Meet ‘BrainiakThemes’ and Their Best-Selling Template ‘KANTER’ [Top Author Stories]

BrainiakThemes has been around for five months, and many customers have loved their template “KANTER”.

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Professional Motto

I put my soul into the work; that’s why it becomes successful.

Impressions and suggestions

  • The overall quality of products is high; the prices are decent. I find the customer service excellent.
  • I would appreciate having more freedom as an author (adjusting the prices without a review and managing customer returns).

Interesting facts

  • Designed a social network.
  • Used YouTube for studies.
  • Has been creating websites for two years.
  • After his works were accepted to TemplateMonster marketplace, Brainiak proudly calls himself a professional designer.

TM Hero Journey

TemplateMonster: What are your goals as a TM author?

BrainiakThemes: I want to earn no less than 3k per month.

TemplateMonster: What can you say about your journey from a new author to the top?

BrainiakThemes: I never thought that my template KANTER would be so successful.

TemplateMonster: What makes a good online marketplace?

BrainiakThemes: Online marketplaces should be easy to use, have a good pricing policy, and promote author products well. The support team should be responsive and provide copyright protection.

TemplateMonster: What makes a good web template?

BrainiakThemes: Every customer has a project in mind when looking for a template, so the primary task is to make every theme as adaptive as possible. The functionality should allow changing page options, adjusting the colors, and tweaking the template easily. Any theme also needs clean code, clear and detailed documentation and, of course, responsible support.

TemplateMonster: What makes a good web designer?

BrainiakThemes: A good designer should know the niche they work in so that they don’t miss out on any critical blocks or details in a template. To do this, you need to see the works of other designers in the same category, understand what pages and blocks are needed, and know how to offer best UI and UX.

Comments from TemplateMonster Team

Dear BraniakThemes, we love how the first product you submitted became a best-seller. We also appreciate your willingness to learn from other professionals while honing your own designer skills. Maybe it’s time for a second template?

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