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3 Free Yoga Website Templates for Wellness Centers

We hope that you have been waiting for the new portion of our autumn cool templates with anxiety. And here it comes! Let’s start with free yoga website templates that are created with effective images and photos in the background – their characteristic feature of the month. 

What special about this freebie is its Full JS animated features. Not long ago TemplateMonster announced the launch of the newest collection of such templates and today you can get such a professional solution on the free basis. This theme resembles the Flash site, but its animation is done in JavaScript. Full JS animated theme is not as resource-intensive, as Flash one is, it can be easily modified for mobile devices - these are its main advantages over Flash site.

Using animation in JavaScript is a global trend for today, and you are welcome to try it in your own online project. These free yoga website templates are perfect for yoga center web presence. If you want to share with others healthy living practices, help people around achieve wholeness and healing, start your yoga project, and our theme will help you to achieve this goal. Don’t forget to check out free yoga website templates.

An efficient website is defined by inviting modern design and great functionality. Inside and out, it should be well-crafted and nice-looking. To obtain the desired look, consider today’s freebie, Yoga WordPress Themes, crafted by TemplateMonster authors.

Pilates Center - Sports, Fitness & Yoga WordPress Theme

Pilates Center - Sports, Fitness & Yoga WordPress Theme

Free HTML5 Theme for Sport Site Website Template

Free HTML5 Theme for Sport Site Website Template

IronMass lite - Gym Fitness & Bodybuilding WordPress Theme

IronMass lite - Gym Fitness & Bodybuilding WordPress Theme

Featuring a wide-ranging contemporary design philosophy and W3c compliant coding, the themes developed into a good basis for a trendy site with intuitive UI. Download these freebies and give a professional appearance to your online business. The themes were designed and developed for sport, architecture, interior, exterior, design studio, business and a number of other websites for which you may want to feature pixel perfect design and rich functionality.

Visual Perfections

The layouts of themes are spiced up with parallax scrolling that provides an illusion of depth. Nice hover makes the visual experience more pleasing, and Lazy Load offers faster browsing, thus reducing server load. You’ll be able to share images via fantastic sliders, and a filterable portfolio will arrange all of them in one place. Trendy crisp design will make your content shine and give an inviting feel to the site.

Salient Facts

Visual variety is not the only strong point of this theme. Bootstrap gives it rich functionality and Cherry framework facilitates customization and administration process. Thanks to the responsiveness, visitors will be able to browse the site based on these free yoga website template on various devices, using various browsers. SEO plugins implemented into these themes will help your website perform well in search engines.

By using color options, you can play with the color scheme of the site, making it visually pleasing. Plenty of shortcodes will help you empower the site, and produce the functionalities you need. To see the result click live demo button. And here is the font page of the theme.

Yoga pictures on Instagram, yoga pants page on Facebook, yoga inspiration on Pinterest, yoga YouTube videos with millions of views…

The web seems getting mad about all that backbend asanas and fit girls that are able to twist in goddamn knots. To give it credit, there is something more behind the fancy postures, and it’s the idea of healthy lifestyle, harmony of mind and body. People strive for the health-related quality of life, and yoga gives it to them.

I don’t say that all web designers practice yoga, but for sure they drive inspiration from it. Show me a male who will refuse having a look at the photos of pretty girls doing yoga. It seems that even people who are not much into this theme know how 'downward facing dog' or 'lotus' look like.

Those who practice it know for sure that even simple asanas can help get rid of shoulder strain and low-back pain that is a common problem for all people who spend hours sitting at a computer.

Yoga, Inspiration & Web Design

Drawing inspiration from yoga, its philosophy, or just nice images of asanas result in nice designs that you can find in portfolios of many web designers. Free yoga website templates, pilates club websites and a number of sport sites impress with cool yoga visuals.

Looking through all of them you can guess what favorite asanas of web designers are. Backbend, seated, inversion, standing, relaxing… What poses do they prefer? Let’s find it out while looking through cool designers’ works – Yoga themes in our collection.

I will give you the name of asanas in English and original Sanskrit. Even if some of them look extremely easy in performance, please don’t try to do them without an instructor who will keep an eye on you. Those who are familiar with yoga workout, please practice cautiously.

That’s all for today. See you the next Monday with freebie series. Namaste!

Free Yoga Website Templates FAQ

Where can I find more yoga website templates?

You can check out a rich collection at TemplateMonster. Here is the link to see them.

What's the best design for yoga themes?

It's better to add a tranquil and relaxed presentation to yoga websites. Clean minimal design should be the best choice for this purpose. You can also play with other styles and pick the design solution that matches your wellness center perfectly well.

Where can I upload free yoga website templates?

Become an author and upload your free website templates to the TemplateMonster digital marketplace or ONE Membership.

Katarina Klementi

Katarina is a content writer, one of those who create all-that-inspirational sometimes technical posts for TemplateMonster blog.

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