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How Web Designers Save Money: A DepositPhotos Deal Included!

If you have already known TemplateMonster for some time, you will agree that we bring customer care to the next level.

Our Support Team is available 24/7; we offer an incredible loyalty program along with coupons, discounts, and promocodes. Because we sell only high-quality templates, our customers are spared many headaches and emergencies.

There are still times when we may feel the need to tighten up our budgets. It doesn’t have to be a crisis. In most cases, getting rational about one's expenses means having high career aspirations or saving up for something worthwhile.

In this post, I will talk about the ways how web-designers can cut their expenses without sacrificing the quality of their products or getting overwhelmed.

I will also introduce you to a ridiculously profitable deal - a Depositphotos Bundle. So, how can a web designer save money?

Hunt For Discounts and Freebies

The most obvious way to save money is to get the best deals. Our long-term customers know that we often sell bundles at excellent prices.

So, here’s the gem you don’t want to miss - our new Depositphotos Bundle.

The deal will be active from 12 to 18 February. Just imagine:

  • You will download 100 out of 60 million photos and vector images and use them royalty free like …. FOREVER.
  • You will pay $59 instead of $500.

I could have stopped here, but there’s more:

  • Your high-quality images can be scaled to any size.
  • After the initial purchase, your credits will NEVER expire.
  • You can buy as many deals as you want. Need 300 credits? Buy three deals now and never spend a dollar more on images.
  • Depositphotos is one of the best stock photo resources on the web. It is vast, reliable and offers multilingual support.

If you are into web design or any other business that involves using stock images, this bundle will be a lifesaver.

Spend on What Matters

The main principle of rational spending says that you need to get clear about your priorities and major needs. As a web designer or developer, you need to prioritize your productivity and the quality of your products. There’s no way around it. So, when you do spend money, it will be on your computer, in other essential tools, and in basic software.

A person who earns their living by making websites will buy an excellent multipurpose template once and use it countless projects for many years. Such purchase is 100% justified because it starts paying off right away.

Rank All Other Expenses

All the other costs that are less critical to your business should be evaluated and ranked with regards to how much they contribute to your professional goals. Here are some examples:

Free Education

Working in a highly competitive and technological environment leaves you no choice - you have to learn all the time. Surveys show that most web designers skip formal education. They also prefer free tutorials and forums over costly educational programs. New resources, like our YouTube channel, pop up because sharing practical knowledge is what professionals love to do.

When web-designers need some marketing or SEO, they may hire a specialist, team up with someone, or make a barter.

However, a person who is curious and low on funds may want to learn the basics of SEO even though it doesn't fit into their specialization. If you have such “do-it-yourself” attitude, browse our comprehensive library of free ebooks and get started!

Depositphotos Bundle

Personal Productivity

This is where things get subtle. Some expenses do not feel so important until you cut them off. After a period of trying and error, I know that I do not need an office to be productive, but I need yoga classes three times a week. If I skip yoga, I cannot stay focused and do my job correctly.

What are the things that keep you going? Please let us know in the comments!

Team Up

Many designers work in teams not only to pool skills and ideas but to divide overhead and operational costs. Those who don’t like to work from home, share their office rent, Internet and other expenses with a group of colleagues.

Modern-day technologies also allow designers to create remote teams and work together from different locations. If you are looking for professional soul-mates, join TemplateMonster’s international community on Facebook and get to know other web-designers. You will find yourself in great company!

If you have more ideas about how to spend money wisely, please share them in the comments.
We would love to know what you think!

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