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Put off Your Design and Browse the Most Inspiring Gaming Sites – the Solution Will Come Easy…

This article is for web designers and people of other professions, in a word, for everyone who enjoys spending time playing videogames. Why do we play videogames? Some say that we do it just to spend time; others assert that we do it for fun and some people dedicate their lives to gaming (creating new games or playing them).

No mater why we play games, we all feel better playing them as this is one of the multiple ways of getting away from the routine. Fairy virtual reality is like a parallel world, which you can enter and exit totally free. No borders, no passport control, no luggage is needed for the journey.

But you’d better have a list of proper resources for such trips in order to make them really enjoyable. And you will get them after this short preface.

So, we arrived at the conclusion that games help people to get over their life problems. In some cases great solutions of hard problems come to people while they are playing games. As a famous DOTA player, Dendi said: “The best way to get through pain is to completely dive into something”. And we entirely agree with him.

Some games are much deeper than the others; they have a lot of subtlety and stir wilder people’s emotions than everyday situations. So, games can be really inspiring. They can influence people’s mood making them either fall into depression or laugh with happiness.

Games can be considered the form of art, which became rather significant today. Lots of artists get inspiration from games. They help people tune to the right mood to create (design, draw, write songs etc.).

Getting closer to our topic, we introduce you best game websites list, browsing which you can find interesting info on games, maybe discover new games for yourselves, then play them and overall get inspired for further work.

Most inspiring gaming sites

* * *

Rock, paper, shotgun

Rock, paper, shotgun is one of the biggest gaming sites on the Internet. Here you can find all kinds of news on gaming world’s latest releases, reviews on different games and communicate on their forum.


* * *


On Edge Online you can find all the typical stuff for a gaming website: news, reviews, videos and other things. The site also has a cool design and mobile version, which is certainly worth checking out.


support Ukraine

* * *


The site name speaks for itself. Here you can find trailers, which will make you excited about any game, and information on games (video and wiki guides), shows and events.


* * *


This one also has a standard set of info on gaming, but it is notable for its job board and an online shop of audio recordings.


* * * is concentrated on development of gaming and gaming technologies. You can find a job here as well.


* * *


Kotaku contains a large number of interesting articles connected to gaming. Some of them tell you about serious news and some of them are meant just to entertain you without introducing hard to understand topics.


* * * contains video game reviews, news, previews, forums and videos. I guess, that’s enough to go and check it yourself.


* * *


Destructoid is a huge game database of reviews, videos and news. It also has an online shop, where you can buy consoles, accessories and games for them.


* * *


Here you can find games with big price drops, so this site is definitely worth checking if you want to enlarge your videogame collection.


* * *


This is a famous websites where you can find professional reviews and all new games. There is also a list of the recently highest rated games. So, if you seek for a nice game to play, be sure to check the Metacritic.


* * *

Giant Bomb

Find even more gaming news, reviews and videos as well as a merchandise shop here.


* * *


Cool design, news, reviews, trailers, podcasts, streams and a shop. That’s what you get clicking the link above.


* * *

True Achievements

Are you an Xbox achievement hunter? If so, this site might be very interesting for you. Here you will find a ton of info on achievements in different games and even a list of the most successful hunters!


* * *


This is the official Xbox magazine featuring any news linked with this Microsoft product.


* * *


On you will find all possible info on games (guides, wikis, walkthroughs, reviews, cheat codes, trailers and videos) and gaming platforms, including the mobile ones.


* * *

We sincerely hope that you found sites we’ve picked truly interesting. Let us know if some of them have caught your eye, if you’ve got inspired by their designs or reading recent game reviews or if you even found a job on one of them.

* * *

But that’s not all, we decided to finish our blog post with a terrific collection of gaming website templates in case you are going to launch your own project or have an order for this design category.

So, please meet

Top Gaming WordPress Themes

which you can easily customize into unique websites bringing money 24/7, rain or fine without any efforts from your side.

* * *


A very catching, dark website, with a huge banner on top, cool flat icons below it and bold red accents leading users’ eyes through the page.


* * *

Game Box

Spectacular scenes and playful, game-style content placement can be considered a real author’s boon.


* * *


Semi-transparent text blocks and hover effects are really staggering here. Click the image and try them out, you’ll be surprised.


* * *


Please note a salient menu, impressive slider images and loud orange colors, making the gamers’ hearts beat faster as soon as they enter the website.


* * *

Game Box

This deep-blue cosmic-style theme looks rather scary. Don’t you think that it’s a good way to give a dare to the gamers?


* * *

Games Portal

A clean gaming website? Why not, it looks rather unique… All these polygons in the background and protrudent design elements make the portal attractive for the targeted audience.


* * *

Game Mix

If you stick to classical designs for gaming sites with dark colors, intimidating imagery and habitual elements placement, view the live demo of this template. We believe that you’ll like it as well as your visitors.


* * *

Games Portal

This games portal with user-friendly navigation will let you feature the latest news, popular topics and best games on its friendly pages.


* * *


A great website that will cater to all gamers’ requirements. Professionally done and ideal for the topic.


* * *

Game Space

The name of this template speaks for itself. You submerge into the atmosphere of outer space as soon as you enter it.


* * *

Game Box

The environments of this gaming site are spectacular, yet very functional and informative. The author found a perfect balance, between visual and text content, we guess.


* * *

The World of Games

Tabbed navigation in the content area and built in videos will help you show more content in the appealing forms. The users will appreciate that.


* * *


Comb texture in the background singles this template out from the rest of similar websites.


* * *


Theme’s typography and grungy style can be considered its peculiarity. Wailing, isn’t it?


* * *

Game Box

A very bellicose gamer WordPress theme. We believe that shooters fans will be enraptured by it.


* * *

Liked anything? We hope you did. Now don’t wait, just download one of these astounding themes, customize it and very soon you’ll have your blog, portal or web store up and running.

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