Best Custom Login Page Plugins for WordPress 2017

Building a website on WordPress provides you with advanced possibilities of customization and personalization. WordPress is a highly flexible platform, which allows you creating a unique website that will help you to build the image of your own brand. Sometimes you need to work really hard to name yourself a name. And sometimes it takes years before your company gets well-known and recognizable. However, there are several easy and effective ways to build your brand that you can try right away. A custom login page is one of them. Default login page on WordPress is usually identical for every website. And most of the webmasters continue using it without laying special emphasis on it.

However, there are several easy and effective ways to build your brand that you can try right away. A custom login page is one of them. Default login page on WordPress is usually identical for every website. And most of the webmasters continue using it without laying special emphasis on it. Still, WordPress custom login page is the first step in your website branding. So, how, actually, to get started? Of course, you can modify wp-login.php script. However, this requires some coding skills. So we have chosen best custom login plugins for WordPress you can use to make your website look unhackneyed and unique.

BM Custom Login

This is a pretty old and simple, yet quite ffective and easy-to-maintain plugin. Besides usual customization options, the users of this plugin can share their creative ideas and login pages in the Flickr group.

Memphis Custom Login

Memphis comes with a standard set of customization options: CSS, background customization, logo, etc. The peculiar feature of this plugin is that it supports Google Analytics and SSL enabled websites. There is also a possibility to protect your blog with a password.

Sexy Login

This plugin transforms your standard login page into AJAX and jQuery powered login page. The main advantage is in handling the errors without the necessity to reload the page. There is also a possibility of adding reCAPTCHA verification to block the spammers.

Tailored Login

This is a premium plugin that comes with Style Manager. It allows you uploading your own background image and customizing various elements of the login form. You also get two widget areas in your login page, where you can place custom or default widgets.

Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

This is a top rated custom WordPress login plugin. It supports a great number of features including animations, opacity, gradients and heavy customization options. With the help of this plugin, you can customize almost every detail. It also allows you changing the footer text.

A5 Custom Login Page

The most awesome feature of this plugin is a login shortcode. It enables you dynamically generate a login page anywhere in your website. Redirection module allows you leading your visitors to the desired landing page as soon as they are logged in.

Birds Custom Login

This multilingual plugin allows you customizing your WordPress login page easily. It features responsive design and supports a great number of customization features. There is also an option of the live preview within the setting screen.

Tesla Login Customizer

This plugin allows you customizing your login page within a couple of minutes without any coding skills. It is fully responsive and comes with Google reCAPTCHA integration. Template picker option allows you choosing a pre-designed template for your login page.

WP Custom Login

This is a dead-simple plugin. It was designed for the users who want the header and footer to be included to the login page. This is not too much. However, it can improve your website's internal linking influencing positively your SEO.

Custom Login

Custom Login is, perhaps, of the most popular freemium custom WordPress login plugin. The free version includes lots of customization opportunities like custom CSS and JS code snippets. The premium version provides you with stealth login option, custom redirects and other advanced features.

Here are several examples of great WordPress themes you can use for your project. Just customize them up to your taste, download a custom WordPress login plugin and enjoy your website.

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Monstroid2 is a new generation of multipurpose WordPress themes. It comes with 10 pre-built websites to provide you with more options. Customizable header, footer and blog styles, a rich set of plugins and features allow you building truly versatile and fully functional website.

Details | Demo

Bellaina - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Bellaina is a powerful niche template, designed for real estate business. It features Cherry Real Estate plugin, which provides your clients with the most user-friendly browsing experience. Cherry Projects plugin makes it easy to create a decent representation of the properties.

Details | Demo

Fashionia - Fashion Magazine WordPress Theme

Fashionia is a perfect example of fashion WordPress templates. It is suitable for content-heavy websites, such as news portals or online magazines. The template combines bright design with advanced functionality.

Details | Demo

Interra - Interior Design WordPress Theme

Interra is a modern and stylish solution for an interior and exterior design company or furniture shops. It comes equipped with Power Builder, which allows you customizing your theme in the visual mode. Cherry Framework core combined with contemporary design make a perfect solution for your project.

Details | Demo

Laraway - Digital Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

This flat template is ideal for a number of various projects. It features clear structure and advanced customization options. A set of handy Cherry plugins enhanced the functionality of your website. Fill your website with diverse content with the help of the content modules.

Details | Demo

So, as you see, WordPress templates are ideal foundation for any project. First of all, they are intuitive and user-friendly. Secondly, they are equipped with powerful visual builders that enable you customizing your templates without any coding skills. Thirdly, there are thousands of free and premium plugins, including WordPress custom login plugins available, which will help you to personalize your website and enrich its functionality. Of course, in this article, we have highlighted just a tiny bit of possible options you have. There are much more custom WordPress login plugins on the web. The choice depends only on your preferences, level of experience and your budget.

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