Email Listing Done Right: an Ultimate Guide from Template Monster

Speaking about marketing channels, what goals do we pursue? There is no doubt that we want to reach out directly to every customer and keep them interested, thus generating more and more leads. And it seems that we’re starting to forget the best way to communicate with our prospects.

Email marketing has been around for a couple of decades, but we tend to undervalue it these days when social media gets all the hype. However, we need actual results, not bells and whistles. That’s where email listing comes into the spotlight. 2016 Email Marketing Industry Census reveals that email marketing has the highest Return on Investment (ROI) of all digital marketing channels. Do you still consider it outdated?

A newsletter gives you a chance to build a stronger, deeper connection with your clients. Doing it right, you can achieve truly outstanding results. This new eBook from Template Monster is here to help you build your first email list, covering all aspects of successful email marketing.

Email listing implies much more interaction than you think. It is deeply connected with your social media strategy, content management, and even your website’s design. Want to know why? This book answers these and many more unexpected questions about email marketing.

What’s inside?

  • Actionable tips on expanding and maintaining your email list
  • Opt-in forms and popups done right
  • Useful tools and templates
  • Content strategies that work
  • Inspiring examples to guide you throughout the way

A Guide to Building Your First Email List contains practical advice for everyone planning to create or increase their subscriber count.

Carefully following the advice given in this book, you can easily build up and maintain a wide email list. Even if you already have a newsletter, there is always room for improvement. Download the Guide to Building Your First Email List right now and discover how to make the most out of your email marketing!

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