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  3. Top 10 WordPress Booking Plugins
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People don't really like to call on the phone when they want to make a reservation or an appointment. Why should they dial a number to talk to someone if they can accomplish their goal just by making a click? Most contemporary users would prefer a site that has an online booking option with the available dates and times to choose from, rather than the other way where they'll have to call a business, talk to someone, and figure out the required information via phone.

The latter option seems quite outdated. If you have a rental business or offer some services, goods, or equipment, then your WP site should have a booking engine for WordPress. In this review, we'll observe the main characteristics of a WordPress calendar scheduling plugin, how to pick the one that will meet your needs, and rate the most appropriate tools to realize the goal.

Top Booking Engine WordPress Plugins.

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Powerful 3bit Booking Plugin

Powerful 3bit Booking Plugin.

The 3bit Booking plugin is a perfect solution for those who approach the business creatively and effectively. This brilliant product is suitable for taxi service, food delivery, car rental, and other websites with online booking functionality.

In addition to online booking, the plugin has many other features. Among them is the opportunity to make online payments through different payment systems (PayPal, Braintree, Cash, or WooCommerce payment gateways). Furthermore, this plugin can easily set up e-mail notifications for users.

Buy the product today and enjoy different features right now.


JetAppointment plugins.

JetAppointment is an extremely useful booking engine WordPress plugin for those who need to service include bookings on the site.

This plugin lets you choose the services, set required and custom columns, show working hours and days off, and configure additional settings.

Also, it provides some advanced options, such as buffer time between services, minimum capacity for certain services, and payment options.

So, you'll have all the options and settings available to you to handle any appointment for your business.

You can get JetAppointment for only $19/year.


This is a WordPress appointment booking plugin for automating appointment bookings. A fully customizable booking widget can be designed based on your site style. The booking plugin integrates with several online payment gateways.

You can list down the name of the extra services, sell products through native WooCommerce integration, and provide gift cards or discounts from the plugin. Its reporting panel lets you dive into your performance analytics and compare the revenue by services, staff, and locations. 

This booking plugin lets you provide an easy booking experience for customers and minimize the manual work for the administrative team.

Its regular license is available at $79.

Bookly Pro

Bookly Pro plugin.

Bookly Pro is a WordPress booking engine that gives clients the best experience for service reservations. Suitable from consultancy agencies to SPA.

In addition to its user-friendly admin panel, it has a mobile-friendly backend for easy management, easy integration with many payment systems, SMS and email notifications to keep you and your clients informed, easy translation setup, and Google Calendar and WooCommerce integration.

Plus, it features a fully customizable booking form.

You can get it for $89.


BookingWP plugin.

Booking WP is a WordPress booking system with a calendar that reduces no-shows with advanced notifications and custom reminders.

Also, it features some advanced options, such as time zone conversion, charge for service delivery, ability to confirm, reschedule, or cancel appointments, multilingual, multi-currency, and much more.

It costs $89 for a single site.


BirchPress plugin.

The BirchPress booking engine WordPress plugin allows you to embed a booking form on a page or post via shortcode to your website. It is built on top of WooCommerce.

It lets you work with the calendars you already have (Google, iCal, iPhone, Android, or Outlook) and automatically import and export your appointments and availability.

Other features include email notifications and reminders, a fully customizable booking form, online payment, etc.

Its basic pricing plan starts from $99.

Bookings for WooCommerce

Bookings for WooCommerce plugin.

Bookings for WooCommerce is a WP booking system plugin that comes with basic and pro packages. Has a demo version and a flexible cancellation policy.

It allows you to create bookable products in WooCommerce. Thus, it is perfect for rentals, and it automatically calculates the cost of the booking.

Also, it lets customers easily see the dates they’re booking and allows buffer periods before and after bookings.

With a single website, you can get it for only $49.

Appointments Booking

Appointments Booking plugin.

The Appointments Booking plugin is perfect for any B2C service related to wellness. The system automatically adjusts to the client's local time zone.

This WordPress booking plugin lets you easily manage your bookings by blocking your availability or setting specific dates and times.

You can easily customize the calendar booking form and add any additional information you may require.

It costs only $39 for a single site.

Simply Schedule Appointments

Simply Schedule Appointments plugin.

Simply Schedule Appointments is a free booking engine WordPress plugin with no coding skills required. Comes with 20+ seamless integrations and powerful features.

You can set it up in just 5 minutes and view, manage, and edit appointments through a reliable and organized admin dashboard.

Also, you can sync this plugin with Google Calendar, integrate with Stripe & PayPal, and build custom workflows.

Its basic pricing plan is available at $99.

What to Look for in a WordPress Booking Plugin

Most often, booking engines for WordPress are utilized for those who have rental businesses, such as hotels or apartments for rent, but also it can be very useful for companies that offer services such as beauty shops, fitness and dance studios, maintenance services, online courses, restaurants, physicians, etc.

Installing a WordPress appointment scheduling plugin on your service site will make communication with you extremely comfortable and will give you a credible and professional image. Having a booking form on WordPress for hotels is a must. In this way, there are several essential features for the form tool to have.

  • It must be customizable. You should be able to set the minimum and maximum periods of stay, prices for holidays and weekends, etc.
  • It should support various languages. If you're a rental business owner, most probably, you are used to be dealing with individuals from various places or who speak different languages; thus, a plugin should support the multilingual feature.
  • It should have email notifications. You'll want to stay informed when a client has made a booking on your site.
  • It should be user-friendly. The unclear appearance of the calendar, confusing configuration, and setting up the dates will make the clients annoyed, and they will likely leave the site with a negative experience.
  • It should have a booking calendar. It will be very helpful if you have all the received requests in one place shown in the calendar.
  • It should have payment gateways. Allowing the clients to pay after the confirmation of their reservation is the next move that will enhance the user experience with your service.
  • It should work on various devices. It is a required tool as now most people make bookings on the go from their smartphones.

How to Choose the Best Plugin That Matches Your Site’s Demand

As previously mentioned, a booking engine on WordPress can be helpful not only for rental projects but also for various services and making appointments. For those who offer individual services, it might be useful for a plugin to sync with Google calendar and message notifications.

Notably, if your site offers services from various sources, such as a clinic with various specialists, a beauty salon with several hairdressers, etc., it should represent various calendars for each person who takes appointments. Thus, you'll need a plugin allowing for multiple service providers. Also, there must be a calendar showing specific times available, so the client can make a reservation for a certain date and time.


Top 10 WordPress Booking Plugins

Booqable Rental Plugin

This plugin connects your WordPress site to your Booqable account. It enables you to quickly accept online bookings on WordPress by adding embeddable components to your website. This means you can present your products exactly how you want, control the dates and times customers can select, choose payment methods to accept during checkout, and manage all bookings in your Booqable account.

Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin

The plugin has recently appeared on the market but has already managed to win customers' hearts with its simplicity and multitasking. This appointment scheduler WordPress plugin by MotoPress works as follows: You add your employees, their services, and locations from the admin panel, while the same employee can be assigned to several options. After that, you can determine the cost of the service for each of the locations. Your client will see a convenient step-by-step booking form, where he will indicate all the necessary contacts not given. You can also correct and edit reservations. Thus, you have a ready-made solution covering at least three aspects: staff management, online appointments, and a contact form.

JetBooking – Booking plugin for Elementor

Whatever you rent out – cars, apartments, guesthouses, or others, the functionality of JetBooking is exactly what you need to enhance your Elementor website with an engaging booking form, with no effort. JetBooking includes an installation wizard to make the step-by-step setup and customization stages easy and straightforward. This plugin allows you to integrate payment options; let your visitors filter the items by price, dates, location, etc.; process the orders from the backend the way you need them, and many more.

Hotel Booking Engine WordPress Plugin

It's among the best tools to organize and optimize your reservation system for a hotel. First of all, it provides a user-friendly form for making a reservation. Next, the requests for reservations are stored in one place, sorted, and displayed in a convenient calendar view. You can customize the accommodation details for each room or apartment. It's important that you can set specific dates for weekends, holidays, seasonal periods, make special offers, etc. All booking rules are fully customizable.

This scheduling plugin for WordPress allows for demonstrating the most suitable rate for the visitors' needs. After a client has made a reservation, you can set the confirmation details, and of course, you'll get email notifications for all updates related to the consumers' bookings. What's more, the tool allows for building payment gateways and supports many languages. If you would like to list the available extra services for various accommodation types, this will be accessible with the extra hotel services list. Overall, this booking engine WordPress allows you to make a convenient, well-organized, and neat reservation instrument.

Booking Calendar

It's the other top-rated booking engine for WordPress. It has a number of benefits, such as a user-friendly interface, showing available days or certain times for the accommodation or services, notifications via email, and a comfortable booking panel for the administrator. This tool is adaptive to all device types, provides flexible functionality, and is simple for users. You'll be able to set availability for pending days at your convenience. Overall, this is a good instrument for managing bookings.

WP Booking Calendar
WP Booking Calendar
Developer: wpdevelop, oplugins
Price: Free

Salon Booking System

This plugin will be an advanced feature if you offer services like beauty shops, clinics, massage salons, hairdressers, manicure, etc. With its help, clients will have the possibility to book a time for a certain specialist. The features include email and SMS notifications and reminders for the admin and the clients, customizable formats for the date and time, enabling online payments, Google calendar syncing, etc. This one is rather convenient for the specific needs of a salon booking engine on WordPress.

Salon Booking System
Salon Booking System

WooCommerce Bookings

It's the instrument allowing your clients to make hotel reservations, and appointments, book classes, and reserve items. This one is rather universal and allows you to set certain options for bookings and your clients can pick the best time. All details are managed in your admin dashboard. What's more, you can set the minimum and maximum number of people for a certain booking, make special prices for days, groups, or a specified number of individuals, and show available options adjusted to the client’s time zone.

WooCommerce Easy Booking

It's one more tool that is beneficial for those running an eCommerce business. It allows an option to rent or book the products, adding fields with start and end dates, and calculating the prices. It has such features as availability check, setting duration discounts, disabling dates, and pricing management.

Easy Booking for WooCommerce
Easy Booking for WooCommerce
Developer: @_Ashanna
Price: Free

WP Simple Booking Calendar

It's a simple instrument to represent the accessibility of hotel rooms, apartments, conference halls, or equipment. It's easy to install the tool and customize it according to the needs of your project. The design is responsive and user-friendly; you can use multiple languages and will have convenient administrative functions.


It's the next highly-rated booking engine for WordPress. It helps you schedule bookings on your site and make the reservation system automated. It will suit any kind of project that needs a reservation instrument. Bookly is responsive and gives many helpful functions to organize all types of businesses.

Appointment Hour Booking

It's the tool with the help of which you'll be able to create booking forms with a start time and a certain duration over a schedule. This can be demanded by certain types of projects. What's more, the calendar can have many services with various prices and duration. This WordPress appointment scheduling plugin is great to avoid double-booking and will suit services, clinics, events, online classes, etc.

Events Manager

This plugin will be in advance for managing various events, conferences, concerts, meetings, etc. You can set up a single-day or multiple-day event, manage bookings, assign locations, and much more.


It's another booking engine on WordPress for managing a small business easily. It is a great tool for individuals and companies that work with clients through booking processes. Amelia is a simple, flexible, and user-friendly instrument, which is also adaptive to mobile screens. It has all the basic and advanced options to organize the reservation process.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Must-Have WordPress Plugins.

There is an array of info about WP plugins. Well, how to choose the most functional and useful extensions? Our technical team has already made a detailed analysis of the most common issues our customers face and tested myriad WP plugins. Basically, we put together all the most useful extensions for site promotion in one package. Must-Have WordPress Plugins include the utmost solution for your site to generate traffic and ensure the safety of your data on the internet. The following plugins are included:

  • SEO optimization plugin
  • Google Analytics plugin
  • Advanced site editor
  • Site map plugin
  • Image optimizer
  • Login page URL change plugin
  • Admin panel customization plugin

Our customers are truly amazed at the results of this plugin bundle. These extensions just like the powerful rangers will improve your SEO positions and your site performance, protect against brute force attacks and help you to analyze your visitors’ activity.

No matter if you are not tech-savvy, our professional customization team will do all work for you. Well, actually, they will install and tweak all plugins, which are included in the package. You will receive all these plugins only after their ‘test drive’. The order will be completed when you will approve the result. Thus, you can literally take these technical things off your mind and focus on your own business.

With these extensions functionality of your site will change dramatically, opening new possibilities for your business.  Don’t waste your time and order a Must-Have WordPress Plugins bundle.


There are a number of helpful tools to manage bookings on your site, and picking the best one depends on the needs of your site. However, pay attention to the required components that a booking plugin should have to make your processes smooth and efficient for both sides.

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