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10 Best Wedding Website Builders of 2020

They say that marriage is a bond between a person who never remembers anniversaries and a person who never forgets anniversaries. Marriage starts with a party, sophisticated accessories, and personal wedding websites (best free wedding websites too).

Template Monster has checked the majority (if not all!) of website builders to create a shortlist of the tools used to develop the best wedding websites. Honestly speaking, it was not a simple task. We ended up with TOP-10 wedding websites and are glad to share them with you.

#1. Weblium website builder
#2. Joy
#3. The Knot
#4. Wedding Wire
#5. Zola
#6. Appy Couple
#8. eWedding
#9. Wix
#10. Riley & Grey

Building wedding websites have already become a tradition and one more point in a couple’s preparation checklist. Today, website builders allow you to create a wedding website from scratch even those, who are not good at technologies. Whether you are one of those or have no idea where to start, we decided to make things easier. Below you can find every service mentioned briefly — with pricing policy, interfaces, TOP-5 strong advantages, and users’ reviews.

#10. Riley & Grey

Riley & Grey is a platform for couples, who show discrimination in design and want to have a luxurious wedding website. It is one of the most extraordinary wedding website builders, even its low position in the rating. You may need some time to discover the functionality. Nevertheless, it is well worth the effort.

Riley & Grey


  • Fair customization features — from domain to translation of invitations.
  • Responsive design with the mobile version and app-like experience.
  • Address collection and personalized RSVP system, cross-platform invitations.
  • Personal support and rapid response.
  • Opportunity to change the design whenever you want, to add other related events.

How to use: click on “Get started,” enter email to view available designs (obligatory). Users work on the website independently, but step-by-step guidance is provided if needed.


  • $35 per month for as long as you need.
  • $240 per year for one full year of life and a suite of paper files.


Moderate. Users have to deal with beautiful, but a bit convoluted interface. The website builder uses a decoy: a customer is suggested to start working, but any previews/actions are forbidden unless you register straight away.

Clients say:

Riley & Grey

#9. Wix

Wix is one of the simplest website builders. It is a perfect solution for those who don’t need development and prefer to get ready-made resources for customization. Wix suggests the basic kit of tools and designs, which is enough to create your own wedding website.

wedding website


  • Several hundreds of templates available, designer-made wedding templates, 20 specifically wedding templates.
  • Opportunity to get a memorable custom domain for your website, which is hidden until you publish it.
  • Easy interface — everything works through drag-and-drop — with a lot of room for customization.
  • Looks great on all devices.
  • Various apps and plugins are available in the store.


  • Free.
  • $10 for Premium account with custom domain.

How to use: click on “Get started,” register, choose a template, and fill up the website through drag-and-drop feature.


Easy. Nothing to code, numerous templates, and simple navigation.

Clients say:

wix clients

#8. eWedding

eWedding is one of the latest platforms for wedding website development. Nevertheless, it has already been used for creating 800,000 wedding websites! The website is convenient compared to most platforms listed here. However, the functionality it offers for free is quite limited.



  • Short educational video with guidelines.
  • Mobile friendly and responsive design.
  • Timeline of your relationships.
  • 18 categories in Sections for developing structure.
  • Advanced customization — theme, fonts, color, images, size, etc.


Free and Premium options. Premium account is available for $9 per month and provides access to some useful features:

  • choosing domain name;
  • 125 text SMS for informing your friends;
  • easy RSVP managing via color system;
  • exclusive theme designs.

How to use: click on “Start website” and follow the instructions. Users work independently.


Simple. Despite the diversity of setup features and well-developed customization, the website has a user-friendly intuitive design and is easy to use.

Clients say:

ewedding clients


SQUARESPACE is a multi-purpose website builder. It attracts attention by award-winning templates and reputation. SQUARESPACE’s clients are photographers, artists, musicians, restaurants, etc. It does not suggest as wide a selection of wedding templates as some of the builders below do. Nevertheless, it is a solution for people fond of laconic and interactive design.



  • Unlimited pages, galleries, blogs, and storage for two contributors.
  • Free custom domain with annual purchase.
  • SSL security and website metrics, mobile optimization.
  • Customized cash gift registry and links to other registries.
  • 24/7 personalized support via email or live chat.


  • $12 per month in case of a one-time payment.
  • $16 per month if paid monthly.

How to use: click on “Create a website,” preview themes, choose one, and create an account to continue using full functionality.


Simple. Despite numerous categories, features, and explanations, the intuitive interface makes it easy to find exactly what you need. Users create the website single-handedly by customizing pages through a drag and drop feature. Customer support is available 24/7.

Clients say:


#6. Appy Couple

Appy Couple combines three of the most features: effortless usage, impressive socialization, and modern representation. Users are offered to choose designs developed by top names in fashion and lifestyle. Customization doesn’t require even minimum tech skills. Share invitation and other content with your guests. Appy Couple is an opportunity to enjoy the app and preparation!

Appy Couple


  • Modern design that can be changed anytime with interactive features.
  • RSVP alerts, guest list and messaging, photo sharing, unlimited storage for this data.
  • Access to the hundreds of boutique designs, digital and print stationery.
  • Opportunity to keep your account active as long as you wish.
  • One of a kind design with premium features.


  • 50 EUR ($58) — Appy Boutique.
  • 150 EUR ($175) — Appy Luxury.

How to use: select a template, register, and sign it to fill up the pages.


Easy. This is ready-to-go and without problems. Users create the website single-handedly but can seek assistance at 24/7 Customer Support.

Clients say:

Appy Couple clients

#5. Zola

Zola's main advantage is integration with a wedding registry. It has gained the reputation as one of the best free wedding websites among trendy millennials. Moreover, Zola features one of the best available guest list managers. Users looking for numerous tools with minimal investment will enjoy it.



  • Seamless integration with wedding registry (e.g., buying presents straight from Zola).
  • Opportunity to change and customize the website anytime you feel like changing something.
  • Advanced customization features general design, color palette, a template that can be tailored to the style and size of your wedding party.
  • Custom domain is available for extra payment.
  • RSVP tracking with bonus features — surveys about food preferences, songs request, advice, create private events and a lot more.


  • Free.
  • $14.95 for a custom domain.

How to use: register, pick website design from a hundred available, personalize it, and share with guests.


moderate. Users customize already existing templates and set up integration. The interface is simple, but not the best one you can find. Users manage the website single-handedly, but they can contact the support team via email.

Clients say:

Zola clients

#4. Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire is a basic wedding website builder with a simple interface and essential features. It is one of those resources, which get better with every update. The functionality is impressive as for a free website. Besides, it features a lot of useful information for wedding preparation.

Wedding Wire


  • Personal URL that can be matched to your names, hashtag, etc.
  • Over 400 specifically wedding designs with various color palettes and invitation designs.
  • Custom backdrop with an engagement photo, personal artwork, etc.
  • RSVPs mailing and tracking; sharing details and photos via a special app.
  • Opportunity to preview design on all devices — desktop version, tablet, mobile.


  • Free.
  • $12.99 for a custom domain.

How to use: register, choose a template, and adjust the template by filling in important info and personal photos.


Easy. Choose a custom design and fill in your information. Users do everything single-handedly. Find answers to your questions in Forums.

Clients say:

Wedding Wire clients

#3. The Knot

The Knot wedding website builder is more than just a builder. It is a complex wedding network and planning paradize. The Knot helps manage wedding preparation by picking vendors to every little thing before saying “I do.” Back to the best free wedding websites builders, it is one of the best tools you can find with impressive integration features and high-level customization.

The Knot


  • A quiz that helps users to define their vision of your website and wedding in general.
  • Collecting addresses and easy RSVPs managing.
  • Fresh designs with high-level customization (URL, cover photo, color scheme).
  • Advanced synchronization features — integration with registries, bookings, survey for guests, collecting guests’ photos from social networks, etc.
  • Opportunity to develop unique wedding invitations.


  • Free.
  • $20 for a custom domain.

How to use: preview and choose a design, register, and customize it.


Moderate. Some may face difficulties when it comes to integration features. The intuitive interface allows you to figure out the basics easily, but it is challenging to find Customer Support contacts in case you face problems with the website.

Clients say:

The Knot

#2. Joy

Judging from the first impression, the name is not going to deceive: Joy wedding website offers only pleasant customer experience. It starts with a sleek design and highly-functional interface, which are accompanying by an app for easy interaction with guests. Currently, Joy is the leader among best free wedding websites.



  • Over a hundred fresh original templates for creating a trendy website.
  • Multiple admin functions for the easier management, unlimited photo storage, and free hosting.
  • Digital RSVPs with highly-functional guestlist tool, which includes questions and import to spreadsheets feature.
  • Instant informing and easy interaction with guests, including photo collecting, slideshow sharing feature, notifications, broadcast announcements, etc.
  • High level of integration, which includes wedding registries, bookings and much more.


  • Free.
  • Premium services are planned but not available yet.

How to use: create a free account, select a template, and customize everything.


Easy. Joy provides an utterly intuitive interface and customer support via chat or mail. This is one of the simplest and highly-functional website builders — proved by numerous reviews!

Clients say:

Joy clients

#1. Weblium

It’s time to meet the leader of our rating — Weblium.

This website has a bit different functionality compared to the platforms mentioned above. Unlike most wedding website builders, Weblium is not free. At the same time, it is free of extra troubles, worries, and any hustle. If you choose Weblium, you will be working with do-it-for-me website builder platform. It means all you have to do is to leave the requirements. The professional team will take care of the rest.

What are the reasons to start your wedding website on this platform while there are so many free solutions? Let’s find out more about the TOP wedding website on our list, so you will be able to answer this question without hesitation.


  • You don’t have to dig too much into website development. Weblium team takes care of hosting, domain and the rest of technical details.
  • Leave the requirements: the subject of your blog, the name, design preferences (if any). Weblium will build website tree, suggest composition and in 72 hours!
  • Your website will have an excellent rating. The reason is simple: they are hosted by a platform that has already gained reliability. To reach the same rating single-handedly, you will need to invest a lot of money. If you prefer privacy, mention it in the requirements, and no one will be able to view the website without receiving a direct link.
  • Weblium provides already optimized platform. The SEO aspect is already considered. Your website will load fast and look perfect regardless of the devices that visitors use.
  • A few more words about structure. Weblium offers perfectly tailored structure specifically for your subject. For instance, you may find visually attractive product landing or website for small business, but it doesn’t mean that this particular pattern will work out with your wedding website. With Weblium, you will not face such problems.
  • It is a chance to create a great website that will be featured on the list of best wedding websites 2018 and inspire many couples.
  • 100% compensation in case you do not like the result.
  • Weblium is developed by Template Monsters - a group of designers and developers with 15-years’ experience in website building. The result speaks for itself: 25,000 templates and 2 million clients.

With Weblium, you don’t risk anything. Just try to discover all benefits on your own experience.

Read Also

Introducing Weblium – Do-It-for-Me Website Builder from TemplateMonster



Weblium has no any hidden fees or commissions. Total price includes setup services, support, and additional services (if you order any). Moreover, users are offered several payment options — monthly, annual and biennial. Check out the price list to calculate approximate expenses.


  • $399 — one-time payment;
  • individual design;
  • website structure with up to 20 pages;
  • 2 revisions;
  • hosting on Weblium subdomain;
  • intuitive editor;
  • optimized for desktop & mobile.


  • monthly/annual/biannual payment options — $15 / $10.5 / $8.25 correspondently;
  • free SSL-certificate & domain name;
  • unlimited web hosting;
  • unlimited storage;
  • 200,000 free images;
  • 24/7 support.

Additional services:

  • business email — $15/year;
  • logo design — $15 / 3 revisions or $50 / 3 concepts & unlimited number of revisions;
  • content writing — $15 / 100 words & 2 revisions;
  • additional pages — $20 / 10 pages;
  • stock images — $5 / image;
  • webmaster — $50 / 5 hours.

Clients say:

Weblium clients

Building a wedding website with Weblium

If you have decided to build the wedding website on Weblium, the preparation will take only a few minutes — 6 steps, to be precise:

  1. Decide what you want to see on your website. Look up into prototypes and find best wedding websites examples for inspiration.
  2. Open to find all necessary information, if you haven’t done it yet.
  3. Then leave an order for wedding website development. For this, you can click on:
    1. “Get started” on the homepage;
    2. “Build my website” on the portfolio page;
    3. “Get my website now” on the pricing page.
  4. Fill in the suggested registration form.
    1. In one of them, there are five questions to answer. Get through the typeform and click on “Submit” at the end of the page.
    2. The other suggests filling in the information and making a payment right after.
      weblium form
  5. Provide information that is necessary for designers and developers.
  6. Wait a maximum of 72 hours. Your website may be ready even earlier!


Ucraft is an easy-to-use website builder which aims to make it possible for everyone to create beautiful websites for their small businesses, personal brands, etc. If you want to get your business in front of a large audience, present your work, set up an online store or just play around with new ideas, Ucraft is the right tool for you.



Super easy: no coding or designer skills needed to craft a beautiful website.


  • Free cloud hosting by Google
  • 25+ Powerful Integrations, ranging from Intercom and Zendesk to Google Analytics and MailChimp
  • Customizable elements, drag and drop blocks, elements, colors & effects
  • SEO app which makes optimizing your website super easy
  • Mobile view optimizations
  • Pagespeed optimizations via Cloudflare
  • Designer templates
  • Typography & UI Kit


  • Landing page- FREE
  • Website- $6 a month (if paid annually)
  • eCommerce- $13 a month (if paid annually)

Wedding website single-handedly: pros & cons

The era of information technologies has changed many aspects of our lives for better. It takes a couple of hours and several YouTube videos to teach an average Internet user how to make a wedding website single-handedly. So, wouldn’t it be better to save some money and do everything on your own? It is up to you to conclude. Just pay attention to a few important points before making the final decision.

Firstly, you save money, but you don’t save time. You’ve already spent a lot on preparation. Hiring experts to develop your wedding website will not make a significant difference. Secondly, you cannot be sure that it will be all plain sailing and the result will be exactly like your genius idea. Professionals, however, know a lot about best wedding websites. Thirdly, you should take some rest and delegate some responsibilities. You’ll undoubtedly get tunnel vision after a couple of days of your creative process. Delegation will make it easier to see weak points and aspects that require obvious improvements.

If you are sure that wedding website development is a task you can handle, feel free to give rein to your imagination. Here is a checklist with approximate expenses to help you with this significant task. Read attentively before you start and make sure to complete each point.
Wedding website development: checklist

Register domain name from $4 to $150, depending on a chosen address
Buy hosting from $4 to $500 monthly
Choose & install CMS free & time-consuming
Create website structure free & time-consuming
Upload basic design from $75
Fill up the website free & time-consuming
Optimize for different devices depends on a chosen template
Content updates up to $15 monthly
Additional expenses
  • Content production
  • Imagery
  • SEO
  • Support

There are some nuances you can argue about. For instance, free website design templates, writing texts on your own, no need to change content, using photos you already have or free stock photos. Let’s suppose that you launch the website three months before the wedding. The minimum expenses amount to $12. It sounds like 30 times cheaper compared to the solution by Weblium. Just be ready to devote lots of time and get a dull or even boring website without integration features or room for customization.

A wedding website is one of the pieces of the huge wedding puzzle. Losing this tiny piece will make the entire picture incomplete, lacking something necessary. Weblium is the most effective way to avoid this. You want to have an extraordinary website about your wedding day, don’t you? It is up to you to decide which way to go. If you build a wedding website with Weblium, you will have nothing to worry about. If you decide to do it on your own, make sure you pick what looks fantastic and works excellent rather than what comes cheap.

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  3. ONE Membership - to download unlimited number of WordPress themes, plugins, ppt and other products within one license. Since bigger is always better.
  4. Ready-to-Use Website service is the ultimate solution that includes full template installation & configuration, content integration, implementation of must-have plugins, security features and Extended on-page SEO optimization. A team of developers will do all the work for you.
  5. Must-Have WordPress Plugins - to get the most essential plugins for your website in one bundle. All plugins will be installed, activated and checked for proper functioning. 
  6. Finest Stock Images for Websites - to create amazing visuals. You’ll get access to to choose 15 images with unlimited topic and size selection.
  7. SSL Certificate Creation service - to get the absolute trust of your website visitors. Comodo Certificate is the most reliable https protocol that ensures users data safety against cyber attacks. 
  8. Website speed optimization service - to increase UX of your site and get a better Google PageSpeed score.


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    The Online Dating GameWe are all gamers of love, But the rules we play the game by can be established by us and define who we are. As it is in the real world, Online dating is also a form of the love game where the players should follow the same rules of decency as followed in real life and locate that one person among so many others who is the most ideal for him/her. quite as in any game, you might find winners and locate losers and lessons to be learned.

    If you’ll surely be able participate in the game, You have to be ready to deal with kinds people who may play by different rules even when they have the same goals as you. This means knowing how to be a humble winner and a good loser. It includes, involved in the worst cases, discovering how to cover your backside and protect your assets, which include your cash, Your heart at the same time pride.

    When dating in the real world, You know the danger involved. You may have a go at a dishonest person who does not care about hurting you, Whose wishes are selfish, And who does not stick to the basic rules of common decency. You will no doubt also try one (Or a few over the years) who seems to be honest, Who sincerely cares about you and doesn’t want to hurt you, Who may even have the identical dreams about marriage as you do, And who is a significant person overall. likewise, the affected individual (Or consumers) May not feel you happen to be the ideal mate for him or her, Or may not love you as much as you love it.

    In cases such as this every thing has become often ends and you end up being the loser in the game. But is it really losing when you are saved from a relationship with a person who cannot truly give you the amount you need? Are you truly a loser when you are still given the chance to find that person who will love you the way you deserve to be loved?

    dating online: Higher Risks But Greater Chances of SuccessWith internet dating, The risks are similar plus a few more. definitely, There are more possibilities to encounter dishonesty, or simply I should say, When you do encounter dishonesty it’s possible you have more difficulty recognizing it. while you are sitting across a table from someone, It is considerably easier to sense when they may be lying to you than viewing them on a computer screen during a video chat.

    what’s more, Even with those you are truly drawn to and who are honest and good, Until you meet the person in the real world and spend a significant amount of time with them, deciding on a know if the same attraction, calm, knowledge, And understanding the two of you have developed during the period of weeks or months chatting online will still be there when you’re finally face to face.

    But when dating online your chances of finding the man or woman of your dreams are also substantially increased. Online you can meet more new people in an hour than you will meet in real life in a month.

    With a little, You will, no doubt meet countless honest persons online who want the same things in a relationship as you do, Who treat you with dignity, which are honest and kind. on top of this, They may come to the awareness, After communicating with you during a period of a few weeks or months or even after finally meeting you in person, that you are not “the actual” kids. for a second time, Would this make you the loser in the game if you are saved from a internet dating where you won’t receive the love and happiness you dream of?

    It will also certainly happen that you are that person who has to tell somebody them to be not “regarding it,your main one” inside your. here, are you a winner because you were not the one who got hurt, Or would you also consider yourself partly a loser because you still failed to find that special love you are researching for?

    participate Fair, keep working at it, and that you will Succeed and Find True LoveThe reality is, Whether in real life or dating on dedicated websites, Even if two people both have genuine goals of finding lasting love and a lifetime partner, The honesty of their motives and their similar intentions do not always mean them to be each other’s ideal mate. there needs to be mutual attraction for each other, they should have certain compatibilities, you need to have that je ne sais quoi or that indefinable quality or spark that just makes two people click. as well as, There must especially be mutual love and respect. If all this are not present, Then both participants must continue playing the game until they do find their ideal life mate.

    When pursuing a quest for a life mate or spouse through an online dating website, You must still be prepared for discontentment, denials, along with heartaches. The online encounters that you can develop with people may seem less personal, But the feelings that are involved are not any less real. The same is true for the people you are engaging and always thinking about this should remind you to be careful about their feelings.

    The game may be played using distinctive venue, But the general rules are identical. Common decency and respecting your online dating partner is of paramount importance, Because without it you won’t ever find that ideal life partner you’re seeking. without, you’ll never truly win the online dating game of love.

    You can learn a little more about the good, The bad and the ugly of online dating through blogs and forums found on quality long term relationship online dating services, Where real men and women share their insights and real activities about the world of online dating and online relationships.

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