Create a Memorable Shopify Logo As an Essential Part of Your Company’s Branding

  1. Importance of a Good Shopify Logo Design
  2. Top Mistakes To Avoid When Creating a Logo
  3. Useful Tips for Powerful Logo Design
  4. Top Applications to Create Shopify Logos
  5. Conclusion

Identities are the beginning of everything. They are how something is recognized and understood. What could be better than that?

Paula Scher

Today branding is a topical trend in management and marketing. Brand building is one of the keys to creating a thriving and successful business. The leading role in this process is occupied by brand communications, and your Shopify logo is one of them.

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As consumers get used to the abundance of different brands, it becomes increasingly difficult for brands to attract and retain their attention. The popularization of visual thinking makes a logo the symbol of the brand. The visual image should tell the consumer about the brand, demonstrate its exclusivity, and cause a desire to become its adorer.

The Shopify logo occupies one of the leading roles among brand identifiers and becomes a powerful tool for brand communications. The eCommerce logo is the "business card" of the brand, the symbol of its philosophy, and the advantages of the brand. With the help of a Shopify store logo, the brand conveys a very important message to the consumer: "This product belongs to us. You already know about the advantages of our brand. We will not disappoint you.”

Let’s talk about the importance of creating strong eCommerce logos, the most common mistakes to avoid, and top applications to create effective Shopify logos.

The Importance of a Good Shopify Logo Design

A corporate logo is an important marketing element that distinguishes your company from hundreds of others. Only a unique and interesting logo can be remembered for a long time and attract attention to your business. It reflects the essence and specifics of your business. If you do not have a logo, your company name will be lost among competitors. If your logo is outdated, not a quality one, boring, etc., you will experience negative consequences soon.

If you hear the name of a well-known brand of car, like BMW, I am sure you will visualize its brand logo: two blue and two white sectors in the car wheel. It took decades to develop the cult brand.

Keep in mind that logos are used on all the leading and influential marketing tools such as brochures, flyers, stationery, business card designs, and websites.

If your brand has a large presence in the market, your customers will begin to associate your logo with the quality of your services or products. In fact, business logos remain the most powerful way to create a strong reputation of your business.

Let’s summarize and specify the main reasons why your Shopify logo design is so important:

  1. A logo does not sell (directly)—it identifies.
  2. A logo attracts new clients to your business.
  3. A logo helps your business to stand out from the competitors.
  4. A logo helps to build brand loyalty and trust.
  5. A logo helps to advertise your product and services everywhere.
  6. A logo makes the founder feel legit.
  7. A logo is a great foundation for your visual brand.

A good Shopify logo design a worthy investment and pays off quickly. The sooner you develop a unique, interesting logo, the higher the chances that you will stand out in a constantly competitive market.

Top Mistakes To Avoid When Creating a Logo

Creating a unique and memorable logo is not as easy as it may seem. I want to talk about the most common mistakes made when creating a logo.

Bad typography

Choosing the right font decides the fate of the logo design, so it is extremely important to know the basics of font design. The logo should be as simple as possible and convey a certain meaning. To achieve this, the designer must think over all aspects related to the design of the logo fonts.

Too complex or too abstract

Simple logos are better remembered, but it is still better to add some unique details and not overload them with unnecessary elements. Thanks to the simplicity of the logo, it becomes not only memorable but also multifunctional, retaining all its functions when used on different information resources.

Focus on special effects or color

If your logo needs color or special effects to be effective, then it is not an effective logo. To avoid this trap, first make the logo in black and white and only then add effects or color. This will allow you to focus on form and meaning rather than on effects.

Copying and plagiary

Well, it is not just unethical and illegal, but it is rather stupid since the whole essence of the logo is to be unique and original.

The lack of the main idea

If your logo does not reflect the essence of the company's activities, it is just a set of letters and images. Creating a logo is like creating a business card for the company. Therefore, the logo must contain basic information and "coordinates" of the company.

Oversaturation of the logo with fashion trends

Every fashion trend becomes irrelevant. Remember, your task is to create a unique logo that identifies your company for many years.

Raster images

The use of raster images is a big challenge when you need to duplicate the logo. Using vector images, you can easily scale the logo to any size without losing image quality, as well as simplify the process of editing and further work with the logo.

Creating a logo design is a complex and multi-stage process. This is your chance to make a proper impression on the consumer. Therefore, it is very important to avoid the mistakes listed above.

Useful Tips for Powerful Logo Design

It takes just 10 seconds for people to form an impression of your brand. Of course, positive feedback, the success story of your company, and the list of product advantages are very important, but how often do you read texts to the end?

We have just gone through the most common mistakes to avoid, and now it is time to summarize the most important tips for your effective logo design.

1. Simplicity

Almost all perfectly made logos are simple and clear. Do not overload your logo with complex details.

2. Make it attractive

The logo should attract people. It is important to pay attention to the overall attractiveness and how quickly the log can be remembered.

3. Readability

Do not force people to decipher the texts in the logo. It should be clear and catchy from the first glance.

4. Uniqueness

The quite natural desire of any designer is to make the logo unique and creative. However, it is very important not to play with ingenuity at the expense of simplicity. Therefore, it is better not to burden the logo design with numerous pretentious elements.

5. Versatility

The perfect logo is universal. It is readable in seconds and easy to remember. It looks great on a business card, and on a billboard, it is still readable in a black and white context as well as in color.

6. Colors and fonts

Each logo should be able to be used both in full color and in white or in black. If at least one of these options is not possible, then the logo will not work properly. Your font is another important design element. It also sends a message to a potential client and should be picked up properly.

7. Proportions

When creating a logo, remember that you will have to apply it on different surfaces: business cards, pens, icons, advertising banners, etc. Make sure the proportions of your logo will look attractive on any item.

8. Focus on your target audience

You will never be able to appeal to all people on the planet, and that is fine. But your logo will create a very strong connection between you and the target audience. That is the goal!

Top Applications to Create Shopify Logos

Any business starts with ... a logo! But, as experience shows, there are not always enough resources to create a logo design. I have created a list of the top reasons to start right away. In a few clicks your logo will be ready to tell people about your brand.

1. Logojoy


This is the top free app that helps to design a logo, make a website, create a brand identity you will love with the power of artificial intelligence. You will start with a design inspiration before browsing for shapes, exploring variations, and adapting variations to your needs.

2. Oberlo Logo Maker

Oberlo Logo Maker

While a logo does not have to be complex, it is worth putting a bit of thought and effort into it. Luckily, that does not mean spending days on the task or investing in multiple consultations with a professional designer. Oberlo Logo Maker is a great solution to generate a perfect logo for your business with a few clicks.

3. Renderforest


The mission of the service is to make success branding affordable and available for anyone. You will get the most advanced marketing tools to create an efficient logo with no effort. Fill in your name, headline, and a quick description of your eCommerce project. That is it—be ready to check your new logo!

4. Ucraft


What about a high-resolution logo within a few minutes? Pick a unique icon, customize your design, export your custom logo design. Their objective is to develop easy-to-use web tools for everyone to start, promote and maintain their online businesses and brands.

5. Canva Logo Maker

Canva Logo Maker

If you are looking for a custom logo, Canva Logo Maker is a perfect service to try. Make a lasting impression with a personalized logo for your brand. Designing has never been easier with Canva's ready-made templates and intuitive interface.

These were a few Shopify logo generators that will turn your logo design process into a fully enjoyable process.

Once you are ready with the design of corporate identity, it is time to think about creating a website. I am sure your logo will look best on one of ready-made Shopify themes. Take a look at a few examples.

Nozer - Jewelry Store Shopify Theme

Nozer - Jewelry Store Shopify Theme

Nozer theme comes with ready to use layouts for different eCommerce industries, such as jewelry, fashion, accessories, furniture, digital, electronics, food and retail.

Cronics Fashion Responsive Shopify Theme

Cronics Fashion Responsive Shopify Theme

The theme needs zero coding knowledge to use. It has powerful user-friendly features that can attract more clients to your online store and boost sales.

New Skin - Cosmetic Store Clean Shopify Theme

New Skin - Cosmetic Store Clean Shopify Theme

This solution is developed for cosmetic stores. It can boast of all the necessary features required for a successful online store.


Building a website is an effective tool to attract potential customers. The first thing to pay attention to on the main web page is the logo. With the help of the logo, the brand effortlessly solves a number of communicative tasks related to the positioning, recognizing, and uniqueness of the brand. It is an extremely important marketing instrument that should be designed properly to become a valuable asset for the company.

Follow the tips provided above and join successful companies like Nike, Pepsi and Apple, which all have something in common—a cool logo!

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