20 Free Joomla Slider Extensions [Updated Info]

Not a single website can live without a beautiful image gallery or a slideshow. Both content items work as a perfect tool for attracting customer's attention and delivering the right info to every single visitor.

Free joomla extensions

Today we'd like to share a great number of free extensions for your Joomla based website. With the help of these tools, you'll be able to embed an image gallery or a slideshow to any page of your site. Every single item from this list is free so you can download and use them for your projects. Don't forget to submit a review about the extensions you've downloaded.

See the list of free gallery and slider extensions for Joomla.

Free Joomla Extensions for Sliders

Avatar Slider Galleria


Avatar Slide Galleria Extension is a slideshow plugin based on the Galleria Library. The plugin contains a number of interesting transition effects for showcasing your images. As for the images you’ll be using, you can upload them to FTP or simply insert links from external storage.


  • Supports responsive layouts;
  • Image folders/ Picasa/ Flickr;
  • Lightweight;
  • Supports fullscreen mode.

Smart Slider


Smart Slider is an ideal slider for your Joomla-based website. Smart slider contains 6 slides and will perfectly fit into your responsive website. What’s more Smart Slider comes with 16 content templates, including image, video, iframe, blank HTML, module position, different textual content, mixed image, and text content, and so on...


  • Highlighted content;
  • Banner slider;
  • Vertical accordion slider;
  • Horizontal accordion slider.

Unite Revolution Responsive Slider


Unite Revolution Responsive slider is a great responsive slider with a friendly backend, with its help you can easily manage this extension.

Most prominent features:

  • Fully resizable images and thumbs;
  • CSS animation combined with jQuery;
  • Multiple caption layers;
  • Unlimited slides;
  • Swipe-friendly;
  • 100% customization;
  • Supports videos from external sources;
  • Three modes inside: full-width, responsive, and normal.

Simple Picture Slideshow


Simple Picture Slideshow is compatible with versions of Joomla starting from 1.5 up to 2.5. The images in the slider fade out, and this effect works in most browsers.

Some important features:

  • Supports multiple formats of images;
  • Unlimited number of slides;
  • Configurations available for every slide;
  • Optional features: show title, show default text, link from every slide, default link from the whole slideshow;
  • Starts either on page load or click;
  • Includes optional control elements.

Code7 Responsive Slider


Code 7 is a simple & responsive slider created on the basis of jQuery FlexSlider.

Most important features:

  • 9 image support with captions;
  • HTML can be embedded into captions;
  • Number OF FlexSlider options;

Diapo Slideshow


Diapo Slideshow is a great extension with 29 image slides and 32 transition effects. The module can be easily configured through the back end.

Most interesting features:

  • 29 slides;
  • 32 transition effects;
  • Easy customization;
  • Caption for every slide;
  • Auto-resizing for images available;
  • Touch compatible.

ARI Image Slider


ARI Image Slider is a great and simple slideshow that can use images from various sources.

Main features:

  • 16 transition effects right out-of-the-box;
  • CSS + Javascript animation;
  • Responsive layout compatible;
  • Keyboard navigation available;
  • The slideshow can start automatically.

DJ Image Slider



With the DJ-Image Slider extension you can display a number of images with a short description and a link to the needed page.

Component features:

  • Categories for slides available;
  • Easily add a description to the image;
  • Easy image upload.

Slideshow CK


Slideshow CK is compatible with images and videos and can change your slides with a number of cool effects. The slider comes mobile-compatible and fits perfectly into responsive design.

List of features :

  • Unlimited number of slides;
  • User-friendly admin interface with Drag & Drop functionality;
  • Supports images & videos;
  • Responsive design is compatible.



Showplus is a beautiful image rotator with a number of transition effects. Using the Showplus slider you’ll make your home page 30Kb harder than it was.


  • Six customizable transition effects: fade, zoom, pan, Ken Burns effect, push, wipe;
  • Captions and links can be added to any slide;
  • You can order images according to the filename, modified time;
  • Shuffle images each time page is shown, or with custom order;
  • Set styles via back-end.

Free Joomla Extensions for Galleries

Very Simple Image Gallery


Very Simple Image Gallery is a Joomla plugin compatible with versions starting from 1.5 to 2.5. The gallery comes without a lightbox, it shows one large image, followed by thumbnails.


  • Multiple image formats support;
  • Optional thumbnails below left or right of the main image;
  • Individual configurations for every gallery;
  • Main image changes on click or hover.

Ignite Gallery


Ignite Gallery is a lightweight extension for Joomla.

Features of the most interest:

  • Multiple image uploader;
  • Responsive layout compatible;
  • Image tagging and search;
  • Watermarking available;
  • Search engine friendly URLs.



Sigplus Image Gallery Plus needs just a minute to set up a gallery. Sigplus is best for both beginner and advanced users.

Art Gallery


Art Gallery is a responsive image gallery component with a nice zoom feature.


  • 2 layouts options: random image positions (responsive) and rows/columns;
  • Lightbox (zoom) feature when the image is clicked;
  • Drag and drop functionality within a page;
  • Thumbnails generated from full-size images.

Event Gallery


Event Gallery is an easy and beautiful component for Joomla. The gallery supports flexible and responsive layouts and has a unique way to present images.

Main Features:

  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 / 3.0;
  • Use images from internal or external storages;
  • Built-in image processing;
  • Lightbox image view support;
  • Multiple file upload functionality.



Simple Image Gallery Extended is a great gallery plugin for Joomla! 2.5 and 3. Control easily any parameter on the syntax call.


  • Turbo Mode – load the whole gallery from a text file;
  • Pictures can be displayed without a link -> web 1.0 gallery;
  • Add captions easily;
  • Print option available;
  • List view available shows images as a list.

Art Sexy Lightbox Lite


Art Sexy Lightbox Lite Edition is a free Joomla! popup for images. The extension contains the basic functionality of the extremely popular Art Sexy Lightbox extension.


  • Can display local photos, photo groups with fancy lightbox effect;
  • 6 themes inside: black, white, new_black, new_white, spanish_black, spanish_white;
  • User-friendly interface, being a highly-configurable module;
  • Supports multiple galleries on the page – demo;
  • Supports sorting of images in ascending/descending order.



JoomGallery is a great extension for your website. It provides three image sizes including thumbnails, detailed images, and original images.

Notable Features:

  • Configurable watermark;
  • User-created uploads and categories;
  • Option to download single images;
  • Google Maps support;
  • Resizing of detail images and thumbnails;
  • CSS-based layout (table-free, wherever possible).

JSN ImageShow PRO


JSN ImageShow is an image gallery for Joomla. It allows you to show images from multiple sources with stunning visual effects.

Noticeable Features:

  • Show images from multiple sources;
  • Gallery Themes Support Default Classic, Theme Slider, Theme Grid, and others;
  • Gallery optimized for mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and others;
  • Customized title, description, and link for each image in the gallery;
  • User-friendly interface with interactive image manager;
  • Resizable to fit anywhere on the page.

FW Gallery


FW Gallery is easy and fast in usage Joomla image gallery. Visit our demo-site and try it out for FREE!

Main Features:

  • Social share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) can be inserted into the gallery;
  • Sub-galleries support;
  • Option to set image frame size;
  • Different colors for every gallery;
  • Images sorting/rotation;
  • Built-in HTML editor;
  • 8 languages included.

SPEAK UP! After you've run through this list feel free to share your favorite Joomla extensions in the comment right below. Thank's in advance.

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