Popcorn – an Incredible Free Online Tool that Makes Your Video Behave Like the Web

Can you imagine a video that works just like the web? That is: completely remixable, linked to its source content, and interactive for everyone who views it… Sounds fantastic? But in truth it’s the reality!

How is it possible? Easily! With the help of the Popcorn tool. In this video Ryan Merkley will show you a demo of a prototype that will be launched later this fall. He will tell you more about this magic online tool, allowing to combine video with content pulled live directly from the web. It’s amazing! Videos created with Popcorn behave like the web itself: dynamic, full of links, and completely remixable, they let you break free from the frame.

As every Popcorn production begins with the video, Ryan will firstly demonstrate a short, 20-second clip employing a newscaster template that they use in workshops. Then, he'll go back, and explain you how they made it.

Please note that everything you'll see today is built with the basic building blocks of the web: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. That means it's not only completely remixable but also that there's no proprietary software required. All you need is a web browser.

In short, with the Popcorn tool every video that we watch on the web will work like the web, completely remixable, linked to its source content and interactive for everyone who views it. We believe that Popcorn could change the way we tell our stories on the web, and the way we understand the world we live in.

Helga Moreno

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