The Designing Essentials of Business Facebook Page

Gone are the days when Facebook “was a GOOD IDEA” for your business. Without a shadow of doubt, it has become the “MOST ESSENTIAL” for a business. Facebook, one of the most active social media network is eyed by companies to boost their brands online. It helps business enhance their digital presence and maximize their online potentials whether through content, SEO or web design.

A professional Facebook design guarantees that you stand out and impress. However, to implement such thoughts you need the best designing guide to create an impressive Facebook page for your business. However, before appointing a web designer you should know as how do you benefit from a good Facebook design:

As you know millions of users are already on Facebook and can drive word-of-mouth to a wide circle of their friends and family. So Facebook Pages allow you to

  • Express your brand and identity with features such as cover banner
  • Add important business information about your products and services
  • Add tips, statistics, photos and business news
  • Respond and communicate with the audiences quickly as well as personally.

Business Facebook Page

Designing a business Facebook page for your company involves as much attention to details as any other professional website. It needs some advanced planning. Aligning your company brand and business strategy with Facebook presence will leverage maximum effectiveness.Let’stake a look at it.

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Make Custom URL

Business Facebook Page

A custom URL will allow you to easily direct your visitors to your Facebook page. This increases your business visibility in search engines adding to your SEO efforts. Also changing your Facebook web address to a short name is imperative for professionalizing or personalizing your social media presence. The URL should be cleaner, neat and most importantly, maintain consistency across different social media platforms including Google+ or Twitter. Such customized Facebook page URL is called vanity URL. What can be as easy as an URL named

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Maximize the Tabs

Business Facebook Page

Do you know Facebook provides 12 different content subpages also called Apps or Tabs on your Facebook page? And you can actually exploit these tabs for your benefit. You need to ensure that you have minimum of 4 tabs with content in them. This is because you should give your audiences the reason to like your Facebook page. Tabs can be added for videos and groups, notes, customer stories, events and many more to add. You can also setup tabs that pull content from elsewhere on the web. Well, hosting a competition using 3rd party apps is not a bad idea.

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Design a Unique ABOUT Section

Business Facebook Page

The ABOUT section of the Facebook page have plenty of space to inform the world about who you are and what you are up to. Although there are number of fields to put your details into, the primary two are ABOUT and DESCRIPTION.

The ABOUT section can be used strategically to fill up your company’s bio details including contact information and business address. This is the best way to make the site visitors discover more about your products and services you are currently offering. You can populate this section with your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). This is the only place on your FB wall that you can offer your audiences with a link to your website.All information will differentiate your brand, thereby making your page more appealing especially to the potential audiences.

Also the DESCRIPTION section can be utilized to elaborate on what contributes to make your company great. In addition, inserting relevant keywords to your business can maximize search potential.

* * *

Use Custom APPS and Free Social APP

Business Facebook Page

You can find plethora of social media services that provide custom apps to drive traffic to your inventory of products and encourage consumers to LIKE your page. PageModo, Constant Contact, Wildfire Apps, and MyTab to name a few will provide the technology you need to create quizzes, contests, sweepstakes or social media campaign. As the features, usability and prices vary between these services so search for the ones that will best meet your budget as well as needs.

There are several social media sites including Constant Contact or YouTube offer free apps that integrate their content directly into your Facebook page.

Business Facebook Page

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Design to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Business Facebook Page

The INFO section of your Facebook page should be successfully developed with your website links, detail product description and phone number

The info related to the photos of your products or services should also be available on your website. The best strategy is to post different sample pictures on the business Facebook page with a note in photo descriptions to make the viewer view higher resolution images on your website.

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Consider Professionally Designed Graphics

Business Facebook Page

Facebook is the place where your potential prospects will interact with your company and its brand. The following deigning guidelines will help to create the ideal images and graphics-

Choose thumbnail image that represents your logo and keep the image dimension as 180 x 180 px. However, it should be identified on your wall post when it gets reduced to 32 x 32 px.

The timeline profile image should have a maximum image dimension of 850 x 345 px.

Choose selective wall tabs that need publishing. For instance, if you do not have any client testimonials or recent events, remove that tab.

At this point, I am sure, you will build and share an impressive Facebook business page that accurately represent your business and ensure all your efforts are worth investing.

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