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5 Blog Content Promotion Tactics You Might Have Overlooked

  1. Flip the Script on Social Media with Flipboard Magazines
  2. Sharing from the Inside Out
  3. Show Instead of Tell
  4. Forge Prosperous Partnerships
  5. Create a Syndication Strategy
  6. Start Those Promotions

Content is the backbone of nearly all business endeavors in the digital world. No matter if you are promoting a webinar, trying to drive traffic to a new website, generating sales, increasing awareness, or serving audiences with valuable info, content is the foundation for manifesting desired outcomes.

The promotion, dissemination, and amplification of great content is vital to just about every brand and for-profit enterprise. This is because, as a Time. Inc. study revealed, 88% of young adults prefer branded content as a way to discover products. Moreover, 92% of surveyed respondents believe that brands that create content around specific topics have expertise in those realms.

Most brands leverage the same set of tactics for getting content to reach their intended audiences and beyond: Social media status updates, PPC advertising, influencer marketing methodologies, link building strategies, email marketing, and similarly overused avenues.

While the masses stick to the tried-and-true, other brands are letting innovation lead the way.

If you are in search of some commonly overlooked and underutilized methods for content amplification, then you’re in the right place.

Here are five powerful promotion strategies that your competition might not be onto just yet.

#1: Flip the Script on Social Media with Flipboard Magazines

For content creators, social media is a blessing and a curse.

For the first time in history, brands can access billions of people through a single platform. Unfortunately, properties like Facebook make connecting with folks increasing challenging for publishers; continual algorithm changes that demote brand content end up resulting in minimal reach and engagement.

Because of this challenge, content creators and publishers are increasingly experimenting with content discovery platforms like Flipboard. Using Flipboard, any marketer can set up a topic-based “magazine” and even automate the flow of content to the publication by using feeds.

A great example of a brand using Flipboard magazines is The Next Web. Since the implementation last November, Flipboard has become the site’s top source of social traffic, despite only touting around 180,000 Flipboard followers.

Content Promotion

#2: Sharing from the Inside Out

For the uninitiated, employee advocacy is an organizational method of leveraging a workforce to distribute company and industry content via employee social media channels to grow awareness and reach for the brand while turning its workers into social authorities.

It’s great for content promotion for several reasons.

Firstly, many brands have teams of people who are already active on social media; this is a significantly underutilized resource. Furthermore, many of these people are searching for ways to grow their audiences and become recognized as experts in your brand’s niche. Employee advocacy programs help accomplish both of those goals.

Data from Hinge shows that this tactic works for employees, as:

  • 87% increase their audiences
  • 68% claim that it aids their careers
  • 50% generate new business leads

As for businesses:

  • 79% report increased visibility
  • 49% see increases in traffic
  • 33% report bolstered brand loyalty

To reap similar benefits, you might consider using a dedicated system for suggesting content shares with your entire company, creating social media guidelines so that employees understand the proper protocol for interacting on social media on the company’s behalf and implementing a gamification system to incentivize them.

Enact this strategy appropriately, and watch the leads come pouring in.

#3: Show Instead of Tell

Video is one of the most powerful forms of online content. These days people would rather watch a video than read an article. Why not give them the best of both worlds?

By creating a one-minute video “trailer” for a blog post, and sharing that across social profiles, you can entice viewers to click through and read. By sharing information on why you found the topic compelling and what they can learn from your new post, you can likely pique their interest as well.

BigCommerce, for example, often uses this method for its content, driving significant unpaid engagement on Facebook, clickthroughs, and shares.

#4: Forge Prosperous Partnerships

We all need a little help sometimes; the business world is no different. Get the content promotion assistance you need by partnering with brands and influencers who already reach your target audience.

While you both don’t need to occupy the same space, these type of business partnerships are amazingly beneficial, as you can gain access to their social media and email followers, create higher levels of trust by becoming affiliated with another reputable brand, and gain outside expertise.

To enact this strategy, figure out businesses that are talking to the same consumers you seek to get in front of, and start reaching out to them.

Remember, when pitching, always keep in mind what they stand to gain; not you. You need to provide them with just as much incentive. This could be an offer for monetary compensation, exposure to your audience, or other valuable rewards.

#5: Create a Syndication Strategy

You’re probably used to publishing your articles more than once on your social channels; this is a good strategy as many consumers won’t see it the first time around.

Take that to the next level by syndicating your content through a variety of platforms. This is simple to do with tools like LinkedIn Publishing, which allows anyone to create and post long-form content. The same is just as true for dedicated content platforms like Medium – use this to your advantage by publishing content through these sites to reach a greater audience.

If your blog is in the right niche and informative enough, you can syndicate to multi-author sites like Business2Community.

It’s a great way to gain eyeballs, if not traffic.

Content Promotion

Start Content Promotion

Without content promotion, distribution, and amplification, your brand is likely to be dead in the digital water. While the most common avenues are all but saturated, there are a variety of less-used, more innovative channels to flow through and capitalize on.

Use this list to your advantage and start implementing some of these amplification strategies. You’ll likely find it far more rewarding than continually fighting for traffic scraps on Facebook.

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