50 Small Business Ideas for Teens

  1. The next generation: business and teens
  2. 50 Top small business ideas for teen entrepreneurs
    1. Computer skills training
    2. Babysitter
    3. Speaker
    4. Animals care
    5. Creating jewelry
    6. Creating handmade candles
    7. Cleaning service
    8. Order services
    9. Selling goods from China
    10. Courier service
    11. Cleaning gardens
    12. School lessons with primary school pupils
    13. Counselor in a camp
    14. Needlework
    15. Car wash
    16. Distribution of leaflets
    17. Repair of technics
    18. File sharing
    19. Advertising in your community
    20. Photobanks
    21. Loader and packer
    22. Plant growing at home
    23. Training courses
    24. Social media consultant
    25. Freelance
    26. Organization of events
    27. Transportation and delivery
    28. Dropshipping
    29. Website development
    30. Blogging
    31. Tutoring
    32. Tour guide
    33. Custom build computers
    34. Reselling items from Wish/eBay/Aliexpress etc. on Amazon
    35. Using your family tools/machines
    36. Brand partnerships
    37. Translations
    38. Copywriting
    39. Soap production
    40. Manufacturing of soft toys
    41. School of drawing
    42. Board games club
    43. DJ
    44. Used clothing sale
    45. Typing
    46. Child development center
    47. Electric cars for kids
    48. Handmade postcards
    49. Photography
    50. Gift wrapping
  3. Conclusion

The next generation: business and teens

Today, American teenagers are getting involved in business much more willingly than ever before. The reaction of parents and teachers is different. Some criticize this tendency, while others welcome and encourage it. And some teachers believe that students should be more familiar with the basics of business so that they can rely on their own knowledge.

When you are in a school or college, you have to focus on getting as much knowledge and experience as possible. That does not leave you a lot of time for private ventures. So, if your goal is to go into a business, you need to learn how to leverage the resources you have. In college, you have an abundance of people with similar goals, clubs to join, job fairs, etc. You also generally have the lowest bills you will ever have. Grab a group of your friends (make sure they are motivated) and come up with entrepreneurship ideas together.

Many small businesses fail when they are the owner’s only source of income. Businesses need time to breathe and have the capital for investments. Starting something on the side gives you the time to understand if the business has a chance for success all the while gaining experience in the business world.

Children always tried to sell something to their peers. Do you remember Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn? The Internet has turned this phenomenon from local to global: nowadays, customers can be found all over the world, not only in their school or town.

Business for kids and teenagers should make it possible to earn some money but avoid investing, taxation and financial reporting.

To start any business, a teen entrepreneur should think about what he is good at, find out who his competitors are and what is the need for his product/service. Even if a product or service belongs to the unique niche in the market, there are always other companies offering something similar, or there are other ways to meet the customer's need.

For teenage businesses to succeed, it is essential to find out who can benefit from your product or service. The better you understand your client, the faster your business will grow.

If you do not have enough money to start your teenage entrepreneurship, your parents, guardians, or other adults may help, but be sure to have a brief description of how much money you need, how it will be spent, and how you intend to repay the debt. In other words, make a business plan.

If you want your business to reach a wider audience, then you will need to think about its promotion through the popular online channels. In addition to starting the official social media profiles for your startup project, consider building a website that will contain the explicit information about your business, as well as give you a chance to establish a better connection with your audience.

It's likely that you do not have any special design and coding skills. That's why you will need the help of experts who will deliver your own project online in the pro way. If you do not know how to start, then the team standing behind https://weblium.com will create a ready-to-go website for you in 48 hours only. Moreover, Weblium AI website builder offers transparent pricing policy, which will help you create the proper business plan on your own. If you decide to start your own website with Weblium, you will be provided with all tools and features that are needed for the quick launch of an appealing web resource.


I have collected 50 small business ideas and business templates that will give you a hint on how to become a teenage entrepreneur. The business ideas for teens will help you earn money which can be invested in future businesses. Well, or squander all the money in the club. Everyone will make his own choice.

50 Top Small Business Ideas For Teen Entrepreneurs


Start Computer skills training

A teenager cannot live without a computer. At the same time, there are a lot of people around, who are not computer literate. These are pupils, people of retirement age and others. A teen entrepreneur can teach old people how to use his e-mail, search the web and organize the files on the computer. It is a good idea to earn the first pocket money. Who knows, it is possible that later he will be able to open a training center, which will include a range of services. Now you know how to make money at 14. This is #1 on the list of the small business idea for teens.

Belouder - Business & Service Responsive WordPress Theme


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Become a Babysitter

If you love people, and in particular children, then you try yourself as a babysitter. Young parents often want to spend some time together, go to the cinema or a restaurant, and they have no one to leave their child for (especially if there are no grandparents). You can offer your services to such parents. For a small fee, you can spend 1-2 days a week to entertain a neighbor's child. Look at single mothers who have to work, raise a child and somehow arrange their personal lives. Most likely, this is a good target audience for you.

Babysitter Directory WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Become a Speaker

If you are a confident speaker and have a message to tell, share it! You can speak to other students and youth of course, or maybe you have a life experience that other professional groups, organizations or associations need to hear. There is no cost of entry, just your sweat equity to work hard to build a great speech, and practice, practice, practice it to deliver with confidence. Reach out to those you know and then as you have successful speeches under your belt, wait for the referrals to roll in (a great speech is your best marketing!). This is one of the most popular entrepreneur project ideas for highschool students.

Speaker - Life Coach WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Animals care - unique small business ideas for teens

This is one of the fun small business ideas for college students and kids alike. It quite often happens that people want to have an animal, but there is absolutely no time to look after it. In such cases, owners are looking for those who can help to take care of their pets. They are willing to pay a little money for this type of service.

If you love animals and you have a lot of free time, then you can walk and look after the animals of your neighbors and other residents on the street.

PetInn - Animal Shelter Responsive WordPress Theme


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Creating jewelry - creative business ideas for teens

If a teenager has a talent for arts and crafts and a sense of style, he is welcome to take a few lessons from the experts to start creating his products. Handmade items are becoming increasingly popular; people can now easily exchange designer clothes and accessories to some handmade and unique jewelry and accessories. The easiest way to search for suppliers is the Internet. To start, of course, you can buy ready-made products and resell them, and at the same time self-study and create exclusive products.

Jewelry Responsive WordPress Theme

Creating jewelry

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Creating handmade candles

Another teen entrepreneur activity that does not require any particular qualification is candle making. Candles are always needed, they are bought for holidays, birthdays, restaurants and romantic evenings. You can try yourself in this kind of activity and sell your own candles.

First friends, then relatives, then friends of friends and so on. Online shops, craft fairs, or a local market. It is small money and enough for a movie. What else does a teenager need? Need more? Check out the next point on the list of ideas for a child's business.

Virginia - Website Template for Handmade Jewelry

Virginia - Website Template for Handmade Jewelry with Elementor Builder WordPress Theme.

Demo | Downoad | Get Hosting

Start a Cleaning business

Cleaning houses is one of the simple kid business ideas to get the first money. Any teenager might be an expert in this area, as he cleans his room on a regular basis. Why not help the neighbors to clean their room/house as well? Retired people will be glad to have such a helpful young neighbor.

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Start an Order services

In a modern world, time is a precious resource, so many people do not want to spend it on cooking, buying food, and other household stuff. To save time, they are looking for helpers who will take care of such small tasks for a fee. This is an excellent way for a teenager to make money as quickly as possible. Customers can be found among the friends or neighbors. Alternatively, you can post ads in the local newspaper. Some people are willing to pay to save their time.

JohnnyGo - Multipurpose Home Services WordPress Theme


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Selling goods from China

Young people who are looking for the options to make money can resale some goods from Chinese online stores. Before launching such a business, you should find out what to sell to make money and what products are the highest demand. This information can be found on the Internet, or you can have a small survey among the friends and acquaintances. After that, you can proceed to purchase and resale the goods. Your online store is needed for such type of the business.

Electronics Store Responsive WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Courier service - profitable business ideas for teenagers

Many companies are willing to hire couriers at the age of 14-18 years. It is a great way to make money for a teenager. A salary does not depend on the age of the employee. You can work in your free time, for example, in the afternoon. Also, you can consider this type of business as a seasonal one and earn some money during the holidays only. For example, there is a lot of simple seasonal work in the summer.

Bike Courier & Package Delivery WordPress Theme

Bike Courier

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Cleaning gardens

Many government institutions (a hospital, for example) have something like a small garden with flowers, trees, etc. Ask around; maybe they need help cleaning up leaves and taking care of plants. If they already have a gardener, they will not mind having such a young assistant. This is one of the small business ideas for teens which nature lovers find interesting and informative.

Garden Master WordPress Theme

Garden Master

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

School lessons with primary school pupils

Business is popular among high school students. If you still remember the school curriculum, it will not be difficult for you to help a primary school student to do his homework. Of course, wealthy parents will prefer an experienced adult tutor, but not everyone has money for them. If you have the neighbors with children and elementary school students nearby, ask whether they need help with English, math, or history? If it goes well, more than one parent will seek your help.

Scholary - Primary School WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Counselor in a camp

In most camps, each counselor has his assistant. Assistants can do the same work (as counselors do) but without criminal liability. However, there is a moral responsibility, especially when it comes to the junior squad. Such work is a kind of rest, as the sea and all entertainments in the camp will be available for you.

AppyTimes - Summer Camp WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting


This example of the teenage businesses is more suitable for girls, although some boys might find this work fascinating. Many girls are stoked on different bracelets, hairpins, bows, etc. If you are fond of needlework and can do it all on your own (beaded, fabric, polymer clay), then start making products for sale. Price of the products should be counted carefully, so not to be in a loss. It should be the cost of the materials used + a small margin for the work. If you are good at it, you can become at least a "star" of needlework in your school.

CraftBird - Handmade Artist Personal Blog WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Car wash - easy business ideas

It is an excellent option for those, who live in the city with traffic jams. While the driver is in a traffic jam, he would not mind washing his car in an expressway. Carry a bucket of water and sponge, and wipe the headlights, wheels, hood, car number. Of course, a driver will not give you a lot of money, but in just a couple of hours, you will be able to collect some amount.

AutoClean - Car Wash & Car Repair WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Distribution of leaflets

Various companies look for promoters, in simple words, distributors of advertisements. It is necessary to stand either near metro stations or at the entrance of large shopping centers. The work is simple; you just need to give a leaflet to every passing person and tell him a few words about your advertising. Payment for such work is usually hourly. However, immediately get rid of the temptation to throw out all the leaflets and at the end of the day to go for a salary, as the customer always controls the work of promoters.

ProMotionic - Promotion Agency WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Repair of technics

It is a good option for boys-high school students who are interested in technology and excellent in it. First, tell all friends and relatives about what you are willing to help with the breakdown of any equipment. Since the prices for your services will be slightly lower than the adult experienced repairman’s ones, perhaps someone will decide to save and contact you. Let your mom and dad tell everyone at work that their son will gladly fix a broken computer or printer at an affordable fee.

Hmend - Home Maintenance, Repair Service WordPress Theme


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File sharing

You will receive money for a certain number of downloads of your file from some file sharing websites. How to do it? Find a few files that are somewhat popular among many people. It could be a new movie, a new game, a newly released album by a popular band. Upload these files to a file-sharing website. And then the most challenging stage begins. You need to advertise your file on forums, communities, social networks, etc. The more ads you leave, the more likely it is for a large number of people to download your file. You will get your earnings once the number of downloads reaches the desired quantity.

EasyJet - Multipurpose WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Advertising in your community

If you already have your own community, you will be actively engaged in attracting participants and working on compelling content. If there is no community yet, create it faster! When your group becomes popular (there will be a lot of participants, discussions, comments), then you will be able to place ads in it for a fee. Of course, the process of promotion is not easy and fast, but the sooner you start, the faster you can earn the first money. Paid advertising means links to other communities, links to the third-party websites, advertising photos, text records, etc. You place the customer's content in your group, and he pays for it (by hours, days or months – as you agree).

Prospectus - Advertising Portfolio WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting


Earnings for those who are fond of photography and have already achieved a particular skill. There are such websites as photobanks, where photographers place their photos, and anyone can download them for a fee. Some part of this fee goes to the photographer, and some fee goes to the photo bank. Find a photo bank, explore the most downloaded photo themes and start shooting in the same style and direction. Professional or semi-professional camera and good Photoshop skills are required. Do not forget that if you take pictures of people, you should get their permission to publish and sell pictures with their participation.

Orta - Photography & Personal Blog WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Loader and packer

This work is an excellent way to get rid of unnecessary thoughts in your head. It will help you to get good money if you have a serious approach to the work. For a symbolic fee, help your neighbors to move, think of such services, they will not refuse. Here you do not need any experience; you can easily cope with this work. Distribute leaflets that you provide this kind of service, and you will see that the proposals will flow by the river.

Plant growing at home

Plant growing for further sale is not a standard form of doing business. It consists of growing plants, and consignment them into flower shops. Once the store sells your plant, you get paid. This type of earnings is suitable for both boys and girls.

Flowers Responsive WordPress Theme

Flowers Responsive

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Training courses

Young people who have success in a particular area can share their skills with others for a fee. For example, teach dancing, playing musical instruments, learning foreign languages, and more. Remember, this type of activity will bring you a good income. Is not it a neat idea for entrepreneurship?

EduCare - Education With RTL Ready Website Template


Demo | Download

Become a Social media consultant

We can no longer live without the Internet. Every young person spends about 4-5 hours a day sitting on social networks. Why not make some money off it?

Almost every company creates its own account in the social networks to promote the products and services. You can apply all your knowledge of social networks and help beginners to master the skills in this new informational space.

Instructee - Consulting Services Elementor WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting


The freelance market is large, and many areas are lacking strong professionals. And when you are young, you have time to try different directions and to understand which of them is yours. Perhaps in the future, you will become the one somebody will say "%username% completed my project and did it amazing. I recommend!"

There is always a queue of customers willing to cooperate if you are a pro in some area.

At first, you can try to earn at least to pay for your Internet and mobile account. And if you succeed, the freelance can be a good option for additional earnings.

Adsunt - One Page Portfolio Landing Page Template


Demo | Download

Organization of events

This business is for creative students. The idea is simple - you organize a party or an event for your client and get paid for the services. It can be any event like a wedding, birthday, celebration of some special occasion, etc. You need to be communicative, creative, and have excellent organizational skills. There is no need for an office; you can cooperate with people either remotely or on neutral territory. To implement the idea, you need to create your team of a toastmaster, a photographer, and a DJ.

Eventique - events company WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Transportation and delivery

If you have a car, you can be engaged in transportation and delivery of different goods. This business attracts teen entrepreneurs as it does not require a large amount of investment in the first stage and experience in this field. If you do not mind lifting a few pounds, you can also help people move in and out. Check out if there are particular licenses required in your area, and go ahead to discover how to start a business as a teenager.

Transportation Services Responsive WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting


This type of business can be launched with no investment. Dropshipping means selling products that you do not have available. Yes, that's right. Dropshipping is a direct product delivery from a supplier to a customer. You act as an intermediary, collecting orders from customers and submitting them to the supplier. The vendor ships the purchases directly to your customers. As a result, you earn the difference from the supplier's price and the one you offered to a client.

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Website development

Website development is one of the most popular and widespread types of business among technically competent youth. A teenager can be an assistant of an experienced web developer to get new knowledge, have some practice, and master his skills. The IT sphere is popular nowadays, so this part-time job can be useful for a future IT career.

MagicTouch - Web Design Studio Responsive WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Blogging. Just try to make your own blog

Blogging is a tool to promote any business. Many blogs deal with various hobbies. Describing your hobby or sharing some interesting information, you collect your audience of readers. With proper promotion, your blog can become a popular information platform with which some brands or other specialized websites will want to cooperate.

Lily - Clean & Elegant Blog WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting


You can offer private lessons to children in the discipline that you know. Some students move away from private lessons and open their own tutoring center. Anyway, this idea may be built into a profitable business. Most often, these services are used by parents of schoolchildren, when their children do not perform well, or when their children find their studies too easy.

ECoursify - LMS for Online Courses WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Tour guide

If you know a lot about your city or area, and you would like to share this knowledge with others, you can consider this idea for a business — a tourist guide to show people around. Modern people are interested in different cultures. They are mobile and move quickly from one city to another, go abroad. If you live in an interesting place, with a unique culture and history, interesting nature, or secular life, and know how to communicate with people, and, in particular, speak foreign languages at a conversational level, or want to practice — this kind of earnings is for you.

Travel Guide WordPress Theme

Travel Guide

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Custom build computers

This is an excellent way for teens to learn about the different components of computers and surely helps prepare them for a career in the tech industry. This is a great way to make a lot of money, since the cost is paid for by the purchaser of the computer, and there is plenty of individuals that want their own PC's built, but lack either the time or knowledge to do it themselves.

ReLabs - Computer Repair WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Reselling items from Wish/eBay/Aliexpress etc. on Amazon

Due to fierce trust in Amazon, consumers often pay more for the same products because Amazon backs them. This makes it extremely easy to buy and sell products so long as you create an Amazon account.

Mobile Store Responsive WordPress Theme

Mobile Store

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Using your family tools/machines

One of the easiest ways to start a business as a teen is to leverage the tools/machines that your parents already have and combine that with the problems your neighbors need to solve. Boom. The profitable business that is easy to start, easy to get clients, and with no startup costs.

For example, if you have your parents’ pool, you can leverage the asset you already have, and then teach your neighbors and people who find you online how to swim. Anyone can do this with a lawn-mowing business, snow-blowing business and more.

Brand partnerships

Teenagers have a massive advantage in acquiring brand partnerships with companies promoting products. Teens can pitch themselves wearing clothing and accessories on Snapchat and YouTube. If they like Candy or Food, the brand will happily pay them per video to review their products live or in pre-recorded videos. For mature teens, they can host live stream shows educating parents on what their teens are facing and acquire sponsors to pay them for advertising.


Companies, individuals or even government agencies often hire translators to communicate with people in different languages. Therefore, if you are fluent in some other language, you can use this idea for a business, offering your services to various clients.


If you are good at writing, this business idea should work for you. For this business, you do not need any permits, approvals, or even an office. You can work at home, and you will need a laptop or computer with an Internet connection. A copywriter can search for the orders on the Internet, post his resume, portfolio, and list of skills on the specific copywriting portals.

MaxPaxton - Freelance Copywriter and Journalist WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Soap production

With just a few ingredients and tools, you can make soap with different scents and sell it to local shops displaying perfumes or household goods. You can also offer your products at craft fairs. Today, making handmade goods is one of the profitable kids business ideas.

Multi-Purpose Chem Lab WordPress Theme

Multi-Purpose Chem Lab

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Manufacturing of soft toys

If you know how to be on trend and have a sense of humor — you can make soft toys that will be sold successfully. A toy is not only a memorable thing but also a cool gift. Instructions on how to create toys can be found on the Internet. Try to make toys for different audiences to get good sales.

Home Decor Responsive WordPress Theme

Home Decor

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

School of drawing

Today, drawing is relaxing. People who want to learn how to draw do not necessarily plan to exhibit their works in the art museums. Many of them draw for themselves, for friends and for rest. If you know how to draw, open courses for kids or adults. You will have a queue of those wishing to join your school. Here you can adjust and sell the necessary drawing tools. But that is another business idea.

Board games club

One of the most fun options to start your business is to open a club of board games lovers. Initially, you may have no many games available. The main thing is to collect the company of game lovers. In the future, you need to take care of expanding the range of games and a cozy room. Unlike casinos, the board games club does not require any permissions.

Play Games WordPress Theme

Board games club

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Become a DJ

A DJ is not just a musician who creates their own music. A DJ is also a person who can create the necessary atmosphere with the help of music. It is not possible to imagine any party, corporate event, holiday without a cool DJ. If you are interested in DJing, this part-time job is a great option to start your own business.

DJ Responsive WordPress Theme

DJ Responsive

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Used clothing sale

A second-hand clothing store does not require any investment. Moreover, this is one of the few areas in which investment returns quickly, and the margin is more than 100%. The fact is that warehouse clothes are bought by weight, then evaluated and already put up for sale by piece.

Fusion - WordPress Blog Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting


Thanks to the computer and the Internet there are many types of work that a teenager can do at home. For example, dictaphone typing. Of course, this requires a certain level of literacy. Parents should control how much time the child spends performing his work, and if he is paid on time.

Rettic - Creative Agency WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Child development center

Children are the last thing people are willing to save on. Parents are ready to sacrifice their comfort, desires, and rest, but their children should live healthy, happy and well-developed. Many parents want their children to be a real genius, well versed in musical instruments, able to dance, and speaking two or three languages. Home or a kindergarten will not be able to cover all these areas. If you love children and have a pedagogical aptitude, this work is for you.

Kids Center Responsive WordPress Theme

Kids Center

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Electric cars for kids

You need to create a detailed business plan to proceed further. It is one of the business venture ideas. You need to rent a plot in the city center (parents’ help is needed here). You are interested in places where there is a large number of potential customers – children with their parents. This can be parks, shopping centers (especially, children's shopping centers), schools and kindergartens. It is not easy to rent plots in such places. But the result will be worth all the effort. Next, buy a certain number of children's electric vehicles, and advertise your business. Be ready for a queue of small drivers.

Highridge Center - Kindergarten & Child Care WordPress Theme

Highridge Center

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Making Handmade postcards

Making handmade products is becoming one of the popular kid business ideas. Try to turn your creativity and ability to create beautiful things into a successful business. Today, like many years ago, one of the most common gestures of attention for every holiday and every celebration is a greeting card. You can buy the necessary materials in handmade stores or through the Internet. Ordinary printed cards are boring; your handmade ones will be in demand.

Style Vision - Interior Design Multipurpose Modern WordPress Elementor Theme

Style Vision - Interior Design Multipurpose Modern WordPress Elementor Theme.

Demo | Download | Get Hosting


You can start without a studio. You need to have a camera and the ability to make beautiful pictures. Many photo studios’ founders (and even model agencies) began with photography as a hobby. Wedding shooting is always in demand. Then you can choose any areas and promote yourself or your future company as the experts in a particular niche (for example, professional animal photos, shooting of kids, love stories, etc.).

Powar-Photwa Creative Photography Portfolio One Page WordPress Theme

Powar-Photwa Creative Photography Portfolio One Page WordPress Theme.

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Gift wrapping

We all like to receive gifts, and it is a unique pleasure to give them. Great importance is given to packaging and design. If you have a good taste, design skills, the ability to find an approach to each client, this business is worth trying. In just a few minutes, you should understand what kind of packaging is suitable for a particular gift. The seller not only offers the idea of packaging but also picks up the necessary material to wrap it creatively.

Halloween Atmosphere WordPress Theme

Halloween Atmosphere

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Building a website for a business is the fastest and easiest way to share your project with a wide range of people. Millions of people use the Internet to look for something particular. Your potential customers are among them. Tell them about yourself, provide the necessary information about your products and services, and your business will grow more efficiently.

A business website is your advertising resource, available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Visit Templatemonster.com and look at the premium website templates.

You can save your time and let an experienced TemplateMonster team do this for you at an affordable price. You need to provide your project information (compatible hosting and login information) to get started. Typically, installation is completed within 3 hours, and you will be able to test your website after.

Choose a website and order its installation through the offer below:


TemplateMonster Service Center will take care of your attractive and useful website.


Children often ask their parents to buy expensive clothes, shoes, toys, computers and computer games, gadgets, phones. This is familiar to every parent, but there is a way to alleviate their plight, you need to encourage children to engage in their own business so that they can get money for their purchases. Business for kids is more than just making money; it is an exciting job - maybe a hobby - and the earnings are a nice bonus.

In time, every teenager understands that it is time to change something. The question “How to start a business as a kid” is essential. Those who choose to go the harder way, which will bring more profit, and will not be afraid to take risks, will eventually be rewarded. There are a lot of entrepreneur ideas for teens. The task of the parents is to help their children with advice, money and moral support. Also, they should help to create a simple business plan and algorithm of actions.

Fraser Doherty is one of the most famous business kids. At the age of 14 he started selling jams, cooked according to his grandmother’s recipes, and at the age of 16, he signed a contract with Waitrose network — one of the largest supermarkets in the UK. By the age of 20, his fortune was estimated at $2 million. And now products of the SuperJam company (as Fraser writes in Twitter) are sold in more than one thousand supermarkets around the world.

Although, not all working teenagers become billionaires, according to Forbes. The youngest billionaire in the world is 21. Alexandra Andresen and her sister Katharina, 22, own $1.4 billion (£1 billion). It is not a secret that children make excellent careers in the future.

website themes

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