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These 50 Best Website Designs For 2021 Will Help You Make a Corporate Website

Are you looking for a collection of corporate website templates which would make your project glow and your customers say “wow”?  Do you want your website to look better than the websites of your competitors? Do you know how to code and how to make a good website? If you do not, then you can take advantage of a website template - all the design work is already done for you, all you have to do is create the content.

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Let’s make sure that we are on the same page as you with a features list.

Your perfect template…

  • Has a design which:
    • looks modern
    • is appropriate for your type of business
  • Has a clean code:
    • … is from a reliable template resource. There are dozens of template companies who are here today and gone tomorrow, so people cannot be blamed for preferring the tried and true from a well-established company.
    • … has support and updates. The more support a template manufacturer provides - the better. Ideally, it is available 24/7.

Not to mention, that a website template should be responsive.

It also has a huge impact on branding, by the way. A neat-looking website plays a huge part in it.

A website is the primary and the only online exposure of a brand unless you have a physical store/office. Then you have 2 “exposure sources”.

That takes us to a statement, that a website needs to be designed with the same precision and accuracy which is usually paid to decorating a physical store. Besides, a neat website not only attracts, holds and converts your customers, but it also helps you establish business connections and even hire new talent.

Moreover, making a website raises the trustworthiness of the business for the potential clients. And also don’t forget that Google prefers responsive websites and rates them higher in Google search. A good SEO is vital for online business, so don’t neglect it.

There are a few more reasons why a website could help the business.

  • You reach a wider audience
  • You may be seen by a person who doesn’t know about you yet
  • You may be exposed to a person who has heard about you and wants to know more
  • Your website may become the final factor in a decision to purchase from you and not from your competitor

There is a huge number of web design elements which will make the project look memorable and captivating. Moreover, their look also helps with website navigation. Among the great features, you will find a Parallax effect, a hamburger menu, all kinds of headers and footers, image sliders, handy and neat social media widgets and a Google map. Luckily, you don’t have to come up with a design yourself if you get a ready-made corporate website template.

Here, we’ve gathered the ultimate compilation of recently released corporate website designs which can make a great project. All of them have a lifetime 24/7 support and lifetime updates. Also, since all of them were released recently, they follow all web design trends for 2021 and have a modern look.

You may consider using corporate website templates with a more conservative design or templates which have some joyful design elements. You may choose the one which suits your individual needs. To boost your website creation skills, make use of best website builder guide that will help you put up a professional looking business site.

Which platform to choose for your corporate website?

When you plan a new project, there are thousands of questions to answer. One of them concerns the choice of engine for the site. It’s a shame if you spend a lot of time-solving this simple problem. Instead, take the extra minute for more critical issues, such as planning the purchase of a new car that will be affordable if the project is successful. And from this part, you will learn how to choose the right platform for your site. Almost all of them have enough functionality to create nearly any website, including the corporate one. All engine developers call their products great. Therefore, it’s difficult to objectively assess the compliance of the content management system’s functionality, which is needed for the project. To do this, compare the capabilities of each type of platform our best corporate website templates are based on, considering the set of features described below.


WordPress is the leader among the CMS engines. More than a third of all sites on the Internet are created using this CMS. It captivates users with the simplicity of website creation and management. And thousands of our plugins and themes will allow creating almost any project, including a corporate website.


  • Free.
  • Easy installation process.
  • You can edit the source code of the site.
  • Easy to create a website and fill it with content. Thus it’s suitable for beginners.
  • There are thousands of manuals for working with the engine.
  • Knowledge of web programming is desirable but not required.


  • Some plugins are incompatible with each other.
  • If there are too many plugins on the site, this can overload it.
  • There are security problems due to the vulnerability of some plugins and incompatibility with the engine version.

The WordPress engine is free. You pay only for the domain, hosting, and some plugins or themes. If you don’t want to bother with hosting, you can create a website on the platform. It is a paid version of the engine.


Joomla is also a popular engine. Pages of the site are constructed using modules and plugins. Using this CMS, you can create all the same websites (including corporate websites) as on WordPress. Still, there is a difference in managing and filling the site with content.


  • Open-source.
  • Flexible functionality, thanks to additional modules and plugins.
  • A visual editor with the ability to add content without entering the admin panel is included.
  • They provide accelerated page load.
  • Built-in debug mode and error reporting.
  • Knowledge of programming is desirable but not required.


  • Not as convenient as WordPress.
  • Security vulnerabilities: it’s better to immediately hire specialists to configure the site’s protection from hacking. Although, with our best corporate website templates, you won’t need to do that.
  • Some plugins are incompatible with each other.

It’s a free engine. You pay only for a domain, hosting, paid plugins and paid templates.


Drupal is an advanced engine for the experienced webmaster. It’s suitable for sites with a large amount of data, high traffic, and a developed user base. Large forums, information portals, news agencies, and government websites are created on its basis. It is ideal for a corporate website if you’re an experienced we и developer.


  • Open-source.
  • High level of protection.
  • Suitable for sites with a large amount of data.
  • It has its caching system.
  • Has built-in mechanisms for limiting the load on the site with high traffic (for example, disabling part of the modules).
  • It has a considerable amount of modules.
  • You can customize the appearance of the admin panel.


  • It is difficult for beginners.
  • You can’t install a template from the admin panel like WordPress. You have to do it through the server.
  • The engine often accesses the database, so more expensive hosting is needed.
  • It has mostly premium templates.

It’s also a free CMS.


HTML5 sites consist of separate static pages written in HTML5 and CSS3 code. These pages, unlike in CMS platforms, exist from the beginning and are stored on some server. In dynamic sites using CMS, pages are generated on the fly when requested by a visitor and use the information stored in the engine’s database.


  • HTML5 sites have significantly less weight.
  • Sites written in HTML5 run and load much faster and are using fewer server resources.
  • In HTML5 sites, there is no so-called garbage code that most CMS systems can add.
  • HTML5 versions of sites don’t require updating both the engine itself and individual modules.
  • HTML5 sites are harder to hack since they can’t have holes in the engine or modules because of these components’ absence.
  • They have a simplified system for creating a site backup. You only need to copy the files from the parent directory. The same applies to transferring a site to another hosting.
  • The cost of developing an entire site is lower.
  • Lower cost of hosting.
  • The preservation of content on HTML5 sites is higher since the information is stored directly in the body of the page and not in a separate database, the damage of which can break the entire site.
  • They provide more excellent stability of resources in terms of editing each page separately. If a mistake is made somewhere, it will spoil only a specific page, and with CMS platforms, it can affect the operation of the entire site.
  • Ease of support, because any person, more or less knowledgeable in HTML5 and CSS3 language can handle projects, while each CMS has its operating principles and sequence of actions.


  • You may have difficulty in making changes that are repeated on all or most pages. These changes include menu items, phone numbers, addresses, sales, or any other reference information. The difficulty lies in the fact that you must manually replace these data on each page. And if the site consists of several hundred pages, this process may seem very difficult.
  • The lack of an admin panel, in which information is displayed more simply and understandably, may be inconvenient. And the process of filling the site with content is more complicated. Although, some of our best corporate website templates may include Novi Builder to simplify this process.
  • To maintain the site, you must have basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

TOP 50 Best Corporate Website Designs For 2021

Template Name Theme Provider Template Category Price
Law Expert - Law Firm Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Lawyer Templates $75
TopInvest - Investment Company Responsive Multipage Website Template ZEMEZ Investment Company Templates $75
Monstroid2 Multipurpose Website Template ZEMEZ Interior Design Templates $75
Farma - Pharmacy Multipage Clean Bootstrap HTML Website Template ZEMEZ Drug Store Templates $75
Manetgen - Horse Riding Responsive Multipage Website Template ZEMEZ Horse Templates $75
Chiropractic - Alternative Medicine Website Template ZEMEZ Medical Templates $75
Intersco - Logistic & Transportation Website Template ZEMEZ Trucking Templates $75
Intense Multipurpose Website Template ZEMEZ Interior Design Templates $75
Barbershop - Hair Care & Hair Styling Website Template ZEMEZ Hair Salon Templates $59
City Taxi - Taxi Service Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Taxi Templates $75
BigFish - Fishing Website Template ZEMEZ Fishing Templates $75
Busmo - Taxi Service Responsive Website Template WT Taxi Templates $75
Xouas - Real Estate Agency Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Real Estate Agency Templates $75
Rock - Mountain Cycling Club Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Cycling Templates $75
Acupuncture - Alternative Medicine Center Website Template ZEMEZ Medical Templates $75
Law Firm Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Law Firm Templates $75
Farm Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Farm Templates $75
Trucking Responsive Website Template WT Trucking Templates $75
Business Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Business & Services $75
Alpha Health - Counseling Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Counseling Templates $75
Modicate Multipurpose Website Template ZEMEZ Business & Services $75
Joseph Parker - Political Candidate Responsive Multipage Website Template ZEMEZ Political Candidate Templates $75
TopInvest - Investment Company Responsive Multipage Website Template ZEMEZ Investment Company Templates $75
Easy Audit - Multipage Consulting Website Template ZEMEZ Consulting Templates $75
AllRisk - Insurance Company Multipage Website Template ZEMEZ Insurance Templates $75
Law Firm Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Law Firm Templates $75
Business Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Business & Services $75
Facilis Website Template ZEMEZ Business & Services $75
7 Level Website Template ZEMEZ Business & Services $75
Financial Vision Website Template ZEMEZ Financial Advisor Templates $75
Financial Advisor Website Template ZEMEZ Financial Advisor Templates $75
Alfa Website Template WT Business & Services $75
FinAdvision Inc Website Template ZEMEZ Financial Advisor Templates $75
Corporational Inc. Website Template WT Business & Services $69
CorpoRational Inc. Website Template ZEMEZ Business & Services $75
Delterro Website Template WT Business & Services $69
Cerulex Website Template WT Business & Services $69
Six Website Template WT Business & Services $69
Business Website Template ZEMEZ Business & Services $75
Business Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Business & Services $75
Business Responsive Website Template WT Business & Services $69
Business Website Template ZEMEZ Business & Services $69
Corpix Website Template ZEMEZ Consulting Templates $69
ZUW Website Template WT Business & Services $69
Translation Bureau Responsive Website Template WT Business Services $75
Business Responsive Website Template WT Business & Services $69
Consulting Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Consulting Templates $69
Markex Website Template WT Investment Company Templates $69
Consulting Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Consulting Templates $69

1. LawExpert


Download Live Demo Hosting

In case you are looking for business website templates
which won’t distract your visitors from the content, yet keep everyone focused on the service that you offer, check out this one. This corporate website template is best suited for lawyers, however, you may adjust the design for your own purposes.

2. TopInvest


Download Live Demo Hosting

Investing in an investment company template would be one of the wisest financial decisions for you to make this month. Creating a website with a design like this could result in a neat and successful project.

BIV Concordia Website Template

BIV Concordia - multipurpose business HTML Website Template.

Download | Live Demo | Download for Free in ONE

When buying a medical, corporate website template, it is essential to remember that it should talk about your professionalism. It should be easy for the client to find all the vital information about you, your contacts, opening hours, and your services. With the BIV Concordia by bivtemplates template, it will be easy for you to create the site of your dreams. Thanks to the optimized code, it will load quickly, and you won't have any problems using it. And simple site navigation will not leave your customers indifferent.

3. Monstroid


Download Live Demo Hosting

Have you thought of having a multi-tool template at your disposal? Even after you purchase a template, you are not limited to a single design as you can choose any that you like. Novi builder, 400+ HTML files, eCommerce shop templates, event templates and calendars, portfolio, blog templates - this is not the full list of everything available in Monstroid.

4. Easy Audit


Download Live Demo Hosting

Looking for a first rate strictly corporate website design which would nevertheless have something bright and memorable in its look? Consider using this design. Not only does it contain all the necessary information, but also Introduces the team members, which makes the business more personal.

5. Farma

Farma - Pharmacy Multipage Clean Bootstrap HTML Website Template.

Download Live Demo Hosting

Colors mean a lot. A mild combination of gradient colors makes the eye glide over the template, while the content boxes help you structure the data and present it in the most readable way. Stick-to-top menu, Google map, contact form - all these features are created to raise conversions and to be more appealing to the customer. Choosing this template for a company website could be your winning ticket.

7. Manetgen


Download Live Demo Hosting

Looking for corporate site templates which would invite the website visitors to take action? These call-to-action buttons are impossible to miss, and the images are impossible to go unnoticed. Have a look at the demo and see them for yourself!

8. Chiropractic


Download Live Demo Hosting

Corporate medical websites would benefit from responsive web templates for a business like this one. Enumerating types of services, separating them into boxes, using the drop-down menu lets you impart everything about the business to the website visitors.

9. Intersco


Download Live Demo Hosting

This is a design where round and square shapes meet. A well-balanced proportion of angles makes it look appealing and trustworthy. 13 blog layouts and Novi builder will help your coding work, while SEO friendly code will help the project in the Google jungle.

10. Intense


Download Live Demo Hosting

Intense is one of the best WordPress themes for small business.
which can serve you as a multitool. After purchasing only 1 website template, you basically get several dozen possible designs, which you can adapt the way you like. Smooth Parallax scrolling, various hover effects, sticky menus, event templates and calendars, all make this template a decent option for your project.

11. Barbershop


Download Live Demo Hosting

If you are a fan of full-width images and of incredibly elegant widgets, you’ll appreciate this design. A Google map at the bottom of it points out the location of the company, while a hidden menu makes you gasp when you click on it. Try for yourself!

12. City Taxi


Download Live Demo Hosting

In case you need to create a dynamic-looking website, use the features of this template. It has a Parallax effect which is known to add depth to the design, and the way the images are presented, without any space in between, makes the flow of the images look uninterrupted.

13. BigFish


Download Live Demo Hosting

Full-screen images have their marketing power. Use this feature in your future website and see how it performs. Put less text, put more images, use a modern design - and the website visitors will be grateful to you. And, as we all know, their gratefulness morphs into your conversions.

14. Busmo


Download Live Demo Hosting

You may have a project which needs to consist mostly of the imagery. You might be searching among hundreds of corporate company website templates and stumble upon a design like this - it would be a great option. As you scroll down, it seems to be divided into several layers, and each of them contains a CTA-button which invites a visitor to learn more.

15. Xouas


Download Live Demo Hosting

If your current web design plan is to create a cosy real-estate website and you are searching for the best corporate website design, you may consider using this particular template. Everything that you expect to see in a design of this type is here - an image slider, blog section and a layout which emphasizes the content.

16. Rock


Download Live Demo Hosting

Speaking of dynamic designs, this template may be of interest to those who need to convey the energetic and vigorous spirit of the business. Among the first things that the website visitors will notice, will be the social media buttons. Pay attention to the flat-design image sliders as their design seems to be a magnet for your visitor’s mouse cursor.

17. Acupuncture


Download Live Demo Hosting

You might know that a video in web design could rocket your conversions. Don’t overlook this video feature and consider using company website templates with video integration, like this one, for example. Another great thing which is worth mentioning in this design is the style of the widgets - you can’t tell whether they are placed separately or as a solid ribbon in the service list.

18. Fenimore


Download Live Demo Hosting

A powerful combination of blue, white and red makes this template a great solution for those who are searching for the best law-related business website designs. Showcase your data, have the website visitors see the level of the trustworthiness of the business.

19. Agristar


Download Live Demo Hosting

Are you trying to find business website examples which would be logically structured? A careful placement of images and text make the content better for comprehension.

20. Wrecker Sales


Download Live Demo Hosting

Black and red website templates for a business company are in high demand, as this color combination is one of the most influential for a website visitor’s user experience.

21. TooD


Download Live Demo Hosting

Step away from the accepted web design norms which define typical corporate business website templates. Do you need something dynamic? This design has it, thanks to its unusual layout. Do you need a distinguishing style? The fonts make this template stylish. Use a bright yellow color to dilute the seriousness of the project, meanwhile keeping the look of a professional website.

22. Alpha Health


Download Live Demo Hosting

When looking for corporate company website templates, you may get lost in a huge variety of options. If you are not sure which features you should select, choose flat design and a typical but efficient corporate look - white and blue colors, a list of certificates, powerful imagery and a grid layout.

23. Modicate Multipurpose Website Template

Modicate Multipurpose Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

24. Joseph Parker - Political Candidate Responsive Multipage Website Template

Joseph Parker

Download Live Demo Hosting

25. TopInvest - Investment Company Responsive Multipage Website Template


Download Live Demo Hosting

27. AllRisk - Insurance Company Multipage Website Template


Download Live Demo Hosting

28. Law Firm Responsive Website Template

Law Firm Responsive Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

29. Business Responsive Website Template

Business Responsive Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

30. Facilis Website Template

Facilis Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

31. 7 Level Website Template

7 Level Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

32. Financial Vision Website Template

Financial Vision Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

33. Financial Advisor Website Template

Financial Advisor Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

34. Alfa Website Template

Alfa Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

35. FinAdvision Inc Website Template

FinAdvision Inc Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

36. Corporational Inc. Website Template

Corporational Inc. Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

37. CorpoRational Inc. Website Template

CorpoRational Inc. Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

38. Delterro Website Template

Delterro Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

39. Cerulex Website Template

Cerulex Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

40. Six Website Template

Six Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

41. Business Website Template

Business Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

42. Business Responsive Website Template

Business Responsive Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

43. Business Responsive Website Template

Business Responsive Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

44. Business Website Template

Business Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

45. Corpix Website Template

Corpix Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

46. ZUW Website Template

ZUW Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

47. Translation Bureau Responsive Website Template

Translation Bureau Responsive Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

48. Business Responsive Website Template

Business Responsive Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

49. Consulting Responsive Website Template

Consulting Responsive Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

50. Markex Website Template

Markex Website Template

Download Live Demo Hosting

Keep in mind, that all of these business website templates are responsive, they have a lifetime 24/7 support and lifetime updates. They have a design which follows the latest web design trends, they are from a trustworthy resource (TemplateMonster is the oldest template provider on the Web and it is rated 9.7 out of 10 on TrustPilot), they have an appropriate look for corporate projects and they are clean-coded. These website templates include a list of features which is required by every modern and effective website - you only need to choose the one which you like best. Different color combinations, Parallax effect, drop-down menu, social media and category widgets - all these small details contribute to a clean design. Either you need to create a totally businesslike, but conservative website, or you can spice it up with some cheerful details. In this list of 22 items you may find the one which you like.

Do you have a positive or a negative experience of working with templates from TemplateMonster? Are you searching for a corporate website template and you have a question? Or, maybe, you just feel like expressing your opinion on the designs listed in this blog post. Please feel free to leave your comment, I’d love to receive feedback from you.

These 50 Best Website Designs For 2021 Will Help You Make a Corporate Website FAQ

?What is a corporate website template?

A corporate website is a presentation of a company on the Internet. Its main goal is to attract new customers or partners (or strengthen current partnerships), develop a business by revealing the advantages of the company. Such a site gives a detailed description of the activities, services or products of the company.

?What is the main advantage of a corporate website template?

A modern corporate website is quite multifunctional and provides its owner with lots of advantages. It can fulfill a number of tasks that you may have not thought about. In particular, a corporate site can maintain round-the-clock relationships with customers or partners, be file storage and a tool for conducting the work process by company employees, their internal communication. In addition, a corporate website can sell and advertise the company's activities, becoming an independent effective advertising platform itself.

?What are the main parts of a corporate website template?

Parts or sections of a corporate website can vary in style and quantity. The main thing is that they should provide the maximum possible information about a company.

Here is an example:

- Info about a company itself: its history, achievements, work results;
- Info about the management and employees of the company;
- Info about goods or services sold by the company with their description;
- All kinds of information for/about partners;
- Links to a corporate blog and social accounts.

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