Cloud Vs Dedicated Hosting: How to Determine the Right Server

If you are confused over choosing the right hosting service for your business or application,there are two major choices. One of them is existing dedicated hosting and the other one is new-born Cloud Hosting. So, the question is, how to determine the right server?

For answering to this query, it is important to know that the most unswerving way to searching right server is to get web hosting services from a trusted hosting service provider company. However, before taking our discussion further on how to determine the right server, here are some of the key issues of both the dedicated hosting and cloud hosting can help you to solve this pretty important riddle.

Firstly, it’s important to know about the characteristic features of a standard hosting service. They are,

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Scalability(both hardware and software)
  • Management and Maintenance approach
  • Pricing


Performance of a hosting service includes an array of the key attributes of functioning and reliability. An in-depth analysis of all the attributes for both the cloud hosting and the dedicated hosting is thoroughly required for a clear understanding over this particular affair.

Your website’s uptime or availability on the web

It’s really important for your business or app to stay alive on the web for 365×24 hours across the year. Here, cloud computing technology has a clear edge over the conventional dedicated physical servers. Any hardware glitch in the CPU, RAM or the DISC of a physical server is obvious and appallingly, unavoidable. When it dies, it dies with every last bit of your hosted website. Regular and vigorous maintenance is your only insurance.

Clouds never slip

In a cloud computing arena your websites availability is almost failsafe as it integrates multiple physical servers under a shared virtualization technology where each physical server function simultaneously with all the others on the same network. Actually, your website stays scattered over all the connected shared servers. Now, if one of them goes down, others remain intact. Your website remains omnipresent on the net.

Bandwidth and page loading time

Number of active users determines the load on your server. Initially, if the inbound traffic to your website is low; your server will fetch your pages in no time. You believe that you will grow popular within your projected time. Then?

Here, dedicated servers offer you a simple solution of adding up more bandwidth which is always available and cheap. It consumes less time to add more bandwidth in cloud servers but it’s expensive.

Recent market research says that, page response reduces by 7% per second of page loading delay. When it’s concerned, dedicated servers can offer 100% of its CPU, disc I/O and RAM. For this reason, power users are also looking for the best Linux dedicated server hosting. Conversely, a cloud server carries the colossal weight of its ‘virtualization’. Moreover, its physical storage disc is also shared which can often bottleneck disc I/O speeds and affect the page loading time of your website.


Information is priceless. That’s why security can never be compromised.Although, the level of security, decisively, depends on the type of your business or app. In this respect, dedicated servers are always stronger than the shared ones integrated with the cloud servers. Moreover, still on this this day, virtualization atmosphere is not that known. Although, CaaS (cloud as a service) companies are narrowing down the gap, gradually.


The scope of scaling within a dedicated server ecosystem can be bulky and the most importantly, time consuming. You can always go for the vertical (hardware) up gradation but there are limits. Additionally, if your dedicated server is not blessed with the ‘load balancer’, then you can bypass the booting time of your server.

Cloud servers offer a bit smart solution as it’s blessed with an inbuilt auto scaling feature. Any up gradation and down gradation of the server can be done on the go. Means, the need of the booting time is killed with a great relief of.

For the horizontal (software) scaling, scopes are same for the dedicated and the cloud hosting services.

Management and Maintenance

Managerial and provisioning tools for both the backend and frontend of your hosted application alterations are fairly integrated with cloud hosting services. If user interface is concerned, clouds are a bit smarter than the dedicated one. It’s like accessing your web files through a node.

With a dedicated hosting, managerial approach is like churning the raw materials of your finished web products. It needs much more technical skills to understand and maintain and take a proper backup of those sensitive files, thankfully, with a 100% access and superior control.


In a cloud hosting service cost depends precisely on the amount of server space used per hour. Whether, there is a fixed monthly usage rate for the dedicated servers even when you are not using the 100% of its available resources.

As, with the same tech specs, cloud hosting services are somewhat costlier than the dedicated ones, small and medium sized business usually target the later ones where, larger business groups are eyeing for the cloud hosting services as on the long run It’s satisfying their budget and securing their presence on the web.

If the mission and the vision of any business can be categorized, squarely, this puzzle of hiring proper hosting service can be determined, painlessly. Besides, if you are willing to put the price on one side while taking hosting services from a reliable hosting company, then Rosehosting service provider is an ideal choice. With its immense experience in the field of web hosting, it offers flexible dedicated hosting servers with all essential hardware and software assistance. Dedicated servers are good options if your website is receiving huge traffic or it is using resource-intensive applications.

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