Hocus Pocus! Free Photoshop Geometric Shapes – Design with a Wave of a Magic Wand!

If you work with Photoshop, you know well enough that brushes and shapes are your little helpers as they can turn even the most mediocre design into a special one almost immediately, just like fairies in children’s tales.

Besides, Photoshop tools let you realize your creative ideas no matter how queer they are. So why designers like to work with custom shapes? The reasons can be different. Supposing, you need to work quickly to meet the deadline. Or you have no right brush at hand at the moment. Or you tend to create more impressive effects, higher resolution and quality. In such cases Photoshop shapes are very handy to work with. They are easy to apply and edit either for experienced designers or even greenhorns.

Of course you can create the shapes you need yourself, if you know how to use the pen tool and have plenty of free time and inspiration. Unlike the brushes, shapes are constructed from vectors. That’s why, custom shapes are cleaner and of higher quality. Surely, this fact allows designers get better result at the end, which is very important today, when quality is highly appreciated by the customers.

In fact, even the most sophisticated designs are being built on the basis of simple geometric shapes. Our today’s collection contains dozens of them. Some are really plain, but some are extremely complex. In short, there is something for everybody. Sets of lines, circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, parallelograms and figures that we even find difficulty in naming are waiting for you below in an accurate grid, built by our designer. All shape sets are indexed, so it will be easy to pass to the download page clicking the number of your favorite one below the image. All of the Photoshop geometric shapes are free to use, which makes them even more attractive for savvy designers.

If this collection only whetted your appetite, here is another link to follow for more free custom Photoshop shapes.

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free photoshop geometric shapes

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Would like to leave a message to the author of this blog post? You are welcome to state all your thoughts in the comment section. Did you like any of the Photoshop geometric shapes gathered here? Will you use them in your designs? Do you consider free Photoshop custom shapes and other similar tools your time-savers? Do you often turn to them for help? What else would you like us to compile on Monster Post to free more time for yourself? We would do the latter with pleasure as the blog is aimed on utmost readers’ satisfaction.

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