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If one has a site, he or she should take care of its safety and reliability. All that is transferred via the global network becomes available to differing people including malefactors. To make these processes safe, one needs to guard their site by any means possible. One of the primary things here is SSL, which is installed easily with the help of specialized plugins. In this article, we'll talk about the most helpful and reliable SSL plugins for WordPress and look into the possible questions you might have.

Best SSL Plugins WordPress.

What's SSL and Why Do You Need It?

In general, it describes the rules that make the communications via the internet safe. For instance, when some confidential information should be passed, people can employ certain data coding. A similar process takes place in our case, but the means and methods of encryption are different and complex. Namely, thanks to Fermat's little theorem, we are able to have the public key encryption code, the RSA, which is used in SSL.

In short, this is the safe channel between the devices working over the internet.

Several noteworthy points are ensured by the SSL:

  • transmission of data;
  • correlating to the correct server;
  • data integrity.

Sites supported by the component show that your personal data is safe during each transition. You can see whether the page is protected or not by the image of the green lock, which many browsers use to identify. One more distinctive characteristic is https- instead of http-sites.

Https image.

As an example, if you buy something on the internet, you should only do this through sites that use SSL. Otherwise, attackers can find out, use, or modify your payment information as it is sent via the internet.

Thus, you should take care of the component on your site. How can you realize this? You are probably aware of the fact that your WP site might need functional plugins and themes for a professional appearance and for essential and advanced features. To get your site secured, you need to install an SSL plugin.

If your page doesn't have an SSL, it may be marked as 'not secure' by Google, which will provide a negative impression on visitors. Most likely, you've met such sites on the global network and remember how you treated them. What's more, https-sites get higher rankings in Google search. Thus, there are clear reasons why there's a need to obtain one for your online project.

Steps to Installing SSL/HTTPS to a WordPress Website

Step 1

Get SSL. There are free variants such as Let's Encrypt, and the ones offered by your hosting suppliers, and paid options, such as Domain.com. Notably, there are various prices on the service, and you should assess your project and which level of security you'll necessitate.

Step 2

Now you need to enable the certificate on your domain name, including www and non-www versions, which is very important.

Step 3

This is the final one, where you need to set up your site to employ the set protocols. You can perform this manually, but here you'll need technical skills, and it can be rather challenging as you'll have to edit WP files and address possible issues. The other variant, which is simple and doesn't require any skills, is utilizing SSL plugins for WordPress. In this way, you'll need to pick one, install it, and activate. It will take care of all the necessary arrangements.

How to Select WordPress SSL Plugin

To address this question, we have prepared a list of the most demanded and helpful tools, the ones that function well and have positive clients' reviews. While the primary option that you should look for in your best SSL plugin for WordPress is managing the relevant settings, making the required configurations to make your site use the certificate, there are also some other peculiarities related to the feature that are provided by several plugins. Thus, one tool will make the necessary setup, others will clean up the insecure content, enhance search engines to index your HTTPS pages, etc.

Best SSL Plugins for WordPress

Really Simple SSL is among the best SSL plugins WordPress. It finds the document without any help and makes the necessary arrangements. This tool is very helpful and very easy to exploit. There's a premium option of the instrument, which comes with advanced functionalities, such as a mixed content scan, advanced security headers, detailed feedback on the configuration page, etc.

One Click SSL is another representative of functional and smooth tools. It will accomplish the necessary activities to redirect all non-SSL pages to SSL and make all your sources processed over the new order. As its name indicates, it accomplishes its work with one click.

One Click SSL
One Click SSL
Developer: Tribulant Software
Price: Free

Free SSL Certificate & HTTPS Redirect for WordPress is for those not provided with free SSL by a hosting supplier and who don't want to buy one. This great tool offers users a free certificate from Let's Encrypt and a plugin to deal with it. You just need to make several clicks to redirect all traffic. The instrument also has a pro version, which will please the owner with several useful automated features, such as validating domain ownership, premium support, etc.

Easy HTTPS Redirection (SSL) is among the popular SSL plugins for WordPress, which finds its application when you've already installed a certificate and all is working correctly. The tool helps you force search engines to index your HTTPS version of the pages. Thus, when someone wants to access the non-https version, they'll be redirected to your https-version.

WP Force SSL  assists you in redirecting the HTTP traffic to secure HTTPS. All you need to do is activate the plugin, and it will arrange everything for you. The distinctive feature of this product is the certificate testing tool, which you can use for checking the validity of the certificate and whether it is installed properly.

SSL Insecure Content Fixer will clean up vulnerable content pieces. It will work with your site right after activation and perform the fixes on the basic level. Meanwhile, there are also advanced fix levels if you need comprehensive cleaning.

SSL Insecure Content Fixer
SSL Insecure Content Fixer
Developer: WebAware
Price: Free


If you want a trustworthy and protected online project with secure traffic, online payments, webmail services, system logins, and other essential website parts, take care of the discussed feature. Security is what you should care most about while on the Internet.

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