Еlegant WooCommerce Themes

WooCommerce is a very popular platform for maintaining the sites. Its themes are very simple to operate. The templates, developed by the professionals, will give your site, even more, appeal and elegance. In the modern world of novelties and innovations, it is very difficult to be distinguished from others.

Everyone wants to be special, unusual, exclusive and not similar to anybody. Being peculiar in the meaning of the modern world implies the whole new concept of a marketing brand. The ultimate goal of any brand policy is to make products well-recognized, hence attract more clientele and raise the overall sales. That’s why it’s very important to stand out from others in order to be noticed. WooCommerce themes give you such a chance. Don’t miss it! Be special!
One of the main goals of business owners is increasing sales and involvement of potential clients. Thanks to WooCommerce, it is not a problem. Magnificent and attractive themes won’t leave anybody indifferent. Using such themes is a good opportunity to attract customers’ attention.

In this article, we will elegant and modern templates. Any WooCommerce template can be transformed into a beautiful site. So choose the template that meets your requirements from our selection, and start creating your personal site immediately.

Sportdox - Sport, Fitness & Gym Store Elementor WooCommerce Responsive Theme

Sportdox - Sport, Fitness & Gym Store Elementor WooCommerce Responsive Theme.

Sportdox might add a fresh lick of paint to your website. As the name suggests, Sportdox is perfect for sports websites. And that is no wonder. This gym store Elementor WooCommerce responsive theme might work for a variety of sports-related web projects. That makes it easier for you to sell sports equipment, accessories, or clothes on your pages.

The template is easy to install and use. The Popup video section will help you make a small presentation about your business and its values. You have full control over the design of your pages. Change everything you want, from pages, slides, colors, or fonts. Besides, Sportdox is optimized for the latest SEO practices to make your site search engine visible on the web.

Here are a few other premium features packed into Sportdox.

  • Bootstrap HTML5 and CSS3;
  • Quickstart package;
  • Ajax fucntion;
  • eCommerce;
  • Blog module;
  • Performance optimization;
  • Multipurpose;
  • Google Maps integration;
  • Revolution Slider;
  • WPML-ready.


Dullent Shooting Range - Gun Shop & Training WP Theme

Dullent Shooting Range - Gun Shop & Training WP Theme.

Dullent Shooting Range is a stylish training WP theme that matches the latest web design standards. The template is perfect for gun shops and training classes, and sports clubs. It comes with WooCommerce integration from the ground up. So, whatever you plan to sell online, Dullent will make it easy.

The template uses a dark color combination that highlights that you are a professional. Also, it has a fully responsive layout and allows your pages to be readable on all screen sizes. With Elementor, you will forget all tricky issues and craft a beautiful page layout on a go. Check the collection of pre-designed page layouts and use them as a starting basis for your site.

If you want to learn more perks about Dullent, then click the Details button and see the list below.

  • Modern, stylish design;
  • Easy to customize;
  • 404 page included;
  • Custom shortcodes & widgets;
  • MailChimp support;
  • Customizable pop-up boxes;
  • Images included;
  • Blog module.


Matjar - Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Matjar - Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme.

Looking for the right option for the presentation of your business? Then it is smart to use Matjar. Crafted by experts to help you draw in buyers and make them long-term supporters. First, that is a multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress theme that will make your site visible to search engines. Its clean, valid HTML5 code comes optimized for the latest SEO guidelines.

Next, Matjar is built with the powerful Bootstrap framework. You will find multiple pre-designed demos that will save you hours from day one. More to the point, the template will help you create a multi-vendor platform. Choose between boxed and wide layouts, typography settings, and color palettes.

And when the fear of coding goes pop, Elementor will ease that pain. And there are more powerful features to consider here:

  • GPL License;
  • Lazy Load effect;
  • Dropdown menu;
  • Performance optimization;
  • RTL support;
  • Blog module;
  • Revolution Slider support;
  • Sticky Add to Cart Bar.


Weapon Master - Weapon And Gun Shop WooCommerce Theme

Weapon Master - Weapon And Gun Shop WooCommerce Theme.

Do you want an excellent, courageous, and stylish site? This product is perfect if you have WordPress with a WooCommerce plugin. This elegant appearance suits any seller of scopes, knives, hunting, and self-defense items. It is super cool and liked by not only men but also women. A neutral background and correctly spaced blocks in the correct order create a fantastic atmosphere and set the visitor in the mood for shopping. A large slider at the top of the page coolly presents new products, and a block with popular goods helps a beginner choose a suitable weapon model. The color scheme of the gun shop WooCommerce theme is universal, although you can change it. In addition, you receive several improvements for the site:

  • Compatibility with MailChimp.
  • Additional pictures. They are on the subject of your business.
  • Responsive design. The ability to adjust to any gadget is a modern necessity. After all, many orders in online stores come precisely from mobile devices.
  • Search engine friendly. This opportunity is your pass to search engines and their ranking. Gun shop WooCommerce theme doesn't cancel regular work on SEO. However, it significantly speeds up the process.
  • Ajax.
  • Multipurpose. Universality is an essential distinguishing feature of this appearance. Therefore, the design can be very suitable if you sell other goods.
  • eCommerce.
  • Dropdown menu. A stylish menu is not only beautiful but also adds more customer orientation. After all, now the visitor finds the necessary section faster.
  • Google map.
  • Sample content. Arbitrary autocompletion with the content helps to understand where web developers placed the text blocks.
  • Drag and drop content.


Furniside - Interior Design Premium WooCommerce Elementor Responsive Theme

Furniside - Interior Design Premium WooCommerce Elementor Responsive Theme.

Creating a comfortable accommodation in which it will be pleasant to spend the night and spend all the day is challenging. If you are an interior designer or sell goods for housing and repair, you should look at the finished website design - Furniside. It's simple and, at the same time, exquisite, just like your furniture and decor items. Show how cozy, homely, and family-like any home can be with your products' help and the online store's correct appearance. This premium WooCommerce Elementor responsive theme gives you all the necessary tools for business development. You may show ready-made projects or sell vases, paintings, and furniture.

Also, the premium WooCommerce Elementor responsive theme has several advantages that every buyer likes:

  • One-click installation. Do everything quickly and effectively without the help of a second employee.
  • Multicurrency and multilingualism. With the help of these essential improvements, you can build an international business.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.
  • SEO-friendly. Yes, it would help if you appeared in the ranking of search engines faster. After all, the future of the company and sales depend on it.
  • Responsive design. It's so adaptable that it looks beautiful and, at the same time, presentable on gadgets of different sizes.
  • Compatibility with MailChimp. Collect a database of interested audiences and send them newsletters faster than ever.
  • Ajax search. It's especially relevant if you have complex product names. After all, a search string on the site suggests alternative sofas, beds, wall paint, or candlesticks.
  • The product filter is simple and, at the same time, gives a tangible result in improving the client experience.
  • Wish Lists. Thus, it is easier for visitors to choose items.


Vape Master - Tobacco Online Shop WooCommerce Theme

Vape Master - Tobacco Online Shop WooCommerce Theme.

Mischievous, daring, original - that's what we can say about Vape Master. Web developers aimed it at the younger generation, which is interested in alternative options for smoking. However, with the help of accessible settings, for example, changing the color, you can instantly turn the layout into a more solid one and place varieties of unique cigars, beautiful cigarette holders, and rare tobacco. Tobacco online shop WooCommerce theme turns your old online store into an advanced and modern website in hours. After all, the installation lasts very quickly, thanks to intuitive actions. Well, the settings take additional time, depending on your skills. However, if you have never set up a website template, there is a suitable solution to speed up editing! Web developers added detailed instructions to the tobacco online shop WooCommerce theme.

You also receive the following benefits:

  • Product categories and lists. Create TOP sales and popular products and divide the assortment into categories depending on the country of production or other parameters.
  • Responsive layouts. Cover users of all gadgets with the help of adaptive design.
  • Admin panel. The settings are straightforward. You only need to follow the instructions.
  • Search engine friendly. It's difficult for some product categories to advance in search engines. However, if they don't fall under monitoring, SEO-friendly helps occupy the ranking positions faster than usual.
  • Ajax.
  • Multipurpose. Of course, the layout has great potential because it's perfect for different products.
  • eCommerce. Carry out sales because all the functionality is available for this purpose.
  • Dropdown menu. It's simply fantastic, stylish, and incredibly modern.
  • Google map. Here you show the location of the store.
  • Sample content.
  • Tabs.
  • Drag and drop content.
  • Blog. Please write about all the features of tobacco, cigarettes, or vapes and how to choose them.


Giftelo - Souvenirs & Art Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Giftelo - Souvenirs & Art Elementor WooCommerce Theme.

Creative goods require the same unique website. Giftelo allows you to develop creatively and establish a relationship with customers with the help of a customer-oriented online store. Pleasant and gentle colors help the visitor to buy valuable and memorable gifts. Such categories of goods as statuettes, porcelain, cards, bouquets, antiques, objects of art, and many other things that make the holiday unforgettable can easily fit here. Buying souvenirs on such a site and giving them as gifts is pleasant. After all, a person also gets pleasure from purchasing your unique things. Art Elementor WooCommerce theme helps you not only with design. After all, the template is also very functional and has such improvements:

  • Adaptability to different screen sizes. This thing helps visitors choose gifts even on a smartphone.
  • 1-click installation. Handle it much faster than expected.
  • Multicurrency and multilingualism. When selling unique things, you should not limit yourself to the audience of your country only. Interested buyers you can find all over the world.
  • Admin panel.
  • Search engine friendly. It becomes easier to get into Google's ranking. After all, web developers optimized the speed of loading pages, created unique meta titles and descriptions, and built a structure of pages that is understandable for search engines.
  • Retina Ready. Your sections look amazingly clear and high-quality on screens with increased pixel density.
  • Multipurpose. Due to its universality, the template is combinable with an affordable assortment of gifts.
  • eCommerce.
  • Dropdown menu. Place links to all sections there.
  • Google map. There is nothing better than building a trip route with a map. For example, put the location of your office on it.
  • Sample content.
  • Quickstart Package.
  • Performance.
  • jQuery.


Lexoun - Top-notch WooCommerce Theme

Lexoun - Top-notch WooCommerce Theme.

Online trading opens up a world of new opportunities and perspectives for entrepreneurs. Are you interested in selling goods all over the world and trying your hand at this industry? Then the Lexoun template is at your disposal! This WooCommerce theme offers a striking design, user-friendly structure, and cutting-edge features for your work. Thanks to customization and the various tools available, this layout is multipurpose and suitable for online stores of different sizes and concepts. Do you want to create a platform for selling clothes or start a furniture store? Lexoun WooCommerce theme is what you need!

With this template, you can build the perfect eCommerce site with all the bells and whistles. It allows you to add a product catalog, wishlist, shopping cart, and other cool widgets. What's more, with WooCommerce, you can implement different payment systems and set up delivery procedures for the convenience of your customers. The icing on the cake is super UI elements like elegant animations, sliders, and dynamic images that will make your project look great! More features are listed here:

  • fully responsive;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • 340+ icons;
  • sale countdown;
  • header & footer customization;
  • product filter;
  • different colors and fonts options;
  • MegaMenu;
  • background video;
  • Visual Composer compatible;
  • dynamic elements;
  • easy to use & customize.


Coacha - Coaching WooCommerce Theme

Coacha - Coaching WooCommerce Theme.

Can WordPress be used to attract new customers? Yes! When combined with an e-commerce plugin like WooCommerce, the stakes are even higher. If you're looking for an appealing and creative web design, look no further. Here is the WooCommerce WordPress theme that will cater to your needs. Here is the template for online coaching training courses. It's called Coacha, and it's an intuitive way to build a cutting-edge online presence. If you are a personal financial planner coach or a trainer at a gym or yoga studio, this template is perfect for your online coaching training course. In addition, with WooCommerce, you can sell your courses with greater efficiency.


  • Back-to-top button;
  • Star-rating evaluation;
  • Video embedding (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.);
  • Team members (coaches);
  • Dropdown menu;
  • Testimonials;
  • Page for signing in/up;
  • Translation-ready.


Bookzone - Responsive Book Store WooCommerce Theme

Bookzone - Responsive Book Store WooCommerce Theme.

Do you want to present your shop brightly and memorably? With Bookzone, it's elementary! You have a layout with elements that allow you to make bold design decisions. The exterior is stylish and concise. At the same time, there are separate zones with bright accents to attract attention. Because the choice of colors in this product is unlimited, you may add more colors splash or make the look more neutral. Book store WooCommerce theme offers customers the following functional improvements and settings:

  • Responsive design. The appearance of the pages automatically adjusts to the user's screen and size.
  • SEO-optimized helps in further promotion in search engines.
  • Elementor and Drag and Drop allow unlimited opportunities to customize and edit the page's look, even for people without programming skills.
  • Multipurpose. As a result, the book store WooCommerce theme is universal, and you can use it to sell not only printed books.
  • Ajax.
  • Retina Ready means pictures always retain their quality on Apple screens and similar devices.
  • Right-to-left language support and multilingualism allow you to trade around the world.
  • A single product is a chance to present each edition, fairy tale, poem, or novel most excitingly.
  • eCommerce.
  • Dropdown Menu.
  • Google Maps.
  • Background video. Here you can post interviews with famous authors or materials from the writer's presentation.
  • Lazy Load effect.
  • Website Builder.


ReadLib - A Perfect Book Store WooCommerce Theme

ReadLib - A Perfect Book Store WooCommerce Theme.

Do you like high-quality literature and want people to have access to classic and modern books? Excellent, because with the help of ReadLib, it is easy to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere! Thanks to a pleasant color scheme, a drop-down menu, smooth animation, and the ability to divide the shop's assortment by genre, your customers will get incredible shopping pleasure! After watching the demo, you'll see that the web developer offers white, black, and orange as primary colors. Such a look creates a pleasant feeling of viewing, and warm shades set the mood for shopping. However, remember that you can also change them. After all, in addition to the beautiful appearance, this book store WooCommerce theme gives you the following features:

  • Different color schemes.
  • Selection of fonts from Google. Let your imagination run free here. Are you selling modern classics? Choose strict and straight lines. Do you want to offer classical literature of the Renaissance? The most effective solution is fancy fonts.
  • The responsive design retains its appeal even on small smartphones. In addition, all elements of the pages easily adjust to any size.
  • Instructions for use.
  • Bootstrap.
  • Ajax. As mentioned, this tool has many possibilities for quick and comfortable searches for goods and shopping.
  • Multipurpose. The neutrality of the design allows you to buy book store WooCommerce themes for other types of business.
  • GPL License.
  • A single product page looks fantastic and beautifully presents each genre.
  • eCommerce.
  • Dropdown Menu.
  • Online Shop gives you all the tools for successful sales.
  • HTML 5.
  • jQuery.
  • HTML plus JS.
  • The parallax effect is one of the essential elements of an updated website.


Ekozi - Best Responsive Furniture Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Ekozi - Best Responsive Furniture Elementor WooCommerce Theme.

Creating a harmonious interior in one style while adhering to the color scheme is challenging. After all, there is a limited number of furniture, flooring, and accessories. Use the site to offer your customers more. There you will place the most beautiful sofas, armchairs, tables, and chairs with the possibility of choosing a color. Of course, to present the product profitably and inexpensively, you need functionality and a beautiful design for the portal sections. Ekozi always comes in handy. After all, this furniture Elementor WooCommerce theme, in addition to a stylish appearance, has the following advantages:

  • A pleasant color scheme that doesn't distract from the sofa.
  • Block with categories right on the main page.
  • The flipping through photos of interior items catches the eye.
  • Banners with animation.
  • The sale block on the Home page attracts attention.
  • Responsive layout. All sections automatically adjust to any size of the gadget.
  • SEO-friendly. It's easier to get Google ranking for a new online shop.
  • Elementor builder.
  • Ajax filter allows people to get the needed items by conveniently sorting tables, chairs, kitchen utensils, or beds. In addition, the furniture Elementor WooCommerce theme has many essential things to help the buyer choose.
  • Advanced search on the website helps a person find what he needs faster.


Urban - Lux And Fashion WooCommerce Responsive Theme

Urban - Lux And Fashion WooCommerce Responsive Theme.

The world of fashion has changed. People buy brand-new clothes, shoes, or accessories at least twice a year. Stimulate sales with beautiful lookbooks, collection presentations, animated effects, and discounts. A gorgeous ready-made design from Urban - WooCommerce responsive theme helps you with this goal. Such a purchase brings maximum benefits. Just watch the demo! What beautiful slides and lots of space for photos of swimsuits, dresses, and men's suits. You also have several layouts of the product and Home pages to choose from the list. And that's not all! Additionally, customers receive the following website enhancements:

  • Responsive design. It's flexible and fully adaptable to different sizes of gadgets, so it always looks fantastic.
  • Admin panel. Ease of use is the main distinguishing feature of this WooCommerce responsive theme.
  • Search Engine Friendly. A stylish and modern clothing store online must be ranked highly on Google and Yahoo as soon as possible. Web developers took care of this and implemented several works to improve the sections of the portal.
  • Ajax.
  • Retina Ready.
  • Multipurpose. Good news because you may use the layout not only for a clothing store but also for selling other goods. For example, children's toys.
  • Right to left language support.
  • Light Template.
  • Dropshipping.


Christmas Shop - Holiday Season Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Christmas Shop - Holiday Season Elementor WooCommerce Theme.

The level of sales depends on how colorfully, brightly, and elegantly your website is designed. Ultimately, you aren't selling goods per se, but the good, happy feelings that come with a purchase. Christmas Shop is an excellent and elegant design for a site with Christmas and New Year's items. Web developers have even included colorful and high-quality pictures in the purchase, giving you plenty of images to choose from the list. After watching the demo, you will understand that all products with a New Year holiday theme look great. Whether it's reindeer, Christmas trees, Santa Claus figurines, or garlands, this Elementor WooCommerce theme is a practical example of what a perfect online store should be. In addition, page layouts have the following options:

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
  • Bootstrap.
  • Drag and Drop. The technology helps to edit pages, move blocks on them and quickly load content without programming skills.
  • Dropdown Menu. This element looks beautiful and adds more modernity to the appearance.
  • eCommerce.
  • Google Maps. Consequently, people will find your office or warehouse faster to pick up their purchases.
  • Light template.
  • The mobile layout.
  • Multipurpose. After changing the banners and uploading children's toys instead of decorative Christmas trees, you can use the Elementor WooCommerce theme for other product categories.
  • Responsive and Retina Ready. These improvements help your website look great on smartphones and tablets.
  • Sample content.
  • Search Engine Friendly. Give your business a chance to rank faster with this feature.


Nord Tours - Travel Woocommerce WordPress Theme

Nord Tours - Travel Woocommerce WordPress Theme.

Be spontaneous and original when it comes to buying a ready-made website design. Your field of activity is to give clients the real vacation of their dreams, fulfill their wishes and organize a trip in such a way that it is memorable. The site is a great way to convey the beauty of different countries and wildlife. After all, there are so many excellent products in the travel Woocommerce WordPress theme category. Nord Tours is one of them. With a fresh look at tourism, its design presents your company in an engaging and interesting way. Beautiful pictures of unforgettable landscapes and a stylish page layout take the visitor far away.

The travel Woocommerce WordPress theme has several valuable functions:

  • Well-known Gutenberg editor.
  • Responsive page layouts look equally attractive on any gadget.
  • The Admin panel is straightforward and understandable to any non-advanced user.
  • Search engine friendly, in combination with the work of your SEO specialist, will help you achieve positions in Google and Yahoo.
  • Bootstrap.
  • Hotel Booking allows the visitor to reserve an excellent room for recreation easily.
  • Single product.
  • The dropdown menu is a definite highlight in the appearance of sections.
  • Google Maps.
  • Sample content shows where to place texts and pictures.
  • Quickstart package.
  • Drag and drop content so you can manage images without coding skills.
  • MegaMenu.
  • Blog.
  • The Online store allows you to present and sell the service.
  • Parallax demonstrates the modernity of the new design.
  • The background video shows the beauty of countries in dynamics.
  • Lazy Load effect.


Jurcy - Multipurpose Marketplace WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Jurcy - Multipurpose Marketplace WooCommerce WordPress Theme.

Jurcy is a fantastic product that combines many types of business. This marketplace WooCommerce WordPress theme has 41 ready-made designs. Among the template's buyers are online stores for cosmetics, body care items, clothes, shoes, sunglasses, underwear, household goods, children's toys, and many others. Such an offer is available at a low price. That's why the product might be interesting for you. Also, note that the layouts are not only beautiful but also have several functions:

  • SEO-friendly. It's easier for you to advance in search engines. After all, the web developer has made several preliminary preparations for promoting the online shop.
  • Responsive design. Now more and more people are buying smartphones. Therefore, the presence of the function is essential because it guarantees a beautiful and convenient appearance on any screen size.
  • Customizable colors.
  • The choice of fonts allows you to make an extraordinary variety and form your style of a fashionable online store.
  • Designs for describing goods are intuitively understandable and easy to read for potential customers of the store.
  • Various options for quick product viewing help buyers to make their choice.
  • Many header styles for the buyer's choice help you to create a unique appearance.

After reading the description and watching the demo, you'll see these and other benefits.


Meble - Perfect Interior WooCommerce Elementor Responsive Theme

Meble - Perfect Interior WooCommerce Elementor Responsive Theme.

If you are interested in creating a cozy and stylish interior, then you'll like Meble. The product is perfect for sellers of interior items and furniture, as well as for interior designers. By choosing the WooCommerce Elementor responsive theme, you get a universal layout that quickly adapts to your company's style to emphasize the brand identity. Also, buyers receive such valuable improvements:

  • Multicurrency and multilingualism. Introduce your masterpieces and decor items to people worldwide with the help of automatic website translation.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.
  • Responsive design. Pages can easily adjust to any gadget and size.
  • SEO-friendly. This puzzle includes several implemented tasks at once. Web developers have taken care of the future of your decor and furniture store. Your site will quickly take positions in the ranking of well-known search engines.
  • Excellent and quick view. Buying household goods takes a lot of work. Sometimes people search for a suitable vase or wallpaper for several days. Such important options make shopping more comfortable.
  • Google Fonts.
  • Ajax search.


Bgmart - Jewelry And Accessories Responsive Woocommerce Theme

Bgmart - Jewelry And Accessories Responsive Woocommerce Theme.

Bgmart is one of the latest WooCommerce themes tailored for online stores. Ideally, it works for jewelry, furniture & décor, and apparel stores. Also, it can be a great choice for beauty and cosmetics shops or handmade accessories portals. This responsive WooCommerce theme will help get your site a professional look. Beyond that, it has a lot of white space to help customers to focus on your products or services. Translate your site to whatever language you need, including Arabic ones. Make it convenient for customers to find what they are looking for using an advanced Ajax search.

MegaMenu navigation helps people go where you need them to go. In general, Bgmart is easy to use for anyone, even without needing to know any coding. Bgmart includes also:

  • Responsive and Retina-ready layout;
  • Admin panel;
  • WPBakery page builder;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Ajax function;
  • Multipurpose;
  • Blog module;
  • Multiple product features;
  • Revolution Slider support.


Washup - Home Cleaning WooCommerce Theme

Washup - Home Cleaning WooCommerce Theme.

To advertise your cleaning services, you need a website. Maybe you'd also want to open a store selling cleaning supplies. Well, that would be a good tandem and this cleaning tools WooCommerce theme is the perfect way to do so. You can simply change the blocks, columns, colors, and text to suit your preferences. A blog, testimonial section, product catalog, product comparison, and other features are also included in Washup. The best eCommerce platform available, WooCommerce, offers all of these premium perks. With this elegant, feature-rich design, you can showcase your professionalism and level of service.


  • Elementor editor;
  • Social buttons;
  • Mobile-responsive feel;
  • Product Image Zoom;
  • Ready for Retina display;
  • Contact form 7;
  • Pop-up newsletter form.


Megadel - Multifunctional WooCommerce Theme

Megadel - Multifunctional WooCommerce Theme.

Megadel is a powerful mega shop WooCommerce theme that enables merchants to sell anything. The fully responsive template has great e-commerce features, such as the option to showcase products in a grid or list layout and many built-in tools for WooCommerce, like sorting and pricing. With the theme's cutting-edge e-commerce plugin integration, Megadel allows for extensive webshop customization. From the color schemes to the product layout, use this feature-filled theme to make your online shop a smashing success.


  • Video tutorial;
  • Drag & drop builder;
  • Multilingual (incl RTL) support;
  • MailChimp-ready;
  • Advanced search;
  • Wishlist, quickview, comparison;
  • Blog module;
  • Ajax shopping cart.


Festive - Holiday Gift Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Festive - Holiday Gift Responsive WooCommerce Theme.

Plan your business in advance. Gift responsive WooCommerce theme is perfect for organizing a festive mood for Halloween and also sellers of costumes and decorations to get a stylish appearance of the site. This product gives one of the most important tools for stimulating sales - website design. Navigating the new store is pleasant and convenient thanks to intuitive use and navigation.

A festive and elegant atmosphere helps people shopping even more fun and enjoyable.

All buyers of the gift responsive WooCommerce theme receive the following functions in addition:

  • Responsive layout, which quickly resizes to fit any gadget and screen size.
  • Admin panel, where it's easy to manage content.
  • Search engine friendly so potential clients can quickly see you in Google for key queries.
  • Bootstrap.
  • Retina Ready for a good look on screens with increased pixel density.
  • Multipurpose, because the appearance is adapted to different products and businesses.
  • Parallax.


Blinkers - Smart Eye Glasses WooCommerce Responsive Theme

Blinkers - Smart Eye Glasses WooCommerce Responsive Theme.

If you are looking for a powerful eye glasses WooCommerce responsive theme, Blinkers is that. It is another versatile option that makes our list today. It works for jewelry, goggles, jewelry, and other topics you like. You will find many useful features and shortcodes that assist you with customization. Next, it supports the WooCommerce plugin for selling things online. The fact that the template supports multiple languages and currencies only adds benefits to your website. Also, it matches the best SEO practices boxes to keep your site rankings at the top.

The list of premium features bundled in the theme will make you happy. The same story with premium plugins. Here is what to expect:

  • One click demo import;
  • Multi-level menu;
  • Ajax shopping cart;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Sliced PSD;
  • Google map integration;
  • MegaMenu navigation;
  • Performance optimization;
  • Parallax and Lazy Load effects;
  • Products wishlist & compare.


BabyCare - Kids Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme

BabyCare - Kids Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme.

You want your website to shine at the top of the search results, don’t you? And BabyCare will help you do that trick. That is another popular kids' store WooCommerce WordPress theme that lets you easily start an eCommerce portal. It works for fashion, technology, or organic food websites. So, you can sell just anything you imagine. Making changes will be easy, thanks to Elementor page builder support. That is a powerful and user-friendly tool that saves you hours and effort.

On a bright note, BabyCare is worth your attention. Take the time to explore its features; you will find them useful.

  • Multipurpose;
  • MegaMenu naviagtion;
  • Multi-language/currency support;
  • Compare & wishlist integrated;
  • Frontpage slideshow;
  • Ajax search;
  • Advanced quick view;
  • MailChimp & Revolution Slider;
  • SEO optimized;
  • WPML-ready and Polylang.


BzoPets - Animals and Pets Store WooCommerce Theme

BzoPets - Animals and Pets Store WooCommerce Theme.

Plan to build an online pet store or an animal-related website? No matter the category of your website, we all know that site-building can be time-consuming and expensive, which is why we offer a pet store WooCommerce theme. With this template, you get the latest web design trends and various features that help sell more products in no time. Fall in love with this clean, responsive theme for your animal-based website today. Such a sample is a great way to design a website optimized for conversion rates and creates an interactive user experience.


  • Elementor compatible;
  • Search engine optimized;
  • RTL support;
  • Dropdown header with MegaMenu;
  • Blog section;
  • Background video;
  • Slider Revolution compliance;
  • Newsletter signup.


I Toy - Toys Shop Multipurpose - WordPress WooCommerce

I Toy -Toys Shop Multipurpose - WordPress WooCommerce.

With a single click, I Toy allows you to install it and make your website look similar to our demo. That multipurpose WordPress WooCommerce theme is tailored for toy shop websites. There is also the powerful layout builder, so you can build all the custom headers & footers you want. The theme also has an admin panel for monitoring your data. I Toy is safe to become a go-to solution for eCommerce web projects of all topics. Elementor page builder plugin enables you to customize every inch of your site.

I Toy is also compatible with the latest software and plugins. Let’s mention other features of I Toy:

  • Responsive layout;
  • Mobile layout included;
  • Commerce;
  • Advanced theme options;
  • Dropdown menu;
  • WPML-ready;
  • Pre-built modules, sections, and shortcodes;
  • SEO-friendly.


Bastore - Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Bastore - Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme.

Bastore was created specifically for e-commerce projects. That is another multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress theme that should be your top priority. It offers you a galore of great tools you can use to your advantage. Also, the template is translation-ready with the RTL feature support. Enjoy eight beautiful homepage layouts and pick the one that fits you best. You will craft pages using Elementor, a leading page builder on the market today. Built with Bootstrap, Bastore lets your website has a pixel-perfect design on each smart device, platform, or browser.

Among other benefits are regular updates and Gutenberg support. Take the time to explore Bastore; there are plenty of perks for you.

  • Ajax functionality;
  • Admin panel;
  • Dropdown menu;
  • MegaMenu navigation;
  • Revolution Slider support;
  • Header & footer builder;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • Contact Form 7 included.


Wholesale Store Woocommerce Elementor Theme

Wholesale Store Woocommerce Elementor Theme.

Whether you want to create a new online store or refresh your existing one, Wholesale will give you a leg up. It is a clean and attractive store WooCommerce Elementor theme with a fully responsive design. A user-friendly admin panel lets you play around with the theme settings, colors, typography, etc. There is also an easy shopping cart on the header. Your visitors can create wishlists, view products, and add them to the shopping cart.

It has a very user-friendly design that can work as a lead-generating tool for your website. Besides, the AMP technology lets your pages load almost immediately. And that is not all, of course. Let’s mention a few features more:

  • Advanced theme options;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Dropdown menu;
  • Google Maps;
  • MegaMenu support;
  • Multipurpose;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • Revolution Slider;
  • MailChimp support.


Craftric - Art Gallery, Painting Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress Template

Craftric - Art Gallery, Painting Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress Template.

Do you challenge yourself as a creative person? Show off the hook that makes you unique with Craftic. This clean, multipurpose eCommerce WordPress template will cover your back. Discover your niche or topic and see how far you can get with Craftic. More than three specific homepage styles and too many inner page layouts come to the rescue. Besides, Craftic is optimized for speed and performance, so visitors enjoy browsing your pages immediately. And sure, it follows the best SEO practices so that your page stays at the top of the SERP results.

To make your content readable for users worldwide, the WPML plugin comes to help. Other than that, Craftic includes:

  • Elementor page builder;
  • Advanced theme options;
  • Ajax functionality;
  • jQuery;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Performance optimization;
  • Quickstart package;
  • Responsive layout;
  • MailChimp and WPML support;
  • WooCommerce integration.


Una - Fresh Furniture Company WordPress Layout

Una - Fresh Furniture Company WordPress Layout.

If you are ready to start your furniture business, then the Una WooCommerce template is great for you. The layout has a minimalistic design suitable for different types of companies, including home decor or accessories stores. The homepage impresses with a Revolutionary Slider with cool animations. What's more, the layout is fully responsive, so your website will look perfect on all gadgets. Among the features of the online store are search and registration forms, a shopping cart, a panel with filters for product search, a wishlist, the ability to connect different payment systems, and much more.

More functions:

  • performance optimization;
  • blog;
  • MegaMenu;
  • RTL support;
  • 1-click installation;
  • Elementor page builder;
  • contact form;
  • free lifetime updates.


Umart - Multipurpose WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Umart - Multipurpose WordPress WooCommerce Theme.

Put your eCommerce on autopilot. This multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress theme is a professional design tool for apparel, furniture, handcrafts, electronics, grocery stores, etc. Engage your customers with personalized shopping experiences, keep up with trends, and increase conversion rates with this WordPress eCommerce template for online business. Give your enterprise a competitive edge over its competitors. Use a drag-and-drop page builder to customize every element of your site without coding skills. In addition, the theme is built with an adaptive layout to be eye-pleasing on any device. Grow your bottom line with Umart—the smartest way to run an ecommerce business.

More perks:

  • Five demo homepages;
  • Blog layout;
  • Premium slider;
  • Drag & drop Elementor builder;
  • SEO-ready;
  • Unlimited colors;
  • Cross-browser support;
  • Google Fonts.


Cosmos - The Best of High-Converting WooCommerce Responsive Theme

Cosmos - The Best of High-Converting WooCommerce Responsive Theme.

Starting a beauty or fashion eCommerce store needs thick skin. Or, you can go an easier way with Cosmos. This premium WooCommerce responsive theme features three beautiful pre-made skins ready to go live immediately. Whatever your pick is, Elementor is the major page builder for all. So, you don’t need to go around the code. Instead, you use the power of drag and drop and make beautiful things happen. Besides, the theme follows the best GDPR Compliance rules to ensure your beauty e-shop is data safe. The template works with several premium plugins, including Revolution Slider, MailChimp, and WPML.

You will find more useful features packed in Cosmos, including

  • Mobile-first and Retina-ready design;
  • High-converting shop & product pages;
  • Header & footer styles;
  • Multi-language and currencies support;
  • Advanced MegaMenu;
  • Product video;
  • Best-inbuilt SEO features;
  • Performance optimization;
  • Parallax and Lazy Load effects.


BigStore - Mega Shopping Store WooCommerce Responsive Theme

BigStore - Mega Shopping Store WooCommerce Responsive Theme.

We have something special if you are a fan of clean, minimalist designs. BigStore is clean end to end. This premium WooCommerce responsive theme is tailored for eCommerce websites of all topics. You can sell jewelry, furniture, fashion accessories, or anything in between. Whatever your passion is, BigStore will fit you like a glove. Thanks to WPBakery, you won’t face coding issues and edit things with drag and drop. Above all, the template is WPML-ready and supports the LTR and RTL features. There is also the dropdown menu and MegaMenu support for easier navigation.

The list of premium features bundled in the BigStore theme has no end and includes

  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Unlimited banners option;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Powerful admin panel;
  • SEO-optimized code;
  • Revolution Slider, MailChimp, and Contact Form 7 support;
  • Ajax functionality;
  • Quickstart package.


Pupypet - Pet Shop and Pet Accessories Woocommerce Theme

Pupypet - Pet Shop and Pet Accessories Woocommerce Theme.

PupyPet is a fresh WP template to help you design a pet store without touching any line of code. Therefore, this pet accessories WooCommerce theme is one of the most customizable options on the market today. Whether to start a pet blog, animal care shop or dog food store, PupyPet is best for all. It is optimized for the best performance to ensure visitors get the best shopping experience. A fully responsive design helps your shop look amazing on any smart device. Take care of your customers by letting them find what they are looking for quicker. For that, Ajax search helps.

Let’s go down the list of the other most prominent features.

  • Clean valid HTML 5 code;
  • Advanced MagaMenu;
  • Best-inbuilt SEO features;
  • Product wishlist and compare;
  • High performance;
  • Blog module;
  • Revolution Slider and MailChimp support;
  • Quickstart package;
  • WPBakery page builder.


Molisa - Multi-Purpose Supermarket WooCommerce Theme

Molisa - Multi-Purpose Supermarket WooCommerce Theme.

Whatever your passion is, Molisa will make it shine online. It works for websites of any niche, type, or business. So, it is safe to say this supermarket WooCommerce theme is multi-purpose. Once installed, it lets you get creative with it until you’re happy with the result.

It uses Elementor as its major page builder so that you won’t have any coding issues. Whatever you want to sell, the WooCommerce plugin will ease that task for you. Help your visitors feel like they control your online store. Let them switch between currencies and languages whenever needed. The easier your shop is for them, the longer they stay with you.

There are even more powerful features, including:

  • Quickstart package;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • SEO optimization;
  • Advanced theme options;
  • jQuery;
  • Adaptive and Retina-ready layout;
  • Performance optimization;
  • Blog functionality.


Cobre - Home Decor & Furniture Woocommerce Theme

Cobre - Home Decor & Furniture Woocommerce Theme.

Cobre is a stunningly clean and elegant theme tailored for online furniture shops. So, why not check this furniture WooCommerce theme right now? The first thing you notice about it is its well-organized pages. So, if you want your customers to come to your site, not by accident, Cobre will help do it by design. The theme uses WPBakery as a major page builder for crafting pages with no coding skills. Also, this flexible template lets you change the header styles and Menu typography the way you like it. More specifically, you can change just about any theme design element.

Speaking of features, let’s mention the powerful ones, including:

  • Adaptive and Retina-ready layout;
  • Mobile layout included;
  • Multipurpose;
  • Team members;
  • Supports multiple languages and the RTL feature;
  • Optimzied for the best SEO rules;
  • Quickstart package;
  • Pre-built pages, modules, and sections;
  • Background video;
  • WooCommerce integration.


Wooden - Responsive WooCommerce Template

Wooden - Responsive WooCommerce Template.

Nothing is better than an online shop that looks the same as whatever device you might use to browse it. And your e-store can look just that way with Wooden. This modern and responsive WooCommerce template will rank your e-store higher thanks to its SEO-optimized code. It works for any topic, type and business that wants to grow its audience online. The template supports multiple languages, so reaching out to new audiences is easier. It provides an advanced search so your users will feel convenient when looking for the things they want.

It is easy to find more powerful features jam-packed in the template, including:

  • Visual Composer;
  • Multipurpose;
  • RTL feature support;
  • eCommerce;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Admin panel;
  • jQuery;
  • MailChimp support;
  • MegaMenu navigation;
  • Quickstart package;
  • Blog functionality.


Stripchair - Furniture Home Decor Woocommerce Theme

Stripchair - Furniture Home Decor Woocommerce Theme.

Your next furniture website shouldn’t be difficult. With Stipchair, it’s easy to put your products in front of the right people at the right time. This clean and fully responsive home decor WooCommerce theme will look awesome on any screen size. More specifically, it’s easy to reach out to people worldwide with a translation-ready web page. Selling online won’t be a tough task since the eCommerce features come built-in. Got some best-selling items for sale? Then place them on your homepage sliders for more attention.

Speaking of other goodies, let’s check the following:

  • Ajax search for quick results;
  • Easy product add to cart option;
  • Products compare & wishlist;
  • Advanced product filter for convenience;
  • Blog module to spread the word about your brand;
  • MegaMenu and dropdown menu support;
  • Performance optimization and high page speed load;
  • Modules for gallery, portfolio, online store, and more.


VIBRA - Music Store WooCommerce Theme

VIBRA - Music Store WooCommerce Theme.

You don’t need to use a distributor to sell your music online. It is better to start your music store website and close deals there. VIBRA is a premium music store WooCommerce theme that can do the trick. And you don’t need to be a tech-savvy user to make magic happen. First, it features a clean and minimalist design that works great for today’s eCommerce projects. Next, the theme adapts to all smart devices thanks to its fully responsive layout.

There are many goodies bundled in the theme, post categories, product categories, and blog posts. Want to add a bit of extra vibe to your store? Then switch to the dark mode. Want even more? Then let’s check other features.

  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Ajax search functionality;
  • GPL License;
  • Dropdown menu for intuitive navigation;
  • Modules for gallery, blog, and more;
  • Artist taxonomy;
  • WPML-ready;
  • Supports Gutenberg editor and Elementor builder.


Music - Music Store, Musical Instruments, and Accessories Multipurpose WooCommerce Elementor Theme

Music - Music Store, Musical Instruments, and Accessories Multipurpose WooCommerce Elementor Theme.

Check out how to build your online music store with Music. This powerful option can help launch your music career big times and with no extra effort from your side. Getting started with this multipurpose WooCommerce Elementor theme shouldn’t be tough. Install the theme and enjoy your store look like the demo within one click. Later you can personalize every design detail you like. The theme suits musicians, artists, creative folks, and anyone looking to start a project in this niche. Crafting pages is easy to do using Elementor page builder. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg but will open up new horizons.

So, let’s go down the list of other goodies jam-packed in the theme.

  • WooCommerce integration;
  • Revolution Slider support;
  • MailChimp fro connecting with your audience;
  • WPML-ready;
  • Prontpage slideshow;
  • Ajax search and filter;
  • MegaMenu navigation;
  • Multi-language/currency support;
  • Testimonials module.


Eyewear - Eye Glasses, Goggles, and Sunglass Multipurpose WooCommerce Elementor Theme

Eyewear - Eye Glasses, Goggles, and Sunglass Multipurpose WooCommerce Elementor Theme.

Whether you’re selling eye glasses, clothes, or accessories, you need to instill trust to get people to contact you. And your SEO optimized website is often the first thing prospects will see when searching for the products or services you offer. Eyewear is a multipurpose WooCommerce Elementor theme that will help do the trick. It is the very solution that will save hours and get your fashion brand on the online map. With no coding or design chops. You can even start with the default settings and later get down to personalization.

Since the fashion & beauty industry has no borders, your website won’t have language ones. A fully responsive design is the other benefit that will help with the online promotion. Think you are ready to give it a check? First, check the features:

  • Elementor page builder;
  • Product compare, wishlist, and comment feature;
  • Best-inbuilt SEO features;
  • Multicurrency support;
  • Multilanguage and the RTL feature support;
  • Advanced Ajax search;
  • MegaMenu navigation;
  • Extended product design;
  • Revolution Slider;


Hooktop - Fishing WordPress Theme

Hooktop - Fishing WordPress Theme.

Hooktop is a great fishing WordPress theme to start selling online with an effective website. It features everything you might need to get your fishing business started quickly and smoothly. Thus, there is a collection of prebuilt page layouts that save you hours. Also, its fully responsive design ensures your online store looks awesome on any smart device. For crafting pages, use the power of Elementor. A clear navigation through your inventory of products will make encourage visitors to learn more about your brand. All that’s left got you to do is to add your content and start selling.

To get an idea of Hooktop and whether it will work for you, check its features:

  • WooCommerce integration;
  • MailChimp support for building email lists;
  • Polylang and WPML-ready;
  • Clean valid HTML 5 code built in line with the best-inbuilt SEO rules;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • WordPress Customizer API;
  • Revolution Slider support.


Dandy – Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme

Dandy – Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme.

With Dandy, you are not limited to what to sell. This modern multi-purpose WooCommerce theme ensures you will start your selling game on the right foot. Use the prebuilt collection templates to get started quicker. There are in total 25 page layouts so that you will skip tricky issues. Since it is built with the Bootstrap framework, expect your web pages adapt awesome to all screen sizes.

This elegant template is a pleasure to navigate, so expect more people to come to your online store. Give them a feeling of control over your store and they are more likely to become loyal customers.

The other benefits you can get with Dandy are:

  • Elementor page builder;
  • Responsive layout;
  • Advanced theme options;
  • Clean valid HTML 5 code that follows the best SEO rules;
  • Online store functionality;
  • RTL feature support;
  • Optimized for performance and fast page load speed.


ITTEN - Art Gallery, Print Shop, Book Store, Wholesale WooCommerce Theme

ITTEN - Art Gallery, Print Shop, Book Store, Wholesale WooCommerce Theme.

As creative folk, you want your website to look innovative and outstanding. And that’s possible with ITTEN. Built with Bootstrap, your page layouts adjust to any smart device, reaching out to a larger audience. The theme features a clean and modern design suitable for art galleries, print shops, or book stores. So, whatever your passion is, promote it like a pro with ITTEN.

The theme layouts are created with Elementor page builder and let you switch to Gutenberg editor if needed. As a wholesale WooCommerce theme, ITTEN makes it pretty easy to sell things online. In addition, take care of your gallery to gain more attention to your products or services. On top of that, the theme supports the WPML plugin for multilingual websites.

Here’s the list of other things that power the theme:

  • GPL License;
  • Responsive and Retina-ready layout;
  • Ajax functionality;
  • eCommerce integration;
  • Blog section;


Tunshop - Marketplace WooCommerce Theme

Tunshop - Marketplace WooCommerce Theme.

For designing a marketplace website, use the power of Tunshop. Check the theme for benefits to get the most revenue out of your effort. You need more than a marketplace WooCommerce theme to survive among the competitors, and Tunshop is just the thing for that.

To get an idea of the power of the theme, let’s say that it’s compatible with WC Vendors, Dokan Multivendor Marketplace, WCFM Marketplace, and WC Marketplace. For crafting pages, use WPBakery builder and skip as many tricky issues as possible. In addition, the theme is WPML-ready and supports the RTL feature.

Other advantages of the theme are:

  • WooCommerce Frontend Manager;
  • Responsive and Retina-ready design;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Multipurpose nature;
  • Performance optimization;
  • Ready-made pages and modules for blog, portfolio, gallery;
  • Clean HTML plus JS code;
  • WPML and Polylang support;


Kidslyo - Kids Toy Multipurpose Woocommerce Theme

Kidslyo - Kids Toy Multipurpose Woocommerce Theme.

If you own a shop that provides playthings or necessary goods for kids, such as baby baths, car seats, cradles, and others, you should do your business online to attract more customers. Using this kids toy multipurpose WooCommerce theme, you will easily create a stunning eCommerce website for selling your products on the global web. Your potential clients will appreciate the nice combination of colors and white spaces between blocks with content that creates feelings of lightness. All goods you provide will be placed in a great sequence, due to which parents will quickly find the desired cycle, toy, or any other product for their children. They also will be pleasantly surprised by various discounts and sales that you can place on the main page via an admin panel.

You will also benefit from these embedded features:

  • advanced theme options;
  • responsive design;
  • JQuery;
  • drag and drop content;
  • eCommerce integration;
  • SEO-optimized code;
  • retina-ready support;
  • Bootstrap;
  • dropdown menu;
  • Google Maps integration;
  • blog, and more.


Emporium - Retail Shop WooCommerce Elementor Theme

Emporium - Retail Shop WooCommerce Elementor Theme.

Want to build your store? Now you can. Emporium is the perfect way to create a webshop from scratch with powerful online themes. This Elementor WooCommerce theme is fully customizable and supports tons of top plugins like WooCommerce, Elementor, Revolution Slider, MailChimp, Contact Form 7, etc. You'll be able to create a professional, attractive blog, sell products online, and process orders in seconds, with no coding experience needed!

The main perks are:

  • 100% responsive;
  • A range of demos;
  • Wishlist and quick view;
  • Code validated;
  • Google Maps;
  • One-click installation;
  • Parallax;
  • Social media integration.


Buywear - Multipurpose eCommerce WooCommerce Template

Buywear - Multipurpose eCommerce WooCommerce Template.

This e-commerce WooCommerce theme is the ultimate starter kit for any new or growing store. It is designed with a mobile-friendly interface and powered by the Elementor page builder and WooCommerce plugin. The main tools you need to start building your store are included in this package. Thus, you'll have an easy time developing your shop, so you can focus on the product and not the coding. With this theme's design, you will see how easy it is to manage your online shop.

What you get:

  • One-click installation;
  • Product wishlist, quickview, and compare;
  • Google Fonts;
  • SEO-ready;
  • Back-to-top button;
  • Megamenu;
  • Ajax add-to-cart;
  • HTML documentation and fast support.


Stylish Alma Shop WooCommerce Theme

Stylish Alma Shop WooCommerce Theme.

Alma Shop is a template that successfully combines an online store and a blog. It is ideal for your women’s or men’s clothing store. Fast loading, WooCommerce Integration, Mobile Layout are what this theme promises. It is possible to control the colors, font sizes and change all the site elements by simply dragging and dropping them. It will be convenient for buyers to work with your online store since the template supports multicurrency, MegaMenu, and RTL.
More features:

  • 100% responsive;
  • SEO-friendly theme;
  • easy to customize;
  • products quick view;
  • lazyload effect.


Roxxe - Beauty Salon WooCommerce Theme

Roxxe - Beauty Salon WooCommerce Theme.

Have you missed fresh designs for online stores on WooCommerce? Then, celebrate a new theme – Roxxe. Using it you’ll create a classy eCommerce website for your business without coding. For example, apply Roxxe to your beauty salon or spa center page. And, you’ll see how easily booking, contact, subscription, and other web forms can be tweaked up. Plus, this WooCommerce theme provides a collection of pre-styled elements and sections, like headers and footers, grids, and listings. All this is available in the handy Elementor builder that goes with special extensions.

As well, Roxxe is a short way to a real robust online store. Its minimalistic elegant design is perfect for selling beauty care and make-up products. Also, it will suit a clothes shop. And, the best thing is you shouldn’t be tech-savvy to customize a store yourself! Keep calm, as the Roxxe Beauty Salon WooCommerce Theme comes with a shopping cart, wishlist, pre-designed product pages, and far more.


Fruit Gifts WooCommerce Theme

It combines great design, being a blend of visual effectiveness, with a large number of the adjusted options to help you create an outstanding online store. This theme is developed with large hero areas, full-width sliders, audio and video player, animation. Certainly, it deserves your attention!


Free Motorsports Store WooCommerce Theme

If you want your motorsports to stand out among others, this theme is really for you. WordPress multilingual plug-in will attract the attention of customers from all over the world. It is a powerful theme which has a huge number of various functions and flexible control.

Reggie B.

Awesome Template For An Awesome Company

The look of the template along with ease of install is why we always go with TemplateMonster templates. Anytime we've had a question, the customer service reps at TemplateMonster is quick to respond and solve any issues (which are few). They always follow-up to make sure things are going smoothly.

The end result is that I am pleased because I can have the client's site up with minimal work on my end and the client is pleased because they now have an updated, modern site that looks fantastic on mobile devices.

I'd highly recommend TemplateMonster templates to any freelance designer/developer, web firm or a "do-it-yourself" customer that needs a professional looking site at minimal cost.


Bikes - Shop WooCommerce

Bikes - Shop WooCommerce.

With the help of this theme you will sell everything you want. This theme with clean and well-structured layout will be appropriate for any kind of products. So this template will help you to set the desired site with little effort. Take a look at the interactive live demo and see it all yourself!


Erato - Multipurpose Electronics WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Erato - Multipurpose Electronics WooCommerce WordPress Theme.

This is a rather sophisticated web design solution, but it will add style, functionality and unmatched versatility to your e-commerce site.

Gerson B.

Excellent template.
I enjoyed the features of this template and fits well in my project.


Toys for Kids WooCommerce Theme

This online store has been specially developed for children especially. Being bright and cheerful, this multicolored theme, with smiling faces in the slider and background, will surely raise your mood. Six banners will help you promote products. The design of this theme is pleasant to the eye. This WooCommerce theme is featured in the collection of the Best Premium WooCommerce Themes designed. Check this one out!

Nitin G.

Amazing and comprehensive theme and even greater is the service from TemplateMonster.


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