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WordPress Themes Got Revamped. Cherry Framework

Once in a year humanity faces dates like today's one: December 12th, 2012. To make this date unforgettable we've prepared for you something extremely cool.

Starting exactly from this moment WordPress fans should start crying of joy! The thing TemplateMonster's developers invented will ease down the installation of the sample data content of the WordPress core website template. Meet WordPress + Cherry Framework + Bootstrap Functionality!

So What’s Cherry Framework?

Cherry framework is a software framework created by TemplateMonster’s development team. You need Cherry framework to be installed on your system to be sure that your Cherry WordPress themes work perfectly fine. Each template download package now includes the copy of the Cherry framework, and you need to install it just once in order to run Cherry-enabled WordPress themes.

So the new Cherry WordPress themes are an example of a rapid prototyping Cherry framework integrating seamlessly with the core WordPress and enhanced with Bootstrap.

Main Features of Cherry WordPress Themes

Easy Install. The installation of has been simplified greatly! Now you don’t need to switch between wordpress, ftp, phpMyAdmin – all theme manipulations are executed through the admin panel. The theme comes based on the xml file, it allows not to rewrite content of the website. This is a unique product that will fit both noobs and advanced users.

Couple words about installation. After you’ve extracted archive with themes you will see four files inside: Theme, Framework, xml file and a Contact Form jQuery plugin.

To get your new theme installed you need to execute several steps, and I’m not afraid to say but that this is revolutionary! The whole child theme installation takes no more than 8 minutes!

Installation steps:

support Ukraine

All uploads are done via WordPress admin.

  • Go to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes and upload zip file;
  • After upload completes hit Activate button;
  • Once again go to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes and upload your file;
  • After upload completes hit Activate button.

To make your WordPress website look like our live demo, follow 5 more steps.

  • Go to Cherry Options > Import and upload the options.json file;
  • Then upload widgets.json file;
  • Hit Import Settings button;
  • Upload .xml file;
  • Hit Save Changes button, to activate SEO-optimized permalinks structure.

And that’s it with sample data install!

Framework + Child Theme.Having a Cherry WordPress theme you can create child themes that will inherit the functionality of the parent theme, but with a possibility to make any modifications without changing the parent theme itself. That was made for fast prototyping and more efficient support.

Update. Cherry framework will be in a state on constant update! It means that all bug fixes and updates our developers release will be available for you – in other words you will get a lifetime support for your theme!

Plugins Install. The installation of plugins has been simplified. WordPress is an exceptional CMS and the great variety of plugins makes it even more useful. Choosing the right extensions can be critical for the success and budget. Let’s be inspired to make things easier and more effective with plugins. We know how important plugins are, that's why we've simplified the process of their installation.

What Else?

Bootstrap. Cherry WordPress Themes are based on the Bootstrap functionality, so you can seamlessly focus on the site usability and have a website accessible from all viewing devices. As you know Bootstrap is a perfectly styled tool chest that allows users create and customize websites really fast.

Responsive. Each and every Cherry framework powered theme is and will be responsive. We use responsive design to create a consistent user experience for browsers of all shapes and sizes because digital world doesn’t run on just 4:3 resolutions anymore. We adapt content to screens of different sizes, including everything from mobile phone all the way up to large television screens.

LESS+MCSS. MSCC – Multilayered CSS is a methodology abstracted and focuses on specific code style, file organization and tools required to work with it. Layout blocks are divided into modules; each of them is independent, as abstracted from the fixed size and has a default value. In turn-ins modules are distributed in layers, each of them has its own set of rules for the use and interaction with other modules.

Location of styles

Styles of each module are stored next to each other; they can be highlighted in both commented box, or in a separate file.

/* Module name
-------------------------------------------------- */
.module {}
.module_list {}
    .module_list__modificator {}
/* /Module name */

Selectors, of a modifiable cascade are also kept close to the parent class:

/* Module name
-------------------------------------------------- */
.module {}
.module_list {}
    .module_list .other-module {}
/* /Module name */

The classes of a context layer can be an exception:

/* Module name
-------------------------------------------------- */
.module {}
.module_list {}
    .touch .module_list {}
    .ie9 .module_list {}
/* /Module name */

Such style organization simplifies refactoring of the code and allows any developer quickly get into the subject-matter of all the module styles.

The first layer - the base - it is a kernel, which consists of the most used elements, such as:

  • Forms;
  • Buttons;
  • Navigation unit, etc.

The second layer - Project - includes isolated, project modules which further includes:

  • Registration Form;
  • Block a login;
  • Basket of goods.

The third layer - Cosmetic - consists of a simple, low impact styles:

  • Link colors;
  • Low level OOCSS - couple of properties to the class (. Font-size_XL,. Margin-t_L);
  • Global modifiers.

Context - this layer includes styles higher context and @ media-rule, which can be used to change the default styles for the specifics of different contexts:

  • IE8, IE9 - browsers;
  • Touch - features of the device;
  • Logged-in - the highest in the context of the portal;
  • Media queries.

Shortcodes. 90% of all content is based on the shortcodes, what gives you an opportunity to manage and edit your Cherry based website easily.

Make sure that you are editing mode is set to Visual:

Post Formats. These new themes incorporate numerous post formats including following:

standard - custom blog post, with title and content block;
aside - typically styled post without title;
gallery - a gallery of images;
link - a link to another website;
image - a single image post;
quote - a post-quotation;
audio - audio file, could be used for podcasting;
video - single video post, allows to embed videos.

Filterable Gallery. One of the best options to date is a filter for the gallery in WordPress. This type of a gallery transform your portfolio into a cutting edge powered gallery that lets you feature and sort your work like a pro.

To try the functionality and features of a new product you can download Free Cherry WordPress Theme. Keep in mind that this Free Cherry WordPress sample is created for educational purposes only. It means that you can’t use it in any of your web projects or resell it.


Now it's time to see what we were talking about. Behold, Cherry WordPress themes!

Animals and Pets Cherry WordPress Theme


Web Design Cherry WordPress Theme


Education Cherry WordPress Theme


Animals and Pets Cherry WordPress Theme


Architecture Cherry WordPress Theme


Hit the link to check out other Cherry WordPress themes.


After you've seen these awesome Cherry WordPress themes, we'd like to hear your honorable opinion. Feel free to express your thoughts or ask any questions considering functionality or technicalities in the comments section.

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Alex Bulat

Writing a blog post or building a micro niche WordPress website is something Alex can do bare-handed. You're welcome to contact him via Telegram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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      Thanks Ali, we’re doing our best! Don’t forget to subscribe to TemplateMonster’s newsletter to get all the latest news and updates.

  2. Wallace Vianna says:

    Very good these features of TM framework for WP. Offer “demo” version is a great thing too.

  3. paul says:

    You probably mean “once a year”. Remember “11/11/11” ?

  4. ilko says:

    Why “cherry”?

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