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Free Lovable Saint Valentine’s Day Desktop Wallpapers

Even if you are indifferent to candy hearts, pink greeting cards, doves, cupids and teddy bears, Saint Valentine’s Day still stays cloaked in a special cheerful spirit of romanticism. The holiday is celebrated worldwide on February 14th each year and the following collection of Valentine's day desktop wallpapers will easily bring in the holiday feeling.

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.
Friedrich Nietzshe

valentine's day desktop wallpaper

Unfortunately, there weren’t too much love and passion (in today’s understanding of the words) in the lives of the supposed original Valentines, except the deepest faith and religious devotion of course. Both Italian saints were martyred for their doxies between AD 197 and AD 269.

As the legend goes, St. Valentine was a Roman priest, propagating Christianity and carrying out sacred sermons in times of paganism during the reign of Claudius II. Before the execution, St. Valentine has managed to heal Julia, the blind daughter of his jailer. All witnesses of this miracle were baptized as the solemn occurrence made them believe in Jesus. Besides, the priest performed clandestine weddings for soldiers, who were unauthorized to marry as the Roman Emperor considered married men to be bad soldiers. (Rather despotic, isn’t it?) Despite the deep impression Saint Valentine has made on Claudius II during their religious debate, he ordered to execute him after the failed attempt of converting the priest to Roman paganism. Valentine couldn’t betray his faith even at the fear of death…

However, nowadays St. Valentine’s Day symbolized the coming of spring and is even called “The Birds’ Wedding Day” as from ancient times people used to believe that the birds started to choose their mates this day.

It doesn’t matter how sentimental you are, we are sure that you are not going to lose additional opportunity to declare your feelings to family, kids and beloved people. Anyway, their happy smiles and warm hugs will make your day happier.

By this cute fresh springtime collection of Free Valentine’s Day Desktop Wallpapers we intended to help you tune to the loving romantic mood. (Some of them may become a pleasant surprise for your sweetheart.) The holiday is coming, so set them on your screen in order not to forget about small presents and kind words for the ones, who care about you because

love is...

...the master key that opens the gates of happiness.

We wish you the happiest Valentine’s Day!

Free Valentine's Day Desktop Wallpapers

Valentine's day background in paper style Free Vector

Lovely valentine's day wallpaper in paper style Free Vector


Flat design valentine's day background with back view couple


Flat valentine's day wallpaper Free Vector


Beautiful bright love symbol day wallpaper 


Tulips bouquet on pink background with copyspace


Valentines day background in watercolor


Hand drawn valentine's day background 


Valentine's day background with bananas 


My Heart Free Wallpaper

Valentine's Desktop Wallpapers

Valentine's Day Morning Love Tea Cup Free Wallpaper

Valentine's Desktop Wallpapers

Love Heat Free Wallpaper

Valentine's Desktop Wallpapers

Love Sand Free Wallpaper

Valentine's Desktop Wallpapers

Love Prison Free Wallpaper

Valentine's Desktop Wallpapers

I Love You Teddy Bear Free Wallpaper

Valentine's Desktop Wallpapers

Love in Beach Free Wallpaper

Valentine's Desktop Wallpapers

Love Colorful Free Wallpaper

Valentine's Desktop Wallpapers

Love Matchsticks Free Wallpaper

Valentine's Desktop Wallpapers

All You Need is Love Free Wallpaper

Valentine's Desktop Wallpapers

Shades of Life Free Wallpaper

Valentine's Desktop Wallpapers

Bonus: Premium Valentine's Day Desktop Wallpapers

Have you long wanted your desktop to be beautiful? Then you have come to the right place! Our site is what you need. The best way to change the look of your PC is through your desktop wallpaper. And the offered ones are a way to do that. Create conditions to spend as much time as possible on your computer. Quality wallpapers on other topics can push you to achieve your goals, improve your mood in moments of sadness, or make you dream about beautiful things. They can also cause you to remember the great episodes of your life. On our site, you can find wallpapers that show the changeability of a person’s life. 

Premium wallpapers from TemplateMonster will decorate your desktop and cheer you up! They are suitable for widescreen resolution monitors, computers, tablets. The gallery contains high-quality desktop wallpapers. We hope you enjoy them and share the link with your friends. Rate our beautiful desktop wallpapers and leave comments. Site functions provide the ability to leave comments under any pictures.

Fantasies Watercolor Collection Illustration

Fantasies Watercolor Collection Illustration

Leaves Currant PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Leaves Currant PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

100 Patterns of Feather JPG Watercolor Set Illustration

100 Patterns of Feather JPG Watercolor Set Illustration

Floral Doodles Pattern Illustration

Floral Doodles Pattern Illustration

Watercolor 100 Cacti Patterns JPG Set Illustration

Watercolor 100 Cacti Patterns JPG Set Illustration

Our Final Thoughts

Today, a modern business can no longer exist without computers and the worldwide Internet. Every person worldwide tries to improve the world that surrounds them, for example, by decorating the house’s interior, enhancing living conditions, installing comfortable equipment for sports activities, and improving work conditions. And many people attach great importance to everyday details since our life consists of small parts, which, in turn, create our mood. In our life, it has long become commonplace to have a laptop. They are considered typical, integral parts of our lives, both at work and home. And business people spend a vast amount of time working with these machines. People who spend a lot of time with laptops strive to improve and decorate the device’s appearance. 

Our collection of wallpapers for your desktop is a beautiful island of good mood on the endless expanses of the Internet, which will create a good atmosphere. In this case, for Valentine’s Day. In addition to paid photos and pictures, you can also find free wallpapers for personal use here. You will be able to choose a wallpaper for your desktop quickly, easily, and conveniently. The site has a convenient modern design palette and easy navigation.

How did you like this collection? You might have noticed that we tried to pick out the most creative Valentine's day desktop wallpapers, appealing to our Monster’s taste. If it coincides with your sense of beauty, please let us know in the comment section!

Free Desktop Wallpapers Valentines Day FAQ

Why are premium assets better than free desktop wallpapers valentines day?

Our premium desktop wallpapers come with premium quality. They can easily reflect your mood and character, reveal your plans, or tell you about your needs. They can also push you to reflect on life or become sources of brilliant ideas. For example, wallpaper depicting drops makes you breathe all the freshness of springtime. The wallpaper with the sun makes you think about relaxation. And sunset wallpaper leads to sublime reasoning, while river wallpaper creates calmness and tranquility. And the city landscape stimulates efficient work. So, we have designed the best high-quality widescreen images for your desktop that come with regular updates and free tech support.

How to find the best free desktop wallpapers valentines day?

This section contains the best Valentine’s Day desktop wallpapers with the best quality and various resolutions. Wallpapers are placed in different categories, making it easier to find the right material and saving valuable time. We regularly update the collection with new, high-quality, beautiful, and exciting examples. Any user can easily find a suitable image, theme, photograph, or picture for the desktop to suit the user’s tastes. Wallpapers come in high resolution for various subjects and are available in 1680×1050, 1920×1080, 1920×1200, 2560×1600, and more. For the best of the best desktop wallpapers, come to us. You are allowed to download high-quality images for your desktop. In this case, Valentine’s Day. The website is continuously updated, and the number of wallpapers and designs is also updated. The newest widescreen wallpapers for your desktop, especially for you!
By the way, you can also become an author and get 65% of the sold product’s price. Contact us to start productive cooperation if you’re an artist and can make beautiful desktop graphics.

Can I find other categories apart from free desktop wallpapers valentines day?

Here you can download a large assortment of pictures. On the Template Monster website, you can choose wallpapers from different categories like cars, landscapes, movies, animals, food, games, space, sport, cities, and much more. For example this collection contains the best pictures for Valentine’s Day. Suitable for any taste, so no one would leave without downloading at least one. You can quickly get wallpapers for your desktop and enjoy beautiful V-day pictures that will lift your mood and delight you. Also, star wallpapers show the endless expanses of space and road wallpapers that push you on a journey. And, of course, forest wallpapers depict all the beauty of the diverse earth flora and fauna. Each person will find a wallpaper that will satisfy their interests.

Are free desktop wallpapers valentines day mobile-friendly?

Yes, they are. On the TemplateMonster marketplace, you can download high-quality widescreen wallpapers for your desktop for any screen resolution, including mobile phones. It’s always nice when a new and bright picture is on the desktop on a particular occasion, like holidays. You can download the latest popular desktop wallpapers uploaded and updated regularly.
Many Internet resources offer various wallpapers for your desktop, but no one compares to our collection. From us, you can select and download any wallpapers choosing the ones you like, guided by your interests and preferences. For example, this section hosts many Valentine’s Day desktop wallpapers that will become a worthy creator of the right atmosphere.

How to get more free desktop wallpapers valentines?

We recommend you subscribe to MonsterONE and get unlimited access to thousands of premium assets for free. Only selected pictures, photos, and wallpapers will get to your desktop with our specialists’ help. You no longer have to waste a lot of time searching for suitable images on the Internet. Come in right now and download as many beautiful pictures as your heart desires. Also, retouching and modification of the proposed wallpaper are performed on some sites. We don’t do that. Also, images are automatically cropped on many sites, which, in turn, only worsens the presented wallpaper because many beautiful moments of the image are cut off. This method only disfigures the wallpaper. But you can be sure that on our resource, wallpaper editing is done in Photoshop by professionals, so Full HD wallpapers with a size of 1920×1080 and above are displayed correctly.

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  12. Russell Nold says:

    Here is an animated video version on history of valentine:
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    Feel free to embed the video, it is using CC attribution.

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