25+ Fastest WooCommerce Themes: Build Sites with Reliable Solutions

Every entrepreneur eventually comes to the point where the business needs to be developed and taken to the next level. In this case, the surest way is to build a website. This step can completely change your income level, service and goods popularity, customer traffic, etc. But how to create a website in the conditions of rapidly developing technology? We will answer you - quite easily if you use all the tricks our team is so skillfully shared. Today we are going to tell you about the fastest Woocommerce themes.

Why Woocommerce? Because this platform is highly responsive and provides customers with a huge amount of features to build great and multi-purpose online stores. Plus, speed plays a huge role, which we will talk to you about in detail. Well, are you ready to create an amazing online resource? Then check out our awesome selection with full analysis.

Why Choose Fastest WooCommerce Themes: Pros and Cons

Let's start with a well-known fact: WooCommerce is an extension for WordPress and is completely free. It helps add online store management tools to the engine. In other words, it is currently the best tool for building an eCommerce with all sorts of features attached. It is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions in the world. This plugin enables the creation of platforms of different complexity levels. It can be a small store with fishing goods or a vast online store selling clothes, shoes, handbags, sports equipment, etc. A huge benefit of WooCommerce is to make it very easy to work with this item. You don't need to save up half a year and have programming skills. After connecting the plugin, the entire control panel remains the same as on WordPress, and only a section appears where there are instruments to control the store. You can configure all the elements: shopping cart, product catalog, shipping, payment, product description, a convenient page with orders and choices, etc.

WooCommerce is the best choice for starting an online business. It does not require large investments and, at the same time, has huge growth potential. 

The main advantages include the following:

Multipurpose. You have no limitations in building platforms. You can sell different goods, services and do not restrict yourself.

Responsive design. It is a feature you can't do without nowadays, so every WooCommerce template has an adaptability feature. Therefore, your site will look equally perfect on smartphones, laptops, templates, iPads, etc.

Huge selection of items. Nowadays, almost all WordPress themes are compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. It applies to both premium and free alternatives.

Multi-language and multi-currency options. It is quite an important fact that will enable the store to develop and be available for all users worldwide.

Security. By choosing WooCommerce offers, you may be sure that the solutions are fully protected and constantly updated. Besides, in case of bugs are found, developers quickly solve these problems.

Compatibility with other products. WooCommerce is flexible and compatible with various plugins that allow you to add multiple functions.

Flexibility and scalability. New features are possible to add with the help of plugins.

The main disadvantages include the following:

Hosting loads. WooCommerce is almost a full-fledged engine. It requires many resources, so you need to be sure to choose high-quality and suitable hosting.

Sometimes overpriced. On the digital marketplace, quite enough WooCommerce themes that sometimes cost too much. But you can safely use our marketplace where prices are sufficiently affordable. Plus, you can use all the benefits that we offer.

Updates. The system is updated frequently, and these actions are sometimes necessary to do manually. 

Technical support. Unfortunately, there is no direct technical support, so you need to hire professionals.

After considering the pros and cons of the WooCommerce platform, it becomes clear that the disadvantages are not critical, and many positive factors overlap them.

Why is Website Speed Important to Consider When Developing a Resource?

Now we will talk about site speed, which greatly affects the customer experience and the success of the online resource. By loading speed is usually not meant, speed limits itself, but it takes a site page to load in the user's browser fully. And here it makes sense, the less time - the higher the loading speed and vice versa. Speed platform is a technical indicator. According to the loading speed of pages, you can distinguish a bad site from a good one. This indicator also goes hand in hand with ranking. The main argument of search engines when entering the factor of the speed of loading pages is the convenience for users. Search engines are concerned that visitors from search results will go to good sites with fast-loading pages; after all, who likes to be on the site, which loads more than a minute and has to wait to view. Also, if the site has a good loading speed - it indicates its quality, the webmaster took care of the visitors.

Key Factors Affecting Website Speed 

The site load speed indicator may depend on a variety of factors. First, it is, of course, the site's parameters. These may include: 

  • the total volume of the page, 
  • the number of files loaded in different formats, 
  • the graphic content,
  • the number of graphic files, 
  • the number of Java scripts, etc. 

Secondly, it is the external factors. They can include all aspects not related to the direct operation of the website:

  • hosting parameters (speed, workload),
  • client parameters (remoteness, browser).

You should also consider the following factors, which greatly affect the page load:

  • server location + load,
  • optimized code,
  • code processing,
  • video content,
  • images,
  • excess plugins,
  • lack of caching.

25+ Fastest WooCommerce Themes (+Analysis)


Fastest WooCommerce themes Furnir


Furnir is a modern solution for an online furniture store. It has many features that make it stand out among others. First of all, it has unique color schemes that emphasize the object's layout. Also, a plus is a clean and valid code which you are free to make changes manually. Moreover, the theme includes a powerful KingComposer builder that works on drag and drop technology. The item also has a high-performance level which equals 100%. The amazing fact is that the total blocking time is 22ms. But the speed index time is a little bit longer than the normal specified - 2.3s.

Other important factors are as follows:

Fastest WooCommerce Themes - Furnir speed result

Vite Nera

Fastest WooCommerce themes - ViteNera


This wine shop WooCommerce theme is a great solution if you look for a stunning product for your website. Vite Nera boasts a unique design that helps emphasize the main details of the store. Due to the flexibility, the themes can be used for more than just a wine shop. These may be healthy goods, fruits, vegetables, prepared meals, semi-processed goods, delicatessen food, seafood, etc. You have no limits here. The template is completely customizable. Plus, the product has a prepared SEO optimization with which you can start promoting the platform faster. In terms of general speed metrics, the theme is quite good. The blocking time of the site is 0 ms. The total loading time is 10.3s. Index speed is also standard - 661ms. 

Other important factors are as follows:

Fastest WooCommerce Themes - ViteNera speed result


Fastest WooCommerce themes Harper


Here is a stylish and fresh WooCommerce template that you can freely use to implement the ideas. An advantage is many features, including various color schemes, valid HTML5 code, a powerful Bootstrap framework, Elementor Page Builder. There are also embedded additional pages. Among them, there are home pages, blog, checkout, wishlist, my account, etc. All settings are done by drag and drop technology. Following the page speed test results, we can conclude that the theme has high-performance indicators - 97%. Index speed and total blocking time are in line with the norm. It is respectively 641ms and 151ms.

Other important factors are as follows:

Fastest WooCommerce Themes - Harper speed result

Craft and Handmade

Fastest WooCommerce themes Bimbo


This cute theme is great for building an online store. You can use it to sell baby items, crafts, toys, etc. The template has a fully responsive base that will allow users of any device to browse the platform and make orders. The product is also fully ready for translations. You can customize the theme using Gutenberg Editor. A cross-browser feature is available as well, which will also open up more possibilities for your customers. A speed check showed a performance level of 97%. The interaction time is also slightly higher than normal and equals 6.4s. The full load time is 10.4s.

Other important factors are as follows:

Fastest WooCommerce Themes - Bimbo speed result


Fastest WooCommerce themes Gparts


It is a perfect theme for a business related to the automotive industry. Stylish design and multi-functional base make this product multi-purpose. So, you may safely use this web solution for an auto repair shop, car spare parts store, auto painting, etc. The template has a fully adaptive design. Plus, the item has built-in plugins, so you can easily customize the website components. These are contact forms, multi-language, newsletters, caching, page builder, etc. According to the test results, the optimal performance is 96%. The total blocking time is 86ms, and the speed index is 577ms. The interaction time is slightly overestimated at 5.8s.

Other important factors are as follows:

Fastest WooCommerce Themes - Gparts speed result


Fastest WooCommerce themes Logoster


Logoster is a creative theme that will help you fully express your personality and provide customers with awesome products. The developers have included JET plugins in the item. Besides, there is a built-in multi-language plugin, WPML. Also, the solution has embedded Google Maps. And with Retina readiness, images will be high-quality and smooth. According to the test results, the theme has a good performance at all levels. The total blocking time is 0ms. The speed index is 2.0s which is quite good. 

Other important factors are as follows:

Logoster PageSpeed Insights loading speed

Business Cards Store

Fastest WooCommerce themes Business Cards


If you are interested in creating a business website with high performance, you should pay attention to this web solution. Firstly, the product has a feature-rich foundation. It will allow you to do any customization, even at the code level. The theme also includes must-have features, such as compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce, adaptive design, Elementor Builder, built-in plugins WPML, MailChimp, and Ecwid. These are just a few of the pluses that this template offers. The result of checking the site speed shows that all indicators are in the norm. The total blocking time is 0ms. The full loading time is 0.7s. 

Other important factors are as follows:

Business Cards Store PageSpeed Insights loading speed


Fastest WooCommerce themes LeMood


It is a very stylish template with high performance. First, the theme has a responsive design and would be great for an online store selling clothes, shoes, textiles, swimwear, lingerie, etc. The main feature is the built-in Gutenberg Editor. It differs from others by presenting all content in the form of blocks and defining the layout of the records directly in the editor. Also, a favorable element is a unique design and unusual page layout. There are more than ten ready-made pages in the set. The speed analysis shows that all indicators are normal. For mobile phones, the performance percentage is 86%, which is a good parameter. The speed index is 1.6s.

Other important factors are as follows:

Le Mood PageSpeed Insights loading speed


Fastest WooCommerce themes - BeShop


This template is based on the Bootstrap framework, which perfectly interacts with WooCommerce and allows you to work in detail with the site's adaptability and create stunning results by yourself. Another distinctive feature of Beshop is excellent customization, which will enable you to configure the site to your liking: color editor, design details, section order, and much more. All adjustments are made using the admin panel, as well as built-in plugins and builders. Beshop WooCommerce theme is great for selling clothes, jewelry, watches, and other items. The solution also performed well in percentage terms. The performance rate is 77%. The blocking time is 589ms. The interaction time is slightly exceeded, but not critical - 5.8s.

Other important factors are as follows:

Fastest WooCommerce Themes - Beshop speed result

Mr. JazMan

Fastest WooCommerce themes - JazMan


Here is the perfect template for an online music store. Mr. JazMan is a premium WordPress theme for online stores on a WooCommerce base. It was designed with a focus on high page load speed and a user-friendly experience. The theme has the flexibility that allows any users to work with it, easily customizing the site components. We also offer a JET plugins set. Due to them, your work is even easier. Another distinctive feature is a built-in parallax effect, which allows us to see objects in volume, perceive the depth, and understand what is closer and farther away. Mr. JazMan theme has 79% performance. The speed index is in the same range as the previous products in the selection - 5.5s. The interaction time is also slightly faster - 18.2s.

Other important factors are as follows:

MR JazMan PageSpeed Insights loading speed


Fastest WooCommerce themes - BabyBoom


BabyBoom is a great WooCommerce template that will be suitable for selling baby items. If your business is related to this, then feel free to choose this fresh and modern product. The main features of the template are fully SEO optimized and valid code. This base gives a powerful opportunity for your work. First, clean code is a guarantee that you will not have errors during the editing process. Secondly, SEO is an important component in site promotion and leading it to higher positions in the rankings. That is what we give our customers. Besides this, the theme has fairly high ratings. A performance index is 88%, as in other items in the collection. Other aspects are also normal, except for the interaction time - 1.8s.

Other important factors are as follows:

Baby Boom PageSpeed Insights loading speed


Fastest WooCommerce themes - Woolf


Here is an elegant WooCommerce theme that would be great for online home supply stores. The design of the WOOLF surprises with its sophisticated visual appearance. First of all, the color scheme is easy to change. The block placement is also very user-friendly. Also, a distinctive feature is multi-purpose. That is, you can freely adapt the theme to sell furniture, textiles, gadgets, decor, gifts, etc. The product also has a built-in Gutenberg editor. It is a flexible and feature-rich tool that is easy to work with even if you face creating an online platform for the first time. The speed analysis shows that all indicators are normal. The total blocking time is 0ms. The speed index is 2.5s.

Other important factors are as follows:

Woolf PageSpeed Insights loading speed


Fastest WooCommerce themes - GroceStore


On the Internet, increasingly, more people are looking for reliable sites to order and buy goods. If you have such an offline store, then you can safely use the GroceStore WooCommerce theme for your purpose. It didn't make it into our ranking of fastest themes for nothing because it has a high score on the analysis results. Its speed index is 1.8s. The full blocking time takes 20ms, and the interaction time is 1.7s. GroceStore also has various important features. These are multi-purpose, built-in page builder, Jet set plugins, user-friendly admin panel, additional pages, Google maps integration, SEO responsiveness, built-in WPML, Ecwid, MailChimp plugins, etc.

Other important factors are as follows:

Groce Store PageSpeed Insights loading speed


Fastest WooCommerce themes - ZeroBuild


Creating a website is a certain kind of art. You think about visual appearance, filling, content, and features. To make your job easier, we offer you one of the fastest WooCommerce themes for a creative store. You can sell paintings, art kits, crafts, handmade furniture, cosmetics, decor, and more using this offering. Among the features, we can point out the responsive design, which will allow customers to use the website from different devices. We also offer you WPML multi-language plugin, MailChimp mailing list add-on. All indicators of the checking speed of the site are also okay. The total blocking time is 0ms. The full loading time is 14.2s, and the speed index equals 5.5s.

Other important factors are as follows:

ZeroBuild PageSpeed Insights loading speed

Carni Rosso 

Fastest WooCommerce themes - Carni Rosso


Carni Rosso is a sophisticated theme for the restaurant business field because it will be great for grocery ordering, online stores, cafes, and restaurant websites. This WooCommerce template is perfectly editable and has a user-friendly interface. What makes it stand out is its unique and responsive design. These two aspects will allow your site to shine with new colors. Adaptability will enable users of all devices to visit your site and use all of its functions. The theme also has compatibility with different versions of WordPress and WooCommerce, cross-browser, color schemes to choose from, various gallery options, built-in builder, SEO optimization, etc. Testing for page speed showed that the product has quite a high level of performance - 90%. The interaction time is slightly increased - 2.5s. The total blocking time is 10ms.

Other important factors are as follows:

Carni Rosso PageSpeed Insights loading speed


Fastest WooCommerce themes - WineStory


WineStory is a unique WooCommerce theme that will allow you to open the essence of your business coolly. The product is perfect for people who don't want to work with code but need to build a great website. The theme has many advantages. Among them is a built-in builder. This feature will help you create a website faster using drag and drop technology. The product also includes a user-friendly admin panel with all the ready-made tools for work. Besides, WineStory has a responsive design as well as a built-in adaptive Bootstrap grid. The test result showed that all indicators are in the normal range. The full loading time is 7.4s, and it is a little longer than in previous offerings. Total blocking time stands at 20ms.

Other important factors are as follows:

Wine Story PageSpeed Insights loading speed


Fastest WooCommerce themes - StrooMen


It is a very stylish and stunning template that will surprise even the most fastidious customer. All the matter is in the convenient placement of all blocks and easy site navigation. A huge plus is a space for large photos to emphasize the uniqueness of your brand. The product is easy to change the color schemes. The main functionality is compatibility with different versions of WooCommerce, built-in Elementor page constructor, SEO optimization, Retina readiness, adaptive design, multilingual plugin WPML, the possibility of full customization, etc. Having analyzed the product, we can see that the theme is quite fast. The total loading time is 6.5s. The rest of the indicators are okay and do not need to be corrected. Full blocking time ranges from 40ms.

Other important factors are as follows:

Stroo Men PageSpeed Insights loading speed


Fastest WooCommerce themes - DailyPrint


Today, print on clothing, tableware, textiles, office supplies, cases, etc., is highly trendy. If you are in this business, it is time to create a website using this fast WooCommerce theme. It has everything you need to launch an online platform successfully. These are responsive layouts, SEO-optimized code, detailed documentation, JET plugins, cross-browser, compatibility with popular plugins, and much more. According to the test results, the theme takes a good position, and not for nothing appeared in our list of the fastest themes. The full blocking time is 10ms. The speed index value is 2.0s and the total loading time is 1.3s which is not a bad result.

Other important factors are as follows:

Daily Print PageSpeed Insights loading speed

Natural Cosmetics

Fastest WooCommerce themes - Fizzi


Do you have a beauty center? Or do you produce awesome cosmetic goods? Then we offer you this unique WooCommerce theme for great ideas. The minimalist design allows you to adapt this template for different purposes related to cosmetics. This product can bravely boast the possibility of easy customization of all components. SEO-friendly code will enable your resource to develop and be in high positions in the rankings. Other important features include adaptability, integration with Google Maps, Google Web Fonts, dropdown, and megamenu. There is also compatibility with WPML, MailChimp, and Ecwid plugins. According to the results of the page speed test, everything is also quite good. The full loading time is 1.9s. The speed index takes 2.0s, and the full blocking time takes 130ms.

Other important factors are as follows:

Natural Cosmetics PageSpeed Insights loading speed


Fastest WooCommerce themes - Futura


Futura is an elegant and flexible theme that surprises with its visual appearance. The main feature of this fast WooCommerce template is a trendy minimalist design. It allows you to express your creativity and actively work with the site's content, change the color schemes, etc. Also, it is very interesting to look at the place for large photos, which also attracts attention. Customers just like the fact that the pages are not overloaded, especially the home. It looks quite modest and will help to emphasize the features of your business. The key features are responsiveness, adaptive Bootstrap grid, calendar, multi-purpose, different page styles, portfolio, built-in Elementor, etc. The speed analysis showed that the product has a high level of performance, and it scores 62%. The only drawback is the increased interaction time. This index is exceeded 2.9s.

Other important factors are as follows:

Futura PageSpeed Insights loading speed


Fastest WooCommerce themes - Exlibris


Before you is a stunning and one of the fastest WooCommerce themes with many features because we offer you a unique product with which your store will look awesome and professional. Exlibris includes responsive design, multi-purpose, GPL license, user-friendly admin panel, clean and valid HTML5 code, blog connection, contact form, Bootstrap framework, etc. All of these features work great for you and make it easy to build a great online resource. The speed analysis is also okay because the total loading time is 1.6s. Full blocking time is 40ms as well.

Other important factors are as follows:

Exlibris WordPress PageSpeed Insights loading speed


Fastest WooCommerce themes - Elaxo


It is a template for those who like eye-catching and extraordinary designs. The product looks amazing due to the compactly placed blocks and pictures that catch the eye. Elaxo will be perfect for developing an online store of outerwear, casual shoes, swimwear, sportswear, school uniforms, etc. Bright design with the ability to connect advertising banners will not let the customer pass by. This theme also has a multi-functional base that allows you to build projects of varying complexity and focus. The main features will allow you to change in detail the design of a web resource, customize the home page, add sliders, change the placement of blocks, color schemes, integrate videos, add various forms, and much more. The detailed speed analysis indicates that the theme has a high performance. The total blocking time is only 10ms. The time for interaction is also in the norm - 3.7s.

Other important factors are as follows:

Elaxo PageSpeed Insights loading speed


Fastest WooCommerce themes - CannaMed


Is your business related to medicine? Then you can safely choose this minimalistic theme that will allow you to implement all the ideas into reality. Due to this flexible template, you may add the goods using a dropdown menu, tell about the team, and allow the customer to add goods to the shopping cart. Also, surprising is the convenient placement of components on the page. Among the main features is a user-friendly admin panel with a rich set of tools, WPML and Ecwid plugins, additional pages, ready-made SEO optimization, etc. According to the test results, the theme is quite fast. The speed index is 2.3s. Total download time - 2.1s.

Other important factors are as follows:

CannaMed PageSpeed Insights loading speed

Style Factory 

Fastest WooCommerce themes - Style Factory


If you want to create an elegant cosmetology website, you can freely opt for this web solution. Style Factory is suitable for any ideas related to hairdressing salons, barbershops, beauty studios, manicure and pedicure centers, cosmetology goods, grooming cosmetics, etc. The product has a responsive design and full SEO preparation. The multi-language WPML plugin will help translate pages and open up more opportunities for potential customers. Also, the theme includes a page builder that will ease your task in building the site. The analysis shows that the performance level is equal to 83%. The total blocking time is 20ms. The full loading time is 1.7s which is not a very good indicator. 

Other important factors are as follows:

Style Factory PageSpeed Insights loading speed


Fastest WooCommerce themes - Maretinal


Here is one of the fastest WooCommerce themes that can be easily adapted for different purposes. It is quite convenient to work with it because all operations are performed with built-in builders, plugins, and a user-friendly toolbar with various useful tools. With this product, you can work using drag and drop technology. The beneficial features are SEO optimization, adaptive and fresh design, well-commented code, integration with Google Maps, compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress, Retina ready function, etc. All the important indicators of analysis are in the normal range. Among them, we may mention the blocking time, which is 90ms. The speed index is 2.1s.

Other important factors are as follows:

Maretinal PageSpeed Insights loading speed


Fastest WooCommerce themes - Exporso


Exporso is a trendy and impressive WordPress online store template that works great with the WooCommerce plugin. It will be great for a store of sportswear, digital technology, cosmetics, handbags, gym goods, school uniforms, jewelry, and other accessories. Exporso was created using Bootstrap, which means that your online resource will be fully ready to work on different screen resolutions. This theme is fully prepared for translation. Before you, there is a solution that is 100% customizable. Analysis shows that all indicators of speed are good. The interaction time corresponds to 1.3s, and the total loading time is 0ms.

Other important factors are as follows:

Exposo PageSpeed Insights loading speed


Fastest WooCommerce themes - Adventigo


This theme would be great for store builders with travel supplies and things for various activities. Adventigo is a stylish and multi-purpose template that can help promote your brand. It includes adaptive design and has cross-browser compatibility. The theme's capabilities allow you to fully customize the platform using built-in page creator tools such as Elementor. Due to this, you may customize the interface in just a few clicks by the drag-and-drop of elements. You can also add forms of search, login, contact, etc. A theme check indicated that the speed index is 2.4s. In turn, the interaction time exceeds the norm and is 2.9s.

Other important factors are as follows:

Adventigo PageSpeed Insights loading speed

Market Place

Fastest WooCommerce Themes Market Place


Here is the multi-functional and fastest WooCommerce theme in our selection. Market Place is great for selling digital products. The offering design is very fresh. The key features include a unique visual appearance, built-in Bootstrap framework, adaptive design (in the demo version, you may see how the final site will look on different screen resolutions). There are also SEO-friendly code, compatibility with multi-language WPML plugin, and Revolutionary Slider. As for speed, the optimal performance is 100%, and the speed index is 741ms. The script blocking time while loading the page is 15ms. 

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Fastest WooCommerce Themes - Summing up

If you are looking for the fastest WooCommerce themes to work with, then you are free to refer to our collection. It has the trendiest and freshest web solutions that have many awesome features. Be sure that your resource will have high performance and enable customers to load the site quickly and make any operations within a few seconds. 

The analysis with the help of checkers allowed us to conclude that the indicators in most of the themes are in the normal range and meet the requirements of fast sites. So, hurry up and choose the best solution, use our tips and create amazing online projects.

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