7 Essential Website Characteristics for a Successful Software Outsourcing Company

Just like people interact with each other in everyday life, clients interact with businesses, and the first impression is important in both cases. Appearance, mimics, gestures, speech, social behavior etc. – all those nitty-gritty details create a sort of chemistry between people and influence their decisions about further communication. This is also true for any business and its target audience. A business connects with its potential customers via an online presence, engaging them through a web site and social media.

If you own a software outsourcing business, then a company website is a must in the highly competitive world of software outsourcing. This is a place where your leads will find you, connect with you, and convert to customers by ordering services from your team of software developers. However, if you want your leads to reach this desired final stage of conversion, you must invest in a professional site with responsive design, quality content, and necessary information about your company. In this article, we will share our thoughts on website characteristics that a successful software outsourcing company should have.

What Kind of Website Do I Need for My Software Outsourcing Business?

Visually appealing

The design is the look and feel of your company web site. It is like the appearance, style, and gestures of a person who you are approaching. Choose the design template that is relevant to your industry and corporate style. For example, if you outsource the game development services, it is important that the visitors know that the first seconds they see the homepage. If you outsource a wider range of software development services, you can use a universal WordPress theme. At the same time, make sure that the template is not overloaded with irrelevant elements that annoy the visitor and distract their attention. Keep it sleek and simple.


Quick loading time, simple layout, and clear navigation are the basic components of a website’s usability. Research by a Go Gulf company shows that 39% of visitors will leave a website if it loads too long whereas 38% will leave a site in case of unattractive layout or content. Your potential clients are typically busy people – after all, that’s why they have chosen to outsource. Therefore, you have to make sure that they will spend a minimum amount of time at your web site but get maximum information.


Responsiveness means the ability of website design to adjust itself to various screen sizes and resolutions, including the smartphones. According to statistics gathered by Experience Dynamics, a usability consulting company, 83% of users say that seamless experience across all devices is important to them. Given that the number of smartphone users worldwide has already exceeded 2 billion, a responsive site is a must, especially when you outsource the web design services.


Website content is no less important than the design. Make sure that your clients can easily find services that you deliver, portfolio of projects that your team completed, and your contact information. It often happens that the software outsourcing companies place lots of emphasis on design and forget about informativeness. Don’t be like them if you don’t want to lose your potential clients.


It’s not enough just to give facts about your company – the most complex part is to make these facts appealing to the reader. Everyone who owns a website or writes content should know that the visitors typically do not read the site text – they just scan it. The “Heat Maps” UX analytics tool by Hotjar is the best proof for that – they visually represent how the users interact with a web site. Therefore, user engagement is extremely important, and the word art is the best way to get returning customers. Compact and informative blocks of texts supported by the relevant call to actions are more likely to retain the visitors than the long, boring pieces.

Credible and trustworthy

Showcasing the real-life case studies and client testimonials on a company website will help your software outsourcing business to build trust with potential clients. For example, any startup founder who’s looking for a team of developers to bring their crazy idea to life will look for case studies. A case study on how the outsourcing team solved someone’s problem can help them make the right decision and choose your company as a software development partner.

Optimized for search engines

SEO is the best way to get your website noticed. In addition to keywords on the main pages and images, each professional site should have a blog filled with interesting and helpful articles. These articles should also contain keywords that drive the traffic to the company web site.

The Bottom Line

A professional website is a must for any business, especially if it is a software outsourcing company. So a visually appealing, user-friendly, responsive, informative, engaging, trustworthy, and SEO optimized site will increase your chances of retaining your visitors and converting them to clients.


User experience stats infographic
Web design usability
Number of smartphone users worldwide

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Wapuula - Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

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Metalogic - Software Development WordPress Theme

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