Give Your Admin Panel Some Bling with MonsterAdmin Templates

Meet the first ever Bootstrap admin template produced by TemplateMonster team. This template was designed with professional layout and coded with valid and well-structured HTML5/CSS3.

Bet you have faced this: you have created a really awesome product but your client said that admin panel sux, with Monster Admin you will never hear this again. Best used for corporate task management systemsCRMs or any other admin panel you'll be able to apply it to.

This Monster Admin panel is really powereful and has enough features to handle any possible backend. Looking through all the elements of this theme will take much time of yours, so you'd better make a cup of coffee first 🙂 Now you have two options: either you jump to the demo, or you scroll further.

So let's see what's inside?

Along with hundreds of features, you can switch between 5 awesome themes. This is how it works: in the right part of the page you can find a small switcher.

Here's a small preview of every theme.

Along with these five skins you can switch between dozen of styles within every theme.

Integrated “Admin Forms” include dozens of custom form elements and widgets.

This template literally has thousands of various elements that you can style any how you want!

Starting from the top to the bottom. Here's the Calendar section that can display current month, month switcher and daily tasks.

Next section is the Dashbord itself, there you can find most of the elements in action.

Admin Plugins Section

It includes the visual editor of the admin template where you can style certain elements.

Admin Modal is a section where you see all modal elements in action.

In this section you can give a try to the admin dock, just pick any element and hit the green button.

Admin Forms Section

In this section you find a set of all form elements included into this template.

Every widget has its own set of skins, making form creation easier than ever.

Admin Forms includes 15 predesigned forms. Because sometimes shortcuts can be wonderful. More forms coming in the future!

Mix and Match settings with our admin wizard. Built in options that make creating a new form with wizard easier and faster than ever.

Using a built-in validator you create awesome forms in no time.

Admin Layouts Section

In this section you can turn on/off the layouts included into the template.

Information Panel Section

Here you can check out all the informational panels that you can make use of.

This section comprises all the widgets that are available for you within Monster Admin.

Another set of functional elements, not these are the scrollers.

The last part of this section, here you will find all the items gathered under the single idea of widgets.

eCommerce Section

In case you need to style the backend of the store this section will help you make it look awesome.

UI Elements Section

This page displays all the UI elements you can use.

So, how do you like it? This was a tiny preview of all the pages and functional elements which you can find inside Monster Admin. We recommend you to visit its demo and click and try out all these bells 'n whistles on your own! If you're still hungry for more, take a look at our bootstrap themes that will help you to build a website that rock!

Are you looking for more themes? Take a look at the most recent releases at

MonsterAdmin Bundle Dashboard Admin Template

MonsterAdmin Bundle Dashboard Admin Template

If you’ve got bored of your current admin dashboard, it’s high time to upgrade it to a custom-made one. MonsterAdmin has recently been updated to v2.0 and now offers a full pack of tools and instruments needed for covering back-end tasks. 5 custom skins, Bootstrap 4, 80+ components, 20+ ready-made pages, and many more are available right out of the box. Because the template is highly responsive, you can easily access your admin dashboard from any device. On top of that, you may also expect: 

  • Over 30 various plugins and graphs. 
  • A large set of third-party add-ons, e.g. content editors, form plugins, image tools, etc. 
  • Package managing with NPM or Bower.
  • Full component approach to code. 
  • 3x faster script loading speed and more.

Bluefire - Multipurpose Modern Dashboard Admin Template

Bluefire - Multipurpose Modern Dashboard Admin Template

Bluefire is a responsive Bootstrap admin template with clean and modern design. Upon the installation, you will be able to easily check on the website status and determine the source of traffic. On top of that, the template is flexible and fully editable which allows for customization corresponding to your needs. With the built-in calendar, you have an opportunity to plan the upcoming events or certain updates, whereas numerous admin plugins and layouts let you manage UI elements at the push of a button. Other features include mobile-friendly layout, a great variety of ready-made pages, e-commerce functionality, and more:

  • Contact and newsletter subscription form. 
  • Bootstrap 4 framework. 
  • 2 dashboards. 
  • A vast number of third-party plugins comprising content editors, image tools, etc. 
  • Parallax animation effect.

Ruby Admin - Multipurpose Modern Dashboard Admin Template

Ruby Admin - Multipurpose Modern Dashboard Admin Template

When it comes to building UI of the backend, admin dashboard is the right tool you can use for this purpose. But, sooner or later, your website will scale and traffic will grow leading to more updates. Are you sure that your default admin dashboard has enough functions to carry out more and more new tasks? If not, then we recommend paying your attention to a brand new Bootstrap dashboard template that will give you more customization opportunities. Not only has it clean and responsive design, but it is also equipped with a wide range of different tools and features, e.g.: 

  • Cross-browser support.
  • Events calendar onboard. 
  • Drop-down menu. 
  • Extra Page Layouts. 
  • Gallery functionality and more. 

Coloribus Admin - Multifunctional Dashboard Clean Admin Template

Coloribus Admin - Multifunctional Dashboard Clean Admin Template

Coloribus Admin has everything you may want to keep track of the website, monitor the traffic and where it comes from, explore users’ activity, etc. With this template, it becomes as easy as pie to understand your customers and properly target them. Besides different graphics and blocks representing the traffic on your site, the template also comes with UI elements and e-commerce functionality. The latter allows you to keep an eye even on the online store. Because Coloribus Admin ensures cross-browser support, you can access the dashboard from any browser you have installed on your computer. As for the rest of the features, they include: 

  • Analytics widgets. 
  • Clean, valid, and well-structured code. 
  • Newsletter popup.
  • Contact and newsletter subscription form. 
  • Gallery functionality, etc.

IoDashboard - Intuitive Dashboard Admin Template

IoDashboard - Intuitive Dashboard Admin Template

For those of you who want to upgrade the admin dashboard, we recommend taking a closer look at IoDashboard. Aside from clean and modern design, it also features numerous useful tools aimed to facilitate completion of the tasks from the admin side. Keeping track of the website statistics, planning advertising campaigns, checking on the preferences of the target group, and other essential data don’t take much time and efforts. On top of that, IoDashboard template has an intuitive structure which makes it easy to understand and customize. These and other helpful features make this template a perfect solution meant to help you boost your business. Among other functions, you may also find: 

  • Responsive and mobile-friendly layout. 
  • Over 20 ready-made pages. 
  • eCommerce compatibility. 
  • A vast number of third-party plugins including content editors, form plugins, image tools, etc. 
  • Package managing using NPM or Bower.

Admindex - Modern Dashboard Admin Template

Admindex - Modern Dashboard Admin Template

Building an admin dashboard and making it work the way you need sometimes require extensive skills and many efforts. This is why the developers decided to make your life easier and created dashboard templates with all the necessary elements and even more. While featuring a valid, clean, and well-structured code, the template helps you create UI for an admin side of your website as well as monitoring traffic and user’s activity. On top of that, the learning curve of the dashboard templates is low which means that it’s not mandatory to get any additional knowledge. To let you work with your dashboard with ease, the developers have added the following features to the pack: 

  • Bootstrap 4 framework. 
  • Over 80 components and 20 ready-made pages. 
  • 2 dashboards. 
  • Mobile-friendly layout. 
  • A set of third-party plugins, etc.

ConcreteAdmin - Clean Dashboard Admin Template

ConcreteAdmin - Clean Dashboard Admin Template

Good and well-structured admin is inevitable when it comes to managing a website. Therefore, we are glad to offer an easy-to-use and modern admin tool in the form of a dashboard template. ConcreteAdmin comes with everything needed to make your daily tasks hassle-free. Not only can you run the UI of your back-end, but you also have an opportunity to track the traffic, user interactions with the site, and much more with this template. Because it is fully editable, you can edit and customize your admin according to your purposes. Fortunately, ConcreteAdmin comprises a great variety of useful plugins and tools for seamless customization. A few of them include: 

  • eCommerce compatibility. 
  • Responsiveness. 
  • Full component approach to code. 
  • 60+ pages and 80+ components. 
  • Cross-browser support and more. 

Adminifix - Creative Dashboard Admin Template

Adminifix - Creative Dashboard Admin Template

If you want to upgrade your default admin dashboard to the one having a clean and modern design, you’ve come to the right place. Adminifix creative template is equipped with numerous tools and plugins needed for creating an intuitive UI of the back-end. On top of that, the template will let you monitor the traffic on the site and source it comes from. That will help you correct your approach to reach a wider audience. In case you have no technical knowledge, you don’t have to worry, Adminifix comes with detailed documentation that will guide through each step of installing the template and using it. The next features also aim to make the customization process streamline: 

  • 2 dashboards. 
  • More than 20 ready-made pages. 
  • Mobile-ready layout and cross-browser support. 
  • A variety of third-party plugins, e.g. content editors, image tools, form plugins, etc. 
  • Gallery functionality and much more. 

EmeraldAdmin - Stylish Dashboard Admin Template

EmeraldAdmin - Stylish Dashboard Admin Template

EmeraldAdmin is a great solution for everyone who prefers the minimalist yet classy design of the admin dashboard. It is fully responsive and can be displayed on different modern devices which let you access your admin from a tablet, laptop, desktop, smartphones, etc. without quality loss. The template boasts an unsurpassed range of features and benefits that ensure a smooth experience when leveraging it. Full component approach to code, Bootstrap 4 framework, 2 dashboards. And they are just a tiny part of the entire set of tools available onboard. A few of them include: 

  • Content editors, image tools, and form plugins. 
  • Cross-browser support. 
  • Gallery functionality. 
  • Contact form. 
  • eCommerce compatibility, etc. 

Radmin - Multifunctional Clean Dashboard Admin Template

Radmin - Multifunctional Clean Dashboard Admin Template

The last template for this review refers to Radmin Multifunctional Clean Dashboard Admin Template. Based on Bootstrap 4 framework it boasts a fully responsive and mobile-friendly design which means you can display the admin on any modern device. Whereas its cross-browser support allows for accessing it from any web browser. Radmin is a great solution for everyone who wants to regularly monitor the traffic at the site, revenue, and user’s activities. While offering a vast number of tools and plugins, the template allows for easing the daily work. To get to know what tools are included in the pack, consider the next list: 

  • Information widgets. 
  • 80+ components. 
  • A set of useful and powerful tools and third-party plugins like image tools, form plugins, and content editors. 
  • Events calendar.
  • Extra page layouts, etc. 

 Go for it!


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