Design for Web Developers. Playing the Game? Know the Rules!

Did you choose the profession of web developer? Great! This market niche is so flexible and changeable that you will never stay without work, if you are an expert, of course.

But how to become a real pro? There is so much information on the topic available on the net currently and its stock is replenished every day with new methods, techniques and technologies. Nothing can stop web development smarty-pants from inventing better tricks that improve UX and simplify their work.

It’s so easy to get lost in the abundance of data. We advise you to remember one thing: learn the unshakable postulates of web design and development first and only then polish your knowledge with trendy hacks. Seriously, put some thought into it. It’s impossible to create something really epic without strong skills and vast experience in the fundamental fields like design elements, designers’ tools, main principles of design, color psychology, harmony, text effects, proportion, typography and dozens of other extremely important details which prevent designs from looking amateur.

The slideshow we offer you is a king-size one. But it’s worth your time as the content included there will fill in all possible gaps you’ve got in your web development education. After studying this slideshow many things will become clear and easy to apply for you. Maybe you will even find the mistakes in your previous designs and never make them again.

Nobody is perfect, so drill your skills even if you have already cut your teeth on web design. We can’t keep all the info we’ve ever learned in our memory, so it would be useful to ‘click the refresh button’.

Helga Moreno

Experienced writer passionate about highlighting all the topics related to web, design, marketing, SEO, and more. Follow Helga on Quora.

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