15 Best Free Magento Themes

If you plan to popularize your business on the World Wide Web, then creating your own online store will be the best way to achieve your goal. One of the most popular and sought-after design platforms is the Magento platform. A large selection of a wide variety of themes will amaze your imagination, and you may rest assured that among the huge collection of themes on this platform you will certainly find something that suits you. It doesn’t matter what goods and services will be presented in your online store because with a stylish and interesting design of the themes presented, success is guaranteed.

Although the eCommerce shops themselves are rather complicated, however, a well-created space on the network will certainly attract many customers who, using the services you provide them with, will begin to “advertise” your online store to their friends. Such success will be possible due to the advantageous location of social network icons, timely SEO results, competent coding, and compatibility in all browsers.

Now we turn directly to the consideration of the best free Magento themes.

StartElectro - FREE eCommerce Magento Theme

StartElectro - FREE eCommerce Magento Theme.

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This theme deserves your attention and interest for a number of reasons. First of all, it has many characteristics indispensable for a successful online store and is incredibly responsive, which already guarantees your company a large number of fans. Secondly, your website will be equally well displayed on all types of devices (from computers to compact smartphones). The unique page for displaying the catalog of the presented products looks truly professional and attractive. You may also highlight in separate sections new products or premium products.

StereoCar - FREE Audio eCommerce Magento Theme

StereoCar - FREE Audio eCommerce Magento Theme.

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The next theme is an ideal solution for those who want to create a site for the sale of car music. Stylish and catchy design, combined with a full set of basic widgets and modules will make the purchase and sale process as simple and enjoyable as possible. A key advantage is the mega-menu, which allows the user to find all the information he needs about the presented goods. For ease of viewing, a smooth slider is provided, and to attract a larger audience of interested users, banners pop-up on the main page are used. The practical Quick View extension allows customers to explore product data without moving to a new page.

F2 - Free Magento 2.0 Theme Magento Theme

F2 - Free Magento 2.0 Theme Magento Theme

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This template was created according to the latest professional trends in the field of web industry. This explains its exceptional appearance and incomparable functionality. A competent menu structure contributes to a better organization of data and saves users’ time, which they will certainly appreciate. An adequate amount of visual effects in no way adversely affects the speed of loading the site. Goods may be presented in the form of a carousel, and the search for them is carried out with the indication of specific parameters, which significantly speeds up the search process.

Ketty Magento 2 Beta Magento Theme

Ketty Magento 2 Beta Magento Theme.

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This template will be an interesting solution for creating an eCommerce fashion store. All content will be placed in a block layout, and modern fonts will help to provide buyers with information in the most favorable light. Thanks to the mega-menu, the entire range of products is presented in the most convenient format. There is a user admin panel available, thanks to which the owner may make the required changes to an existing template. The template meets the basic requirements of SEO and interacts with almost all browsers.

Magetique Lingerie - FREE eCommerce Magento 2 Theme Magento Theme

Magetique Lingerie - FREE eCommerce Magento 2 Theme Magento Theme

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Without any doubt, the sale of lingerie with this template will reach a new level. Professional design, easy customization and maximum responsiveness of the theme will be your signature card. The pages of this template are specially designed in such a way as to best place a catalog with all the products of lingerie and illustrations for it. In addition, each unit of goods has its own premium page, which allows you to study in more detail the things you like. Search with the required sizes, colors, styles has become much easier thanks to swatch. Compatibility with browsers allows the online store to look attractive on any device.

AllyBike - FREE Sports eCommerce Magento Theme

AllyBike - FREE Sports eCommerce Magento Theme.

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If your business is related to the sale of bicycles and bikes, then the success of your online store is guaranteed with this theme. A wide range of walking, road, mountain or touring bikes will look very attractive thanks to the special features of the functional catalog. It will also help to place advantageously all the products in the grocery list, and on the premium pages you may tell in more detail about each bike. Configurable swatches make it easy for customers to find the right model.

Free Magento 1.9 Template

Free Magento 1.9 Template Magento Theme.

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It is quite difficult to imagine modern templates for online stores without an adaptive design for the advantageous display on the screen of any device, regardless of its resolution. Naturally, this free Magento theme has such a mandatory function. Initially, you will have access to a clean layout with a simple design, scrolling parallax, a fixed menu, and special sliders to complete the image. Everything is ready to use, and you just have to post content and arrange it with the help of many interesting effects and fonts. The functionality and attractive appearance of the site, combined with well-placed content, will certainly have a positive impact on the income of your business.

Softonne - FREE Electronics Simple Magento Theme

Softonne - FREE Electronics Simple Magento Theme

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The theme is designed specifically for any business area. Practicality, adaptability and ease of setup and use - all this makes this template popular and in demand. For the most favorable location of the goods of your company, a special catalog-menu is provided, as well as pages for all services separately. Searching the products by specific parameters speeds up the process and saves users time. Create a high-quality online store with Softonne and your business will take a significant step forward in development.

GrandSale - FREE eCommerce Wholesale Magento Theme

GrandSale - FREE eCommerce Wholesale Magento Theme

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In order for the presence on the Internet to bring a steady income, you should create a high-quality online store that will present your company from the best side. The GrandSale theme is great for this purpose. Full functionality, the use of various fonts and effects to improve the design, a clear menu and a perfect display on all devices - all this will become the key to your success.

Fitness Magento Free Theme Magento Theme

Fitness Magento Free Theme Magento Theme

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This theme is perfect for companies that offer sports services, subscriptions to sports clubs, as well as sell related products. But this template is not limited to the sports industry, and therefore is perfect for beauty salons, car dealerships, or electronics stores. The availability of functions common today will ensure the smooth operation of your site, and a functional slider, a practical menu and parallax effects will make the process of using the platform as convenient as possible.

Milano – Responsive Magento Theme

Milano – Responsive Magento Theme.

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This theme has many positive reviews, which is not surprising, because it is based on the latest technologies in the field of programming and has a full range of characteristics necessary for the successful functioning of the online store. The layout of the home page exists in ten versions, and the installation takes only a few seconds. At your disposal there are pages, products, widgets, sliders and other items available for import. A wide selection of colors for the design of the page will help in creating a unique style, and social icons will allow users to explore your pages on social networks easily.

Free Absolute Template

Free Absolute Template.

Demo | Download | Hosting

This Magento free theme will save you from doing unnecessary work and solving problematic issues. Responsive design allows your site to look decent on the screen of any size. No matter how high-quality your products are, if the loading of your online store is long, then most likely you will lose most of the potential buyers. Fortunately, with this template you do not have to face a similar problem, because one of the main characteristics of this theme is its quick download. For the most successful organization of content, you may choose wide or block layouts. The main functions of the template also include fast and advanced viewing, newsletter, and a slider for multimedia files.

FreeGo Magento 2.1

FreeGo Magento 2.1.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Often, potential customers evaluate the quality of products by the appearance of the online store. That is why choosing a stylish and practical template is so important for attracting people, and FreeGo is a great choice. Recently, people have increasingly preferred mobile phones to computers, so the full adaptability to mobile devices is an invaluable advantage. A great bonus will be a touch slide show of your goods: such a presentation will certainly interest website visitors. And in the advanced section for writing a blog, you may share with customers interesting information about the products presented.

Bentriz - Free Auto Parts Responsive Magento 2 Theme

Bentriz - Free Auto Parts Responsive Magento 2 Theme.

Demo | Download | Hosting

The unique block design of the site helps to illustrate your products in the best possible way. The success of the sale of even the highest quality products is impossible without a competent presentation to its potential buyers. Fortunately, this Magento template successfully copes with this. A mega menu, an animated banner for attracting attention, a lightning-fast installation and a large number of fonts for the original design - all this and much more certainly deserve your attention. Stylish social icons facilitate interaction with users on social networks.

EM Necessary Magento 2 Theme

Necessary Magento 2.1.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Depending on how well your chosen theme for the site functions, your company will work so productively. The popularity of the theme is explained by its nuanced setting, the ability to choose the appropriate layout of the main page among the proposed options, as well as an unlimited number of colors for the colorful design of the online store. Responsiveness, the ability to quickly view your favorite page and high-quality images of goods will be appreciated by customers.


In each field of activity, there is a large number of competitors who constantly compete with each other to attract the attention of customers. A properly designed online store with a well-chosen Magento template will help your company be one step ahead. And although now you may easily find many free Magento themes, nonetheless, our today's selection includes the most high-quality, non-standard, and interesting topics for creating a decent online store.


❔Are the Magento templates completely free or only partially?

You may find both Magento free themes and premium themes. The first ones do not require any cash investments, but often additional functions can be attached to them, which become available only after payment is made.

❔Which Magento themes are better to prefer: free or premium?

In the free Magento themes versions, you may encounter a number of limitations. Therefore, if you are determined to create an eCommerce store with the most complete range of functions, it is better to give preference to a premium template.

❔In what other cases do you need to apply premium Magento templates?

This will be needed if you already have a finished site created with a free template, but you want to expand and improve it.

❔What are Magento Bootstrap themes?

Bootstrap is a framework that has recently been in great demand among users. It is not surprising that you may find a sufficient number of Magento templates based on this framework.

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