Best CDN Providers To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

  1. Introduction to CDN
  2. How Content Delivery Network Affects Usability Of Website
  3. Top CDN Services for WordPress
  4. Website Speed Optimization Service

Introduction to CDN

CDN refers to the content delivery network. It is geographically distributed web infrastructure to optimize the transfer and distribution of content to end users on the Internet. The main goal of this service is to reduce loading time and improve websites performance. CDN provider makes a copy of the website stats to the servers, so if anyone gets your website, they receive stats from the server which is closest to their location (you may see the visual example on how it works below on the graphic).

Today more than a half of all traffic is served by the content delivery network. Even though CDN is free to use, it is still not for everyone. If your webpage users are at the same place where hosting is, the content delivery network will be a waste of time and may decrease the site performance. CD net is necessary for the following website directions working on a big scale: e-commerce, government, higher education, mobile and much more.


To embed CDN to your WordPress website, you will need a specific plugin CDN Enabler, so your content will be connected to CD net URLs. To proceed with Enabler, make sure you have PHP 5.4 or newer version along with WP 4.6 or newer version.

How Content Delivery Network Affects Usability Of Website

The main advantage CDNs bring to their users is the increasing of webpage speed. The faster loading time is the higher site conversion rate and lower bounce rate are guaranteed.

To better understand all CD net benefits, we are going to analyze it for performance, reliability, scalability and responsiveness features.

  • Performance: one of the main purposes of CD network is to lower delay which means to create the best connectivity where PoPs (points of presence) appear at main data web center intersections.
  • Reliability: a scope of CDN structure guarantees record resistance and high efficiency which allow providers to accomplish about 100% of SLAs (service level agreements). In order to get extra backup, providers cope with different carriers and lean on out-of-band channels which enable to communicate with servers if the disaster occurs.
  • Responsiveness: thanks to combination consolidating, CDN configuration may be distributed quickly, so then providers offer high customer service. CD net constantly improves their responsiveness.
  • Scalability: CDNs are counting resources on every caching servers, and try to handle site traffic, since they are built to stand high-speed and high-volume routing.

To find your webpage loading speed, visit such test page as Google Developers, Pingdom, GTMetrics.

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Top CDN Services for WordPress

Below we are going to cover 3 most popular CD network services for WordPress websites.

  • One of the most popular services is MaxCDN. Ideal for websites with the worldwide audience, because server locations of MaxCDN spread through the USA, Europe, South America, Australia and Asia. If you are not sure this service is for you, you may try free test subscription or request money back within 30 days if you have already paid for it. The service offers its users well-designed instrument panel and a wide range of control options, so it becomes available to monitor how CDN service hosts the page content.
  • KeyCDN is known for its progressive technologies and pay-as-you-go pricing option. There is no monthly plan, clients pay for data transfer only. KeyCDN has multiple server locations through four main regions of the planet. With the help of WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache plugin, Zencache you will be able to embed KeyCDN with your WordPress website. When it comes to security, the service provides SSL certificate free of charge.
  • CloudFlare is widely-applied CDN service for WP. Going ahead with this service, you will get improved page transfer system, and ultra-fast webpage speed consequently; extra security, absolutely free SSL support and free CloudFlare basic features.

This is just a part of the whole list of the best CDN services for WordPress in 2017. If you consider these three options not be appropriate for you, check the rest out here. And remember, when choosing CD net service, pay special attention to its reliability. This is the feature which will make your visitors enjoy improved page loading speed and overall site performance.

Website Speed Optimization Service

Website Speed Optimization Service.

If you want to boost your website speed, check out this awesome Website Speed Optimization Service. With the help of the service, you will be able to check your website’s performance and speed analysis. Let us help you with this. We will optimize your content to improve the speed and to ensure better search ranking results. To boost the website speed, we will also compress the images and delete all the unnecessary plugins. To make the pages load faster, we will reduce the size of the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. To reduce the loading time of your website, we will enable compression with browser caching. We will also provide you with a detailed report with the results of the performed optimization. We will also install the JX Accelerated Mobile Page (JX AMP) extension, so your website pages will load faster on mobile devices. You do not need to pay extra money to get this extension because it is included in the service. Having made all the mentioned and not mentioned steps, your website will load faster up tp 50%!

The delivery time for CMS websites (created with the help of WordPress, Joomla, etc.) is up to 3 business days; for Online Stores ( made with OpenCart, Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.) is up to 5 business days.

How do we work? Firstly, purchase the service. Then, we will contact you via e-mail and you have to provide us with access details to your admin panel and the hosting account. Then, we will make all the customization, all for you. When we are finished, we will report to you about this, and you have the possibility to check all the changes. If any additional optimizations are needed, please inform us. Note that you have only one free revision. Remember that this service is valid for one website only. If you want to optimize two of your websites, make it separately.

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