The Concept of Successful Branding

"Big Brand Theory" is a book of 256 pages in hardcover telling about the most successful branding campaigns you all know. It’s a guide for all of you who want to find out the key points and steps for achieving the success. Such key players on the market as Adidas, Nike, Converse, Lacoste, Starbucks are taken as the brightest examples illustrating the professional creation of corporate identity. Reading this book, you’ll learn the crucial design elements that are essential for crafting professional well-done brand identity.

When you start working out brand identity of a certain company, it’s wise to look through a number of live examples of successful brands. They will not only inspire you, but also show the direction to follow. The better examples you choose, the better results you’ll get. This book examines in details the most known and the most popular brands. You’ll find case study of all elements of their brand identity: packages, posters, boxes, bags, etc. This guide will definitely show you the way to walk, it will reveal the secrets of successful branding and give wise advices on how to create the one.

Source Big Brand Theory

Katarina Klementi

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