10 Best Templates for Building Cool Apps

Creating and launching your own exclusive application doesn’t take a genius. Well, it takes a template instead. The template’s premade UI will enhance your app with an attractive design and improved UX. Today, I will introduce some of the best app templates for this year.

Why You Need An App Template?

If you go for an application template, you get to enjoy a full set of customization options. You can easily edit text, colors, CSS styles, imagery, and more. Thanks to fireproof files for iOS and Android, you can easily upload your app to the suitable app store.

Moreover, with a template, you get a chance to enhance your app with a plethora of additional features. The features provided with the item depend on the type of template you use. Finally, each of the 10 best app templates is fully responsive and ready to fit any form factor with ease.

So, stay on the verge of innovation and choose one of the tempting designs below for your splendid app!

Job App Template


Demo | Download

Launching a job recruitment application has never been easier than with this job app template. Now, you have the maximum flexibility of designing your app thanks to the super-organized main Sass file. Moreover, you can easily change colors using Sass variables.

This recruitment app template includes every page needed to facilitate the job search and application process. It includes an unparalleled app Homepage with an extended Job Search Form. Moreover, it includes a Job Listing page + filters, Job Details page, as well as the Job Application page. Finally, the template is designed to fit all devices with an Ionic Framework grid.

ADVIK Premium Web Mobile UI Kit App Template

ADVIK Premium Web Mobile UI Kit App Template

Demo | Download

The ADVIK template lets you become the king of everything mobile. With the help of ADVIK, you can jumpstart either a mobile website or a full-blown mobile app.

This scalable and unique template provides you with such pages as Store, Portfolio, Blog, Gallery, and many others. It incorporates 23+ pages and components in total for multiple purposes. All the pages are intricately colored, furnished with Font Awesome icons and elements. Finally, ADVIK mobile UI is optimized for SEO and supported by multiple teams of experts.

AVPN Android Unlimited VPN Template

AVPN Android Unlimited Free VPN App Template


Help people access their favorite websites from anywhere in the world by creating a VPN app. With the AVPN template, you can save your time creating a masterful app UI.

AVPN template features an unbeatable VPN app design, enhanced with trendy colors, clean icons, and interactive graphic elements. The template is AdMob-friendly, allowing you to generate additional income with your free VPN application. Finally, all the files of AVPN are easy to customize. They help you provide for the unique style of your application.

Web2App Android In-Browser App Template

Web2App Android Webview App Template


Web2App allows you to build a mobile app that can be accessed by simply entering your URL into a mobile browser. With Web2App, your app will be fast and simple to set up, ensuring that even a newbie to mobile apps can create one with its help.

The Web2App template supports all kinds of URLs and websites. To customize your project, simply open the project in Android Studio and change the template’s configuration files. Moreover, the template is Admob ready, ensuring that you can earn income even with a free app. Finally, the template is optimized to appear equally well on all devices.

WhatsApp Video Status Android App

WhatsApp Video Status & Video Sharing with Admin Panel App Template


The next item in our list is Video Status app, which lets you create an app with a number of useful features. Create an app that allows its users to download the videos they watch and share them on social media.

With Video Status design, users can share videos on a number of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and messengers (WhatsApp and others). Moreover, with this app template, your users will get a chance to create custom categories and upload unlimited videos there. Video Status App comes with a pre-built PHP admin panel, which helps you easily take full control over your app.

Live Currency Converter App Template

Live Currency Converter App Template


Want to create an attractive and minimalist currency converter app? This template was created to help you do this like a pro. It lets you update your currency converter in real time with live Forex Prices. The app provides users with a fast-responding interface that lets them convert from one currency to another with ease.

Fortunately, you can easily modify the design of your Currency Converter. This template lets you create a React Native application, which is simple to manage and customize in Android Studio. Finally, this Currency Converter template is fully Admob-compatible. It includes a set of additional banners and an interstitial for you. As a cool bonus feature, 150+ stylish country flags are also included.

Call Blocker With Admob Android Template

Call Blocker with Admob Andriod Studio App Template


Next, meet the Call Blocker app template for Android. It lets you create a highly user-friendly app that can raise you to fame as one of the best Call Blocker solutions.

The app template facilitates many methods to block unwanted calls (for example, via call logs, Contacts, SMS logs, manual number input, and others). The template also has all the necessary interface elements to display Call Blocking Logs. It also lets you facilitate an app rating popup. Finally, this Call Blocker app is Admob-ready.

You GYM - Mobile Gym Android Template

Your GYM App Template

Demo | Download

With healthy lifestyle having become a staple of modern living, use Your GYM to create a popular mobile gym app with a clean and motivating UI. This gym template has a pre-designed and quite powerful admin panel, which encourages you to manage the sessions and programs at Your GYM.

Your GYM template lets users log in to your app to check out and book the latest workouts by your trainers. The app template offers you a rich user interface, where users can review their workout history and manage their bookings. Users can log in with the help of their Google and Facebook accounts, which speeds up the app workflow and facilitates a higher conversion.

Easyday E-commerce App Kit Template

Easyday E-commerce App KIT App Template


Are you looking for a mobile app template that focuses on e-commerce? Then, use the handy Everyday app kit to jumpstart a mobile store and sell clothing, food, cosmetics, or digital goods. The template is a good fit for any niche store app.

Easyday is easy-to-customize. It doesn’t require much knowledge of coding. Moreover, Easyday is based on the straightforward and modern Materialize CSS framework. Thanks to this framework, you get an appealing website UI that embraces the trend of Google-inspired Material Design. Moreover, your app will easily fit any screen resolution.

NewsAmp - Swift News App Template

NewsAmp - Swift News App Template


Powering a news app like a pro is not rocket science with the NewsAmp template. The template is created 100% in Swift, which is perfect for iOS applications.

Customizing NewsAmp is a simple and streamlined process. For example, thanks to a pre-built side menu with Settings, you won’t have any trouble browsing sources and finding the elements you need. Moreover, thanks to My Collection page, your readers will be able to save articles to read later on. Users can switch between List and Grid views, send feedback, rate your app, and access your Privacy Policy.

WordPressAmp - Android Design for News Application

WordpressAmp - Android News App Template


Meet WordPressAmp, the application template that is made 100% in Android. The app is easy to use thanks to the trouble-free WordPress RSS integration. The app template is mapped to work specifically with WordPress blogs.

Easily browse the categories you need thanks to the pre-built side menu with settings. Your users get a chance to save the articles they want to read later on. Moreover, you can additionally enable customer feedback, rating functionality, Privacy Policy, etc. Finally, the app template supports RTL.

NewsAmp - Android Design for News Application

NewsAmp - Android News App Template


The popular NewsAmp app template also has an Android version. The app is very easy-to-use and minimalist in its style. It’s built with native Android.

You’re welcome to easily find the content you need thanks to the Side Menu with Settings. With NewsAmp, users will enjoy the UX of your app. For example, users can easily bookmark the articles they want to read later. Moreover, they can filter out the most popular publications. Finally, your app users will be able to switch back and forth between List and Grid articles view.

Over To You Now

You’ve just seen the best app designs for varied purposes and niches. All the ready-made app designs are novice-friendly and understandable. Moreover, these templates bring you a wide array of tools that broaden your application functionality.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you ever used a template to power an app? Share your experience in the Comments below.

Top Templates for Building Apps

Name Provider Category Price
Jobs App Template Hybapps Business Services $64
ADVIK Premium Web Mobile UI Kit App Template Advik Electronics Templates $65
AVPN Android Unlimited Free VPN App Template Advik Electronics Templates $64
Web2App Android Webview App Template Advik Electronics Templates $64
WhatsApp Video Status & Video Sharing with Admin Panel App Template Advik Design & Photography $64
Live Currency Converter App Template Advik Medical Templates $64
Call Blocker with Admob Andriod Studio App Template Advik Design & Photography $75
Your GYM App Template initializetechnologies Gym $75
Easyday E-commerce App KIT App Template Advik Electronics Templates $64
NewsAmp - Swift News App Template newsamp News Portal Templates $64
WordPressAmp - Android News App Template newsamp News Portal Templates $64
NewsAmp - Android News App Template newsamp News Portal Templates $64

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