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Certificate of authenticity template. Just like every valuable thing, works of art can be fake. The quality of the fakes is increasing each year. To fight fakes, smart guys invented certificates of authenticity. They prevent costly errors and help erase already existing fakes from the collections. Plus, it’s a way to get documentary evidence of the item’s authenticity. Keep on reading to learn more about COA and the certificate of authenticity template.

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Certificate of Authenticity template: What’s it?

It is a document added to the artwork. It’s credible proof of the work’s originality and its belonging to the originator’s authorship.

Important to know:

  • it usually comes in the form of a seal or a sticker;
  • the computers have a license number instead. It shows that the program is legal;
  • the works of art come with a seal/signature from a credible party – an appraiser or an auction institution;
  • only original work (not an author’s copy) can get a certificate of authenticity;
  • it contains the work’s requisites, a picture, the author’s signature, sellers contacts, several levels of protection, etc.;
  • it can be done in several languages.

In other words, it is a passport of the artwork.

Types of Certificates

The types of COA depend on the purpose of use. The most common ones are for:

  • paintings
  • sculptures
  • prints

COAs for Artworks

A certificate of authenticity shows that artwork comes from a real author. It can be provided by:

  • an author
  • a collector
  • an expert in the field – appraiser or an auction institution
  • anyone, who represents an author – agent or an art dealer

If the certificate is issued by a third party, these relations (with contact data of the third party) should be also stated in the paper.

The works of fine art always contain a seal to show that the work wasn’t done by an amateur. It shows that a piece of work is not a fake and a deal is not a fraud.

The sample:

Source: https://www.artcertificate.eu/

COAs for Prints

The certificates for prints are longer to create because the prints often come in collections with several pieces. So, it has to contain additional information:

  • the print’s number in an edition;
  • whether a print is closed or open. If more items can be added, then it’s an open one;
  • the number of the paintings + their unique numbers and signatures;
  • master’s or plate’s data.

Getting COA for the prints or buying the prints with COA is trickier than with a single piece of art. Still, having one is crucial.

The certificates can be issued for:

  • computer
  • software
  • achievement
  • recognition
  • appreciation

Still, the aforementioned cases are rarer.

Important Components of Certificate

Before printing the paper, make sure that it has the following correct data:

  • the name of an author, the title of the work, the date of completion;
  • your name, signature, contact data, and the date of signing the certificate;
  • item’s material;
  • the picture of the item;
  • the description (if it’s a single item or a print (open or closed), etc.);
  • the country the item comes from;
  • if it’s an original item or a reproduction (for a certificate of authenticity photography);
  • copyright details (if the reproduction is possible or not);
  • any important details you would like to add.

Important lifehacks:

  • a rubber stamp from an author adds credibility;
  • add hints about subtleties of preservation to help the buyer take proper care of the piece of art;
  • if you sell the works of art regularly, you can make up your certificate numbering system. Then, every item will have a specific number. Plus, information about all certificates will be well-organized and easy to access.

Certificate of Authenticity Template - What Design Elements it should Feature?

Though it’s “just a paper”, it’s an addition to an artwork. Thus, it must look professional and aesthetically attractive. It must meet the conception and the style of the item you sell. It’s easy to spoil an impression about a costly thing with some cheap detail.

If there is a painting of the realism epoch, it would be strange if the certificate had lace frames or baroque fonts. The main role of the documentation is informational. So, keep it simple and informative.

Here are a couple of important moments about design to consider.

Don’t save on the printing paper. The certificate will look presentable on a thin simple printer paper. Choose a high-quality thick paper. It can be either glossy or matte.

You can also place a sticker with the most important details about the piece of art on the back. It won’t substitute the main certificate but will show that the work is original and it has a COA.

If there is too much information about the piece of work and it doesn’t look good on a certificate, you can put a QR-code:

A person can access a website with a complete “passport” of an artwork.

Choose a template that meets the aesthetics of the item you sell. The choice is wide indeed, so you can find a good fit.

Certificate of Authenticity Templates Showcase from TemplateMonster

Since I mentioned a template, let’s talk about it.

If you want to make up your certificate, this is the best option. You are free to allocate the text in the way you want, add stylistic elements, change the design, etc.. There higher chances that the result will meet your expectations.

The best way is to pick up a template. Due to its drag-and-drop nature, the editing process is fast and simple.

You can choose a free certificate of authenticity template Microsoft word. Still, there are also bigger chances that someone else, willing to save, will choose the same template. For a unique template, search among the third-party providers.

For instance, companies that create templates for websites, often offer other certificate templates. The prices start at $8 and the quality is decent indeed.

Let’s take a look at the bestsellers.

  1. Corporate & Modern Word Multipurpose Certificate Template

A multipurpose Word template for any kind of certificates has a minimalistic, universal design and a calm color scheme.

The features:

  • 2 types of orientation: landscape and portrait
  • US paper side with bleeds
  • 2 design layouts
  • 3 color schemes
  • thoroughly organized layers
  • compatible with Smart Object
  • 300 DP resolution
  • CMYK color mode
  • free fonts and FontAwesome icons

The template is fully customizable. You can change colors, text, location of elements. All elements are available in MS Word and Photoshop.

It’s a classy solution if you don’t need anything extraordinary. It will suit any occasion.

  1. Michale Johnson | Multipurpose Design Certificate Template

If the previous template is too minimalistic, here is a mottled variant. It has 4 handmade color variations from the dark till the very light one. The best part is that it is multipurpose. You can use it for different purposes changing the text, color, fonts, position of elements. There is one-click color customization within swatches.

Besides, it has:

  • 2 orientation types: landscape and portrait
  • A4 paper size
  • CMYK color mode
  • free fonts

The item is compatible with Illustrator (EPS), Photoshop (PSD), and MS Word (DOCX).

  1. Jonathan Doe - Clean Certificate Template

Going back to minimalism, here is another template that has nothing extra. A thin, accurate double line frames the text and gives a sophisticated look. There are different colors of the frame: orange, red, and blue.

Among other features are:

  • A4 and US letter sizes
  • 20 Ai and 20 INDD templates design
  • 2 orientations: portrait and landscape
  • 5 spot colors
  • CMYK color mode
  • 300 DPI with vector elements
  • free fonts
  • compatibility with Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC
  • vector resizable elements

It has help and guided files.

  1. Sophisticated Modern Certificate Template

How about shiny golden curls? A sophisticated template is a good fit for an art certificate. It has one color variation and one orientation format – landscape. It is compatible with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Word.

It has a 300 DPI resolution and CMYK color mode. It is 100% ready to print.

  1. Retro Certificate Template

This certificate of authenticity template has a completely different design. It’s a good fit if you want to add some retro notes.

The features:

  • US and A4 paper sizes
  • dark and light variations
  • vector .eps and .ai versions
  • CMYK colors
  • 300 DPI resolution
  • free fonts

The website contains 148 templates. Check it out for more options.

Detecting Fake Certificate of Authenticity Template

Just like any painting can be faked, a seller can provide a fake certificate. Detecting it is both easy and not. Modern technologies allow making exact copies but some tips that will help you to spot something suspicious.

First, you should check if the paper contains all the information mentioned above. The fake won’t contain precise details about the work of art because fraudsters mostly have no idea about the subtleties of the painting’s origin and peculiarities. The more you know about the purchase, the fewer chances that the COA is fake.

In general, the COA should at least give full information about:

  • author (name, contacts)
  • realtor/the person, who represents an author
  • item (material, completion date, unique number)
  • certificate’s creator
  • sources that can provide more information about the item

Data on the fake certificate is often outdated or false. So, it’s possible to check if the painting has any connection with the individuals mentioned.

If you still have any doubts about the authenticity, it’s better to apply to an expert.

The issue is controversial. Everything that has a connection to fakes and frauds inspires mistrust. Still, it’s better to pay attention to this paper when you are a buyer and provide it when you are a seller.

If you want to make one, don’t forget that the quickest way is to use a certificate of authenticity template.

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