Behancers Commemorated Kobe Bryant with Their Artworks

He passed away so unexpectedly. Last night the TMZ reported a helicopter crashed in California, Kobe Bryant was on board.

No one wanted to believe that this information was true.

Kobe came to the League directly from the school and joined one of the best clubs, the Los Angeles Lakers, who took the risk and traded players on the night of the draft. People who made the best possible decision ever.

The young player had an extraordinary talent and amazing similarity with Michael Jordan that made everyone compare them over and over again.

Kobe never failed. He spent a phenomenal career setting a bunch of records. Kobe inspired millions of boys to play basketball. Boys from around the globe tried to copy his tricks, and share his passion for the game.

Yesterday, in his hometown of Bryant, LeBron James broke Kobe's record, Bryant congratulated his eternal rival and friend, and in just a few hours everyone knew that he was gone.

Since we're a design blog, lets commemorate Kobe by enjoying amazing artworks from Behancers.

Kobe Bryant NBA Sport Card

Kobe Bryant Trading Card

I don't want to be the next Michael Jordan, I only want to be Ko


Rest in peace Kobe

Black Mamba

Kobe Bryant - Legends are forever


Thank you, Mamba!

Black Mamba

Kobe Bryant mobile hd wallpaper

Kobe Bryant tribute

Kobe Bryant RIP

Kobe bryant

R.I.P Kobe

NBA All Star Series: Kobe Bryant

Kobe ?

LA Lakers - ALL TIME

Kobe / Jordan Illustration


Kobe Bryant | 1978-2020

RIP Kobe

Kobe Bryant - Rest in Peace


NBA Low Poly Pop Art - Kobe Bryant

Goodbye legend, we'll never forget you.

1978 - 2020

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