Financial Advisor WordPress Theme Review: Conquer the World of Finance

Your financial site requires more than just visually appealing graphics. It’s not a static online booklet, after all. You need a powerful engine for interacting with visitors and converting them into customers. Our team analyzed a number of successful financial sites in depth and developed an innovative WordPress theme based on the results of our analysis. Read our Financial Advisor WordPress Theme review to learn more about this out-of-the-box web design solution.

First, let’s determine the target audience of this theme. In general, it is a universal solution for anyone involved in the financial sector, including investment advisors, wealth managers, financial planners, auditors, etc. Customizability of this design also makes it a good fit for marketing, outsourcing, and insurance companies. The theme is primarily aimed at building personal websites of financial analysts, but it can be used for corporate portals as well.

Demo Download Now, let’s focus on users of sites built with Financial Advisor. They are mostly well-off people who need an experienced person to guide them on investing their capitals. As a rule, individuals belonging to this category hold senior positions or run their own businesses. They have a goal to get profits from their funds in the form of a passive income. Reliability is among prime concerns of people dealing with finances, so they will naturally trust a site designed in the austere style, featuring photos of professionals in business suits, etc. These things were taken into account in the course of the theme development.

Finance is a complicated sphere itself, so make sure your site doesn’t make things more complicated. To keep its design simple, user-friendly and easy to navigate, Financial Advisor features a grid-based structure with readable typography and a lot of clean space. The content is organized in a scannable, easy-to-digest format, allowing visitors to find the necessary info quickly and eliminating any guesswork. As you know, people who deal with financial matters are commonly short on time, so you must keep everything within easy reach to facilitate the decision-making process. Check how the theme copes with this task page by page.


The homepage of the theme has a functional header providing easy navigation across your web resource. It features links to different website areas, social media icons, and “free consultation” button leading to a calendar with free dates and booking form. There are also 3 info blocks, each of which is linked to the page with detailed information previewed briefly in those blocks. They are followed by the “about” block, where you can present a short outline of yourself with a photo. In the block with testimonials, customers can check the impressions of people who have already used your services. Integration of background video allows for more effective communication of your ideas. The footer of the theme is quite informative, featuring contacts, privacy policy details, and newsletter sign-up form.

financial advisor wordpress theme

About Page

The design of the about page lets you start your introduction with a professional photo, smart quotation and a few lines about your business. Further down the page, there is a clean block with a timeline revealing your achievements per year. Next to the timeline, visitors can find another clever quote from you, certifications and a checklist of the fields, in which you are proficient. Those fields are linked to individual pages, where they are described in detail. In the underlying blocks, you can also specify the reasons why customers should use your services and show more of your useful content in a carousel. If visitors have any questions in the end, they can submit them by means of a built-in form.

financial advisor wordpress theme

Financial Planning Page

This page is notable for a clickable list of services whose descriptions are conveniently shown up without the need to reload the page. There are also multiple well-structured blocks giving coverage of various important issues such as FAQs, possible risks, steps of financial planning, and main points of counseling. The page is supplied with CTA elements leading visitors to the calendar and booking form when clicked on.

financial advisor wordpress theme

Investment Help Page

Similarly to the previous page, this one also has a clickable list of helpful points that can be explored one by one without page reloading. To visualize your business goals, there is a block, where you can add Infographics, charts, progress bars, etc. Special area is allocated for the information to assure your would-be customers that they are your top priority.

financial advisor wordpress theme

Advice Page

This page displays previews of your advisory posts in a two-column structure. Posts support different formats, e.g. articles, podcasts, and videos, and come with an option of pagination below. In the sidebar, there is a catchy CTA button allowing visitors to submit a request to your portfolio. The submission form shows up in the popup window, which is rather convenient. The page is also equipped with widgets for the Twitter feed and short info about the author.

financial advisor wordpress theme

Contact Page

This page gives an instant access to all your contact details in one place. They include your address, email, phone number, and location on the Google map. There is also a contact form allowing customers to get in touch with you in no time.

financial advisor wordpress theme

Now, let’s analyze the functional potential of this WordPress theme to get a clear idea of how your site can benefit from it.

A Few Words about Installing Financial Advisor

To begin our Financial Advisor WordPress Theme review with, it’s worthwhile to say a few words about the installation procedure. The theme is supplied with a one-of-a-kind wizard that enables you to install it and all of its components in just a few clicks. Thanks to this tool, you can be free from messing with FTP or file manager. The wizard is uploaded like any WP plugin, while the theme files are downloaded from the cloud.

financial advisor wordpress theme

Built-in Tools to Interact with Customers

Communication with customers is an important aspect of any financial company, that’s why the theme is supplied with tools to facilitate it. Check them one by one below.

Booking Form. This form allows customers to book an appointment with you online, without the need to email or phone you. On a built-in calendar, they can check all the available dates. Once they click on one of them, free time slots will show up. Next to each time slot, there is a “book appointment” button leading to the pop-up booking form.

financial advisor wordpress theme

Contact Form. Before making an appointment, customers can get in touch with you by means of a contact form. In such a way, you can inform them of various details and answers all the burning questions they may have.

Newsletter Subscription Form. To establish close relations with customers, it’s important to provide continuous interaction with them. This is what a newsletter subscription form is meant for. With its help, visitors can subscribe to your newsletter to get the news and promos of your company on a regular basis.

MailChimp. Financial Advisor is also a MailChimp-ready theme, which will give an opportunity to enhance your marketing campaign. This tool allows you to track subscribers’ behavior and, therefore, send them the most relevant letters within the most convenient timeframe.

financial advisor wordpress theme

Google Map. This interactive Google API enables you to display the location of your company and its offices throughout the country. The tool promotes greater reliability for your online presence.

Customization Opportunities of Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor is a highly customizable theme powered by the latest version of Cherry Framework, 4.0. This open-source WordPress framework is a powerful tool serving the needs of both UI developers and do-it-yourselfers. In its intuitive admin panel, you can find multiple options to configure different facets of your site, from its look to performance. Here are some of them.

Layout Pattern. You can choose from wide and boxed layout options for the header, footer and the rest of the page. The wide layout is stretched to the full width of the browser window, while the boxed one is fixed in width.

Sidebars. When structuring the layout, you can also decide whether to display one or two sidebars, if any, and set the best location for each of them. It’s possible to add sidebars to website pages and posts of different kinds including blog, portfolio, services, team, and testimonials.

financial advisor wordpress theme

Typography. All the aspects of the theme typography are configurable, particularly the text of the main page body, forms, links, breadcrumbs, and headings.

Coloring. There is a variety of options to make your website palette in line with your corporate style. Colors can be set for different theme elements, e.g. forms, blocks, and typography, to name a few. With a single click, you can change the primary, secondary, success, info, warning, and other color types.

financial advisor wordpress theme

Navigation. The theme comes with navigation settings that can help you configure header and footer menus, pagination and breadcrumbs.

Shortcodes. To facilitate the content management process, Cherry offers multiple shortcodes of the different types. They include typography (icons, dropcaps, buttons), media (banners, carousels with posts, parallax images and videos), and many other elements (tabs, accordions, animated counters, lazy load effect).

financial advisor wordpress theme

Style Your Website with a Drag-and-Drop Editor

With Financial Advisor, you will also get a completely free access to MotoPress Editor that comes licensed for personal use and costs 29$ on its own. By simply dragging and dropping, you can stylize your website design and build complex layouts. The tool enables you to customize a wide range of items, e.g. text, images, buttons, videos, space, and even code.

financial advisor wordpress theme

Innovative Backend Features of Financial Advisor

The next point of our Financial Advisor WordPress Theme review is a set of innovative backend features. Use them to improve your experience as an admin and optimize your website performance. They are as follows:

  • dynamic CSS output to edit CSS properties in a separate file without touching the main one;
  • CSS minifier to combine a few CSS files into one and downsize it afterwards for better website performance;
  • shortcode template editor to create templates for shortcodes and change the order and attributes of their components afterwards;
  • static area builder to move header and footer elements to the desired area by dragging and dropping.

financial advisor wordpress theme

Get More Functionality with Plugins

To extend the functionality of your web resource, this WP theme is integrated with 10+ Cherry plugins. The independent module structure of the framework allows you to use them as stand-alone tools. Look through a checklist of some plugins embedded into the theme below.

  • Cherry Data Manager is designed to export your website data from your current server and import it to a new one.
  • Cherry Mega Menu allows you to build multi-column dropdowns of website links with text and media items.
  • Cherry Social is a must-have plugin for promoting your content in social networks. With its aid, you can embed share and follow options into your site.
  • Cherry Charts can help you show any numerical data dynamically, by means of progress bars, pies, and doughnuts.
  • Cherry Chat is meant to add live chat functionality directly to the admin panel of WordPress. It will let you contact the support team and get professional help with Cherry Framework and its plugins.

financial advisor wordpress theme

There are also plugins to add various post types, namely services, testimonials, team, slides with smooth transition effects and portfolio with an image zooming effect.

Extend the Reach of Your Financial Site

To succeed in financial affairs nowadays, you must be available anywhere, round the clock. This is why the theme comes with features providing an optimal website experience in different environments.

Responsive Design. Just like other Internet users, people involved in financial operations often browse the web on the go via mobile devices and tablets. To enhance their experience, the theme is made fully responsive, which means its layout and graphics scale down to smaller viewports automatically. As graphics are ready for retina displays, they don’t lose their razor-sharp quality when scaled down.

Cross-Browser Compatibility. Keep in mind that your site should be optimized for any online customer, be it a user of Firefox or, say, Internet Explorer. It’s easy with this theme, as it delivers a proper website performance in all the modern-day browsers.

WPML-Ready. Using this theme, you can build a multilingual site to overcome a language barrier and reach more people interested in your financial services. WPML allows for translation of pages, posts, menu items, taxonomy, etc.

SEO-Friendly. Your financial site must rank high in search engines so that potential could easily find you online. That is why this theme is designed as a SEO-friendly solution with a clean, well-optimized code utilizing CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and Sass.

What is your impression about this Financial Advisor WordPress Theme? Which features will be helpful for your financial site? Can you suggest any other features that are worth adding to the theme package? We are constantly polishing our designs, so your voice really matters for us. Feel free to share your ideas in the section of comments.

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