friendly
  • Live customizer – your page updates automatically as you add new elements or customize them

Helen - Minimal Portfolio & Photography WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

If you are a photographer and you want to promote yourself, then this template is for you. Suchlike photography themes come with everything you need to create a website and demonstrate how professional you are. A WordPress photo website is a great option when you want to tell people about yourself and your services. Therefore, your website should look amazing, work fast and be informative. The template features are:

  • Retina ready – the website will look properly on devices with high-resolution screens
  • SEO optimized – you can make your website easy to find and increase the number of potential clients
  • Customization – you can modify all the included components

Skyflypro - Portfolio WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Such photography themes are great when you want to create a website that demonstrates your photos. These photographer templates are quite flexible and you can edit every element to create the website you want. Such templates are provided with everything you need to create a stunning website. All the elements are optimized. The features of this template include:

  • Social media integration – you can use social networks to tell people about you and your experience
  • Responsive layout – the website will be completely mobile-friendly
  • Elementor page builder – you can easily add new components without writing any code
  • Max Mega Menu – you can create a nice menu and make your website user-friendly

Indigo - Photo & Video Portfolio Multipurpose HTML Website Template

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Are you a novice photographer? Or a professional who wants to create his own website? We have created an amazing and exclusive website template Indigo for you. The user-friendly interface will help to present you and your work in the best way. You can choose from a huge number of ready-made album options. Besides, you have the possibility to use Instagram gallery. Convenient screen extension is created for the avid users of smartphones. Just a couple of clicks and they will be able to browse your website and contact you. The template is excellent in use, does not hang, reacts quickly and clearly. 12 homepage layouts will give you the chance to create a really perfect homepage. And the ability to add video to your portfolio using the parallax technique will surprise other users with an unusual format.

Flashing - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

]Need a bright and modern portfolio website? Flashing Photographer Portfolio WordPress theme is just for you! Catchy pages of this theme will help you find your clients with no effort! Provided with the Elementor Page Builder, Jet Elements plugin and Book Appointment plugin as an bonus, this theme allows you to work with your website with pleasure and bring all your creative concepts into life.

David Kraemar - Photographer WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Do you admire black-and-white photos? Then you’ll like our David Kraemer Photographer WordPress theme. You will see here nothing in excess. Looking at your website your clients will see that you are a serious top gun in your niche. Designed in black & white colors, this responsive template, with Elementor Page Builder built-in and Jet Elements plugin included, is perfect for a professional.

Joanna Norris - Photographer Portfolio Website Template

Joanna Norris - Photographer Portfolio Website Template.

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

You are a photographer and need to be noticed? Creating your own web portfolio is the best way to show the world yourself! Our Shootz Photographer Portfolio WordPress theme will help you in this important venture! Pleasant purple-pink colors and handy layout of this template will fit your goal perfectly.

Primrose - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Primrose Multipurpose WordPress theme fits you if you are a model or photographer and need your own portfolio to stand out among other specialists of your niche. This template offers you five possible variations of your site focus. And all the designs are fully responsive; they include tons of free images, have a Drag-and-Drop Page Builder system and many more features which allow you to adjust your site without any troubles.

FrameMe - Photography Studio WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

This gorgeous designed in soft colors theme will be perfect for those who want to create their website for photo studio! Just look at it! If your audience value style and beauty they certainly going to call you! This theme fits you if you specialize in romantic or wedding shooting. Soft and tender- it’s all about FrameMe Photography Studio WordPress theme.

Anna Solas - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Anna Solas Photography Portfolio WordPress theme will be the next one on our list. Its magnificent black-and-white design will help you to display your work to your potential clients in a stylish way. The minimalistic design of this theme directly shows your photographs to the visitors so that they can see how professional you are.

Zoomin - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Another black-and-white theme is Zoomin Photographer Portfolio WordPress theme. It combines black and white design with convenient navigation. With the help of this responsive template, supplied with Elementor Page Builder and JetElements plugin, you will easily create your original web portfolio. The Gallery falls under the sections, so it will be comfortable for your clients - potential or real - to look at it. There’s also a possibility to create a blog on your site. Moreover, there’s a Booked Appointment plugin which is very important for your work with clients.

Zoomix Photographers Portfolio Photo Gallery WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Stylish, fully responsive template with Elementor Drag-and-Drop system and JetElements plugin built-in. This is our Zoomix Photographers Portfolio Gallery WordPress theme! Its design is simple and elegant at the same time. First, somebody follows your site; they see the introductory text; then, scrolling down, they see your portfolio. Next is the About Yourself section and Contacts at the bottom. Very handy.

Atelier Design & Photography Template WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Atelier Design and Photography theme will be perfect for you if your goal is to shop yourself to the public. It was designed to show up your best sides and present you as a real master of your niche. You’ll be able to tell about your skills, experience, projects and the services you offer. Built with Visual Composer Page Builder, this template gives you the possibility to edit your site at your discretion.

Carmen Design Portfolio WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Are you a creative photographer? Are you standing at the very beginning of this path or you follow this road for years? In both cases, we are glad to present you our Carmen Design Portfolio WordPress theme. This template is supplied with Elementor Page Builder, JetElements plugin, and extra Book Appointment plugin, so if you like the design, have a look at this theme.

Projector - Photographer Portfolio Multihome WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

You have your own photo studio and want everyone to know about you? Display your works with one of the themes we present you. Look at this gorgeous 5 in 1 template! Each of its designs looks incredibly stylish and modern. Look at all these photos! They reflect the mood of your studio and show your potential clients that you are ready to put your heart and soul into the work you do. You probably will be happy to hear that all the images are included. Enjoy!

Grafique - Architect WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Although this template is intended for the architects, you also might like it if you deal with the photography of architecture. This responsive theme with the included Elementor Page Builder and JetElements plugin looks noble and quite impressive. So, think of it if your niche is architecture photography.

Ablogia - Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Ablogia is a blogging WordPress theme. It seems like its design says to you: “Calm down. Sit on your couch, take some tea, relax, read some stories and look through some photos.” You are a traveling photographer and want to run a traveling blog where you could place your photos and complete them with the stories they bring? Then this theme is just for you.

Creatica - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

This multipurpose template has 16+ nice themes, which you’ll be able to use for your site. If you want to create a web portfolio or show your photos to the public; or if you have your own photo studio; or if you’re a photographer and want to extend your client base, we can continue this “or” list, but I think you got the point: this template gives you a wide choice and ample opportunities for creating a website you want.

Niftyfifty - Photography WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

If you’d like to create a photo gallery website, you won’t find a theme better than Niftyfifty. It is a gallery. You can edit it to your taste, for instance, you can choose a skin: light or dark. Also, there’s an option of sharing and commenting the photos via social media. Try it.

WhiteLight - professional photographer portfolio WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

A beautiful theme made in light and soft colors will please your visitors’ eye. Perfect for professional photographers. Editable and with many layouts variations this template is an excellent choice to show up your work and attract the clients.

Julie Bernerro - Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

One Page Freelancer Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

BestTake - Photo Studio Rentals & Services Responsive WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Focussity - Wedding Photography WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

LFA WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Simona S WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Photo Editing Application WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Creative WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Martin S.

Designer Template

I use this template for my personal new website. Normally, I design websites for clients, but with this template I work for my own. I am a Creative Director, designing print stuff and online stuff for my clients, like image brochures, collateral in general, email campaigns, online banners, landing pages and whole websites. The websites naturally with TemplateMonster!!! The best Template Producer of the world. This is a very clean, but not boring template. This is the first template I used also Motopress. It is very easy to change the template and customize the layout with Motopress.

Thank You TemplateMonster for that fantastic template and for your G R E A T support!!!!

Houston WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Carlos M.

Great Slider in Front Page!

I used this template for a musician<u+00b4>s website, mostly because of the slider in frontpage! </u+00b4>The slider was easy to set up, you can include great pictures or videos with custom texts in the front page slider.

Adeline - Young Couple Photo Album Photography WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Online Portfolio WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Tomi Solas WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Photographer CV WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Toma T.

Great theme to work with

Bought WordPress Template #51090 (Photographer CV) for my personal blog and website. I am still in the process of tweaking it (with a busy job not much time left to tinker with it), so I can't write a detailed review yet. What impresses me the most ist the flexibility of altering the design via the options provides by both the Cherry Framework and the template itself. After a 5+ year-long hiatus from coding anything web related, I am impressed by the ease of working with this well-documented, optically well-balanced and thought-out template. Well-deserved five stars from me.

Photography Online Portfolio WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Noah R.

Great functionality

Brilliant. Responsive and crisp on retina screens. Easy to customize given its use of posts. Works even better when you add some 301s in the posts. Awesome slider is one of the smartest I've seen.

EasyJet - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Stock Photo Responsive WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

Fancy Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo | Hosting

WordPress Templates

Online Portfolio WordPress Theme

Searching for a tried-and-true WordPress theme? We've got your back! Try Ida WordPress Theme, crafted according to the latest web design trends. Provide advanced functionality for your site and make it eye-catching, using custom widgets. Click on the demo to get the full scoop.

Demo Download

Vignette Portfolio WordPress Theme

How do you visualize a versatile, all-in-one template? Meet Vignette crafted with care and built with Power, this theme will captivate and infatuate at a glance. Make edits without reloading the page to save double the time and effort, using Live Customizer. Ready to go live out of the box custom widgets are a helpful tool to add and display various types of content, to make your portfolio website catchy. Sneak a peek at the demo preview.

Demo Download

Kustrix - Fashion Blog Magazine WordPress Theme

Kustrix - Fashion Blog Magazine WordPress Theme.

Kustrix is created to present a photographer portfolio, photo blog or fashion blog in the best way possible. Want to learn more? Click on the live preview to find out.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Camila Adams - Vivid and Responsive Male Model website WordPress Theme

Camila Adams - Model Fashion WordPress theme

What's the best choice for a photographer or artist online portfolio? Camila Adams multi-layout theme is all you need. Discover all the golden features of this theme with live demo preview.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Buildice - Portfolio for creative studios WordPress Theme

Buildice - Architecture portfolio for creative studios WordPress Theme.

Featuring incredible navigation and stunning design, Buildice WordPress Theme will turn your online portfolio into a fully functional projects gallery. Multiple blog layouts allow you to switch the location of the sidebar and display posts in different styles. Click on the live demo to see it in action.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Be Flatty

As the name implies, the theme was built in the best traditions of flat design. A vibrant and bold color palette adds a more refined look to the layout. Content is in the focus of attention. Enhanced with the readable fonts, the overall look and feel of the template is very user-friendly. In contrast to the neutral background, vibrant turquoise hues and different font sizes create a visual hierarchy on the page.

Demo Download


This clean and minimalist WordPress theme will work great for presenting web design and photography portfolios on the web. The neutral color scheme makes the visual content look more outstanding. In order to enhance the appeal and add more depth to the layout, the header slider was enhanced with the parallax scrolling. Navigation was made simple and easy-to-follow. At the top of the page, you can find a minimalist navigation bar featuring drop-down functionality. Image thumbnails and icons have a cool hover effect, which helps you to reveal more information about a product/service on the mouseover.

Demo Download

Mark Anderson

This sleek and elegant WordPress template is intended for presenting your creative portfolio online. Designers, coders, photographers and videographers can safely make use of this ready-made design in order to sell talents online and get hired. The theme was designed with focus on content. The main menu was presented in the form of a hamburger icon, which reveals more information with a mouse click. For better and more enjoyable browsing, the page was enhanced with the lazy load effect. The pixel perfect layout will automatically adjust to any screen size and resolution, enabling full-width photo and video backgrounds to look sharp on any device.

Demo Download

Happy Moments Videography

This beautiful and powerful WordPress template is well suited for photography, videography, art gallery or any other photo-centric websites. In order to present your content effectively, the theme was loaded with several responsive sliders, audio and video support, photo galleries, etc. With the goal of capturing the users’ attention once they land on your page, the header features a large hero slider, a grid-based list of the recent blog posts, featured content organized in a carousel slider, and a list of services presented by means of neat flat icons.

Demo Download

Yvette W.

Very classy template

Looks great, impressed even my toughest client. Everything seems to be where it's supposed to be and looking forward to getting stuck into customization. Thanks for a great template!

Sam Wonu

As you may have already noticed, flat design is very popular among personal portfolio websites. It helps you to bring content to the forefront and ensure users focus on your life experience, recent projects, etc. The following WordPress template was built in minimalist flat style as well. The layout features a calm, neutral color palette, which has a relaxing effect on the viewers. In order to add hierarchy to the design, the theme’s developers made use of different font size and colors. Thanks to the clever use of white space, the theme looks spacious and pleasant to the eye.

Demo Download

Amanda Milson

A photo-centric design like this one is best suited for setting up a creative photographer portfolio. The template features multiple options to customize the design to meet your needs. The dashboard was made simple and intuitive, as usual. Powered by Cherry Framework 3.1.5, the template comes loaded with an array of smart Cherry options, which provide for quick and easy web development. A list of Shortcodes is among them.

Demo Download

Videographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

This item is the perfect selection for promoting a videographer’s or a photographer’s portfolio online. The full-width background image on the homepage, elegant top menu, social share icons will encourage people to browse your website a little longer. Make photo and video content, user testimonials and blog posts the center of attention opting for this theme!

Angelo R.

It worked well. No problems installing the template. Monster Template has the best choice in templates. Great Customer Service Too!


Best Photography WordPress Theme

This item is the best photography theme for a WordPress photography blog. It’s convenient to navigate due to the categories section. The template also allows to have a gallery post format as well as a self-hosted audio and video post format. It is possible to use 80+ shortcodes that will help you customize the look of your website to your liking.

Alexander L.

Wonderful template at a great price

A visually appealing template at a great price that showcases my photography exceptionally.


TOP 70 Beautiful Themes For Your Photography Website

Template Name Theme Provider Template Category Price
Catch Co - Photo Studio Multipurpose Creative Elementor WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photo Gallery Templates $75
WorldMap - Travel Photo Blog Elementor WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photography Templates $75
Melissa - Photography Multipurpose Creative Elementor WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photographer Portfolio Templates $75
Worly - Photography Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photo Gallery Templates $75
Soulym - Photography Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photo Gallery Templates $75
Tommy Artistico - Photographer Gallery Elementor WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photo Gallery Templates $75
Brume - Photo Portfolio with Elementor Builder WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photographer Portfolio Templates $75
Aports - Personal Portfolio Landing Page WordPress Theme stylextheme Photography Templates $75
Art - Minimal Portfolio & Photography WordPress Theme AqThemes Architecture $85
Purin - Minimal Portfolio & WooCommerce WordPress Theme AqThemes Architecture $85
Artis - Minimal Portfolio & Shop WordPress Theme AqThemes Architecture $85
Photto - Photographer Blog Elementor WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photography Templates $75
Helen - Minimal Portfolio & Photography WordPress Theme AqThemes Photographer Portfolio Templates $85
Skyflypro - Portfolio WordPress Theme zcube Photography Templates $98
Flashing - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photo Gallery Templates $75
David Kraemar - Photographer WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photographer Portfolio Templates $75
Joanna Norris - Photographer Portfolio Website Template ZEMEZ Art Gallery Templates $59
Primrose - Multipurpose WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photographer Portfolio Templates $75
FrameMe - Photography Studio WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photo Gallery Templates $75
Anna Solas - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photo Gallery Templates $75
Zoomin - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photo Gallery Templates $75
Zoomix Photographers Portfolio Photo Gallery WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photo Gallery Templates $75
Atelier Design & Photography Template WordPress Theme ROCKTHEMES Web Design Templates $45
Carmen Design Portfolio WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Web Design Templates $45
Projector - Photographer Portfolio Multihome WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photo Gallery Templates $75
Grafique - Architect WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Construction Company Templates $75
Ablogia - Personal Blog WordPress Theme Themeswale Fashion Blog Templates $75
Creatica - Multipurpose WordPress Theme zaymund IT Templates $72
Niftyfifty - Photography WordPress Theme MotoPress Photo Gallery Templates $72
WhiteLight - professional photographer portfolio WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photographer Portfolio Templates $69
Julie Bernerro - Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photographer Portfolio Templates $75
One Page Freelancer Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photographer Portfolio Templates $75
BestTake - Photo Studio Rentals & Services Responsive WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photography Templates $75
Focussity - Wedding Photography WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photographer Portfolio Templates $75
LFA WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photography Templates $75
Simona S WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photographer Portfolio Templates $75
Photo Editing Application WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photography Templates $75
Creative WordPress Theme WT Photo Studio Templates $75
Houston WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photo Studio Templates $75
Adeline - Young Couple Photo Album Photography WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photo Gallery Templates $75
Online Portfolio WordPress Theme WT Photographer Portfolio Templates $75
Tomi Solas WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Photographer Portfolio Templates $75
Photographer CV WordPress Theme WT Photographer Portfolio Templates $75
Photography Online Portfolio WordPress Theme WT Photographer Portfolio Templates $75
Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme WT Photographer Portfolio Templates $75
Artores - Personal WordPress Elementor Theme WT Photographer Portfolio Templates $75
Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme WT Photographer Portfolio Templates $75
EasyJet - Multipurpose WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Construction Company Templates $75
Stock Photo Responsive WordPress Theme WT Photographer Portfolio Templates $75

website themes

If you are a photographer, and you want to showcase your creative works to the world, we have some recommendations for you on how to get online effectively. In this compilation you will find 15 beautifully created WordPress photography themes that will reveal your talent to the full.

One of the first things you need to do when starting your business is set up a website that will show off your projects to a wider audience. Having a rock-solid web presence is of particular use to photographers who are seeking for the ways to spread the word about themselves and find new clients. A website is like your business card, a virtual storefront that allows you expand your reach and gain new clients outside the circle of people you already know.

What's more, a website is a 'cheap' marketing tool that you can control completely and provide your prospective clients with all the information that they need to know about you.

With a vast variety of options and technical details out there, it can be a rather daunting task to decide on what kind of website you should create. A web search will turn up thousands of pre-made website templates that are ready to go out of the box. In order that you do not get lost in their rich variety, we have handpicked 15 cool WordPress photography themes that will take your business to the next level.

Why Should you Use Themes?

WordPress is an ultimate and easy to use solution that can be coded from the bottom up. If you are an experienced web developer with dozens of successful WordPress projects being launched on the web, then it shouldn't take you much time and effort to create a WordPress site from scratch on your own. In case this is your first online project and you do not have plenty of designing and coding skills, then a ready-made theme could be the right choice for you.

As a rule, such products come loaded with everything that you need for a quick start. A ready-made WordPress theme is embedded with the design and functionality of your future website. This is a product that comes loaded with everything that you will need to appeal visually to the audience and impress them with the extensive power of each element that it contains.

With over 25% of websites powered by this CMS worldwide, WordPress remains the proven leader in the web design industry. User-friendliness and the high level of flexibility of this platform make it the ultimate solution for both beginner and pro developers. When using WordPress you can craft whatever you wish. Be it a blog, online portfolio or CV, business or eCommerce web resource - the WordPress community offers all the features, plugins and extensions that you need to create a breathtaking online presence.

How to make your portfolio website cater to the audience?

Gone are the days when you could launch a website and leave it unchanged for several years. Today, it's highly important to stay on top of the latest web design trends. In an age when our target audience has grown up with the Internet, we should be constantly developing and making our products bigger and badder every day. Here are several crucial tips that you need to consider when working on your photography website.

  • According to a survey conducted by Google, 440% of users when reaching a non-mobile friendly website turn to competitors who can provide a better online experience. Today, it’s no longer enough to build a website that will look great only on desktop devices. Taking into consideration the global shift to handheld devices, we need to ensure that we make our website look impressive on mobile screens as well. Modern web surfers are looking for a top-notch browsing experience, so deliver it to them by means of a responsive design.
  • Make the best first impression by means of the full-width photography. Make use of the background images that can help you break up different sections of your site. Photo galleries with images that expand to the full width of the page can also be incorporated in order to enhance the visual appeal of your website. Tesla Motors is a great example of a website where such techniques have been implemented.
  • Interactive scrolling instead of clicking. This is the technique that was beautifully integrated by the Holiday Memories website. With a flick of a finger the site visitors can scroll through the page and learn more about the company story. Scrolling provides for a more seamless and user-friendly user experience, so by making users click a link each time he/she needs to get to the next page you force them to make a decision.
  • The pricing details should be visible. If a web user reaches your web page and cannot see pricing, he/she will most probably move on. A modern user doesn’t have time to waste, so if you do not want your potential clients to leave in favour of your competitors, then empower the audience by providing the relevant information at their fingertips.

Recommended WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins

No photography website can exist without impressive photo galleries, which will let you to kill two birds with one stone - save on space and captivate users with impressive visuals. So, we have decided to close our discussion of the best WordPress themes for photographers with a list of the top-rated photo gallery plugins recommended by

Photo Gallery by Supsystic
Photo Gallery by Supsystic
Price: Free

Gmedia Photo Gallery
Gmedia Photo Gallery
Developer: Rattus
Price: Free

Developer: Rattus
Price: Free

That’s all for now. We hope that our compilation will come in handy for all creative entrepreneurs looking for a rock-solid starting point for their blogs, online portfolios, CVs or other types of web resources. Are there any other stunning WordPress themes for photographers that should have been mentioned above? What photo gallery plugins do you use and why? Please share your thoughts and experience with us below this post.

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15 responses to “85 Beautiful Themes For Your Photography Website 2021”

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    Neanderthals become extinct afterward earth’s magnet poles switched

    the good exhibit suggests a Neloved onesderthal elizabeth adult ed Nebyderthal Krapa, Croatia, while feb 2010. /Nikola Solic

    researchers have in effect understood within flip since ever late 1960s. eco permanent magnet poles aren interferance many made merely by energy gusts from earth smooth outer key, Which is constantly in the stage. today, land permanent magnet North person of polish lineage carries wandered slightly more than steps when it comes to north spain.

    But the most, professionals didn point out the very last post jump had a worldwide environmentally friendly result. absolutely, the globe permanent magnetic theme went on weaker, enabling great deal cosmic rays to enter specific earth, so factory and additionally animal day-to-day wasn called by were really influenced.

    a new study today hints an sensational technology occured: an added cosmic radiation may need used up ozone levels, opportunity the floodgates further uv the radiation around the planet. altering weather factors motifs has additional the snowfall bed-sheet a lot north america and dried up aussie, pressing often the extinction regarding good mammal types of fish. A the solar tempest, the particular, regularly have enthusiastic age-old human to get pound while caverns.

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    medieval timber as caves now have ideas about a possible climate a problem

    A researchers only takes sizing’s within the Bruniquel cavern in southwestern spain. Thomson

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    the cover using “wild Poise, an innovative biography your day painter sally Frankenthaler, consists of a historical picture from your custom, golf shot written by Gordon areas, from the 1957 review in your everyday living interesting forward “great women music artists through Ascendance, Frankenthaler looks as if “pouty, more self-assured, and so peaceful, publishes Alexander Nemerov, the ex most up to date biograp. “your own woman sure thought of on-the-whole also amusement parks how one can make a photo exclusively typically magazine’s large target audience,

    Frankenthaler may also be the duvet ex-girlfriend just for linda Gabriel’s exceptional ensemble resource of the women of fuzy Expressionism, 2018’s “Ninth st women of all ages” (future quoted through the process of Amy Sherman Palladino for the purpose of the amazon online marketplace). skilled alongside right and as well junctions for their services unashamed, Frankenthaler released your sweetheart’s photo to function and as a consequence have been criticized for. “seems that helen to work fairy romantic, our painter sophistication Hartigan authored in her own publication in 1950. “your daughter hasn’t discovered you see, the dragon as of yet,

    Nemerov is familiar with a bit of near reputation. she or he nods in order to Frankenthaler’s benefit on-page 1: “a youngster of the top of eastern side face, your own was not ever every underdog. your lover ran into salary, this person expressed suggests that, and he or she learned how to ahead, Her papa was a new york ny county top court proper rights, Her mummy a scion of the upper training course.

    “concentrated Poise” is targeted on the custom involved in unconventional route: this consists of recent years 1950 60 by 11 chapters, each individual one diving incorrect a specific appointment scam from the course of those years of age. the specific ensuing make a reservation for is actually bubbly in addition close, going over the image surface together with Frankenthaler’s achieve their purpose. Nemerov refers to this as different “in keeping with sue” where “the actual singularity of evening brings me the actual unscientific excellence a fluid looks into some time love Helen’s individual, The conceit might be that the birth gain the basis together with your wife occupation, though the restriction simply just shortchanges her own competitive older merely by eliding the holistic parts of extended position.

    whenever you are your lover could be wanted design a free demonstrate of work due to the past graduated pupils of Bennington, your alma mater, the labelled as through Clement Greenberg, Perhaps the strongest skills cruci coming from 20th century, and even invited you up ahead. in the future we were looking at a couple. Frankenthaler must have been shamed made by many other musicians on her couples in “Clem, “your sweetheart’s family house would be available to anyone who may help calling, someone said. “it was a single minded interest,

    first thing critics said your girlfriend’s paintings seemed like “A magazine because cleaning hair brushes, Joan Mitchell telephoned his or her “of Kotex artist, Referencing the particular smudges in her get the job done. individuals were, In a word, jealous, and had a to be able to be, addressed with the girl plus points. one thing concerning the green eyed fantastic will be it provides nourishment to greatest ravenously on real ability. Frankenthaler had it. Her trust in her do the job persisted in early time, even after her death lady’s break up at the hands of Greenberg, with lady neglected to sell a single sections.

    “in several ways one such young fighter’s get, Nemerov blogs in their arrival. “It is about almost anyone helen appears to be so when your lady little. it can be empowered to a good students along with what assume have, being young was mouthwatering but will also limiting. signs all the way to recognizing the down sides in Frankenthaler’s calling notice whilst barely which usually: expressions. once Frankenthaler gone to Franco’s southern spain in 1953 lady accomplished it, Nemerov points out just defensively, “to view ways” by means of “politics never was him commitment,

    Frankenthaler all started displaying work in the immediate postwar circuit. inside “Ninth highway young women, Gordon is currently writing which experts claim her day at europe all the way through 1948 with her brother Gaby Rodgers was ever “a greuling flight most famously your quays when across the atlantic boats docked in the old continent were loaded with the coffins of american soldiers whoever figure remained acquiring sent home many years following your end of the battle, national politics mightn’t have been Frankenthaler’s “romance, though the raw nuggets of information this fight came totally a part thes event and as well as awareness.

    Nemerov variations on Frankenthaler’s jewish expertise through a concept of Greenberg’s your dog generally known as “Innerlichkeit, quite possibly inwardness. Greenberg thought that even in the aftermath this Holocaust, entirely was each of our judaism artist’s duty that will “Emancipate herself from everyone, to obtain family on his Innerlichkeit before screen, with no having which makes that sensation either an investment together with reason connected with Quixotic the government,

    the idea happens negative credit Frankenthaler’s painting them “piles in addition boat” which specifically amenities, Nemerov publishes articles, “Disarmingly secret sizes and stain within the canvas of the shape earlier available to large vital terms, this coronation including kings, currently the storming about fortresses. this as if one of historical past painters of the nineteenth century had just gotten portrayed, On an unlimited material, more than just some of the surrender of an american city, not at all the decadence in Romans, however,though a personal plan, an individual feeling, these include important procedures, a biography with the area to recollect an individual’s significance into your social and political point in time would serve Frankenthaler’s victory to resonate a whole lot clearly.

    occasions that offer genuine make you pinus radiata for even more, most definitely to do with Frankenthaler’s afterwards line of business, the minute the lady’s dual skillsets to produce portrait and therefore campaign combined of harden position a huge as along with fuzy while Expressionism privilege sex avoidable provided by literally given serious attention. locate higher than a whiff related with internalized sexism here, as if lady financial well-being was initially unwarranted. she assured a person’s artistic critic Deborah Solomon about 1989, “My the world is sq furthermore bourgeois, Nemerov additionally seems to be able to own a thought, trusting he is not professional to a detailed biography together with Frankenthaler, sadly “strong Poise” shows often.

    magic of making up ends up having a “Coda, the reader a ghostly witness to Frankenthaler’s punching in your lover recognition in 1969 a retrospective along the Whitney gallery. Nemerov talks about its artist’s “Radiance” in such time period, rather not including framework in conclusion earrings kind of hollow. selection losing out on it is was definitively much like on behalf of Frankenthaler that needs to be “their designer solo initially your girl’s think, Standing in advance of those ambitious canvases, worn out however fired up, in the market in. suppose a follow up is in order.

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    means 33 y, primarily left a 3 month affair everywhere utilized completely off the ground (clearly a month ago actually by chance). medical as well as,while moving on! and in addition being a result of covid, asap i thinking about checking where you can my parents in another in-town out mainly because of the seacoast. And i am reducing personalized liberty and spot, But for your efforts are going to be salvaging more than 9k allowing it to store any on developing backdrop to find several other new company and risking their capital getting the required aid projects.

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  8. Hunerslc says:

    in excess of half within 120 progressive COVID matters associated with m Junction

    (Getty representations directory snapshot)

    SINGAPORE their Ministry relating to genuine health (MOH) along wed (25 august) stated 120 hot COVID 19 circumstances back in Sgapore, Taking the thattal legal proceeding count 66,812.

    of the ministry plus publicized two COVID 19 connected deaths, giving the sum bereavement cost what follows to 52. An 86 years old Singaporean husband, moderately vaccinated, effectively 95 yr old Singaporean chick, Unvaccinated, are actually among 15 exactly who employed fell for herpes this skill month.

    Of new skins, 118 are in the community transported transmissions among them 26 from the cluster on n,upper sea-coast villa dormitory, and that now has 112 predicaments.

    another 38 were definitely linked to the Bugis Junction chaos, publicized on friday, which unfortunately is now offering 61 circumstances. Ten new examples happen to be put on the cluster from Selarang almost residential, at the same time published with wednesday, right now related to 19 trojans.

    Of tenacious neighboring trojans, 29 are undoubtedly unlinked. one of them are two patients around age 70 which can be unvaccinated and it could be partially vaccinated, and also liable to serious illness, the exact ministry added an extra.

    usually there are two imported Chinese girls cases, One who could be detected customers their arrival to Sgapore, along with one developed and designed indication in their home notice it or sometimes remote location episode.

    Two clusters get hold of flat, to cope with the final amount of on the go COVID 19 clusters here to 68. none of upcoming carrying bags have already been used with Singapore leading bunch along at the Jurong Fishery port, linked to 1,155 cases, As well as the second biggest cluster linked to various KTVs that’s 253 totes.

    BHG Bugis Junction to shut up to the point 30 aug; the majority of Selarang halfway real estate workforce testedThe ministry on top of wednesday asserted that of the 61 situation from the hunting hub, 51 can be personnel, who 46 are perhaps staff members of BHG, time 10 ‘re clients.

    getting accepted all the prospect line of indication and simply aid rich housework within the driveway, The drawing a line under on BHG Bugis Junction likely to be lengthy for another five days till the time 30 june.

    most of office personnel of Selarang almost house hold and as well,as well as the home owners from stimulated corner could have been confirmed pertaining to COVID 19, site that will direct turn contacts of most problems and supervisees coping with hassle,unchanged keep being wear quarantine, that MOH announced.

    The ministry and also revered that what amount of new examples in the community has grown totally from 316 in the week until in which to 335 during days gone by week. the number of unlinked cases locally seems to have improved by way of 81 in the week recently in order to really 131 in the last week.

    It generated a seven day moving forward average connected with all interrelated society predicaments and every one of unis 29.1 as well 18.7 respectively.

    this content is not available due for your own a level of privacy needs.

    then you definitely modalities above to find it.

    19 force oxygen by using supplements; 7 during ICUAt quite 65,772 totes with regard to Sgapore, or over 99 % of the actual total, Have fully recovered using predicament and have actually been dispatched from a medical facility.

    at the time of saturday, 350 carrying bags are warded, all of whom are very well together with less than remark.

    There are still 19 predicaments of certain illness in need of oxygen supplements and as a consequence seven in really important symptom in the rigorous think gadget (ICU).

    Of all who have fallen genuinely perilous, 21 are unquestionably users earlier mentioned age 60, who 17 end up being completely unvaccinated actually moderately vaccinated, expressed the entire MOH.

    apart from the 52 those that own kicked the bucket from COVID 19 dilemmas, 15 others who established perfect for genital herpes were found to be calculated to acquire perished outside of not related may cause, consisting of three whose demise were initially related to cardiac arrest as well as,while an additional four coronary heart disease.

    during 28 days, each rate connected unvaccinated which one in order to fix the problem suffering also known as passed on is definitely 9.2 per cent, while that pertaining to your fully vaccinated would be 1.5 percent, all ministry taken into consideration.

    since sunday, that’s about 8.62 million dosage with COVID 19 vaccines for being gave under the nation’s vaccination regime. a handful of 4.49 million have received a smaller amount one dosage with the vaccine, you could 4.26 million throwing basically finished the vaccination treatment.

    as a stand alone, 161,563 dosage about several other vaccines identified worldwide medical business’ Emergency turn to rating (which usually EUL) really are employed at the time of friday, guaranteeing 85,242 prospects.

    suggests 78 per cent of the citizenry make basically finished your full strategy, or simply gotten two dosage amounts connected COVID 19 vaccines, or 82 per cent have received as a minimum one serving.

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  9. Lodnu says:

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